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Trump/Dems-Libs/muslums/Russia/China Section

Trump/Dems-Libs/muslums/Russia/China Section

Trump/Dems-Libs/muslums/Russia/China Section

Trump/Dems-Libs/muslums/Russia/China Section



And Clown/Garbage Obozo.



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"muslum"         =  Muslim  

"muslumism"  =  Islam        

My spellings. Not Typos.  


    My DOG is a Russian Agent !!!

    He stole the Election from Jill !!!

    All 3 Votes !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    Back to Serious Business.

    Back to Common Sense. 

    End of Nonsense.






                                  My Background

                  Alex Jones:  Calm Down!!  We GET It!!




   The owners and operators of the major American Newspapers 

   and News Stations (CNN, etc) should be EXECUTED after

   being tried for TREASON and inciting MASS MURDER,

   and helping to destroy the USA and Europe.


   Inciting Riots, Civil Unrest, Murders, and the Mass

   Destruction of Property is highly ILLEGAL!!!  (Duh!!)

   EXECUTE THEM!!!!  NOW!!!!


   Are the "people" in the Mainstream Media really "People"??

   CNN is the Communist News Network. 

   CNN has a Theory that it reports the News.

   CNN has a Theory that it has "Reporters".

   CNN has a Theory that it's Honest.

   CNN has a Theory that it hires no Clowns. 

   CNN has a Theory that all of its Clowns are serious Reporters.

   CNN has a Theory that Infowars is Fake.

   CNN has a Theory that GW Bush graduated from 

             the 7th Grade. 

   CNN has a Theory that GW Bush was one of our greatest


   CNN has a Conspiracy Theory that Conspiracy Theories

            are just Conspiracies.

   CNN has a Conspiracy Theory that there are no Conspiracies. 

   CNN has a Theory that it might be just a Theory.  

   CNN is just a Conspiracy.  

   CNN is just a Theory.  


   (Note:  Anderson Cooper is probably STILL in the CIA.

   And that's not a Theory.)





   Do I hate the Mainstream Media Clowns??  YES!!

   Do I hate the Garbage muslums??  YES!!

   Do I despise Extreme Leftists??  YES!!

   Do I despise Extreme Leftist Mayors??  YES!!

   They are all ENEMIES OF HUMANITY and TRASH!!

   They are all MURDERERS or ACCOMPLICES to Murder.

   They are all the LOWEST FORMS OF "LIFE" on this Planet,

   Murdering Good People and Destroying Civilization,

   and they should all be EXECUTED!!

   They do not DESERVE to live, and are a CLEAR AND

   PRESENT DANGER to all Civilized People!!


   If governments are too cowardly to Execute the owners and 

   operators of the Mainstream Media, send them to some 

   wonderful muslum countries, so they can be happy and

   content, living in muslum Heaven with Millions of other 

   muslums, beheading people, cutting throats, and stoning

   women to Death.

   Be sure to CHARGE them for the transportation, and

   confiscate all their Assets before Evicting them.     


   Do the same for the Extreme Leftists, including Garbage

   Leftist Mayors.


  By the way: 

  Extreme Leftists LIE CONSTANTLY!!

  Every word they say is a LIE!! 

  And their so-called "Brains" are filled

  with Mindless Ignorance and Falsehoods!!




  Extreme Leftists are like Retarded APES

  from the Jungle!!



  They create the "Hate Crimes" and then

  blame it on someone ELSE!!



  THEY are the ones who paint Swastikas

  on Churches and Synagogues and




  THEY are the ones who overturn

  Headstones in Jewish Cemeteries!!



  THEY are the ones who attack Black

  Businesses, then blame it on the KKK!!



  Blacks, muslums, and Leftists then claim

  that they're VICTIMS!!

  And they demand special TREATMENT!!



  VICTIMOLOGY in action!!



  And they act like poor, oppressed 2-year

  Olds, unable to control their emotions,

  still sucking their Thumbs, because

  they've been so OPPRESSED by the mean

  Adults - like Trump.

  Like their Parents.    

  Like College Administrators.    

  Like College Professors.    

  Like the Campus Police.    

  Like the City Police.    

  Like the System.    

  And it's ALL BS!!



   If governments are too cowardly to Execute muslums, send

   them back to their wonderful muslum countries that they

   left, so they can be happy and content again, living in

   muslum Heaven with Millions of other muslums, beheading

   people, cutting throats, and stoning women to Death.

   Be sure to CHARGE them for the transportation, and

   confiscate all their Assets before Evicting them.

   Members of the "Religion of Peace" (laugh now) can live

   in Peace with their fellow Gang Members and Slaves, until

   being beheaded, or something.




   That "Paris Climate Agreement" is a GLOB OF TRASH!!

   And it would put AMERICA LAST!!

   And it allows MASSIVE POLLUTION by OTHER countries

   like CHINA.

   And it imposes MASSIVE FINES against America, placing

   the control of our Country in Foreign Hands!!


   (Until Trump withdrew from it.)


  It doesn't even address the ISSUE of

  Global Warming!!


  It was an Agreement to DESTROY



   It was NOT about Climate or Pollution:  It was about the

   Transfer of America's Wealth to Foreign Countries, and the

   Transfer of American Sovereignty to Foreign Countries!!   

   That's why Trump backed us out of it. 

   He will seek a better REPLACEMENT for the Paris Agreement

   or the REWRITING of the Paris Agreement that doesn't put

   CHAINS on America - and ONLY ON AMERICA.


   Communist muslum Traitor OBOZO is the one who signed

   it WITHOUT Congressional approval.

   Do you see why OBOZO was such a TRAITOR TO


  Do you see that Trump has COMMON SENSE and is

  HELPING America?? 

  Do you see that the Stupid, Ignorant Leftists are TRAITORS

  to America, criticizing Trump for withdrawing us from a

  TERRIBLE Agreement?? 

  Go to HELL, Leftists!!

  Go to HELL, Lying Stupid Ignorant Leftist Traitors!!



  By the way, the Trump Haters who hate him for Vetoing

  our participation in that stupid Agreement, don't even

  know what's in it!!

  Proven by Interviews with the Trump Haters.


  They are so STUPID and so IGNORANT, that they don't

  even know WHY they hate Trump!!


  Go to HELL, Leftists!!

  Go to HELL, Lying Stupid Ignorant Leftist Traitors!!






  Alex Jones:

  You're not CLEAR.

  You're OBTUSE!!

  You're VAGUE!!


  Your message is GARBLED!!

  Stop SWALLOWING ON CAMERA!!!!!!  Good Grief!!

  You're INEFFECTIVE - compared to what you COULD be!!


  You're STRAINING AT GNATS waaaay too often!!

  Are you AFRAID to make your POINT???


  And by the way, then again, more or less, maybe, sometimes,

  also, well - sort of, you might say, well, let me back up,

  well no, actually, let me be clear, it was in the News,

  go ahead and Gargle it, go ahead, go ahead, Gargle it,

  Gargle, Gargle it, so I'm not bragging, Gargle it, but that's OK,

  and it's fine, it's just fine, but it's no good, but it's OK, but

  it's no good, but it's OK. 

  Muslums are Garbage. Muslums are fine.  

  Muslums are.




  Just BE DIRECT!!   Just SAY IT!! 

  Stop with the semi-joking, contradictory statements.

  They're NOT FUNNY!!  They're just STUPID!! 


  Get to the details LATER!!

  Make your POINT!!  Then add the DETAILS!!

  Make the Point CLEAR!!

  Make the Details CLEAR!!  




  Find a better word than GLOBALIST.


  And drop the phrase FALSE FLAG.

  Nobody understands it.

  It's an obscure NAVAL TERM.

  None of these Leftist Scumbags are in the Navy,

  sailing their Ships with the Flags of other Countries.


  Phony.  Fake.  Staged.  Acted/Hired Actors. Imposters.

  "Real but Staged".   "Phony and Staged". 

  "Staged".   "Scripted".    "Staged and Scripted".

  "Done by PAID STOOGES".

  "Done by HIRED STOOGES".

  "Done by HIRED THUGS". 

  "Done by HIRED ACTORS". 

  "Scripted By ________________________ . "

  "Staged By ________________________ . "

  "Hired By ________________________ . "

  "Paid By ________________________ . "

  Etc, etc. 



  Thank you.









  Trump is Wonderful!!

  Trump's Family is Wonderful!!
























                                           Inauguration Ball

          (I would have a satisfied grin like that TOO, if that were me.)




                                           Wonderful Stuff!!





                Trump is a like a Lighthouse on the Hill in a STORM. 


                                    A LIGHTHOUSE!!

                                 AND A CHAMPION!!


             Trump is WONDERFUL!!



         A WONDERFUL, and GOOD, and DECENT MAN!! 

         A Man with COMMON SENSE!!

         A Man with INTELLIGENCE!!

         A Man with ALLEGIANCE to the United States!! 

         A Man with COMPASSION!! 

         A Wonderful Man!! 


         His Beautiful wife, Melania, speaks FIVE LANGUAGES!!


         Remember:  Donald Trump did not need to put himself

         through this MEATGRINDER of Constant ATTACKS!!

         And constant LIES!!

         And even attacks on his Family (Ivanka, Barron, and Melania!!

         They suffered somewhat, but HE has suffered too with the

         outrageous attacks on 12-year-old Barron who might be slightly





         Trump has sacrificed a LOT for this Country!! 

      This is a SACRIFICE for Mr. Trump!!  

      He didn't need the Money!!

      He didn't need the Power!!

      He didn't need the Airplane!!  

      He didn't need the Work!! 

      He didn't need the Insults!!

      He didn't need the Lies!! 

      He didn't need the Attacks!! 

      He didn't need the Meatgrinder!!   



         Donald Trump:  Age 70 and Wealthy.


         He was Already RICH!!  And Already SUCCESSFUL!!

         And he already had TWO PRIVATE JETS!!


         And a BIG House (Trump Tower)!! 

         And a Ritzy Address and Location in Manhattan!! 

         Across from Central Park!!

         And a place in Florida.  


         And a GOOD reputation with New Yorkers!!

         (He got things DONE!!  Like the Public Skating Rink.)

         (I think he used his OWN MONEY to pay for the Skating Rink.) 


         And he was OLD:  Age 70!!    That's a SACRIFICE!!

         JFK was what - 43 when he became President?? 


         Trump did it because he knew that America NEEDED his

         Philosophy and Energy and Determination. 

         He was RIGHT!!

         And Creeps ATTACK him???? 





         He's a Wonderful, Good, and Decent Man. 

         First and Foremost.

         He's a Wonderful, Good, and Decent Man.  

         We're Lucky to have him!!





 BUT (April 2017):


 President Trump:

 *  Please get rid of Ivanka.gag and Jared.gag!!

     Get them OUT of the White House and

     OUT of the Government.

 What were you THINKING????

 What ARE you THINKING????


 We didn't Elect them, and no one WANTS

 them in your Gov!!

 We voted for YOU - not for THEM!!

 Ivanka and Jared are DEMOSNOTS!!!!

 GAG ME!!!!      






 *  Republicans DO.

 *  Demosnots OBSTRUCT.





 Demosnots in Congress are totally incapable of 

 creating anything Good, operating at the level of

 an angry Child, and laughing like a Child at how

 they've caused problems for the Parents.

 That tells you WHO they are and WHAT they

 are:  Snotty little BRATS.

 Certainly not Adults!!


 How do we KNOW that??

 Because all they do is OBSTRUCT.




 RINOS are also Demosnots - LIARS. 

 Demosnots are WORTHLESS TRASH.

 They are like 2-year-olds who have learned

 the word "NO" and Lying.



 Even SOME of the Republicans in Congress

 are two-faced, worthless TRASH, voting with

 the Demosnots, occasionally, and acting as if

 they've lost their minds!!

 What is the matter with these people??? 



 Just ignore these little Snots.

 Don't bother trying to "work with" little Snots.

 Declare them to be Traitors, Non-Citizens,

 Incompetent, Repair-Needed, or whatever.

 Ask muslum countries to "Adopt a Democrat",

 and move them There, out of Here.

 Or don't waste your Breath.

 Attack them IF NECESSARY, or Just move







                                        Oh NO!!!!


                             Crazy Keith Olbermann!!

     A Rant from the Lunatic Cockroach Buffoon Keith Olbermann!!

         Slightly Exaggerated in the "Info" Section - But Not Much.


            Cockroach     Keith Olbermann

            Wing Nut      Keith Olbermann

            Mental Case  Keith Olbermann

            Buffoon         Keith Olbermann




 I just read that Keith Olbermann, the Far Left Nutjob Seditious Pussy,

 went on an Insane Rant, claiming that Trump is an Uncontrollable,

 Useless, Genuinely Mad, Amoral Cynic (Oh no!!), and that the

 American People need all the Spy Intel from Foreign Spy Agencies

 and the Media - the groups that helped put Trump in Power (??), to

 bring down this President, since we are the victim of a Coup!!


 (Is he NUTS??  No Foreign Agencies or Media (except Infowars)

 helped Trump!! 

 The Mainstream Media HATED Trump!! 

 The Mainstream Media STILL Hates Trump!!

 Buffoon Olbermann is still crazy!!

 Please give generously to "Brains For Buffoons".

 Keith's Nurse thanks you.)


 He's calling for FOREIGN POWERS (and the International Media)




 Really!!  YES, REALLY!! 

 I've seen the Video, and I've read his Treasonous, Wacko Speech!!

 If nothing else, it proves that he's NOT a Real American, that he sides

 with Foreign Powers and the International Media, and that he has

 committed TREASON.

 Normally, they would arrest you, and SHOOT YOU - or hang you.  


 [Just THINK of it!!!!  An AMORAL CYNIC!!  

  Oh Please God.  Not an AMORAL CYNIC!!  (He's not.)  ]

 [He must be MAD!!!!  (He's not.)  ] 

 [And we're the Victim of a COUP!!  (What Coup?? A Vote??)  ] 

 [And the Foreign Intel Agencies should divulge Everything they've

 got on this Man!!  Just Spill The Beans!!  (Sure, Keith.)  ]


 We need Leaks, Intel, Recordings, Videos, Scraps of Paper, Emails,

 Letters, Photos, FAX's, Fingerprints, Rumors, Whispers, Lectures,

 Meetings, Kindergarten Grades, Childhood Art, Poolside Chats,

 Restaurant Orders, Grocery Lists, Doctor Prescriptions, Newspaper

 Subscriptions, Hotel Blueprints, Architect's Notes, Room Service

 Orders, Taxi Conversations, Notes to the Milkman, Notes to the

 Mailman, Checks, Charges, Love Letters, Poems, English Themes,

 Foreign Language Grades, Songs Sung, Plays Played, Famous

 Speeches Spoken, Library Cards, and ANYTHING this Dangerous

 Monster has Said or Written or Typed or Scrawled, or made with

 a Finger on a Fogged Window or a Fogged Mirror.  


 The Civilian Government and the Military can no longer be trusted

 because they're in the hands of the Irresponsible!! 



 Absolutely, Keith!!

 I was about to suggest that myself!!


 Your, uh, Super Morality and Moral High Ground, and your

 Super Rationality, and your Sober Analysis, and your Lucid

 Judgement, and your Drama Queenness shine through like Rancid

 Kindergarten Paste!!!

 I'll put Bill Klinton on the case right away!!

 And Killary!!



 Remain at your present Location, and some of our Reward Staff will

 be picking you up to whisk you away to our Reward Headquarters

 to receive your Reward.

 They will be wearing WHITE COATS, and are very nice Men.

 Be not afraid.  You will not be harmed. 

 You were identified many Cycles ago as one of the Special Ones.

 Now the time has come for the Transformation.

 Your Pet Gerbil will be Humanely Euthanized as there is no Quadrant

 available for Subhuman Biological Entities (except for you).

 They should arrive in 7 Time Units from 3 Parsecs away.

 Remain Calm.




 What is the matter with that Guy??

 Why does this Mental Case have a Platform??

 A TELEVISION Platform??

 I've NEVER liked him, and felt that he was SEETHING with

 Anger at Someone or Something, but he couldn't identify the

 Source, and had no idea what to do about it except to get even




 He's been Certifiably Insane for years, but now he's Completely

 Round the Bend!!


 In a previous Rant, Keith Olbermann said that:

     "We're at war with Russia.

      We're handing this country over to SCUM!!  SCUM!! 

      SCUM!!  SCUM!!

      Russian SCUM!!

      Russian SCUM!!





      Russian SCUM!!  SCUM!!  SCUM!!  Russian SCUM!!

      Russian SCUM!!  Russian SCUM!!  Russian SCUM!!







 Vladimir must be chuckling AND scratching his head.

 Take your Pills, Keith.

 Then drink the Kool-Aid. 


 The REAL Scum:  Muslums. Demosnots. Libs. CNN.

 Raging Lunatic Keith Olbernann and others.       




                           Recent American "Progress"


 1950's:  From Here to ETERNITY (Movie - 1953).


 1960's:  From Here to STUPIDITY.


 2000's:  From Here to INSANITY.


 2010's:  From Here to CRIMINAL  LUNACY.





 1950's:  From Here to ETERNITY (Movie - 1953).

              Life was mostly good.  And Sane.

              (Kind of a dumb movie, and repulsive in some ways,

              but basically Sane and Civil.)    



 1960's:  From Here to STUPIDITY.

         Oswald shot JFK, etc.   (He did????.......  Really????......)

             A Commission spends 10 months and 888 Pages to "Prove"

                    that a "Lone-Nut", with no history of Craziness, shot JFK

                    with a Rusty and Corroded Toy Rifle, which hadn't been

                    used in Weeks, Months, or Years, which he didn't own,

                    and was converted from a German Mauser into an Italian

                   Mannlicher Carcano by the Rifle Fairy, shooting Old, Rare,

                   Unreliable, Underpowered WW2 Ammo not available

                   anywhere in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, with 1 of the Bullets

                   possibly being a "Magic Bullet", with no Bullets retrieved

                   for analysis, with no Fingerprints found on the Rifle, while

                   he was eating lunch in the downstairs "Domino Room" 

                   (or had been, just moments earlier), as seen by 1 witness. 

                   Give me a Break!!

                   Oswald didn't do it!!

                   If Oswald had done it, the crime could have been solved by

                   Midnight Friday night - or earlier.

                   "Homicide by Firearm" is one of the EASIEST crimes to

                   solve.  Police + FBI = Solved.  

                   They attempted to "Prove" that Oswald did it using "Guilt

                   by Suspicion", No Trial, No Advocate for Oswald, and made

                   sure that Oswald was Dead before they stated that Oswald did

                   it.  I mean, he looked weird, y'know....

                  And the Poor Babies "LOST" the tape of his Interrogation. 

                  And the Poor Babies "FORGOT" to have a Stenographer


                  And the Poor Babies "ACCIDENTALLY" failed to protect

                         him on Sunday when Jack Ruby shot him.  

                  And the Poor Babies had to theorize a "MAGIC BULLET"

                         to explain all the wounds.  

                  And the Poor Babies "FORGOT" to save the Bullets.  

                  And the Poor Babies "DIDN'T NOTICE" that Oswald was in

                        the Movie Theater watching the Movie when Officer

                        Tippit was shot.

                        The Ticket Girl or the Theater Manager said that the

                        movie was just starting when Oswald ran in, and they

                        had a record of the starting time.  

                  And the Poor Babies "DIDN'T NOTICE" that Marina was

                        Terrified of being deported back to Russia, and also

                        thought it was her Duty to tell the Warren Commission

                        what they wanted to hear, and therefore Lied on the

                        Witness Stand almost ALL THE TIME (and recanted it,

                        years later).

