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St. Paul Central High School:


     Wikipedia entry on Central High School


     Official Central High School website


     CHS Class of 1958


     CHS Class of 1962     (High tech and very impressive. Wow!!) 



Websites of Some Recent Reunion Locations:


     50th Reunion and 70th Birthday Party - 2011 and 2013

     Dixie's on Grand


     50th Reunion - 2011:

     The Town and Country Club - St. Paul, Minnesota


     45th Reunion - 2006:

     The Mendakota Country Club - Mendota Heights, Minnesota


     40th Reunion - 2001:

     The Town and Country Club - St. Paul, Minnesota


     30th Reunion - 1991:

     The Saint Paul Hotel




Other High Schools:


     St. Paul Wilson HS  - Class of 1957


     Chattanooga Tennessee Central HS - Class of 1961


     Cooperstown NY Central HS - Class of 1961


     Tulsa Oklahoma Central HS - Class of 1966


     Long Eaton Grammar School  (England)




Nostalgia - Fifties and Sixties:


     The Fifties Web - 1950s Nostalgia


     Take Me Back To The Fifties - 1950s Nostalgia with Music


     Burma Shave Roadsigns


     Patchy's Oldies -- 1950s and 60s songs in Real Audio format by the original artists


     Tropical Glen -- 1950s and 1960s songs


     Jack's MIDI Music -- 1950s and 60s songs in MIDI format



Classmate Websites


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Dave Morton


                       ●   Mozart's Musical Trademark and other Mozart topics.

                                The "MTM" (Mozart's Trade Mark) is an original discovery. 


                       ●   An Improved Sanctus for the Requiem.

                                Mozart wrote only a portion of the Sanctus before he died.

                                Many people have tried to complete it, but no one has done it

                                successfully - including me. But I tried. 


                       ●   Mozart Myths: K.361 and Mozart's Wedding.

                                He didn't write K.361 as a wedding gift for his bride.

                                It's just a silly rumor, but a beautiful piece.

                                Includes a picture of the autograph score.


                       ●   Mozart's Funeral, Missing and Moved Mozarts.


                       ●   An Inventory of Count Deym's Wax Museum and Art Gallery.

                                Relates to K.594, K.608, and K.616 - pieces for a mechanical

                                organ which were played at the Wax Museum.


                       ●   K.355 (piano minuet) Played with 4 Different Instruments since it

                                might not have been composed for the piano.


                       ●   Ancient Egypt: The MTM and the Mystery of the Pyramids.

                                Scroll down a little until you see pictures of Egypt, then click

                                on the link. Interesting information, photos, and theories about

                                Ancient Egypt.

                                Note: The pyramids were not built as tombs. They were probably

                                built as Disaster Recovery sites with supplies stored nearby,

                                underground. Zahi Hawass is searching, and may have found

                                such a site.

                                It's loosely related to Mozart who had a connection with Egypt

                                by way of the Masons and the opera The Magic Flute.



www.demorton.com/mozartdob    (Due Opera Buffe - 2 Comic Operas)

                      ●   Website done for a professor in Germany who completed

                                2 of Mozart's unfinished operas: "Lo sposo deluso" and

                                "L'oca del Cairo". Premiered in 2006 in Moscow.



www.demorton.com    (Writing)

                             Some of the topics -



                        ●   Timeline and Introduction to IBM Mainframe Computer

                                  Operating Systems.


                        ●   Y2K was not a Hoax - And I Would Know


                        ●    IBM Mainframe Computer Capacity Planning with Graphs.


                        ●    An Edit of the FAQ for Hercules - An IBM Mainframe Emulator.


                        ●    NCR 390 Computer Simulator and Compiler documentation.



                        ●    An Interview with Dr. Dan Reidenberg, Executive Director of

                                  SAVE.  Loni Schnitzer's son.




                       ●    Nancy (Friesen) Luce (1944-1993). Friend, nurse, singer.




                        ●    NCR390 computer simulator and compiler developed

                                   by Dave Morton. 1960's computer used in accounting   

                                   departments. 11,000 sold worldwide.

                                   It's an older version of the software (2006), but it works.








Caution Regarding Recurring Charges






October, 2006


Please note that if you sign up for a Gold membership with  CLASSMATES.COM, you will probably

also be signed up for Automatic Renewal of your membership. Their current rate for Gold membership

(OCT 2006) is $39 per year.


With Automatic Renewal, this means that your credit card will automatically be charged $39

(or the current rate) every year until you cancel your membership, or change your billing option to

"Manual" instead of "Automatic".


No refunds are given by Classmates once the charge has been made against your credit card.

This is stated on their website, and in a recorded message at their headquarters. Supposedly, all

this information is buried in their 36-page Terms of Service document (it's not).


For that matter, did you carefully READ all 36 pages of their contract??


In my opinion, $39/year is a high fee to pay for a website that:

    * Is user-unfriendly in its site navigation and legibility

    * Is filled with advertising

    * Has "slow" to "very slow" response time

    * Signs up Gold members for Automatic Renewal

    * Charges Gold Members $39/year automatically unless they take steps to prevent it

    * Makes it difficult to locate their Terms Of Service, and Cancellation procedures


In short, Classmates is run by shysters just after your money, in my opinion.

Its a waste and a rip off. Don't waste your time - or your money.


Offered for what it's worth.


Dave Morton

October, 2006