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         St. Paul Central High School Class of 1961






                                                           St. Paul Central in the 1950s



                                                              1934 - with ivy on the walls





                                      Central - The "Castle on the Hill", approx 1915. 

                                                                 Brand new!






                                                                          1957 Chevy





                      Official Website

      for the St. Paul Central High School Class of 1961.

                      School Address:

                      Central High School 

                      275  North  Lexington Parkway

                      St. Paul, Minnesota 55104

                      (at Lexington and Marshall Avenues)

                      Phone: 651-632-6000

        (This website is not affiliated with Central High School)




       The home of former Minutemen, Minutemaids, Cheerleaders, Student Council members,

       Future Scientists, Times Staff personnel, Band, Orchestra, and  Choir members, 

       Bookstore Service people, Study Hall Monitors, Projection Force guys,  Stage Force guys,

       etc, and ordinary people who would prefer to simply be THANKFUL we've made it

       through life, so far - despite all the bumps in the road, and have a few friends

                                               to enjoy old and new times with...





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  For Change of Address, Phone Number, E-mail Address,

  Missing Classmates, Suggestions, or Anything Else.





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                    Reunion History

10-Year Reunion - 1971.  June 19th, 1971.

Saturday:  Radisson South Hotel, Bloomington, Minn.


20-Year Reunion - 1981.  2 nights. Friday/Saturday, June 19/20.

Friday:  Classmates only - Informal Get-Together. 

                St. Paul Athletic Club - Downtown St. Paul.

Saturday:  Classmates and guests.

                     Radisson Plaza at the Town Square - Downtown St. Paul.

                     223 people.


25-Year  Reunion - 1986.  Friday, June 26th, 1986.

Friday:       Decathlon Club, Bloomington.

Saturday:  Picnic and softball at Highland Park.


30-Year  Reunion - 1991.  Saturday, June 22nd, 1991.

Saturday:  Hotel St. Paul - Downtown St. Paul.


50th Birthday Party - 1993.  Friday, August 6th, 1993.

Friday:  Lido Cafe Italia, Roseville.


35-Year  Reunion - 1996.  Friday, August 9th, 1996.

Friday:  Fort Snelling Officer's Club, Fort Snelling.


40-Year  Reunion - 2001.  Saturday, June 16th, 2001.

Friday:      Party at Ron and Phyllis Ettinger's

Saturday: Town & Country Club, St. Paul.  Approx 160 people.


60th Birthday Party - 2003.  Friday/Saturday, April, 2003.

Friday/Saturday:  Val Brussell, Phoenix, Arizona.


Mini  Reunion - 2003.  September, 2003.

Saturday:  Kenn Latzer, Downtown St. Paul.


45-Year  Reunion - 2006.  Friday, June 16th, 2006.

Friday:       Mendakota Country Club, Mendota Heights. 

                    Approx 170 people.

Saturday:  Pool party at Ron and Phyllis Ettinger's school.  

                   50-Year Reunion - 2011.  August 19th and 20th, 2011.  

                   Friday:       Old bus tour,  new school tour,  party at Dixie's on Grand.

                   Saturday:  Town and Country Club.  Approx 225 people.


                   70th Birthday Party - 2013.  Saturday, August 3rd, 2013.

                   Saturday:  Party at Dixie's on Grand, St. Paul, Minnesota.  90 people.



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