                        [I do not hate or blame Marina Oswald. She was still

                        learning English, raising 2 kids, possibly deportable,

                        living with a Nosy CIA Asset (Ruth Paine) - who

                        NO ONE liked, and terrified that they might send her back.

                        She was doing what she thought she was supposed to do,

                        and is completely innocent.]    

                  And on and on and on and on.  


              Bomb the Crap out of the Vietnam Jungle.

              Save the Trees!!

              Hug a Whale!!  




 2000's:  From Here to INSANITY.

              "Kenyan Obobo was born in Conolululululululu. So there."

              "We have to Pass it to see what's in it." 

              (Insane Retardo Bitch Pee who is under the delusion that

              P is Qualified to do things).



 2010's:  From Here to CRIMINAL LUNACY.

              Mister Common-Sense Trump is a NAZI.  

              The Evil Kriminal Witch Killary is a Holy goddess. 

              Damage and Destroy Property because Trump won.

              Hate every "Intolerant" NAZI!!

              Hit every "Intolerant" NAZI!! 

              Punch every "Intolerant" NAZI!! 

              Elections don't count!!

              Hold another Election!!

              Rigging Elections are Impossible!!

              The Elections were Rigged!!   

              Recount the Recount!!

              Love thy Rapist.   

              Love thy Murderer.   

              Love thy Street Pooper.

              Love thy Public Fountain Pooper.

              Love thy Disease Spreader.

             Thou shalt make Demands.

             Thou shalt make MORE Demands.

             Thou shalt Lie.

             Thou shalt Steal.   

             Thou shalt Rape.    

             Thou shalt Rape and Pillage.    

             Thou shalt Gang Rape.    

             Thou shalt Rape 4th Grade Girls.    

             Thou shalt Murder.     

             Thou shalt Behead Men, Women, and Children.     

             Thou shalt Stone Women to Death.     

             Thou shalt Cane Women almost to Death.

             Thou shalt not learn English. 

             Thou shalt MURDER all Non-muslums. 

             Thou shalt MURDER all Gang Members. 

             Thou shalt MURDER all Non-Gang-Members. 

             Thou shalt DESTROY America. 

             Thou shalt DESTROY Civilization. 

             Thou shalt DESTROY the Earth.  



  Listen, you Sick Weirdos:

  The muslum Murderers, Rapists, Thieves, and Poopers need to be










  Your "Political Correctness" is Stupidity!!

  Go to HELL!!!!



  Maybe YOU need to be Exterminated TOO!!



  Your "Thoughts and Prayers" are worthless


  They accomplish NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  Thoughts and Prayers.

  Thoughts and Prayers.

  Thoughts and Prayers.

  Thoughts and Prayers.

  Thoughts and Prayers.

  Thoughts and Prayers.














  Kleenex won't replace Legs!!

  Kleenex won't replace Dead People!!




  "Hurt Feelings" are far less important than

  Mangled Kids!!  Mangled Dead Kids!! 



  Please help pick up the Body Parts of the

  Dead Kids so the Police don't have to.


  And the Body Parts of the Dead Teenage Girls

  at a Concert who were blown apart by a

  muslum Bomb.


  Be sure to offer your support to the Parents of

  the Dead Kids and Teens by paying them

  $10 Million per Dead Person.



  For those with their Legs blown off, just tell

  them to Carry On as before, walking on their

  Stumps or Groins, if they're still alive.



  Then blow your own Legs off.

  Then walk on your Groin - if you're still alive.



  Then report to the FS Wall to be shot by a

  Firing Squad.

  Now with Sterilized Bullets!! 



  Go FUCK yourselves, you stupid Leftists!!   



  By the way, you Ignorant Morons:

  An Indian "Sikh" with a Turban is not a





  Extreme Leftists are INSANE!!





 Leftists:  You were WARNED about the


 Leftists:  You're NEXT!! 

 Leftists:  Your KIDS are Next!! 

 Leftists:  Your GRANDKIDS are Next!! 

 Leftists:  Your NIECES and NEPHEWS are 


 And it will be YOUR OWN FAULT!!



 Some of the Parents of the Dead Kids in

 Manchester were Pro-muslum Immigration.

 Result: Their Kids are now DEAD!!



 You REAP what you SOW!!  




 Muslumism is a VIOLENT GANG!!

 Not a "Religion".








           May 2017.  Manchester England.

           Pop Concert. 

          These are just some of the Dead ones. 

          (22 Killed).

          (Some of the Dead are Parents who had

          come to pick up their Kids after the

          Concert was over.)

          Killed by muslum Garbage.



          Not the ones with their Legs blown off,  

          Killed and Maimed by Dirty muslums.

          59 were Mangled.  


          (Some of the younger ones were attending

          their first Rock Concert, and were excited

          to be able to see their Star Perform in





          Ho Hum.

          Just another Mass Murder by muslums

          and Leftists.

          Mostly young Kids, again.



          Were some of them YOUR Kids??

          They WILL be, next time.    








                      Saffie. Age 8. Dead.

            Attended the Concert with her Mother

            and her older Sister (both Hospitalized).

            Killed by a muslum Homemade Bomb.   



            Murdered by muslums and Leftists.

            Have a Nice Day, Leftists.

            Have a Nice Day, Libs.

            Have a Nice Day, Demosnots.

            Have a Nice Day, Political Correctness.

            Have a Nice Day, Diversity.

            Have a Nice Day, Tolerance.

            YOU helped to kill and Maim these

            People (dozens).

            YOU helped the muslums to kill Saffie.

            Yes, YOU!!   

            YOU helped to MURDER Saffie.

            YOU are MURDERERS.


 We have a real problem in this World and

  it's Garbage MUSLUMS and Garbage Lunatics

  Stupid Vicious Idiot "Tolerant",

  Politically-Correctly Gag-Me Insane,

  Murdering LEFTISTS who helped to murder

  Saffie and MANY others!!



  And Yes, the Barbaric muslums


  for the Murderous Attack from their Filthy,

  Dirty Swamp, filled with the Dead Bodies of

  Decent People, and often Christians, and

  of course, the Dead Bodies of muslum women

  who they Stoned to Death, and ordinary people

  in Britain, Norway, Sweden, Germany, France,

  Egypt, Libya, Black Africa, and America. 



  The Garbage Lying Mainstream Media tried

  to claim that the Manchester Attack was done

  by the Right Wing as a False Flag, blaming it

  on the Garbage muslums.


  Well, no. Of course not, Garbage MSM.

  The muslums TOOK CREDIT FOR IT.

  AND we know the name of the Garbage

           muslum who did it.

  AND we have his Body.

  AND we know where he lived.

  AND we know what Garbage mosque he 


  AND we know that he was under surveillance

          by the British Keystone Cops who did

          nothing to prevent this attack.

  AND we know that the Fools in charge of

         Britain have said that nothing can be done,

         and are inviting MORE Garbage muslums

         into the Country.  




  Come to think of it, who SAVED Britain

  during WW2??

  It was the RAF and the CRYPTOLOGISTS




  the German U-Boats, and the AMERICAN


  BOMBERS who bombed Germany.



  British and American AIRCRAFT INDUSTRY


  British and American PILOTS. 

  British and American CRYPTOLOGISTS.

  American SUPPLY SHIPS.


  And Winston Churchill. 

  And finally, American Industry, Russian

  Industry, the American Army and the

  Russian Army.    

  That's who!!


  Not the stupid British Government. 

  Except for Winston Churchill.




  The PILOTS!! 

  The COMPUTER GUYS who designed and

  built the Crypto Computers!!

  The CRYPTOLOGISTS who read the German





  (By the way:  The President of Syria is doing

  ONE thing right: He's protecting the Christians

  from being SLAUGHTERED by the Garbage

  muslums who call themselves ISIS.



  I call them "CRISIS".    

  Isis was a goddess of Ancient Egypt - not a

  pack of Animals, running around killing

  Christians and Jews and non-muslums and

  Decent People and Smart People and Civilized 

  People for no particular reason, although

  sometimes, it's because of their Non-Barbaric

  Non-Stone-Age Religion that the victims are

  slaughtered, or for criticizing or making fun

  of the Pervert [too friendly with Little Boys.......]

  and Hater of Women ["Rape all the Women

  you want to,

  then Stone them to Death"] who founded the

  Murdering Gang.


  They call this Piece of Shit a "Prophet"!!!

  Try "Brutal Insane Gangster Pervert" instead!!


  If he were alive in the USA today, he would


  Possibly EXECUTED!! ).




  Saffie's Blood is on TWO HANDS:

  1. The muslum Murdering Pigs.

  2. The Leftists / Liberals / Demosnots /

      Politically-Correct Morons, Pro-muslum,

      pro-Immigration, pro-Death,

      pro-Dismemberment (Legs blasted off,

      Hands and Fingers blasted off,

      Arms blasted off, Faces blasted off, etc),

      pro-Orphan (some Parents were killed),

      pro-Blood Everywhere,

      pro-Guts Everywhere,

      pro-Tongues and Eyes and Ears Everywhere,

      pro-Arms and Legs Everywhere,



      If you have 2 Legs, please have someone

      blast them off for you in sympathy with the

      Maimed in Manchester.



      Note - Bystanders:

      Don't call an Ambulance.

      Ambulances are usually driven by White

      Men, and ER Doctors are usually White

      Men, some or many of them Christians and

      Jews, thus terrifying the Idiot Leftists who

      hate White Men, Christians, and Jews.   

      Some of the 911 Operators are even MEN!!

      White Men!! 

      Maybe even Christians and Jews!!

      Can you imagine????

      The Victim - and the Caller for Help - would

      be TERRIFIED and filled with HATRED!!

      The Earth is FLAT!!

      The Moon is made of GREEN CHEESE!!

      Just let the victim lie there and bleed to

      Death, or whatever. 



      Not ALL muslums engage in MASS



      0.000000000000001 Percent say "Hello"

      and have never successfully Killed or Stoned



      0.000000000000001 Percent of LEFTISTS

      know where Mexico is!!   


      0.000000000000001 Percent of LEFTISTS

      realize that they're REALLY STUPID!!   


      0.000000000000000 Percent of LEFTISTS

      CARE about anything but themselves!!   


      100 Percent of LEFTISTS think that Physics

      and Astrobomee R unimprtant.  what's like

      imprtant are like FEEELINGSS, and U

      No, stuff, and U No, like killing trump, and

      like impeechinh like @turnup  and holding

      nother #lection and %stuf cuzz it wuz like

      stoled from us us buy them turnups!@ an

      stuf lik dat!!   






      Only 42 Percent of MUSLUMS say that the

      Kids DESERVED to DIE!! 


      Only 87 Percent of MUSLUMS LAUGHED 

      at the Dead Kids!! 


      Only 98 Percent of LEFTISTS thought that

      the Bomb Attack was JUSTIFIED!! 


      Thank you.

      You're NEXT!!!!

      AND your Kids!!!! )









   Murdered by muslums and LEFTISTS. 

   Was Age 8. Now Dead. 

   And over 20 others.

   Attended the Concert with her Mother and

   her older Sister (both Hospitalized).

   (Probably with Nuts and Bolts in their Bodies,

   and possibly with missing Arms or Legs.

   We'll see.) 



   Saffie will not be attending School next year.

   She's Dead. 



   Thanks for Nothing, Garbage muslums!!

   Thanks for Nothing, Garbage Leftists - Libs,   

   Demosnots, etc!!


   You're not only MONUMENTALLY

   STUPID, you're MURDERERS as well!!



   Living in the MORAL SUB-BASEMENT

   with the rest of the Insects!! 



   You're "The Incredible Shrinking Leftist"

   fighting off Spiders in the Sub-Basement,

   with Retarded Maniac Keith Olbermann

   and muslum Murderer Piece of Garbage

   Obozo for Insect-Mates in your Ghetto.

   Go to HELL!!



   But first, go to England and Apologize to

   ALL the Parents and Friends of the Dead

   Kids and Adults, and pay each one of them

   $10 MILLION Dollars.



   For the Mangled Victims, go to England and

   Apologize to ALL the Parents and Friends of

   the Kids and Adults, and pay each one of the

   Mangled $10 MILLION Dollars.



   Pay the Mangled Victims $2 Million per Leg.

   Pay the Mangled Victims $2 Million per Arm.

   Pay the Mangled Victims $2 Million per Face.

   Pay the Mangled Victims $1 Million per Hand.

   Pay the Mangled Victims $1 Million per Jaw.

   Pay the Mangled Victims $10 Thousand

         per Tooth.







   Just try to ignore their missing ARMS and


   and FACES and TEETH and NOSES and




   But you stupid Fucking muslum-Loving

   Hypocrites won't do ANYTHING  Useful,

   as the muslum Murdering Psychopaths kill

   more innocent Teenage Girls - an admitted

   target of the Murdering Psychopaths!! 

   Go stew in your own Insect Juices.




   "The Crusades".

   And by the way, Teenage Girls in Manchester

   England are NOT responsible for the Crusades

   of the Middle Ages.


   And by the way, they occurred Hundreds of

   years ago. 


   And by the way, it was the Garbage muslums

   who Harassed and Attacked the TOUR 

   GROUPS along the way to Palestine, and IN

   Palestine, so the Tour Groups brought an Army

   with them to protect them, and sometimes had

   to attack the Garbage muslums to keep the

   Tourists safe.


   And by the way, the towns along the route,

   where some Garbage muslums lived, had been

   attacked by the Garbage, and the Garbage

   moved in and settled there, thus ruining the


   That's why the Tourists were easily attacked:

   The Garbage had OCCUPIED the Towns by

   Force.  Formerly Christian or Jewish towns.

   Later, MUSLUM towns because the Garbage

   muslums forced muslimism on the towns.


   And by the way, the muslums CAUSED the



   And by the way, the muslums STARTED IT.

   And by the way, the muslums ATTACKED  

        the Christian Tour Groups on their way 

        to the Holy Land, and the muslums

        ATTACKED the Christians IN the

        Holy Land.





   The Garbage muslums have *NO* Excuse

   to Kill and Maim Teenage Girls in England

   as Payback for the "Crusades" of Hundreds of

   years ago, where the Garbage owes

   ENGLAND Reparations for Attacking and

   Killing Christians, but has never paid a Dime.



   It's just one more example that these Gangsters





   What am *I* doing about it??


   And I've written several times to the Traitor

   Criminal Senator Frankenstein - as worthless

   a Piece of Shit as you'll ever find in the

   Sub-Basement of Action, IQ, and Morality.

   Just another Pig slopping at the Trough - and

   FAILING to keep America Safe, with plenty

   of Hand-Waving to make it look like he's

   actually Doing something.  IE, LYING.



   Manchester is Frankenstein's America!!   

   With Dead and Mangled Kids lying in their

   own Blood, and missing Arms and Legs.



   What are YOU doing??

   What have you already done??



   What is Trump doing??

   As much as he CAN!!



   What is Congress doing??

   1) Blocking Trump.  2) Nothing.     


   Go stew in your own Insect Juices, Extreme


   Go stew in your own Insect Juices, RINOS.

   Go stew in your own Insect Juices, cowardly


   You're NOT Americans.


   And Killers of CHILDREN.  

   And Killers of JOBS.  

   And Killers of SAFETY.  

   And Killers of CIVILIZATION.  

   And Killers of AMERICA - and helping to

       kill all other Civilized Countries and

       Decent People.  




   are going to be very PISSED OFF at you

   for RUINING this Country!! 



   Our Parents and Grandparents built this

   Country, and YOU RUINED IT!!

   You INFECTED it with Millions of

   Sub-Human Germs who just want to kill us!!

   They're less civilized than WILD ANIMALS!! 

   And they want to kill your KIDS!!

   And they want to kill your


   And they want to kill your NIECES and 


   And they want to kill your NEIGHBORS!!  

   And they want to kill your FRIENDS!!

   And they want to kill YOU!!   

   And they want to kill ME!!   



   And they plan to impose "Sharia Law"!!   

   Gag me!! 

   Prepare to NOT DRIVE A CAR, Ladies.

   Prepare to be STONED TO DEATH for

   walking too close to a Man, Ladies!!



   They even brutalize Little Kids!!

   And they LOVE to DECAPITATE people!!





   And they LOVE to TORTURE people!!

   Even KIDS!!  YOUR KIDS!! 

   And they make you WATCH while your Kids

   are being Tortured and Decapitated!! 



  And by the way, the Garbage muslums have

  developed a POISON, that's colorless, tasteless,

  and odorless, it's a Salt, it dissolves in water,

  can be sprinkled on Food, and after consuming

  some, the innocent Victim develops a Fever,

  Nausea, swelling of the Stomach and Brain,

  and Dies in Agony 10 Days later, after suffering

  for 10 days.

  They've been testing it on innocent Captives in

  the Middle East, and it works.

  They plan to use it in the USA on innocent

  Men, Women, and Children. 




  In Minnesota, innocent Men, Women, and

  Children are slated for Death using Poisoning,

  as well as Decapitation, Stoning, Shooting,

  Knifing, being Rammed by a Car or a Truck,

  Bombed with a Homemade Bomb, Pushed off

  a Tall Building, Burned to Death, Sabered,

  Boiled, Drowned, etc.

  We have a Piece of Shit muslum Mayor in

  Minneapolis who recently made some

  Outrageous pro-muslum comment after the

  Manchester Bombing.

  What a Scumbag Piece of Infected Pus!!

  He should be burned at the Stake 1,000 times,

  then eaten by Pigs.  

  So much for Lake Woebegone and Hobb's


  Now it's Lake muslum and Fool's House.  




  (Remember Perchtoldsdorf Austria - a suburb

  of Vienna Austria.

  The citizens were PACIFISTS, so the muslums

  entered the town with no problems at all, and


  of the Town!!  1683 AD. 

  Decapitated and Burned to Death!!


  Including the Children, of course.

  Their Parents couldn't help them.

  They were bound and gagged, and forced

  to watch their Children be Brutally Tortured,

  and then DECAPITATED. 



  The neighboring City of Vienna had built a

  THICK WALL around the City to keep the

  Garbage muslums out, but still ended up

  fighting multiple Wars with the Turkish

  Garbage muslums beginning in the 800's.)    



   Go stew in your own Insect Juices, Extreme




   And head over to Manchester England, help

   them clean up the Blood and Body Parts, and

   pay every Victim or Family, etc, $10 Million

   Dollars apiece for this muslum Massacre.


   Severed Hands and Arms should easily fit into

   30-Gallon Trash Bags, but you might have to

   carry the Legs to a Truck without a Bag

   (except for Kids' Legs, which should fit).


   Check under the stairways and seats for

   additional Bodies and small organs, in case

   the Police missed them, as they searched for

   the horrific impact of yet ANOTHER muslum

   Massacre of INNOCENT PEOPLE.

   One of DOZENS of muslum Attacks over the

















 Initial Comments:


 Dear Friends ---

 Friends from Work, from School, from the Neighborhood,

 from Emails, from Phone Conversations, Friends who have simply

 been Friendly, Normal, and Helpful: 


 First of all, Thank You!! 

 Thank you for everything!!



 Don't be alarmed.


 I am NOT including you in my Rants against the Democrats/Leftists/





 These Rants are directed against the WILD, INSANE, often Violent people

 who are so "Anti-Trump" that their misguided Emotions Spill OVER

 into the Violence and Insanity that we have seen since about 2015, or

 even earlier - Yelling, Screaming, Hitting People, Burning Cars,

 Smashing Windows, Destroying Property, Marching, Tying up Traffic,

 Yelling Obscenities in Neighborhoods, Throwing Bags of Clorox +

 Urine + Feces on Trump People, Hitting Trump Fans on the Head with

 Wooden Boards, Preventing Speakers from Speaking, Beating Up

 Women Waiting to Get Into the Inauguration (one Woman was partly

 crippled, carrying a Cane, wiping blood off her Face, beaten up by

 "Black Lives Matter" Animals, according to her), etc.   

 (I've seen some of the Videos taken by observers on the Scene.)


 These "people" are just Raging Criminal Animals, as far as I'm

 concerned, and need to be Stopped or Jailed or Badly Injured or Worse, 

 depending on the Crime and the Danger to the Trump Fan.  


 (Oh, I forgot:  Black Scum Matters!!

 Like the Scum who beat up a woman who used a Cane.

 Like the Scum who attacked a Cop in Ferguson.

 Like the Scum who trashed a Restaurant, owned and operated by a

 Black Lady, who had worked so hard to make it a Success.)


 What we see is often Mass Insurrection, but with Danger and Violence

 being committed against:

    * Trump Fans wearing Trump Hats,

    * Or against Curious People wanting to hear what Trump has to say,

    * Or Innocent Bystanders standing on the Sidewalk, watching the

       "Parade of Marchers" walking past, and Yelling and Screaming, etc.


 Some of these Anti-Trump people are IGNORANT, DELUDED, 


 VANDALIZING - and sometimes VIOLENT.   Real TRASH!!


 The kind of Wild Trash you would expect to find in the Worst Prisons. 

 "Cell Block D".  Sing Sing.  San Quentin.  Leavenworth.  Alcatraz.

 Tattooed SCUM!!!!



 (Note that Alcatraz Prison (closed since 1963) is located across the Bay

 from UCB - The University of California at Berkeley.

 Alcatraz could be reopened, and the hundreds of Violent Rioters from

 UCB incarcerated there, at California's Expense, and forced to make

 Rope, License Plates, Tongue Depressors, Toothpicks, Mop Handles,

 Man Hole Covers, Traffic Signs for going the Wrong Way on a

 Street, and some "PEACE AND LOVE" Signs to Bash people over

 the Head with, etc.

 Many or most of the UCB Rioters were apparently Students, there,

 some carrying Insane Signs, possibly indicating a Paucity of Thought

 and Knowledge, or simply being on Mind Bending Drugs.

 Or maybe they were heavily VACCINATED as Infants.

 But hey:  If Trump paints the Wall BLUE, they can all go down there

 and marvel at how BLUE that Wall is, or throw Rocks and stuff at the

 Wall to make it fall fall down down. Like Wow, Man.

 Like Drop Out and Tune In. Or Drop In and Tune Out.

 Like, that Wall is really BLUE, Man!! 

 Like, Peace and Love, Man. 

 Like, Punch a NZAIAZ today!!


 Get your "Peace and Love" sign today!!

 Then hit a NZAIAZ over the head with it!!)


 Typical Signs and shouted Slogans

 by the Marching Leftist Goons:






 (Do you see the HYPOCRISY of the Leftist Goons???) 


 Peace and Love!!

 Love and Peace!!

 Love and Love!!

 Peace and Peace!!

 Love and Love!!

 Punch a NAZI Today!!

 (Gag me!!!!)

 (Caution:  I Hit Back. All Races. All Genders.)

 (But don't worry:  I'll smash your Face with LOVE!!)     



 I'm not talking about YOU.






  Bill Klinton is a Rapist!!!!



  Killary Klinton DEFENDED Rapists

  when she was a Scumbag Lawyer!!!!

  And accused the young VICTIMS of

  Enjoying It!!

  Killary tried to turn the young VICTIMS

  into the CRIMINALS.

  (Young girls - one was 12).

  Including being yanked off their

  Bicycles, Injured and in PAIN. 



  BOTH of the Klintons are Wretched

  Putrid Stinking Pond Scum!!!!



  Killary smells like a Dead Animal!!!!

  Killary smells like a Dead Animal!!!!

  Killary smells like a Dead Animal!!!!

  Killary smells like a Dead Animal!!!!

  Killary smells like a Dead Animal!!!!

  (Several have said so.

  Secret Service Agents have said so.) 



  Those are 2 of your HEROES, Leftists!!

  Rapists and Rapist Defenders.

  Rapists of Young Girls.


  And one of your Heroes smells like

  a Dead Animal.  



  Go Rape somebody, Leftists!!

  Go Defend a Rapist, Leftists!!

  Go rub some Rotting Road Kill on your

  Clothes, Leftists!!

  Maybe a Dead Squashed Squirrel!!

  Maybe a Dead Squashed Raccoon!!

  Maybe a Dead Squashed Skunk!!















            Alex Jones:  Calm Down!!  Shut Up!!  We GET It!! 






  Alex:  Stop acting so IMPULSIVE!!!! 

  Alex:  Stop acting so INCOMPETENT!!!! 

  Alex:  Stop acting so OBTUSE!!!!  

  Alex:  Stop acting like a PIECE OF

             WRINKLED CARDBOARD --

              WEIRD AND BORING!!!!  

  Alex:  Stop acting like a CLOWN!!!! 

  Alex:  Stop acting like a CHILD!!!! 

  Alex:  Stop acting like a FRUSTRATED 


  Alex:  GROW UP!!!!

  Good Grief!!!! 


  How can you expect to be LISTENED TO

  and taken SERIOUSLY if you act like a

  CLOWN and a CHILD???



  Make your points (VALID Points) like a

  Mature ADULT!!

  Act more Sophisticated!!   

  Be more like Nick Begich.

  Be more like David Knight.

  Be more like Paul Joseph Watson.

  Be more like Owen Shroyer. 

  Be more like Roger Stone.

  Be more like Steve Pieczinick (sp).

  And all the rest!!  

   (Your women Staffers are ALSO more Eloquent than you are,

   and more interesting and pleasant to listen to!!)




  It's ALL RIGHT!!

  It's OK!!

  I APPROVE it!!

  The SMART people also approve it!! 

  The SAVVY people also approve it!! 


  You should DO it!!

  Do it!! 





  ALEX:  SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!


  My finger is on the MUTE BUTTON







  And fix your Voice!!

  Stop being HYSTERICAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  And stop chewing Food on the Air!!

  Good Grief.






              (Extreme Leftist Goons.  Extreme Leftist Goons.)

              (Extreme Leftist Goons.  Extreme Leftist Goons.)

              (Extreme Leftist Goons.  Extreme Leftist Goons.)



 Hello, Leftist Scumbag COCKROACHES!! 


 Hello, Leftist Congressional COCKROACHES!! 


 Hello, Leftist Congressional CRIMINALS!! 


 Hello, Leftist Congressional TRAITORS!! 


 Hello, Leftist Congressional DESTROYERS!! 


 Hello, Leftist Congressional LIARS!! 


 Hello, Leftist Congressional COMMUNISTS!! 


 Hello, Leftist Congressional GARBAGE!! 


 Hello, Leftist Congressional DIRTBAGS!! 


 Hello, Leftist Congressional PERVERTS!! 


 Hello, Leftist Congressional SNAKES!! 


 Hello, Leftist Congressional SPIDERS!! 


 Hello, Leftist Congressional THIEVES!! 


 Hello, Leftist Congressional MURDERERS!! 


 Hello, Leftist Congressional MUZZELERS!! 


 Hello, Leftist Congressional CENSORERS!! 


 Hello, RINO Congressional DIRTBAGS!! 


 Hello, CIA DIRTBAGS!!  


 Hello, FBI DIRTBAGS!!  




 Hello, MEDIA DIRTBAGS (CNN, etc)!!

           (YOU PIECES OF SHIT!!!!!!)    








 Hello, You VILE NEOCONS!!  

 Leftists, Republicans, and RINOs!!










 Show us your EVIDENCE!!!!!

 (You don't have any. Because You're LIARS.

  And You're GARBAGE.)



 Show us your PROOF!!!!!

 (You don't have any. Because You're LIARS.

 And You're GARBAGE.)




 By the way, you'd have to be an IDIOT to leave

 your Fingerprints on some Malware inserted

 on an Enemy's Computer!!

 (Russia/Trump Plotting??  Gag me.)



 The First Rule of Malware is:

         "Don't Get Caught!!".


     To:  Gospodin Donald Trump

      From:  The Kremlin

      Subject:  You Know.....

      Great work, Komrad!! 

      Click on the Link to see a naked woman.

      Don't worry:  It's Virus-Free (cough). 

      Did you get the Caviar we sent you??

      We'll see you at the Party next weekend!!  

      Mir I Druzhba!!

      Peace and Friendship!!

      Have a Nice Day, Komrad!!   



 Give me a BREAK!!!!

 You've GOT to be kidding!!


 You HIDE the Source and all References to

 who you are and where it came from.


 So, if there's any Malware on a Computer in

 Trump Tower, and it looks like the above

 example, or even disguised, it did NOT come

 from the Russians.




 So where did it come from??

 The CIA.

 They can IMPERSONATE a Russian Hacker

 fairly well - but maybe not perfectly. 



 That's called FRAMING someone!!

 The CIA or an AMATEUR might do it!! 

 The Russians are NOT that Stupid!! 

 Wake up!!

 It's Fantasy.  3rd Grader Stuff.




 Are YOU a 3rd Grader?????



 They say Trump and his Staff was COLLUDING

 with the Russians!!  Gag me!!

 No Proof.  No Evidence.  No Dates. No Times.






 Every single person who hates Trump is an





 Every single person who hates Trump is




 Every single person who hates Trump is




 Every single person who believes the Big Stories

 by the Mainstream Media (CNN, etc) about

Trump and Alex Jones, etc, is an IDIOT. 





 Every single person who hates Trump is a

 STALINIST - who was FAR more repressive

 than Hitler ever hoped to be!!

 And Murdered FAR more people than Hitler did.




 Most people who hate Trump are NASTY




 Most people who hate Trump think they are

 MORALLY SUPERIOR to Trump and his

 Fans - but don't act with any "Moral Superiority".



 The Leftist Extremists are NASTY SCUM

 with NO MORALS!! 

 They are AMORAL and IMMORAL!!



 The Leftist Extremists are COCKROACHES.


 The Leftist Extremists are TRAITORS TO






 Today's "Liberals" are MENTALLY ILL.



 Today's "Liberals" are DIMWITS.



 Today's "Liberals" are IMBECILES.



 Today's "Liberals" are HYSTERICAL.



 Today's "Liberals" are BUFFOONS.



 Today's "Liberals" are CRAZY.



 Today's "Liberals" are LUNATICS.



 Today's "Liberals" are BRAINWASHED.



 Today's "Liberals" are PSYCHOPATHS.



 Today's "Liberals" are SOCIOPATHS.



 Today's "Liberals" are JOB-KILLERS.



 Today's "Liberals" are THIEVES.



 Today's "Liberals" are a DISGRACE.



 Many of Today's "Liberals" are VANDALS.



 Many of Today's "Liberals" are FELONS.



 Many of Today's "Liberals" are CRIMINALS.



 Many of Today's "Liberals" need to be




 Many of Today's "Immigrants" need to be








 Facebook, Twitter, and Google are PIECES OF 

 SHIT with all their CENSORSHIP!!!!

 (We know it for a FACT!!)




 Fakebook DELETES True articles!!

 Fakebook DELETES True articles!!

 Fakebook DELETES True articles!!



 Fakebook DELETES Patriotic articles!!

 Fakebook DELETES Patriotic articles!!

 Fakebook DELETES Patriotic articles!!



 Fakebook DELETES Accounts!!

 Fakebook DELETES Accounts!!

 Fakebook DELETES Accounts!!




 Fakebook: You're SHIT!!





 Twizzler  DELETES True articles!!

 Twizzler  DELETES True articles!!

 Twizzler  DELETES True articles!!



 Twizzler  DELETES Patriotic articles!!

 Twizzler  DELETES Patriotic articles!!

 Twizzler  DELETES Patriotic articles!!



 Twizzler  DELETES Accounts!!

 Twizzler  DELETES Accounts!!

 Twizzler  DELETES Accounts!!




 Twizzler: You're SHIT!!




 Gargle DELETES true Websites from searches!!

 Gargle DELETES true Websites from searches!!

 Gargle DELETES true Websites from searches!!



 Gargle:  You're SHIT!!



 The scumbags in Obozo's Gang put Good Guys

 on  "NO FLY LISTS"!!

 (Good Guys Like Dr. Michael Savage, and others.) 

 (Dr. Savage is not a threat to Flight Safety!!)



 Obozo:  You're SHIT!!

 Obozo:  You're SHIT!!

 Obozo:  You're SHIT!!

 Obozo:  You're SHIT!!







 Mark Suckerberg sold his soul to the Chinese for

 money, and gave them a "Chinese Version" of

 Gargle, which can be tweaked to "not find"

 certain Websites and Articles.

 State Censorship.



 Suckerberg:  You're SHIT!!








 (FOX is better - but not perfect since it was

 sold to a group of Idiots.

 Fox is going down the Tubes.)



 Saturday Night Live is a PIECE OF SHIT!!!!


 Rachel Maddow is a PIECE IF SHIT!!!!




 The Democrats in Congress are PIECES OF 

 SHIT with all their Snide, Sneering, Ridiculous,

 Outrageous, Infantile Accusations!!!!



 You would think Congress is a Home for

 Retarded Psychopaths!!

 Maybe it IS!!



 Paul Ryan is a DOUBLE PIECE IF SHIT!!!!



The muslums are TRIPLE PIECES OF SHIT!!!!


 Etc!!  Many MORE!!!!




 They DID Tap Trump's Phones!!  

      (On Obozo's Orders - and Bush's.)

      (In New York and Palm Beach.)

      (The NSA taps ALL telecomm.)

      (The Dems also used British Intel to do it.)




 They DID Tap Roger Stone's Phones!!

      (Roger Stone is a Friend of Trump.)  

      (They're also Harassing him.)  

      (The NSA taps ALL telecomm.)




 They tried to KILL Roger Stone!!

 They tried to KILL Roger Stone!!

 They tried to KILL Roger Stone!!




 Roger Stone would be HAPPY to testify to


 But they won't call him.

 Because he would EMBARRASS them!! 

 And they're trying to kill him in case

 he IS called to testify.



 The Mission of the Mainstream News, today,

 is to  LIE, TWIST, and SMEAR those who

 tell the Truth. 

 And to KILL TRUMP. 



 Lesson for LIBS: 

 Muslumism (Islam) is not a Religion.








 Keep that in mind, Libs.

 You're next!! 

 And stop endangering MY Life!!!!



 Stop endangering MY Life!!!!

 Stop endangering MY Life!!!!

 Stop endangering MY Life!!!!

 Stop endangering MY Life!!!!

 Stop endangering MY Life!!!! 

 Stop endangering MY Life!!!!




 Congress is INSANE!!!!

 Congress is full of CRIMINALS!!!! 














































































        (Gag me!!  I feel sick!!)


        (Gag me!!  I feel sick!!)


        (Gag me!!  I feel sick!!) 


            (Only a very FEW Celebrities have any Brains. VERY FEW!!) 



 Do you realize what kind of LOW-LIFES you


 Do you realize what kind of SCUM you are??

 Do you realize that you're living in a SWAMP??

 Do you realize that you're CRUDE?? 

 Do you realize that you're UNCOUTH?? 

 Do you realize that you're SLIMEY?? 



 (So Trump said something privately, and people

 BLOW IT UP to the size of JUPITER!!

 Hmmm.... What have YOU said that someone

 overheard??  Don't run for Political Office!!

 You might be VERY EMBARRASSED!!

 The Walls have EARS!!) 



 I'm going to write a Rotten Article about you 

 for every NEWSPAPER and every NEWS


 With your PICTURE!!!

 For the Scumbag Leftists!!!




 Lately, I've thought an awful lot, about blowing

 up the house of certain Treasonous Criminals,

 as they themselves have contemplated against

 the White House. 

 This Piece of Shit (partially quoted above) was

 a Speaker at the Billion Women's March.

 Go to Hell, you Piece of Shit!!

 And maybe you'd better head for the basement

 or your Bunker.



 (The real leader of the Women's March was a 

 Foreign muslum Terrorist Female, who has just

 been deported by Trump's Admin.

 Early 2017.

 He needs to do MORE of it.)  













 If you don't, someone else will!!

 If you don't, someone else will!!





 I'm an American White Male, non-muslum,

 non-Half-wit, non-Leftist, and completely 

 comfortable with it.  



 I'm BETTER than you!!

 It should be obvious that I'm a LOT better than

 a lot of you - the ones I criticize!!

 Well, maybe the Idiots aren't here reading this.

 But I'm hundreds of times better than the ones

 I criticize.

 No apologies for my stance and statements.




 I will stand by Donald Trump and his principles


 It's just COMMON SENSE!!

 It's like standing for what America used to stand



 Standing for Donald Trump is standing for a

 NORMAL PERSON - and one with COURAGE!!

 And Creative IDEAS!!


 By the way: 

 Most of the Leftists are truly INSANE.

 Literally INSANE. 

 Certifiably INSANE. 

 Medically INSANE. 

 Criminally INSANE.

 Have you seen some of the Videos??


 Insanity Gone Wild!!    






 I wouldn't criticize Rachel Maddow (seemingly

 a Nice Lady) if she weren't acting like such a


 And a Zinger of Donald Trump.

 What a Loser!!  Pathetic. 





 Socialists (Democrats, etc):

 Take a look at Venezuela.

 They're HUNGRY!!

 They're HUNGRY!!

 They're starving. 

 They're starving.

 They've eaten their PETS!! 

 They've eaten their PETS!! 

 They're eating ZOO ANIMALS!!

 They're eating ZOO ANIMALS!!

 Some say they're eating Humans.

 That's Socialism led by Venezuelan Democrats. 

 That's Venezuela today.

 That's the Leftists hope for the USA.  



NY State cancels literacy test for teachers: it’s racist

Article from "No More Fake News".



NY State cancels literacy test for teachers: It’s racist.

by Jon Rappoport

March 14, 2017



I was going to post an article today about the empty-headed propaganda called “social sciences.”

It’s part of my ongoing exposure of the destruction of the American education system.


But then I came across this from the NY Times:


“The [New York] Board of Regents eliminated a requirement that aspiring teachers pass a literacy test after

the test proved controversial because black and Hispanic candidates passed it at significantly lower rates

than white candidates.”

Bad enough that only 64% of white candidates passed the test on the first try in 2014;

46% of Hispanic candidates passed it; and 41% of black candidates passed it.

The logic here is stunning. Horrible test scores? Eliminate the test.

The next step: reading is too difficult; don’t teach reading.

And/or: reading is racist.

It’s, of course, the students who suffer. How can they be taught literacy when the teachers aren’t literate?

And these illiterate aspiring teachers? Who taught them?

It’s obvious that the New York State education system is rotten at the core. Fixing it would be like trying

to turn around an oil tanker in a small space. This latest move by NY Regents officials proves there is no will

and determination to undertake a comprehensive fix. They just want more teachers, no matter what.

And they will get them. Why don’t they just hire teachers off the street? Anyone who can breathe and walk will do.

There’s really no need for classrooms, either. A great deal of money could be saved by holding classes

in parks and empty lots.


Here is the “social sciences” article. It’s a hustle at a whole different level:

The rise of the “social sciences”: one long scam

Yet another vector has produced generations of empty-headed college students: the social sciences that aren’t sciences.

Anthropology, sociology.

Their practitioners study groups. National groups, ethnic groups, tribal groups, clans, religious groups, groups

defined by gender, nomads, farmers, office workers; any way you can slice people up into groups, somebody is there

with a notebook and a camera and a hot journal paper waiting to be published.

The focus is on traditions, practices, rituals, ceremonies, customs, rules, hierarchies.

The key is what is omitted.

The individual.

The last thing these minds want to acknowledge is the unique individual. That would be heresy.

Also, there are no useful “individual common denominators” to be found—and the social sciences are all about common denominators. Without them, the whole enterprise falls apart.

Individual-ology? No such thing.

By focusing on the group, the student is taught, by inference and osmosis, that the individual doesn’t count. Doesn’t count in society, in civilization, in history, in the future.

This is good, if you’re a collectivist. Quite good.

That’s why you can attend a college and obtain a degree in group-ology, but you can’t graduate with a diploma in “individual studies.” The latter curriculum doesn’t exist.

It’s quite interesting when you stop and think about it. You have all these students (individuals) attending colleges, and they can’t study themselves.

Professor: “Today, we’re beginning our investigation of the 16th-century XYZ Islanders, who lived for centuries off the coast of QRS.”

Student: “Were they all the same? Were there any individuals within XYZ who pursued their own unique and separate objectives?”

Professor: “Excuse me? I don’t even know what that means. I suggest you listen to my lectures and read the studies.

Hopefully, you’ll be disabused of asking such questions.”

And after a few years, it’s likely the student will forget his initial objection. He’ll float with the tide. He’ll learn that the group is all.

Here’s a lesson in contemporary sociology: watch television for a year and find a drama series that features an individual

who refuses to belong to any group or team (and isn’t a criminal). Writers wouldn’t have a clue about how to build story lines on that basis.

Colleges batter the minds of the young until they give in and submit to the proposition that the world is the group.

And this is considered a sign of maturity.

I have seen many of those students’ faces. If they exhibit maturity, it’s a state of mind to be avoided at all costs.



Will we be seeing articles like these:

"FAA Cancels Tests for Airline Pilots:  It's Racist."

"FAA Cancels Tests for Aircraft Engineers:  It's Racist."

"FAA Cancels Tests for Aircraft Mechanics:  It's Racist."

"AMA Cancels Tests for Doctors:  It's Racist."

"AMA Cancels Tests for Dentists:  It's Racist."

"AMA Cancels Tests for Brain Surgeons:  It's Racist."

"State Cancels Tests for Pharmacists:  It's Racist."

"State Cancels Tests for Students being able to Read:  It's Racist."

"State Cancels Tests for Teachers being able to Read:  It's Racist."

"State Cancels Tests for Professors being able to Read:  It's Racist."

"State Cancels Tests for Plumbing Licenses:  It's Racist."

"State Cancels Tests for Electricians:  It's Racist."

"State Cancels Tests for Architect Licenses:  It's Racist."

"State Cancels Tests for Bridge Designers:  It's Racist."

"State Cancels Tests for Car Mechanics:  It's Racist." 

"State Cancels Tests for Bus Drivers:  It's Racist."

"State Cancels Tests for Taxi Drivers:  It's Racist." 

"State Cancels Tests for Computer Repairmen:  It's Racist."  

"State Cancels Tests for Elevator Repairmen:  It's Racist." 


What a Bunch of Morons - and TRAITORS.

Drain the Swamp.








              OFF THE AIR!! 


 Do you realize you sound like a BUM??  Like a RUMMY??

 Do you realize you sound like a BUM??  Like a RUMMY??

 Do you realize you sound like a BUM??  Like a RUMMY??


 Do you realize how ridiculous you look while on Mute???

 Do you realize how ridiculous you look while on Mute???

 Do you realize how ridiculous you look while on Mute???

 Do you realize how ridiculous you look while on Mute???

 You look like a CLOWN, a CHILD, and a MANIAC!! 




















      GOOD GRIEF!! 




















 Paul Joseph Watson (in the UK) now refuses

 to do Television Interviews unless they're

 LIVE Interviews!!

 He knows that they will "Edit" a Taped Interview

 to make him look like an Idiot or a Liar.

 (Watson is VERY Sharp!!) 


 By the way, the New York Times can't hire any decent Writers!!

 And they don't know how to edit Videos.

 And their Writers aren't Productive.

 They write dribs and drabs and think they've done their Job

 for the week. 

 The Talent, out there, doesn't want to work for the Times.

 And that's because the Times has become an Enemy of the People!! 



 The Mainstream Media (CNN, etc) is mostly just

 a Worthless Glob of Trash!! 

 Watched nowadays only by people on the Fringe.  

 CNN is the Worst!!

 Trump has banned CNN from several Press

 functions.  Good for him!!  Too Bad!!

 There's a Press/White House thing called a "Gaggle".

 Trump has BANNED CNN from the Gaggles.

 Good for him!!  Too Bad!!



 Infowars and others now have a SEAT at the

 Press Briefings for the first time in History!!

 CNN has been BANNED!!

 They did it to themselves.

 But CNN and the others are going BALLISTIC!!

 "How Dare Trump ban us - the Fake News??!!"

 "How Dare Trump permit a Right-Wing Conspiracy Theory

  Extreme Alt-Right group of Nobodies to take a seat at these

  Prestigious Events??!!" 

 Listen, Jerks:  Because he's the President and you're NOT!!

 And because you're Lying Idiots!!

 Now SHUT UP!!




 CNN claims that Infowars is "Fake News", then

 they run a totally Fake story on Alex Jones,

 about how he thinks the Moon is made of Green

 Cheese, or something.

 The Infowars Lawyers are preparing LAWSUITS

 against some of these Criminal Operations.

 CNN is a Piece of Shit!!

 Ex-Employees of CNN agree. 

 CNN "Editors" rewrite stories to suit "The Lie

 of the Day" and "The Smear of the Day". 



 What's The LIE of the Day, CNN??

 What's The SMEAR of the Day, CNN?? 

 What's The SNIDE "JOKE" of the Day, CNN?? 

 And stuff in "Comedy" Shows??

 Pathetic.  Childish.

 And sometimes, SUE-able!!   



 (Yes, Microwaves and Microphones and Video Cameras are spying

 on us - more-so in the new stuff.  It's been going on for YEARS.

 And it's even been in the Mainstream News, years ago.) 



 Better polish your Resumes, CNN Employees.

 Or just jump off a Cliff.

 CNN Viewership is sinking below the Water Line.

 Anderson Cooper:  You're STILL in the CIA!!  



 Note:  I haven't received my checks from the Russian Government

 for over 597 Years!!!!

 Neither has Roger Stone or Alex Jones or Donald Trump.

 All the phrases we repeated verbatim - and NEVER would have

 thought of ourselves!!

 Yup yup yup!!  We get 'em from the Ruskies!!

 And all the fake videos of Killary falling down!!  And being helped!!

 Upstairs!!  And Downstairs!!

 Gee. How did we do it???

 And all the QUOTES from the New York Times!!


 Can you imagine??  They said "Hello" and WE said "Hello".


 What a Bunch of Morons.

 Drain the Swamp.  





 Some of the Rich Guys are either leaving

 the Country or heading for their Bunkers.


 Some of the Rich Guys are either leaving

 the Country or heading for their Bunkers.














     Typical Leftists, Liberals, Demosnots,

     Demosnot National Committee, CNN,

     MSNBC, The New York Times,

     The Washington Post, Dirtbags,

     Liars, Idiots, Fools, Murderers,

     Garbage, Scum, Vomit.




               Many of Today's Leftists and the Mainstream

               Media  (CNN, Saturday Night Live, etc). 

                           Bozo the Clowns and WORSE. 

                           And Liars.

                           And Scumbags.

                           And Garbage.

                           And Trash.

                           And Rats.

                           And Snakes.

                           And Wannabe Murderers.

                          And Plagiarizers.

                          And Defamers.

                          And Slanderers.

                          And Dirtbags. 

                          And ACTORS.

                          And Pieces of Shit.  


      Bozo the Clown, Charles Manson, Son of Sam, Ted Bundy.


      Why?? Because many Leftists have called for Trump's Death,

      Globalists are Ruining our Lives, some are killing us, some are

      Lying Day and Night, and the rest are Clowns.


      Quote from Ted Bundy, Serial Killer: 

      "I'm the most cold-hearted son of a bitch you'll ever meet." 

      35-100 murders and rapes of women.  1974-1978.  7 States.

      Always tricked them. Often feigned a disability by using fake

      Arm Slings and Casts.

      He had no empathy and no remorse.

      Confessed to 30 more murders at the last minute (35 total).

      But experts think that the total is MUCH higher (100)!!

      Even lied to his mother for YEARS, while in Prison, telling her

      that No, of course he didn't kill those women, causing her great

      distress for Years, thinking that her son had been falsely accused

      of multiple murders.


      He FINALLY confessed the truth to her at the very end - possibly

      causing her even more distress - over the crimes and the Lies.

      At least he was finally honest with her - at the 11th hour. 

      It was pretty obvious that he was guilty, from his Courtroom behavior, 

      but difficult to prove.

      A Dental Impression finally Nailed him!!

      And they had to wrestle him to the Ground to get it!!

      He had BITTEN at least one of the Women on the buttocks, leaving

      teethmarks which they compared to the Dental Impression.

      They matched.


      Lower than Ancient Whale Poop.   




      Bundy FRIED in the Electric Chair in 1989, using High Voltage and

      High Wattage - not a Low Voltage and Low Wattage,

      Energy Efficient, Long-Life Chair approved by the EPA, considered

      to be both Environmentally Unfriendly, and Cruel or Unusual

      Punishment by Leftists, but not by the cheering crowds outside, and

      the satisfied Friends and Relatives of Bundy's many Victims - Friends

      and Relatives  numbering in the HUNDREDS and possibly



      Gee. His "cold-hearted" statement sounds like the behavior of some

      Extreme Leftists.... 

     A lot of Extreme Leftists are Cold-Hearted Scum - just like Ted Bundy.

     Once you've seen the Home Videos (and I've seen a LOT of them),

     you would agree.


     Both People/Groups have been "Getting Even", but neither Bundy

     nor the Extreme Leftists seem to have a CLUE about their Reasons.

     The Extreme Leftists might seem like "Ted Bundy in Reverse", but are

     actually of the same mentality, just using a DIFFERENT EXCUSE. 

     They're "Ted Bundy Light" - no murders, as far as we know, but with

     one Known ATTEMPTED MURDER (on Roger Stone, Trump's

     friend, done with deadly Radioactive Polonium which NEARLY

     killed him)!!


     That act of Attempted Murder opened the door to Murders of

     Anti-Trump Slime by Trump Fans.

     There may be some Murders of Leftists/Demosnots/Liberals/CIA

     people in the future, due to YOUR own actions.


     You fired the first shot.

     Justifiable Revenge might be on the minds of some Trump Fans.

     Maybe Trump should be more concerned with finding out who tried

     to Murder Roger Stone, than who wire-tapped him in Trump Tower.  


     Cold Hearted -- like Communists. 

     You know - the Organization that doesn't trust people to make their

     own decisions, and seeks to CONTROL everyone.

     Smart and Decent and Friendly on the Outside, Stupid and Horrible

     and Rigidly Controlling on the Inside.  And NASTY!!!


     Like the movie "Shadow of a Doubt" by Hitchcock.

     Uncle Charlie was the tall, Fun, Debonair World Traveler, but when

     you hear him speak about "regular people", it makes you sick.

     "Peel back the walls of the houses, and what do you find??

     Pig Styes!!"

     Weird, Creepy, and Slimey. Shocking. Ordinary People??? 

     He was a murderer, too.  Like a festering Wound on the Inside, that

     never healed.

     In the movie, Hitchcock repeatedly referred to "Double Images",

     perhaps meaning "The Public Image and the Hidden Image" of some

     people - like Uncle Charlie. 

     And the Hidden Image is the image of the REAL Person, with the

     Real Person (the Real Personality) coming out, at times. 


     It's true, in SOME cases. 

     With EXTREME Leftists, it might be true of ALL of them.

     It's true of some Extreme REPUBLICANS, too!! 

     It's true of ALL RINO's (Fake Republicans)!!  

     (It's certainly true of Killary and Obozo!!!).

     Garbage!!  And WORSE!!



     Charles Manson:

     They got the wrong house (in a way) for the first murders.

     Right house, but the guy had moved.

     Manson was angry because he couldn't get a Recording Contract

     for singing his songs.

     After Manson Auditioned, the Producer/Talent Scout wasn't


     Manson wasn't good enough or wasn't playing music that would

     sell in the Market of the day. 

     He did not have much TALENT and had NO EXPERIENCE.

     So Manson sent out some of his "Family Members" to kill the

     occupants of the house.



     Charles Manson:

     Manson was a Murderous, Untalented Half-wit.

     He THOUGHT he was talented.

     He THOUGHT he deserved to be a big Rock 'n Roll Star.

     His "Family Members" were disaffected, alienated young

     women (mostly), praised to the skies by Manson, who also

     justified their Alienation, and seemed to understand them.

     Maybe he was right.  I don't know.

     To preserve their supposedly "True and Justified" status as

     Human Beings, they were willing to do ANYTHING for him.

     Sad and Totally Unnecessary. 

     Maybe they HAD been Psychologically abused by their Parents,

     Ignored, made to feel worthless, etc - accidentally or intentionally.

     But that shouldn't translate into:

         Manson is a great Musician,

         I can get what I need only from Manson,

         Manson is the only strong person who understands me,     

         Manson is the only strong person who can help me,

         I will kill people if Manson asks me to.      

     They thirsted for Self Esteem, and for being VALUED by others,

     and for feeling UNIQUE and SPECIAL. 

     Nothing wrong with that at all. It's NORMAL. 

     And they were willing to kill for it in order to save their value

     as Human Beings - value they received from Charlie Manson.


     Son of Sam:

     An adopted Piece of crap.

     Killed many women.  


     Ted Bundy:

     No compassion for others whatsoever.

     It's a mystery why he was so cold-hearted.

     There's a theory that it might have been Genetically caused, and

     they might be right.    



     Typical Leftists, Liberals, Demosnots:

     Very similar to Charles Manson, the Son of Sam, and Ted Bundy.

     Nasty, Untalented, Ignorant, Vicious, Lying, Vindictive,

     Scheming, Extremely Hostile, Irrational, Lunatics, Crazy, Stupid,

     Loud, Destructive, Angry, Enraged, Incoherent, Immoral,

     Sneaky, Slimey, Immature, Childish, Pointless, Illogical,

     Mentally Ill, Retarded, Simple-Minded, Sulking, Simmering,

     Vengeful, Risky, Hurtful, Damaging, Painful, Believing themselves

     to be Immune from Retribution (Fighting Back) and Legal Action

     (Getting Caught, Arrested, Trials, and Lawsuits), Naive,   

     feeling "Morally Justified" in their Actions

     ("Record Producers who don't appreciate my great talent in

     Guitar Playing and Song Writing deserve to DIE, and people

     who like Trump are Immoral Sub-Humans because Trump is an

     Immoral Sub-Human, so Trump and his Fans deserve to be KILLED

     and SHOULD be killed out of our collective Moral Responsibility

     to America.  Someone has to keep up the High Moral Standards of

     this Nation, and that's us.  Kill all the Immoral Sub-Humans!!

     Kill Immoral Trump!!  Kill the Immoral Trump Fans!! 

     We have the RIGHT and the DUTY to do it!!" 


     Q:  "WHAT Immoral Activities did Trump commit??"

     A:  "F*** YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"


     Q:  "WHY do you believe that there is a Morality Police??"

     A:  "F*** YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"


     Q:  "WHY do you believe that you're part of the Morality Police??"

     A:  "F*** YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"


     Q:  "Have YOU ever done something Immoral??"

     A:  "F*** YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"


     Q:  "Have YOU ever done something Illegal??"

     A:  "F*** YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"


     Q:  "Your activities are ILLEGAL!!"

     A:  "F*** YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"


     Q:  "You're a CRIMINAL LUNATIC!!"

     A:  "F*** YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"






     Apparently these Anti-Trump Murderous Idiots have never heard

     of "Law and Order", Consequences, Being Punched Back, Arrests,

     Jail Terms, Threatening the Life of the President,

     Taking Arms against a Sea of Troubles,

     Punching a Snowflake,

     Beating the Crappolla out of a Snowflake,

     Sending a Snowflake to the Emergency Room,  

     Sending a Snowflake to the Morgue, etc,

     in retaliation for being punched or hit with something.

     Some of them are VICIOUS RETARDED LUNATICS!!






 GEORGE SOROS (Sieg Heil):




 George Soros, who financed Killary's Campaign, is an admitted

 NAZI Collaborator who led thousands of Jews to the Gas

 during World War 2 in Hungary.  




 He was essentially an Honorary Active Member of the SS

 during WW2, posing as a Christian, assisting the SS. 

 And HE'S a DEMOCRAT!!   A NAZI SS Democrat!! 


 George Soros  *IS*  NAZI  SS in terms of Executing Jews. 

 A NAZI SS Democrat!!

 He didn't have the TRAINING of the NAZI SS members,

 and he didn't have the UNIFORMS of the NAZI SS members,

 but by golly he knew how to help the SS send the Jews

 to the Gas - and steal their belongings!!


 He was more like a One Trick Pony employed by the SS

 (turn in Jews and steal their stuff), but he was about as close

 as you could get to being an SS Member without being a

 Trained, Uniformed, Nordic SS Member. 

 As a NAZI SS Helper and Collaborator, he was kind of an

 Honorary SS Member.



 When you Leftists say "Punch a NAZI",

 go punch GEORGE SOROS!!


 Punch a REAL NAZI  (a NAZI Helper)!! 






 Soros: The Leftist Demosnot Thief!!

 Soros: The Leftist Demosnot Scumbag!!

 Soros: The Leftist Demosnot Murderer!!

 Soros: The NAZI SS Helper!!  

 Soros: The NAZI SS Collaborator!!

 Soros: The Jew Killer during WW2!! 

 Soros: The Jew Thief during WW2!! 

 Soros: Posed as a Christian!!   

 Soros: Free Trips to "Arbeit macht Frei"!!   

 Soros: Killary's Friend!!

 Soros: Killary's Financier!!

 Soros: Killary's Bank-Roller!!

 Soros: The Demosnots Friend!!

 Soros: Blood Money for Democrats!!

 Soros: Money drenched in Blood and Death!!

 Soros: Super Wealthy from Murders

            and Thefts!!

 Soros: Also stole from COUNTRIES and from

            MILLIONS of ordinary People!!

 Soros: The RICHEST NAZI in the World!!

 Soros: The RICHEST JEWISH NAZI in the


 Soros: The RICHEST COMMUNIST in the


 Soros: The TOP WRECKING BALL in the



            PIECE OF FILTH in the World!!









 HE'S the Enemy!!


 Good Old "Arbeit Macht Frei", Auschwitz Soros!!

 Sieg Heil!!

 The Democrat's Friend!!

 Killary's FRIEND!! 


 (By the way, Leftist Communist Morons:  Trump Fans are

 not "NAZI's".  Wise up - if that's even possible.)


Did you vote for Killary??

 If you voted for Killary, you also voted for an Associate Member

 of the NAZI SS:  George Soros - her Friend and Benefactor.

 He would have been an "Unofficial" part of the US Government,

 and is probably the top Globalist (Wrecking Ball) in the World.


 It's difficult to make comparisons, here, but being a Top Globalist

 is probably just as Bad or WORSE than being a NAZI SS Collaborator

 or being in charge of the SS, because FAR more people are affected.

 Hundreds of Millions of People!! And Death, Disease, and Sickness

 are part of the Globalist Agenda.


 He's no "Werner von Braun" who actually HELPED this Country

 tremendously in our Space Program and Missile Program, and

 whose rockets put American Astronauts on the Moon.


 (Yes, I think he had a NAZI ID Card, because in those days, you

 couldn't get a good Job without one. Were the German Rocket

 Men "Real" NAZI's??  I don't think so. To keep their Rocket

 programs going, and keep the SS off their backs, questioning

 the loyalty of the top Staff, I think the top Rocket Scientists

 signed up for the NAZI Party. They were not "active" NAZI's,

 going to Party meetings, etc. They had NO interest in that sort

 of thing.

 They liked ROCKETS - not POLITICS.

 But George Soros actively worked with the SS to turn

 over Jews, who were then killed by the SS. Big difference.

 George Soros helped to kill Jews during WW2!!)




 of the Jews he betrayed.



 At least he could have left them for their Friends and Relatives.  

 George Soros, the Bastard, would blow up the Moon if he could

 make money on it.


 Once the German Rocket Scientists came to America, they made

 HUGE contributions to this Country!!  And to Mankind.

 But George Soros continued to WRECK this Country and Mankind.


 The Killary fans who call Trump and his fans a NAZI have it all

 backwards, as usual, and don't have a CLUE what they're talking


 If there are any "NAZI's" around, it's George Soros.

 If there are any Wrecking Balls around, it's George Soros.

 He's more of a Communist Wrecking Ball, but he WAS a NAZI

 collaborator in the past.

 And Killary Klinton was financed by George Soros - the International

 Wrecking Ball. 

 Wake up!!!!


 If you want to "Punch a NAZI", punch George Soros and his close

 Friend, Killary Klinton!!  



 PUNCH A COMMUNIST!!   (Soros). 



 PUNCH A WRECKING BALL!!     (Soros). 




 You don't even know Who's Who, or what a NAZI is.




 Your Accomplishments??


 What have YOU done for the Poor??

 What have YOU done for the Homeless??

 What have YOU done for our Veterans??

 What have YOU done for your Country?? 


 How many Jobs have YOU created??

 How many Jobs have YOU Saved??


 How many Companies have YOU Saved??

 How many Companies have YOU brought back to America??


 How many Chinese Products have YOU refused to buy??

 How many Malaysian Products have YOU refused to buy??

 How many Thai Products have YOU refused to buy?? 


 (How many Americans have you put out of Work??)

 (How many Americans have you put out of Work??)



 How many Buildings have YOU built or Paid For??

 How many Skating Rinks have YOU paid for?? 

         (Trump did....)

 How many Awful Laws have YOU rescinded??

 How have YOU helped the Economy??  


 How many Illegal's have YOU reported??

 How many Illegal's have YOU deported??


 How many Terrorists have YOU reported??

 How many Terrorists have YOU deported?? 


 How many Thieves have YOU reported??

 How many Thieves have YOU arrested??

 How many Thefts have YOU Prevented??


 How many Rapists have YOU reported??

 How many Rapists have YOU arrested??

 How many Rapes have YOU Prevented??


 How many Murderers have YOU reported??

 How many Murderers have YOU arrested??

 How many Murders have YOU Prevented??


 How many Letters have you written to the Widows of our

     Military men, killed in action??

 How many Letters have you written to the Wounded 

     Military men, wounded in action?? 


 How long did YOU serve in Korea in the Military ---

     Harry Truman's War??

 How long did YOU serve in Vietnam in the Military ---

     Lyndon Johnson's War??

 How long did YOU serve in Iraq in the Military ---

     George Bush's War??  

 How long did YOU serve in Afghanistan in the Military ---

     Obozo's War?? 


 (Even Elvis Presley served in the Army for 2 years as a

 Regular Soldier. It was during Peacetime, but he served.)


 How many Truths did Obozo state??  Any???

 How many WORKING VACATIONS did Obozo take??   

 How many beneficial actions did OBOZO take??

 How many Products you use were invented by:  

       Leftist Snowflakes??

       Half-Wit Marchers Screaming "F*** You!!"???   

       Half-Wit Marchers dumping over Trash Cans???   

       Half-Wit Marchers smashing Windows???   


 How many Slaves in China and India have YOU freed??

 How many Working Girls in China have YOU saved from Suicide??  



 What are your Answers???

 What are your Answers???

 What are your Answers???



 We're Waiting.........

 Never Mind, Scumbags.


 compared to President Trump. 


 I haven't accomplished much of anything, either.











        (That's so Black Ghetto of you!!)     


        (Yes they did!!)   


        (Black Scum Matters beat up a White Woman outside the gate

        to the Trump Inauguration, leaving her Face Bloody.

        She was carrying a Cane.

        She also had blood on her clothes.

        I saw the Video.  Watched it several times.

        These Animals are lower than Pigs, standing around the gate to

        the Inauguration of Trump, and beating up people.

        And Obozo, the Criminal Piece of Shit, had TOLD the DC Police

        not to interfere, according to the POLICE!!

        Feed him to the SHARKS, along with his friends, Black Scum

        Matters!! But first, beat up ALL OF THEM!!

        Then let the Sharks do the rest.)   






 Many Opinions are probably Worthless.

 What's Important are FACTS.


 If you base an Opinion on the FACTS, and you use LOGIC,  your

 Opinion probably has plenty of merit. 


 If you shut off your Brain, your Opinion is Worthless.

 (If I shut off MY Brain, my Opinion is Worthless, too.) 



 If you don't have the needed Facts, or you can't think straight, or

 you're just Lazy (like me and most people), your Opinion is Worthless. 


 If you don't have the needed Facts because you were LIED TO by the

 Media or the Government, but you assumed that you were being told

 the Truth (sometimes like me, and sometimes like most people), your

 Opinion is Worthless. 

 You were LIED TO but didn't realize it, and your Opinion is Worthless

 because it was based on Lies.


 If you knew or suspected you were being LIED TO, you might not have

 an Opinion.  OR, you might form a few Opinions based on the Attitude

 of the Information Provider. For example, you might form the Opinion

 that the Facts are the OPPOSITE of what you're being told, and you

 might be RIGHT.  Or PARTIALLY Right.

 A great deal of Evaluation of the "Story" might be necessary in order to

 determine the Truth.

 And that would probably include evaluating the Source telling you the

 Information.  Who is he??  What does he do??  What's his background??

 What does his objective seem to be??  Etc, etc.

 And you would probably seek a more Honest Source - and probably a

 more Thorough Source.

 In the meantime, about all you could reply to an Inquiry of your Opinion

 is simply:  "I don't have an Opinion, but I smell a Rat in the Story.

 Somebody is Hiding something." 


 If there are lots of Red Flags in an Article or a person's response,

 sometimes you can jump to Conclusions and be RIGHT, without the

 need to read the entire Article.

 Sometimes, only 1 or 2 Sentences are sufficient. 

 Why??  Because you've seen this many times before, and you're

 well-acquainted with the Attitudes and style of Lying being presented.

 You don't have an Opinion, but you smell a Rat in the Story.

 Somebody is Hiding something.  


 When it comes to Opinions of Factual Data, and the Facts are not in

 Dispute, I don't see how there could be more than 1 Opinion.

 If you run the Facts thru a Computer, the Computer should always

 come up with the same "Opinion". 


 I guess the Anti-Trump people and the Pro-Killary people hadn't done

 their Homework or didn't have their Brains engaged, voting against

 Trump for no valid reason, and voting for Killary for no valid reason.

 Voting against Trump was Irrational and Irresponsible, and voting for

 Killary was even MORE Irrational and MORE Irresponsible!!


 For that matter, could the Criminal Illegal Aliens who voted for Killary

 even understand ENGLISH??

 Were they intent on continuing to break the Law and remain in this

 Country, on the assumption that Criminal Killary wouldn't deport them??

 And therefore their "Opinion" of Killary was Positive??



 Wikileaks proved that the Illegal Vote was the Demosnots "Secret

 Weapon".  They SAID so!!

 They PLANNED to break the Law.

 And sure enough: Millions of Criminal Illegal Aliens apparently voted

 for Criminal Killary.

 If any Illegal Aliens in California were canvassed by the Pollsters, it

 was like getting "Opinions" from Prison Inmates.

 If so, in California they got "Opinions" from Criminals, Irrational people,

 and Irresponsible people on who they favored.


 And Obozo TOLD the Illegals to vote for Killary in a Video!!

 I SAW the Video!!


 Thank goodness for the Electoral College who neutralized some of the

 Criminal Vote and the Half-Wit Vote of Irrational and Irresponsible




 Killary For Prison!!

 Obozo For Prison!!

 Illegals For Prison!!

 Extreme Demosnots For Prison!!

 Lock HER up!!

 Lock HIM up!!

 Lock THEM up!!

 Lock Up ALL of Them!!  

 Then EXECUTE Them!!

 Then BULLDOZE their bodies into the Ocean,

 to be eaten by Sharks and other scavengers.

 Garbage has to go SOMEWHERE!!  




 MSM Reforms??

 Maybe.........  Maybe Not.

 Note:  The Mainstream Media (MSM) will probably EVENTUALLY

 stop acting like Idiots and Liars over Donald Trump.

 Their viewership is WAY down, and their Trump Bashing is causing

 them to lose viewers and money.

 They were probably bashing Trump FOR RATINGS.


 They might come around after a while.

 BUT:  They're controlled by the CIA!!

 So, who knows.

 Maybe, maybe not.

 It seems doubtful since they're all Bozos.

 We'll see.





 There's some Commenter Trouble Maker on Prison Planet who

 almost ALWAYS has negative things to say about Trump.

 His Weird Handle is "Hang the Owl".

 He hasn't taken his own advice yet.

 He has one of the most messed up "Minds" I've ever seen.

 His stupid Trump remarks run roughly like this:

 *  It would have been done anyway.

 *  Congress would have repealed it.

 *  It was easy.

 *  He did it for his rich Buddies.

 *  He hasn't done this yet!!  (After less than 2 months!!)

 *  You're being fooled (by Trump).

 *  You're being Lied to (by Trump).

 *  You're Retarded.

 *  Weird remarks about "The Flat Earth".

 *  Don't hold your breath.

 *  Do hold your breath. 

 *  Just wait!!

 *  Don't be so gullible!!

 * Trump is actually xxxxx and he will xxxxx.

 * Trump is also xxxxx and he will xxxxx.

 *  You must be a Reptard.

 *  You must be a Trumptard.

 *  (Jokes - sort of).

 Etc, etc, etc, etc.


 Notice that NOTHING he says means anything, is Concrete,

 is Factual, is Relevant, is Specific, but he uses "Mind Reading",

 makes "Predictions", has a Crystal Ball, implies that anything

 Normal that Trump does is somehow "Tainted" or "Silly"

 or "Juvenile" or "Dumb" or "Obvious" or "Self Serving"

 or "Obedient to his Masters" or "Weak" or "Late" or

 "Insufficient", or "Doing what Nixon Did" or "Typical"

 or "Highly Unusual" or "Usual" or "Boring" or "Not Thought Out"

 or "Repetitive" or "Expected" or "Melania's Idea" or

 "Done for his Stupid Kids", or "Money Under the Table" or

 "Done to Please the Wall Street Sharks" or "Done for PR"

 or "Done for Self-Enrichment" or "Grand Standing" or

 "A Publicity Stunt" or "He can Afford It" or "He Can't Add"

 or "His Giant Ego", etc, etc, etc, etc, etc.


 All attempted "Mind Reading" (can he really read Trump's

 Mind??), and using his Crystal Ball (does he really have a

 Crystal Ball to foretell the Future??  Really??), and pointless

 slams, with NO EVIDENCE of wrongdoing.     

 In other words, the Owl is a Lying Piece of Trash.


 Compare Trump's Accomplishments in 50 Days with OBOZO's

 "Accomplishments" in 8 YEARS (if any).


 Compare Trump's Accomplishments in 50 Days to the Owl's "Accomplishments" in 8 YEARS (if any).


 Use Quality and Quantity to compare.

 Compute the Percentage compared with Trump's (Quantity).

 Caution: Division by ZERO is mathematically impossible.


 No wonder Owls aren't President or in charge of ANYTHING.

 His entire Life (cough) seems to be making stupid, snarky

 remarks to entertain the Losers living in their Mommy's Basement.

 In other words, Consider the Source.


 Caution:  Contemplating ZERO for more than a few hours can

 lead to acquiring a Beak and a Brain with the size and Functionality

 of an East Indian Yogi's Parakeet -- able to repeat Phrases, but

 probably not having any idea what they mean.   





 I've heard that the latest Best Selling Book is called something like

 "Reasons to Vote for a Democrat", or something similar.

 It should make a great gift for your Leftist Friends.

 And it should be a real Eye Opener for Trumpers who think that

 the Democrats have Little or Nothing to offer.

 Critics should know what they're talking about!!

 That includes Trump Fans!! 

 Get informed!!  Know your Facts!!

 Buy the Book as a "Holiday" Gift (cough) for your Leftist Friends. 



 Before you order this book for your Leftist Friends,

 please be advised that the Entire Book is BLANK. 

 Every single Page is BLANK!!   EMPTY!!

 It contains NO TEXT!!

 It might irritate a Democrat, so Please Use Caution.

 Thank you. 










 I can't afford to buy your Products, right now.



 I'm sure they're Excellent!!

 When I get the money, I'll buy some!!

 I know most of them are not all that Expensive. 



 Folks:  Buy the Alex Jones Products!!

 Products At:  Infowars.com  . 

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 Rave Reviews!!

 Rave Reviews!! 

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 Prisonplanet.com :  Click: 





 They look FANTASTIC to me!! 

 (Keep clicking until you get a Page with ALL the Vitamins and

 Minerals, etc, etc - not just the Daily Specials, etc.

 The website is stupid.  Hard to find things.) 


 Some products are Expensive, but most are Low to Medium.

 Iodine (pure and good as "Survival Shield"),  Super Male Vitality,

 Super Female Vitality,  Brain Force Plus,  Silver Bullet,  Myco-ZX,

 Living Defense,  Bio-True Selenium,  Super Blue Toothpaste,

 DNA Force,  Vitamin/Mineral Fusion ($),  Water Filters, etc. 

 I don't know which products Alex takes, but he said he lost

 60 pounds taking his products. (He used to be a LOT heavier!!).  

 (He gained a lot of weight when he stopped working out.

 Now, he's lost most of it without having to work out.) 


 (Criticism: The IODINE product doesn't say "Iodine".

 It's called "Survival Shield".  A Meaningless Name. 

 Maybe they have one listed as Iodine.  Haven't seen it.)  


 By the way: MOLD (and other bad stuff) is SERIOUS.

 Doctors usually don't know anything about it. 

 YEAST too.

 Myco-ZX  MIGHT fight MOLD.  It fights Yeast and Fungus.

 Check the Info. 


 Mold in walls (and elsewhere) can ruin your Life, and you

 probably won't get an accurate Diagnosis from your Doctor!!

 And you'll spend THOUSANDS of Dollars, but get nothing

 for it, with dozens of trips to a Psychiatrist!!


 I've seen this Before!!

 They try to treat LYME DISEASE with Psychology.

 Needless to say, IT DOESN'T WORK.

 (Antibiotics work).    


 20 Percent of College Students are on Prescribed Psychotropic



 100 Percent of Babies born in Hospitals are now injected with

 a Dozen or more Vaccines, including Vaccines for AIDS,

 Hepatitis-B, etc, plus Mercury and Aluminum, etc, etc.  

 Newborns.  And Infants.


 The Anti-Trump youngsters (18+) just scream "F*** You"

 or say nothing when asked to explain why they are marching.

 Or just Scream with no words.  Just "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh!!!".

 Or Scream "Aaaaaahhh" and dump over a Trash Barrel or a

 Newspaper Stand. 

 It's really Pathetic.



 "Why are you Marching??"





 "Why are you Dumping-over that Trash Can??"





 "Why are you Smashing that Store Window??"






 "Why are you Here??"





 "Why do you hate Trump??"





 "Who do you Like??"





 "What do you Want??"





 "Who was George Washington??"





 "What is 3 take away 1??"





 "What is 0 take away 0??"








 It's the opinion of a lot of people that SOME modern Leftists

 are  Retarded.

 Perhaps ALL modern Leftists are  Retarded.


 And SOME modern Leftists are Mentally ILL. 

 Perhaps ALL modern Leftists are Mentally ILL. 



 And MOST or ALL modern Leftists are IGNORANT and have

 been LIED to all their Lives. 


 And they believe utterly RIDICULOUS things!!

 (Leftists:  The Moon is NOT made of Green Cheese.) 


 And they don't know how to REASON!!

 They don't know how to figure things out!!

 (Leftists:  3  Take Away  1  is  2.      3 -1 = 2)

 (Leftists:  0  Take Away  0  is  0.      0 -0 = 0)



 There's plenty of Evidence for it!!!

 No wonder so many of them are on Psychotropic Drugs, and Scream,

 and dump over Trash Barrels, etc.

 It's really Pathetic.


 Will the Alex Jones Products help them??

 I don't know.

 But they might be worth a try. 

 Iodine (Survival Shield) and Brain Force might be a good

 starting point.


 I do not work for the Jones Organization, and I don't get paid

 anything for these comments.

 I decided to do it on my own.

 I'm not taking any Products because I can't afford them, right now.

 When I get the money, I will Definitely buy some!!!

 Probably Iodine and Brain Force to start with, followed by some



 (Almost EVERYONE is deficient in Iodine!! 

 And it's needed today more than ever with all the Fluoride in the

 Water, and all the Cancer cases - often Breast Cancer, which Iodine

 will help Prevent!!

 The TINY amounts suggested for Adults as the RDA are pathetically

 small.  And I saw one "warning" by the Medical Establishment that

 we shouldn't take more than the few MICROgrams recommended,

 since it could be dangerous to our health.

 What HOGWASH!!  Japanese women consume HUGE amounts of

 Iodine every day by eating Kelp, and they have one of the LOWEST

 Breast Cancer rates in the WORLD - in Japan.

 Japanese-American women in the States have the typical rates.

 MEN need Iodine too!! And it helps prevent Cancer.

 Japanese Men also consume large quantities of Kelp and Iodine.

 Consuming Iodine hurts the Cancer Industry. 

 And the Cancer Industry doesn't cure or prevent anything, but charges

 you Big Bucks for their non-cures and non-preventions.

 Gee. We're sorry. Drop Dead!! NOW!!!!)  









Alex Jones:

 Here's the deal with Alex Jones: 

 He's always been SO FAR AHEAD

OF THE CURVE   that his claims often sound Ridiculous. 

 Even Preposterous.  

 Difficult to BELIEVE.

 And sometimes difficult to UNDERSTAND. 

 That's one of the reasons why some people think he's Crazy - or

 USED to think so. 

 Or Stupid. Or Irrational.  Or a "Conspiracy Theorist" (Wacko).

 Or All of the Above.

 (He's not.)

 (He ACTS like a Wacko, but he's not one.)

 His claims have been rather difficult to Confirm.

 Difficult to Believe.

 Sometimes, difficult to Understand.



 Who are these "Globalists"??

 What is a Globalist??

 What is the New World Order??

 What are they DOING??

 How are they HARMING us??

 How MUCH are they Harming us??

 WHY are they harming us?? 


 (Even new people on Alex Jones' Staff don't understand this

 or even Believe it, but as time goes on, and they research

 more and more issues for him, they begin to understand that

 he's Right!!  It can take a while.  It's NOT obvious!!

 This is "Political Rocket Science"!!) 


 This is HARD to understand!!


 This is HARD to Believe!!


 But it is TRUE!!!

 It is really TRUE!!!



 Hitler and the NAZI's (or the Soldiers) were EASY to identify.

 We had PICTURES of them.

 We had MOVIE FOOTAGE of them.

 We saw them ATTACKING other countries!!

 We saw their "NAZI" Army Helmets!!

 We saw their Tanks!!

 PANZER Tanks!!   TIGER Tanks!!

 We saw their Planes!!

 STUKA Dive Bombers!!   Messerschmitt Fighters and Bombers!!

 We saw movie footage of Hitler Raging!!

 We saw Photos of huge rallies at Nuremburg!!

 We saw movie footage of KRISTALLNACHT (Broken Glass). 

       (The Vicious Leftists do the same thing:

        Kristallnacht in the USA!!

        Scumbag Criminal Leftist NAZI Brownshirts breaking

        Store Windows all over the USA!!

        Heil Hitler, NAZI Leftist Moron Michael Moore.)



 But the Globalists HIDE!!!!

 And they operate largely in SECRET!!!!

 And they LIE!!!!   Just like the NAZI's did!!


 And they make some of their Ideas sound GOOD.


 Or at least, IDEAL.  Or NECESSARY.


 "Save the Environment!"   "Save the Whales!" 

 "Save the Trees!"   "Save Bambi!" 

 "Stop driving your Car and Save the Planet!"

 "Save the oppressed Peoples!"  "Stop War!"

 "Let's all hold hands and Sing!" 

 "Let's put the UN in charge of World Destiny!"

 "Let's all work together!"

 "Let's all come together!"

 "Let's get organized!"

 "Stronger Together!"

 "Let's Fight This Together!"

 "Now, More Than Ever!"

 "Help South Vietnam by Bombing it!"

 "Help South Vietnam by Invading it!"

 "Pull out of Afghan AFTER one last Big Push!  Or 2.  Or 3."

 "Help the bad muslums fight the bad Dictator!"



 "It's time for a Half Black President!!"

 "It's time for a Half White President!!"

 "It's time for a President with NO PARENTS!!"

 "It's time for an ORPHAN President!!"

 "It's time for a FAKE President!!"

 "It's time for a MUSLUM President!!" 

 "It's time for a COMMUNIST President!!"

 "It's time for an INDONESIAN President!!"

 "It's time for a LYING President!!" 

 "It's time for an UNQUALIFIED President!!" 

 "It's time for an INELIGIBLE President!!" 

 "It's time for a President who doesn't know where he was BORN!!" 

 "It's time for a President with a Fake BIRTH CERTIFICATE!!" 

 "It's time for a President who didn't go to College!!" 

       (With a White "Mother".)

       (With a Communist "Mother".)

       (With an Unknown Black "Father".)

       (With Communist Grandparents.)

       (With White Communist Grandparents, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc.)

       (Political Correctness??)

       (Political InCorrectness??)

       (The Anti-White Male Police??) 

       (The Anti-Racist Pro-Racist Pro-Black Police??)  

       (The Communist Candidate??)

       (The Socialist Candidate??)



 "It's time for a Woman to be President! (Lying Murderer)!"

       (Just your ordinary Sociopath and Psychopath.) 

       (Affirmative Action??) 



       (Women's Lib??)  

       (Political Correctness??)

      (Political InCorrectness??)

      (The Anti-Sexism Sexist Police??)

      (The Everybody is Equal and Equally Qualified Police??)


 "It's time for a Woman to be the Attorney General!"

       (Just your ordinary Half-Wit and and Idiot.) 

       (Just your ordinary Incompetent Leftist.) 

       (Affirmative Action??) 



       (Women's Lib??)  

       (Political Correctness??) 

      (Political InCorrectness??)

      (The Anti-Sexism Sexist Police??)

      (The Everybody is Equal and Equally Qualified Police??)


      One of the best examples for getting rid of Affirmative Action

      that's ever been seen (during Obozo's Term).

      It's led to putting INCOMPETENT HALF-WITS in important

      positions.  For example, Attorney General!!

      Gag me!!!!





 Why is it "Time" for Anything????

 ("It's time for the Frogs to demand Equal Rights!!") 

 ("It's time for the Antelopes to visit our Shopping Malls!!") 

 ("It's time for the Raccoons to buy Unleaded Gasoline!!") 

 ("It's time for the Frogs to chase the Antelopes!!")   

 ("It's time for the Squirrels to chase the Dogs!!")  

 ("It's time for the Rabbits to chase the Squirrels!!")   

 ("It's time for Everybody to get a chance to hold an Important Position,

         Regardless of Anything!!")   

 ("Everybody will be famous for 9 Minutes!!")  

 ("Everybody will be famous for 8 Years.  Or In Jail!!  Or Both!!")  

 ("Thank you so much for taking my call!!")  

 ("No problem!!  We'll send you a Bill!!")  




 A lot of it is BS!!!!  And NONSENSE!!!!

 Some of it is MEANINGLESS!!

 Some of it is Ridiculous.


 Some of it is the OPPOSITE of what they're telling us.

 Wars have INCREASED, Global Warming was Phony

 (Temperatures and the Weather VARIES on its own,

 and the Dinosaurs died out without any Cars and Factories

 spewing CO2 into the Atmosphere, and a lot of the Temps

 were JUST MADE UP OUT OF THIN AIR), the United Nations

 is a Rotten Organization run by Communists and Third

World Countries looking for a Handout, Businesses have

 Folded or Moved Away, Obozo HATED America and did

 the Globalists' bidding, etc.

 And he's STILL trying to ruin America as an Ex "President"

 because he's actually just another muslum Piece of Shit!!

 Just as I predicted!!  



 (Social Causes:

 Some of them are PERFECTLY VALID.

 Saving the Baby Seals from being brutally clubbed to

 death was important to me. How could anyone DO that

 to an Animal???  


 It was HORRIFYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 It had to be STOPPED!!!!!!!!!! 

 I think they FINALLY stopped it!!!!!!!!

 But a lot of this stuff is just Nonsense.

 Like "SAVE THE TREES"????  WHY????   

 We NEED to cut down Trees to make Paper, Furniture,

 Pencils, Cardboard, Books, Protest Signs, Baseball Bats,

 Newspapers, Wooden Picture Frames, Houses, Firewood,

 and many other Wood Products.

 And new Trees are PLANTED!!  And they will GROW!!

 And in 30 years or so we will have New Trees to replace

 the Old Trees that were cut. "Saving Trees" is like

 "Saving Toadstools" or "Saving Mosquitoes" - but far more

 Important. More will be produced.)




 Alex Jones has seen a Threat that's difficult to Detect.

 Somehow, he developed an INSIGHT. 

 And Long-Range Vision.


 Alex has INSIGHT!!



 It's similar to the discovery of Germs under a Microscope.

 Some Doctors Ridiculed Louis Pasteur and his theory of

 "Little Tiny Germs" supposedly causing Disease.

 Later, he developed air-tight Proof that his theory was correct,

 presented it to a group of Scientists, and some of them STILL

 didn't believe that his theory was correct.

 Pasteur had the Last Laugh!! 

 He was RIGHT!!

 It was just hard to grasp - hard to believe.  At FIRST!!!


 (By the way, Louis Pasteur was a GIANT among Scientists!!

 He developed Pasteurization, a Vaccine for Rabies, founded the

 Science of Microbiology, and made many other contributions to

 Health and Medicine.

 Oddly enough, his First contribution involved simply OBSERVING

 things under a Microscope. Nothing difficult.

 He called the little tiny things GERMS. 

 No Inventions yet, but his Observation was Crucial!!

 From that simple observation, he proceeded to invent Pasteurization

 (killing the Germs), saving Millions of Lives, and saving Businesses

 large sums of money by not needing to throw away Spoiled

 Beverages of Milk, Wine, and Beer!!)  


 That kind of thing - Leading Edge Observations followed by Research,

 and reaching conclusions that the average person - and even "Experts" -

 have trouble believing, happens fairly often. 

 Most people (including me) have trouble wrapping their Minds

 around the idea that these Globalists exist, that they're BASTARDS,

 and that they're trying to enslave us and make us Poor.

 (And I would add, "Or KILL US ALL!!") 

 But it's TRUE!!

 Alex Jones has found the Evidence, and others have Confirmed it

 for him.  Top Level Sources!!  And Other Researchers!!

 He was RIGHT!!  He IS Right!!

 AND it's all very Scary and Dangerous.

 Pay attention to Alex Jones and his Guests.

 He's "Hard to take!!", but he knows what he's talking about.


 Remember:  President Kennedy discovered it, too!!

 (Enslaving us). 

 A week after he publicly announced it, he was Dead.



 Kennedy was the first "Alex Jones". 

 So they KILLED HIM.  



 Alex Jones has hardly EVER been wrong on any Claim he's made.

 And he's RAPIDLY corrected himself if he was found to be wrong.

 If he says "X, Y, and Z", and he's been saying it for Weeks, Months,

 or Years, you can be CERTAIN that it's true.

 Any Minor mistakes have already been corrected (very few), and he's

 been saying Globalist things for YEARS!!

 And related Issues.

 For Weeks, Months, and Years: ALL TRUE. 

 Golden!!  You can take them to the Bank!!


 Mistakes??  Hardly ANY!!

 Miniscule!!  Tiny!! 

 Rapidly CORRECTED - within Hours or Days.


 Hard to believe some of his Claims??  Yes.


 And his TOP LEVEL SOURCES have confirmed them.

 And some of them have been on his Radio and TV Program. 

 Some of them WORKED on these Projects!!


 Some of his Sources are TOP LEVEL

 Government Sources!!


 Some of his Sources are TOP LEVEL

 Military Sources!!


 Some of his Sources are TOP LEVEL

 Industry Sources!!



 Some of them are "Good Guy CIA and FBI and Intel" people who

 are sick and tired of seeing our Country destroyed by the Crapheads.

 Crapheads like Obozo.

 Crapheads like Bush-1 and Bush-2.

 Crapheads like Carter.

 Crapheads like Clapper. 

 Crapheads like Screwball Garbage Trash Nancy Pelosi,

       disgusting Dirtbag. 

 Crapheads like Screwball Garbage Trash Diane Feinstein,

       disgusting Dirtbag. 

 Crapheads like Screwball Garbage Trash Killary Klinton,

       former Serial-Killer. 

 Crapheads like Screwball Garbage Idiot Al Frankenstein,

      former "Comedian". 



 Jones can be Believed!!   

 His Sources are SOLID!!   

 Ignore his Crude Personality, but listen to his Message!!   

 He's RIGHT.





 Obozocare / Vaccines:

 December 2016.

 Do you realize how DANGEROUS Obozocare is?????

 You get locked into a Corrupt and Killing System!!

 Today you get FINED $5,000 if you don't have Health Insurance!!

 You have fewer and fewer choices in Drugs and Doctors.

 Eventually, it will be a COMPULSORY system!!

 The Medical Police State!!


 All of those promises about "Keeping your Doctor" were LIES!!


 New Vaccines, now in testing, MODIFY YOUR DNA!!

 And your Future CHILDREN's DNA!!  




 And the only reason Obozocare hasn't collapsed is because

 THEY STOLE MONEY from other Accounts to keep it Afloat!!

 As I recall, they stole money from Fanny Mae and Freddy Mac -

 Housing Loan Departments!!


 Obozocare is a FRAUD!!

 Obozocare is a FRAUD!!

 Obozocare is a FRAUD!!


 Obozo is a LIAR and a THIEF!!

 Obozo is a LIAR and a THIEF!!

 Obozo is a LIAR and a THIEF!!


 Obozo is a CRIMINAL!!

 Obozo is a CRIMINAL!!

 Obozo is a CRIMINAL!!









 The Swine Flu Hoax:

 The Swine Flu "Epidemic" was a GIGANTIC HOAX!!!!

 But most people didn't know it, and got VACCINATED with

 stuff that was Expensive AND harmed a LOT of people.

 Even KILLING some people.

 How many people actually HAD the Swine Flu??

 ZERO according to Labs who tested the blood of thousands of

 "Swine Flu Patients".



 The CDC stopped counting the so-called "Cases" anyway!!

 If you were old and frail, or grossly obese, and you came down

 with some kind of serious Virus, and you DIED (it happened),

 the MedGov claimed it must have been the Swine Flu.


 Americans were CONNED, many PAID, many got SICK,

 some were INJURED, and some DIED!!!!  

 And it's probable - almost CERTAIN - that NOBODY HAD




 Scare after Scare!!

 "Epidemic" after "Epidemic" (cough).

 "Vaccine" after "Vaccine" (cough).

 Give me a Break!!



 There ARE some diseases to watch out for being brought

 into this Country by the ILLEGALS and the MUSLUMS.

 Leprosy, Smallpox, Polio, Tuberculosis, etc. 

 Those DO make a Clear and Present Danger!!

 The Demosnots have been bringing them in, in DROVES!!

 Stay AWAY from those Diseased people!!

 Stay AWAY from the Diseased ILLEGALS and MUSLUMS!!

 You might get VERY sick, and you might bring it Home to

 infect your entire Family.

 (Leprosy is INCURABLE!!)

 (Leprosy is INCURABLE!!)

 (Leprosy is INCURABLE!!)






 The Mainstream Media is ABSOLUTE CRAP!!!!!!!!

 CNN is ABSOLUTE CRAP!!!!!!!! 

 (I've seen it MYSELF. With my OWN EYES.  LYING.)

 Everyone needs to believe it!!

 Everyone needs to understand it!!

 Everyone needs to wrap their minds around it!!

 (Facebook too. Twitter too. Google too.) 

 Now hear this: CNN CENSORS THE NEWS.

 Now hear this: CNN LIES. 


 GO TO HELL, CNN!!!!!!!!


 Have you heard of the CIA program called:





 Have you heard of Project Umbrage by the CIA??

 Have you heard of Project Weeping Angel by the CIA?? 

 Have you heard of Project Sonic Screwdriver by the CIA?? 

 Have you heard of Project Nightskies by the CIA?? 

 Have you heard of Project Dark Matter by the CIA?? 


 Have you heard of the CIA's ability to IMPERSONATE someone

 and plant a Virus on a computer?? 

 For example, impersonating a "Russian Hacker"?? 


 Have you heard of the CIA's ability to turn on your Cell Phone and

 listen to you??  And SEE you with the TV Camera??

 Hear and See you on SAMSUNG TV's and other recent devices??

 (Read your "Samsung Terms of Service!! They admit it!!)

 (Samsung was probably forced to do it by the CIA.  Most likely.)

 Have you heard about the Little Tiny Cameras in some newer

 television sets?? 

 In OTHER Electronic devices??


 Looking thru CLOTHING?? 

 Listening with a Cell Phone apparently TURNED OFF??

 Listening with a TV Set apparently TURNED OFF?? 

 Watching with a Cell Phone apparently TURNED OFF?? 

 Watching with a TV Set apparently TURNED OFF??  

 The "Power On" Light is OFF, but actually, they turned the

 Power ON. And they're Listening. And Watching.

 (Some people have known this for Years, but most people didn't

 believe them. "Conspiracy Theory"??  It's not a "Theory".






 (I used to store my Cell Phone in my Microwave, when not

 in use - with the door closed, years ago.

 I should resume that habit.)



 And by the way: You DON'T need a FISA Court Order to spy if

 you're the President.  You just DO IT.  It's Legal. 

 And by the way, the NSA and CIA capture EVERY phone call,

 every Email, every Text message, etc ALREADY!!

 They've been doing it for YEARS!!

 When did they start this??  DECADES AGO!!  

 There's no need to "give them an order to spy".

 They're already DOING IT!! 

 (I've known it for years.)

 Massive CIA revelations by Wikileaks!!

 The CIA now has its OWN Cyber spying division, and no longer

 needs to ask the NSA for the Info.

 AND they have their own MALWARE Division for sending

 Malware to other Computers, Iphones, TV Sets, etc, etc.


 Is Trump right??  YES!!

 Did CNN cover it??

 Of course not!! 

 The Communist News Network is just Trash.

 GO TO HELL, CNN!!!!!!!! 



 When did InfoWars report these things??

 In 2006!!

 Way Ahead of the Curve!! 

 Alex and his Staff and Sources were RIGHT!! 

 Did anyone believe him???  Very few.

 Just like the WW2 Death Camps, it all seemed

 too Incredible to Believe - until Eisenhower

 confirmed it, and the Press took pictures. 


 And there was no way he could PROVE it.

 But it's all come out, now.

 Alex was Right.


 And remember, Critics and Laughers and Scoffers:



 (I don't watch CNN or any of them. Just short clips.)

 Have a Nice Day - while they SPY on you.

 And be sure to put some more water in the Dog's Water

 Bowl. Your Dog is THIRSTY!!

And don't forget to feed your Cat, like you did yesterday. 

We might need to call the Humane Society!!  And the Cops!!


 (You might want to put your Cell Phone in a Drawer,

 part of the time, where you can still hear it ring. 

You might want to Tape Over the little TV Cameras

 and Microphones on various Devices, if you can find them.

 On ALL NEW Electronic Devices.)





 Did you know that some Garbage Demosnots in Congress didn't

 stand and join in the applause for the Widow of a GI killed in

 combat (a Navy Seal), who attended a Congressional Session??

 President Trump asked her to attend, and receive the Gratitude

 of Congress for what her husband had done for this Country on

 an important, dangerous, and successful Mission in the Middle

 East, where some of the Enemy was obliterated, and a great deal

 of vital Information was obtained - Information needed by the US

 in order to better fight the Garbage Terrorists in that Region.


 Sadly, the Woman's husband, a Navy Seal, died on that Mission,

 but Trump praised the man for his valor, and invited his Widow

 to attend the Session, and receive the Praise and Condolences

 he and she deserved.


 The applause from Congress was lengthy - a full Minute or Two!!

 And it was a STANDING OVATION!!

 Sitting next to the Widow, for comfort, was Ivanka Trump and

 another Woman.


 The poor Woman was in Tears, understandably, but she was clearly

 moved by the Public Praise by the President of the United States,

 and (for once) by Congress. 

 It was well done. 


 But some of the Nasty Demosnots refused to Stand or Applaud in

 Honor of the deceased Navy Seal, and in respect for his attending



 Some of the Nasty Demosnots refused to Stand

 or Applaud in Honor of the deceased Navy Seal,

 and in respect for his attending Widow.




 Including the Filthy Dirty Piece of Shit

 Nancy Polluted!!

 Why is that DIRTY CUNT still in Congress???

 She refused to stand or applaud for the Deceased 

 Navy Seal, with the Widow in attendance.

 It's POND SCUM!!   

 Nancy Polluted is POND SCUM!!   




 It was yet another example of the Decadence, 

 Moral Depravity, Emptiness, Nastiness,

 Meanness, and HUMAN BANKRUPTCY of

 the Democrats/Leftists/Liberals that they

 wouldn't even Applaud the Man who gave his

 Life in an important and successful Mission

 to try to wipe the Islamic Terrorists from the

 Face of the Earth - a Noble, Difficult, and

 Dangerous Goal, but a NECESSARY one, if

 we are to be able to accomplish it for ourselves,

 and for Freedom Loving people in that Region.



 Demosnots:  Decadence,  Moral Depravity,  

 Emptiness, Nastiness, Meanness, and



 (As I recall, the muslums had captured the Oil Wells, and were

 funding a large part of their Terror Operations by selling that Oil -

 and stealing the proceeds from the people living there.

 The Garbage Islamic Terrorists had to be taken out, and Files and

 Computers had to be captured and the Intel analyzed.


 It took a Team of Navy Seals to do it - and they DID IT!!)     

 I think the Piece of Snot Pelosi was part of that disgusting Trash

 who refused to acknowledge the Widow. 


 Note also, that Garbage Pelosi and some of the other Demosnots

 who refused to applaud the actions of the Deceased Navy Seal, or

 even to give Comfort to his Widow, are NOT helping to keep us

 safe!! Apparently, their Allegiance lies with the Islamic Terrorists.

 You know:


 The BEHEADERS of Good People!! 

 The STONERS and MURDERERS of Women!! 

 The WHIPPERS and Caners of Women!! 

 The RAPERS of Women and Children!! 

 The MURDERERS of Children!!

 The TORTURERS of Men, Women, and Children!!

 The DESTROYERS Non-muslum Statues, Monuments, Western Icons,

 Western Music, etc!! 

 The Garbage muslums.

 And Garbage Pelosi.




 The Statue of Liberty, the Washington Monument, the Lincoln

 Memorial, the White House, the Congressional Building,

 Mount Rushmore in South Dakota, the Pyramids in Egypt,

 the Eifel Tower in Paris, the Parthenon and Pantheon,

 various Greek and Roman Temples, ALL Statues of non-muslum

 people, Statues of Mozart and Beethoven, great Paintings,

 Rio's Statue of Christ on the Mountain, all Churches, all Synagogues,

 all Pigs (no more Ham or Bacon or Sausage), all money with the

 image of a President/King/Queen on it, all Christians, all Jews,

 all Buddhists, all Agnostics, all Atheists, Religious Radio Stations,

 Religious Television Stations, Religious Books and Publications,

 Christian Crosses, Jewish Stars of David, All Voting Machines,

 School Religious Classes that teach non-muslum ideas, Ministers,

 Priests, Rabbis, Nuns, Deacons, Bishops, Cardinals, Popes,

 Children's Kites (flying a Kite is "Taunting Heaven"),

 all non-muslum Music, all Classical Music, Jazz, Blue Grass,

 Fifties Rock n Roll, Hymns, National Anthems, Musical Movie Themes,

 Musical TV Themes, Symphonies, Operas, Chamber Music,

 Piano Sonatas, Piano Concertos, Violin Concertos, Flute Concertos,  

 Harmonica Music, Choral Music, Country/Western Music,

 Latin Music, Samba Music, Drinking Songs, College Rousers,

 Children's Songs, Camp Songs, the Theme Song of the Air Force,

 the Theme Song of the Marines (the Marine Hymn) 


   ("From the Halls of Montezuma, to the Shores of Tripoli" -


 where the Marines fought the Mexicans and the muslums),

 the Theme Song of the Navy, Hail to the Chief, Happy Birthday,

 etc, etc, etc.   


 The Demosnots and Garbage Pelosi think these Animals are TERRIFIC,

 and CONDEMN those who would kill them and get their Plans for

 raising Havoc, Murdering People, and Destroying Civilization. 

 Including Americans and the USA.


 Of course, the Idiot/Traitor Pelosi would quickly be Gang Raped and

 Stoned to Death by the muslums, her Idiot Daughter would be Gang Raped

 and Stoned to Death by the muslums, the Leaders in Government would

 probably be Executed, etc.   



The CIA:  The NSA on Steroids Plus Tools for Attacking and Faking

and Impersonating.

Article by Jerome Corsi.


Vault 7:   CIA Can Stage Fake Russian Hacking

to Undermine Trump

CIA kept Russian cyber-attack techniques handy for false flags

Jerome R. Corsi
Prison Planet.com
March 7, 2017

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The Wikileaks “Vault 7” drop of CIA cyber-warfare documents contains the startling revelation that the CIA, under a project identified as “Umbrage,” maintained a substantial library of Russian cyber-attack techniques “stolen” from malware produced in other states including the Russian Federation.

This revelation yields a “through the looking glass” possibility that the Obama administration obtained FISA permission to conduct electronic surveillance on Russians believed to be coordinating with the Trump campaign based on intelligence the CIA planted to deceive the NSA into thinking there was actual contact between Russian agents and the Trump campaign.

Possibly, what the CIA was monitoring was not actual contacts between Russian agents and the Trump campaign, but CIA-created counter-espionage designed to implicate Trump and provide the legal context for the DOJ to have enough “evidence” to obtain a FISA green-light.

The Wikileaks “Vault 7” drop is also startling in the realization that the Obama administration CIA went rogue,  in that the CIA “had created, in effect, its ‘own NSA’ with even less accountability and without publicly answering the question as to whether such a massive budgetary spend on duplicating the capabilities of a rival agency could be justified.”

Just as the Wikileaks daily “drip-drip” release of the Podesta emails wreaked havoc with Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign, the Wikileaks promised “drip-drip” release of the “Vault 7” document treasure trove promises to wreak havoc for President Obama.

Supporters of Obama tried over the weekend to invoke the “Nixon Watergate Defense” for Obama, suggesting he was prohibited by law from ordering the electronic surveillance on the Russians that evidently snared conversations by presidential candidate Donald Trump and his close professional, personal and campaign associates.

In Watergate, Nixon’s denial of responsibility ultimately turned into Sen. Howard Baker’s famous question: “What did the president know, and when did he know it?”

In the final analysis, President Obama as chief executive of the United States bore full legal responsibility for the actions of all executive branch subordinates, including the CIA.

It is inconceivable that Attorney General Loretta Lynch pursued FISA permission to conduct NSA-level electronic surveillance on the Russians without first obtaining the permission of her immediate superior, namely President Obama.

With the Wikileaks “Vault 7” dump just in its first hours, the extent of CIA rogue hacking is astounding.

“By the end of 2016, the CIA’s hacking division, which formally falls under the agency’s Center for Cyber Intelligence (CCI), had over 5,000 registered users and had produced more than a thousand hacking systems, Trojans, viruses, and other ‘weaponized’ malware,” Wikileaks disclosed just before 9:00 am this morning.

That a secret CIA cyber-warfare operation of this magnitude had remained hidden from Congressional committees assigned CIA oversight reveals how politically inept Congress has become under the leadership of an elite GOP Washington-based leadership that has become all too cozy with a Democratic-controlled White House during the eight years of the Obama administration.

Wikileaks, once again, has managed to change the dialogue, simply by revealing to the American public the details of a secret CIA cyber-warfare division that operated clearly outside the Constitutional requirement to be funded by Congress, with implications that at its highest-level CIA officials almost certainly committed criminal violations of U.S. law.

Podesta and Clinton could not spin fast enough to hide the Wikileaks revelation that Putin had been paying Hillary Clinton through the Clinton Foundation and Podesta through a grant of Joule stock, in a Russian-operated money laundering scheme, as reported previously by Infowars.com and by WND.com.

So too, after the Wikileaks “Vault 7” drop today, President Obama is unlikely to be able to spin fast enough as President Trump’s accusations that Obama was “wiretapping” the Trump campaign is now magnified to several orders of magnitude more serious by the disclosure the CIA created a secret electronic surveillance cyber-attack division that rivaled the NSA in size, funding and capabilities.

This article was posted: Tuesday, March 7, 2017 at 12:23 pm



 What does this mean??

 PART of it means that the CIA could have FRAMED Trump and his

 Staff by Inserting Malware or Emails which APPEARED to be FROM

 Russian Officials/Agents and TO Russian Officials/Agents.     

 But they came from the CIA.

 The "Vault 7" CIA Documents proved it.


 The Russians are not stupid.

 The CIA is not stupid.

 But the CIA might have been relying on the Ignorance of the

 Average Computer User or Techie who jump to the conclusion

 that the Malware came from Russia. 

 Russian Hackers would NEVER leave their Fingerprints on Malware.

 But the CIA IMPERSONATED Russian Hackers, and the people

 who found the Malware thought that it really was Russian.

 Ignorance:  Sometimes it works well.  




  Email to "Senator" Al Franken, D-Minnesota, early March, 2017:

  Lay off of President Trump!

  Lay off of Jeff Sessions!! 

  Both of them are GREAT MEN!!

  Go to Hell, you piece of GARBAGE!!

  Dave Morton 



  I never liked Al Franken on Saturday Night Live, back in the 1970's. 

  He wasn't even funny.  Just ANNOYING. 

  Why did they Hire him???


  He's still WEIRD and STUPID in the 2000's.

  AND a LIAR!! 

  He's just Garbage.

  I call him "Frankenstein", but it's too much of a compliment.



  More Frankenstein:

  Demosnot Frankenstein is just another Lying Scumbag, trying to Criminalize NORMAL

  activities of a Trump Appointee (Jeff Sessions), setting up a future meeting with

  the Russian Ambassador after he becomes the Attorney General.  

  Jeff Sessions was also ALREADY a member of the Government, doing his Job,

  and doing his "Transition Team" Job, as well. 

  Perfectly OK.  Perfectly Normal.

  And so did Pelosi and others.  (Pelosi LIED. She's another Lying Scumbag.)

  And the Russian Ambassador visited the Obozo White House 22 times!!

  22 Times!!!!

  Oh my God!!  Obozo is a Russian Agent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 


  But Frankenstein Grills Jeff Sessions and makes it sound like he broke some

  Federal Law when he certainly DID NOT. 


  His TWO JOBS were:

        1)  High Level Government Employee.

        2)  High Level Transition Team Member. 

  That's what he was SUPPOSED to do!!!!

  He was setting up a Future Appointment "IDEA" for later.

  It's all BULL, trying to CRUCIFY Jeff Sessions - a Rock Solid, Honest Man!!  


  And he and others were SUPPOSED to talk to Foreign Officials in his last Job!!

  And even in his Future Job. 

  Why do you think Ambassadors exist??

  To examine their Belly Button Lint all day long??

  Or to speak with representatives of the Government??



  Why didn't Frankenstein Crucify OBOZO who met 22 times with the Russian Ambassador??

  Yet he tried to CRUCIFY Jeff Sessions who suggested a future MEETING with the


 The World wants to know, Freak Frankenstein!!

 Why did Obozo meet 22 times with the

 Russian Ambassador??


  Freak Frankenstein is no friend of the People, or Democracy, or IQ, or Logic, or

  Professional Conduct, or Decency. 

  Frankenstein is SCUM!!!!

  Frankenstein is a LOSER!!!!

  He's just another Vile, Lying, Bullying, Smearing Piece of Garbage, trying to hang someone

  for Doing His Existing Job and his Future Job because he's connected with Trump. 


  Freak Al Frankenstein: 

 He's a Gangster in a Suit sitting on a Toilet. 

  He needs to go to Hell immediately!!


  Check it out for yourself, and tell Frankenstein to go straight to HELL!!

  Like I did!!

  And I'll do it again, if necessary!!!

  Maybe just for fun!! 

  Check it out!!

  See how he tried to CRUCIFY a Good, Honest Man:  Jeff Sessions, and Trump by


  Frankenstein:  YOU'RE A PIECE OF SHIT!!!! 


  And don't vote for this Piece of Garbage if he runs for the Senate again!!

  We've got enough Traitors and Scumbags and Idiots in Washington, already. 

  Vote Frankenstein OUT!!! 

  Tell Frankenstein to QUIT!!  QUIT NOW!!  Then jump off a Cliff!!

  Frankenstein:  YOU'RE FIRED!! 


  Frankenstein is a LIAR!!

  Frankenstein:  GO TO HELL!! 


  And the Mainstream Media is also a Piece of Shit in this matter.

  Lies. Lies, Lies, etc.

  CNN is a LIAR!!

  Go to HELL, CNN and the others. 



  Mainstream Media:  YOU'RE FIRED!! 


  James Clapper is a LIAR!!!!!

  Clapper committed PERJURY, lying to Congress about Wiretapping!!

  Ref:  Ed Snowden.


            MANY other sources.

  (He tells the Truth Half the time, and Lies Half the time).

  Clapper:  GO TO HELL!! 


  Loretta Lynch is a LIAR!!!!! 

  Loretta Lynch is a Piece of Shit!!!!! 

  Lynch:  GO TO HELL!! 


  Democrats:  GO TO HELL!!

  Democrats:  YOU'RE FIRED!!

  Chuck Schumer:  GO TO HELL!!

  Chuck Schumer:  YOU'RE FIRED!!

  (Schumer is real SCUM!!!)


  The Democrats are FILTHY SCUM!!!!

  They are absolutely DISGUSTING  FILTHY  SCUMBAGS!!!!

  The stuff you scrape off your SHOE.


  They are all LIARS and trying to TOPPLE this Administration.

  They are trying to REMOVE Trump - one way or another!!!!!!!

  They've even ADMITTED IT!! 

  "Moral High Ground" of the Democrats???  GAG ME!!! 

  They are Bottom-Feeding Scumbag Germ-Laden Slimey Criminals.  

  Keep your distance from these "People".

  If you get too close, they might make you SICK with their DISEASE.


  By the way, as of this moment in early March, the Stock Market is up

  by *** 3 TRILLION DOLLARS ***!!!

  UP!!   TRUMP encouraged it!!  

  Thank you, President Trump!!


  Frankenstein:  GARBAGE!!

  Obozo:            GARBAGE!! 

  CNN:              GARBAGE!!

  Clapper:          GARBAGE!!

  Schumer:        GARBAGE!!

  Demosnots:    GARBAGE!!

  Killary:           GARBAGE!! 

  Loretta Lynch:    GARBAGE!! 

  Nancy Pelosi:      GARBAGE!!    (Vomit Garbage!!!)

  Ninja Warriors:   GARBAGE!!    (Antifa - Violent Rioters)

  Why are these people not in Jail??



  Illegal Immigrants are RAPING and MURDERING

 Women and Children!!


  If caught, they LAUGH about it!!! 

  Some of the Women MIGHT even be Leftists/Democrats.  

  Democraps:  Go Fuck Yourselves!! 

  Democraps, this is partly YOUR FAULT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  OBOZO, this is partly YOUR FAULT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  Frankenstein, this is partly YOUR FAULT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  Clapper, this is partly YOUR FAULT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  CNN, this is partly YOUR FAULT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  Pelosi, this is partly YOUR FAULT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  Lynch, this is partly YOUR FAULT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


 You ALL have BLOOD ON YOUR HANDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 You allow RAPES AND MURDERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 And you will BOIL IN YOUR OWN BLOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!





 President John F Kennedy.

 November, 1963.



 "There's a plot in this country to enslave every man, woman, and child.

 Before I leave this high and noble office, I intend to expose this plot."


 7 days after President Kennedy made this statement, he was assassinated.

 Kennedy shouldn't have revealed his Information!!

 Kennedy shouldn't have revealed his Plans!!


 JFK found out!!

 Do you think that perhaps those same Bad Guys were behind JFK's

 Assassination??  Gee. What a tough question!!

 The Bad Guys might have been thinking about it or Planning it, even

 before Kennedy made his Public Comment, but that comment certainly

 sealed his Fate.

 Trump is trying to expose this plot AND Dismantle it!!

 He needs to be VERY careful. 


 How could the Anti-Kennedy and Anti-Trump people be Good if they

 don't want us to know who's behind the Marches and the myriad other

 events intended to harm and cripple the Administration?? 

 Grass Roots people might START organizing a March or a Group, but

 Big Money FINANCES them and gets things rolling and completed.


 Kennedy wasn't supposed to win. But he did.

  •  Trump wasn't supposed to win. But he did. 

     Please be careful, President Trump!!!!






     Dear President Trump:  

     Stop apologizing to the Leftist SCUM!!

     Stop Playing Nice!!

     Either IGNORE them, or tell the Scumbags to GO TO HELL!!

     Arrest them!!



     By the way:  If they hadn't tapped your wires at Trump Tower,

     how did they know so much about your Staff???

     How were they able to attack them with Fake accusations with

     DETAILS that only you and your Staff would know???

     Duh......  They were Wiretapping, of course.

     And they Wiretap EVERYONE!!

     The NSA has been doing it for YEARS!!

     That's why Ed Snowden quit and BLEW THE WHISTLE on the

     NSA that he worked for!!    

     This is why Ed Snowden is a HERO!!

     This is why Ed Snowden is a GOOD MAN!!

     He told the WORLD that the NSA is wiretapping EVERYONE!!    



     Snowden revealed that the NSA is Wiretapping ALL Americans,

     and most of the people in the World - if they have a Telephone or

     a Computer or a FAX machine or a "Texting Pad". 

     And they can FIND your Info in their Database!!

     And they can ANALYZE it by computer - or Human!!

     Give Snowden the CREDIT he Deserves!!!!!! 


     You're now discovering THE SAME THING that Snowden told

      the World about, several years EARLIER!! 


     The idea that Trump Tower wasn't Wiretapped is RIDICULOUS!!

     (You already know that.  I'm just repeating it.)

     They do it ALL THE TIME, 24 Hours per Day!! 

     If the Government denies it, THEY'RE LYING!!!!!!

     Everyone in Intel KNOWS IT!!




     I don't know if "Satan" is real.

     Satan might be Real and might be a Myth.

     I have no idea which it is.

     But I do know one thing:  SATANISM IS REAL.

     A lot of people believe in Satan and Worship Satan, and

     perform Horrible and Disgusting Satanic Rituals.

     And it's active in WASHINGTON DC!!  

     And American Politicians are involved.

     We know that for a FACT, partly from WikiLeaks.

     And it's EVIL beyond belief!!!!

     It's active even in Boulder Colorado.

     The Little Girl who was murdered at 12:05 AM,

     December 25th (Jon Benet Ramsey), was murdered

     for Satanic reasons. The mother essentially admitted it

     years later (before dying of Leukemia), saying:

     "May God forgive me for what I have done."

     All the neighbors rapidly figured it out, and ostracized

     the Ramsey's.

     Patsy Ramsey's Private Girl's School Schoolmates figured

     it out, and refused to speak to her at a Reunion.

     She was "Shunned".

     Puzzling Murders of children are sometimes Satanic.

     Nothing whatsoever is accomplished.

     No one gets any reward.

     The Murderers are usually caught!!

     Just Death and HORROR!!

     Please keep that in mind.



     One more thing:

     Satanic or not (I'm not sure):

     They're trying to wipe out the Human Race.

     Nonsense??  No!!

     Globalists/New World Order.

     These people are NUTS and HORRIBLE! 


     One more thing:

     The CIA needs to be shut down, temporarily!!

     Rogue Elements are trying to RUIN or KILL Trump.

     Right now, the CIA is EXTREMELY DANGEROUS.

     Chuck Schumer was right, but his approach to Life was


     He didn't seem to realize that Trump is the President -

     not the CIA.





     US DRUGS:

     The US Pharmaceutical Industry is a Criminal Organization run

     by some of the Lowest Scum on the Face of the Earth.  

     They are interested ONLY in making money, Lie constantly, and

     have absolutely NO interest in making the Patient well.

     They want the Patient to continue taking their drugs for the rest

     of their Lives.


     They do "Research" only on trying to find out if one of their Drugs

     can be used for ADDITIONAL maladies - not on Basic Research. 

     Most of their budget is spent on ADVERTISING in one form or


     It used to be run like the Mafia, although Congress finally stopped

     some of their practices, such as buying lunch for everyone in the

     Doctor's Office, possibly Hunting Lodges, Fishing Trips, etc.


     Some drugs make them BILLIONS of Dollars in Profit!! 

     Kids are vaccinated with many needless and dangerous Vaccines

     which sometimes cause Autism, and sometimes KILL the child.

     Yet these Monsters have managed to get Laws passed protecting

     them from any and all Lawsuits and Liability.


     The Basic Research is done by Universities using Federal Grants

     and some Corporate Grants.

     The latest Cash Cow is "Vaccines", and they are bilking the Public

     and often HARMING the Public with their Vaccines.


     (The same is often true of Insurance Companies.) 

     President Trump has appointed Robert Kennedy Jr. to head a Task

     Force to investigate Vaccine Safety, to help make Americans


     Both Trump and RFK Jr. have had family members affected by

     Bad Vaccines.  



     (A Stockbroker friend told me in the 1980's:

     "Banks and Insurance Companies are ruining this Country."

     He didn't know much of anything about the Drug Companies,

     but he clearly got PART of the Picture exactly right!!)






     Democrats / Leftists / So-called "Liberals": 

     Some of you are behaving like SCUM and you know it. 

     Some of you are PATHETIC, STUPID, VIOLENT TRASH!!

     But you believe that the End justifies the Means, no matter what the

     Means may be.


     And some of you have STATED that you will do ANYTHING to

     Stop Trump!!

     Leftist Group:  "By Any Means Necessary".  See what I mean??

     See what I mean about doing ANYTHING to stop Trump??

     To prevent his Lawful Election!!

     To toss him out of Office!!

     And you believe that the END (the Goal) is Good and Valid.





     You are some of the most IGNORANT people on the Face of the Earth.

     You are some of the most IGNORANT people on the Face of the Earth.

     You are some of the most IGNORANT people on the Face of the Earth.

     You are some of the most IGNORANT people on the Face of the Earth.

     You are some of the most IGNORANT people on the Face of the Earth.

     You are some of the most IGNORANT people on the Face of the Earth.


     You have some of the WORST JUDGEMENT of anyone!!

     You have some of the WORST JUDGEMENT of anyone!!

     You have some of the WORST JUDGEMENT of anyone!!

     You have some of the WORST JUDGEMENT of anyone!!

     You have some of the WORST JUDGEMENT of anyone!!

     You have some of the WORST JUDGEMENT of anyone!!




     Some of you act like LUNATICS.

     Some of you are NASTY. 

     Some of you are VIOLENT. 

     All of you act like RETARDED CHILDREN. 

     Some of you even think that POLITICAL CORRECTNESS is a

     Good Thing.


     By the way: Many of the Leftist, Anti-Trump Women are not only


     BULLIES, but most of them are also UNFEMININE and BUTT UGLY!!


     REALLY BUTT UGLY BULLIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


     BUTT UGLY LEFTISTS!!!!!!!!!!  


     Only their CAT "Accepts" them, sometimes!!!!


     Well, I guess it's not Their Fault.

     But I'm starting to wonder why the 2 Attributes go hand-in-hand:

         * Anti-Trumpers:

         1. A Hateful, Angry, Intolerant, Bullying, Self-Righteous, Rude,

             Profane Attitude towards Pro-Trumpers.

             Hateful of Men - at least in Public.

             Often Ugly Clothes or Non-Descript Clothes. 

             Some of them are Feminists.

             Some are INSANE. 

         2. Butt Ugly - ALMOST ALWAYS!! 


     Compare this with Pro-Trump Women:

         * Pro-Trumpers:

         1. Happy, Friendly, Polite, Relatively Quiet, Respectful, Calm.

         2. Attractive, sometimes Beautiful, Nice Clothes.   


     The Pro-Killary Women were not just Sad and Deeply Disappointed

     that the Serial Killer lost the Election, but they went NUTS with Despair,

     followed by Massive Anger. 

     But, oddly enough, they had Massive Anger even BEFORE the Election!!

     Some of them, anyway.  I saw the Videos.

     They HATED Trump and Pro-Trump people.

     So the Anger CONTINUED after the Election.

     And hundreds RIOTED after the Election!!

     Part of it might have been caused by the Media which claimed that

     Killary's LEAD was so huge, she couldn't LOSE!!

     The Stupid Media believed the most Unreliable Pollsters.

     But the Women's Anger was there BEFORE the Election.  

     Because of Lies??  Exaggerations?? 

     What caused the Intense Anger??

     I dunno.



     And who CHEATED???  Killary's Campaign!!

     Some of the Votes for Killary were DEFINITELY Fraudulent.

     Illegal Aliens Voting, Etc. 

     Good grief.

     So we had Angry, Hysterical Women voting for a Lying, Cheating,

     Murdering LUNATIC!!

     Then they refused to accept Trump as President even though he *IS*

     the President.

     Well, OBOZO, the Communist, America-Hating Kenyan wasn't MY

     President, either, if you want to play Let's-Pretend!!













     Maybe the Dems should have put up a better Candidate!! 

     Maybe they shouldn't have stolen it from Bernie Sanders.

     And they DID steal it!!



     (By the way, Violent Leftist Dirtbags:

                  I HIT BACK!! 

     That includes "Yelling in my Face".

     I'll reduce your Faces to Raw Hamburger, and put you in the

     Hospital - if you're Lucky.

     That includes Violent Leftist Women.

     I've never hit a woman, and I'm not planning to, but I'll hit YOU

     if you Yell and Scream in my Face, or Hit Me.

     Being a Female won't protect you if you Attack me.

     And your Friends won't recognize you afterwards.

     I say this because I'm not someone who "Takes It" - Accepts it.

     A lot of men do "Take It", but I don't. 

     Most men would NEVER hit back.

     Most men would NEVER hit a woman.

     But I would - if you Push me, if you Yell and Scream in my Face,

          or if you Hit me.  

     Being a Female won't protect you from Self Defense and Logic

         and being Royally Pissed Off!!

     Some guy said that it's a "Pussy Thing" to hit a woman.

     In some cases, I AGREE with that.

     Namely, "A Real Man wouldn't hit a woman for some Minor

        Offense."  I agree. I would NEVER do it.   

     But we're not talking about little Digs or some Nasty Comment.

     We're talking about Yelling and Screaming in my Face, or

        Hitting me with something.

     That crosses the Line, and there's no good reason to "Take It". 

     I'm actually a "Good Guy".  And a Nice Man.  

     But I don't suffer Abuse - Yelling and Screaming or Hitting.

     No way.  I don't believe in "Turn the other cheek" which was

     a misrepresentation anyway.

     It means essentially "Walk away from trouble." 

     It means "Turn your cheek and walk away from trouble".  I agree. 

     More specifically, it's an old Aramaic idiom meaning:

           "Do not start a quarrel or a fight",

            although "Turn your cheek and walk away from trouble"

            seems like a slightly better interpretation to me. 

            Either or both concepts seem smart, safe, and reasonable,

            and a good way to stay alive and stay out of the Hospital.   

      It's an old saying of the people of that era.

      But it doesn't mean "Don't hit back"!! 

      It doesn't mean "Hit Me Again On The Other Cheek"!! 

      What if someone DOES hit you?? 

      Defend yourself!!  Hit them back, if you can.

      Pound them into the Dirt so they can't hit you again!!

      You could always run away, I suppose - like a Leftist Dog.

      I don't. 



      Yes, it's easy to be a "Tough Guy" sitting at a computer screen.

      Plenty of Wimps do that all the time!!  They're hilarious!! 

      Loudmouth WIMPS - probably sitting in their Mommy's Basement,

      trying to act like Tough Guys on the computer!! 

      Laughable and Pathetic.  Sad and almost Sorrowful. 

      Thinking they're "Tough" but not having a Clue. 

      At best, they're the "Hit and Run" types.

      In fact, MOST Violent Leftists are the "Hit and Run" types.

      Wimps who would lose a fight with a Child!!

       I've never lost a fight. Not one.

      And I don't intend to lose any Future Serious "Conflicts". 

      If you start one.  If you Attack me. 

      Keep your Face. Keep your Looks. Keep your Health.

      Prevent the Pain. 

      Don't spend Months or Years in Recovery, still on Crutches,

          or still in a Wheelchair. 

      Still having more appointments with the Plastic Surgeon to

         to try to "Fix" your Face. 

      Still waiting for a Kidney Transplant.

      Don't pick a fight with me.)  



     Some of you even think that Killary was qualified to be President of

     the United States. 

     (What a Joke!!)


     Some of you even think that OBOZO was qualified to be President of

     the United States, and was born in Hawaii, or someplace in the USA.  

     (What a Joke!!)


     Some of you even think that Trump is some kind of "Horrible Racist" and

     a "Horrible Misogynist" (Female Hater), and a "Fascist", and a "NAZI",

     and an "Evil Man" and "Unqualified to be President" for those reasons

     PLUS "No Political Experience" to qualify him for President.

     (Has "Political Experience" ever made ANYONE Qualified???). 

     (What a Joke!!)


     Yet hardly any of you can define "Racist", "Fascist", or "NAZI".

         What is a Racist??

         What is a Fascist??

         What is a NAZI??

     And none of you can prove your Claims.

     Mainly, because THEY'RE NOT TRUE!!

     Also, because YOU JUST MADE THEM UP!!

     Also, because YOU'RE LIARS!!!!

     Also, because YOU'RE SCUM!!!! 



     "I'm going to use a Big Word here - a NEW Word.

     Are you ready??  The word is EVIDENCE.

     Does anyone know what word means??

     Yes, Albert."

     "It means Information that shows that you're correct.

     That you didn't just make it up.

     It's almost the same as PROOF."

     "That's right, Albert.

     And what if people make claims every day, and yell and scream

     their claims, and have Hysterical Fits about it, but they never

     supply any Evidence - or Proof??"

     "I would say that they're MORONS, LUNATICS, MENTALLY




     ARROGANT, LOW-LIFES who should just SHUT UP!!

     Because they don't know what they're talking about, and they're

     annoying the Adults, and sometimes tying up traffic."

     "What if they destroy Property??"

     "I think they should be Arrested, made to pay for the damage plus

     incidental costs, such as Loss of Business, time spent dealing with the

     damage, cleanup, temporary fixes, etc, and then sent to Solitary

     Confinement for 5 years with no Light Bulbs, etc.  It's only fair.

     The Business is reimbursed and the Perp is sent to Prison."

     "Very good, Albert.

     You should go into Theoretical Physics and investigate the Space/Time

     Continuum and other things, using Evidence, such as the bending of

     Light in a strong Gravitational Field."

     "That's a great idea!! I think I will!!" 

     Good old ***EVIDENCE***.

     If people don't have Evidence for their claims, they're just blowing smoke,

     and have no standing among people who actually use Logic, Evidence,

     etc.  They're just Loud, Annoying Half-Wits.   


     The latest "Cool Phrase" among some people is:

     "Evidence-Based .... something", stated with the certainty of having read

     Page 1 of some Science Book, or a Cliff Notes Paragraph, and intoned

     as if it were a recent Scientific Discovery, now being revealed to the

     Poor, Unwashed Masses for the first time. 


     Well, OF COURSE the thing should normally be Evidence Based.

     If it's just a Hunch or Speculation, the Scientist will normally say so

     up front.

     Saying "Evidence-Based" sounds like saying "Wet Water".

     As compared to what??  Dry Water??

     "Evidence-Based".  Compared to what??  "Just Guessing"??

     "I heard it on the Grapevine"??   "I dreamed it"?? 

     "I rolled a pair of Dice and got the Answer"??  "A Dart Board"??

     "Astrology"??   "My Instincts"?? (Instincts are VALID!! But you need

     to say that it's based on your Instincts, rather than on Hard Evidence.) 

     Rightly or wrongly, I ASSUME that the Original Claim is based on

     Evidence, and you don't need to qualify it as such. 

     If it's a Hunch, Speculation, something you Read, you heard it from a

     Reliable Source, etc, just say so.

     You don't need to say: "It rained yesterday, and the Water was Wet."

     And you don't need to say: "Per my Evidence-Based Research, I have 

     concluded that it's Hot in the Desert."

     Just say: "Based on my Research, I have concluded that it's Hot in

     the Desert." 

     We assume that your Research produced Evidence.

     The Evidence might be a Trip to several Deserts, reading an

     Encyclopedia, etc. Then tell us your sources of Evidence. Done.

     Using Evidence is not a "Discovery" or a "Novel Idea" or a

     "Unique Concept" or a "Rare Act".

     It's as old as the Hills and just as Common. 





     Lunatics, Crazy People, Violent People, Screaming People:

     Mature Adults DO NOT ACT THAT WAY!!!!

     Mature Adults DO NOT ACT THAT WAY!!!!

     Mature Adults DO NOT ACT THAT WAY!!!!


     Mature Adults DO NOT ACT LIKE YOU!!!!

     Mature Adults DO NOT ACT LIKE YOU!!!!

     Mature Adults DO NOT ACT LIKE YOU!!!!




     Did you know that Obozo is a massive LIAR???

     Did you know that Obozo is a massive CRIMINAL???

     Did you know that Obozo is a massive THIEF - stealing Millions of

     Government Dollars for himself??? 

     Did you know that Obozo has routed hundreds of Millions of Dollars

     to Disruptors???  

     Did you know that Obozo has leaked TOP SECRET Information??? 

     Did you know that Obozo is a TRAITOR??? 

     Did you know that Obozo is a HATES AMERICA??? 

     Did you know that Obozo tried to DESTROY AMERICA??? 

     Did you know that Obozo tried to DESTROY FANNY AND FREDDY -

               Fanny Mae and Freddy Mac???   

     Did you know that Obozo tried to DESTROY HOME OWNERSHIP

               by trying to Destroy Fanny and Freddy??? 

     Did you know that Obozo should be in ARRESTED??? 

     Did you know that Obozo should be in PRISON??? 

     Did you know that Obozo should be EXECUTED??? 

     Did you know that Obozo is a SCUMBAG???  

     Did you know that Obozo is a FILTHY SCUMBAG???  

     Did you know that Ex "President" Filthy Scumbag Obozo still thinks

     he's "President"?? 

     Did you know that Ex "President" Filthy Scumbag Obozo is actively

     trying to TOPPLE President Trump?? 

     Did you know that Filthy Scumbag Obozo is living in a BUNKER

     and MANSION down the street from the White House, with a Big

     Wall around it??   

     Did you know that certain people say that Scumbag Obozo IS planning

     to return to the White House??    

     Did you know that certain people say that Scumbag Obozo WILL be  

     returning to the White House, or to some form of National Power??  

     Did you know that Scumbag Obozo has an organization of 30,000

     Scumbags ready to try to topple President Trump??

     Did you know that would be a FELONY for EVERY SCUMBAG

     who participates in it??

     Did you know that Filthy Scumbag Obozo is a TRAITOR??  

     Did you know that Filthy Scumbag Obozo might not even be an

     American Citizen??



     Crime upon Crime upon Crime upon Crime upon Crime!!

     Crime upon Crime upon Crime upon Crime upon Crime!!

     Crime upon Crime upon Crime upon Crime upon Crime!!

     Obozo AND many others!!



     If you really WANT to remain Ignorant, Retarded, Childish, Nasty

     Lunatics, and get NO RESPECT or ADMIRATION or TRUST from

     Normal Adults - or even from Normal Children, do Nothing at all.


     If you want to LEARN a few things, read this Website.

     And PrisonPlanet.com ..

     I recommend it.  

     This website is rarely updated.

     PrisonPlanet is updated about 5 days per week.

     For CURRENT information, check PrisonPlanet.com.

     Or Infowars.com .. 



     (Even Lee Harvey Oswald was liked and respected (or Neutral) by the

     Adults at work, and the neighborhood kids ADORED him - at the

     neighborhood of his co-worker who gave him rides to work.

     I seriously doubt that you would rank that high if you HATE Trump,

     and supported Killary.

     People don't gravitate to Ignorant Lunatics and Haters.

     The Neighborhood kids ADORED Oswald!!!!

     Note that Oswald's kids never knew him well, and they were Little Kids

     when he died. I'm not sure that they even remember him.

     The neighborhood Kids might remember him if they were a bit older than


     He was not regarded as a Nut because he was NOT a Nut!!

     He was serious, friendly, smart, Patriotic, etc.)   




     Note:  I am not an Expert on these subjects.

     Others are Far more knowledgeable than I am. 

     But I know a few things.


     Note: Some Republicans are WORSE than the Democrats!!

               The RINOs (Democrats in Disguise) are bad!!

               They are all VERY Dangerous!! 

     Note: The BAD GUYS are not Quitting!!

               They don't plan to EVER Quit.

     News Flash: I'm not Quitting EITHER!! 

                         And neither are the other Pro-Trump people!!

                         And there are a lot of them!!

                         And there are a lot of Us!!







     They are now in SUPER ATTACK MODE against Trump and other

     Good Guys like him with LIES and DECEIT and CORRUPTION.









     Almost EVERYTHING you read about Trump and Alex Jones and

     Obozo and Killary on MAINSTREAM TV and Websites is a LIE.     

     Lies about Trump and Lies about Alex Jones.

     Yes, Really!! 


     They are also promoting Sick, Degenerate ideas for ALL HUMANS.  

     There's no end to it.

     We're putting a stop to it.

     No more Mr. Nice Guy BECAUSE we have no choice.

     The Gloves are now Off BECAUSE we have no choice.

     The Gloves are now Off because the LEFTISTS took off the Gloves.

     We've been pushed over the Edge.  






     Trump is a Smart, Wonderful, Good Man!!!!

     BUT: We are living in EXTREMELY Dangerous times due to

     people OPPOSING Trump and others like him. 

     Disrespectful, Ignorant, Disconnected, Vulgar, Insulting,

     Lying, Opposers of Trump.

     It's FAR WORSE than you realize!!!!!!


     Scum like George Soros.

     Scum like Obozo.  

     Scum like the Democratic National Committee of Scum.  

     Scum like the INSANE DEMOCRATS in Congress.  


     Scum like the INSANE RINOs (Democrats) in Congress -

               make-believe Republicans (Camouflaged Democrats who claim

               to be Republicans).   


     Scum like PAUL RYAN.  

     Scum like NANCY PELOSI.  

     Scum like MICHAEL MOORE.

         (What a Despicable, Disrespectful,

           LYING PIG.   A LYING PIG.

           Everything he says is a Damn LIE!!

           He's Pure SLIME.  Pure SCUM. 

           Pure FILTH.

           He's SICKENING.) 

     Scum like KILLARY.   

     Scum like OBOZO.    

     Scum like ANCHOR-BABY MAKERS.  

     Scum like FAMILIES legally coming here -

          even though they have NO SKILLS.  

          And NO MONEY.   

          And NO ALLEGIANCE to America.

          And NO DESIRE to become an American.    

     Scum like INSECT Carriers.   

     Scum like DISEASE Carriers.   

     Scum like SYPHILIS Carriers.   

     Scum like LEPROSY Carriers.   

     Scum like TUBERCULOSIS Carriers.   

     Scum like MURDERERS.    

     Scum like THIEVES.    

     Scum like KIDNAPPERS.


     (Note: There is no cure for Leprosy.)


     Dirty, Rotten, Trashy SCUM!!!!!!!!!



     INSANE FILTH!!!!!!!!!!




     (Alex Jones:  SHUT UP AND LET PEOPLE TALK!!!!)     

     (People don't LIKE you!!   They like your GUESTS!!

     And they like your INFORMATION.

     You're RIGHT.

     But they don't like YOU!!

     So SHUT UP!!!!

     Or GROW UP!!!!)



     Back to Trump's Enemies: 

     Maybe you don't realize it.

     You wouldn't BELIEVE........... 

     The SCUM and FILTH opposing Trump is Insane and Out of Control. 

     Scum like Hired Protestors. 

     Scum like Election Riggers.  

     Scum like Google.   

     Scum like Twitter.   


     2016 "Liberalism" is a MENTAL DISORDER.

     2016 "Liberalism" is a CRIMINAL DISORDER.



     2016 Liberals/Democrats/Leftists

     and other Anti-Trump people, are

     Certifiably INSANE. 

     And IGNORANT. 


     And Very NASTY. 


     America is in a Civil War.

     There is a MASSIVE WAR going on behind the scenes.

     This has not happened since the mid-1800's.

     We are in a NATIONAL CRISIS.

     We are in a NATIONAL CRISIS. 






     The Gloves are now OFF!!

     Leftists/Liberals/Democrats and Globalists took off the Gloves

     over the past few years - 2015, 2016, 2017......

     Physically and in many other ways.

     That was a BIG MISTAKE!!!!


     The Result: 

     Trump Supporters have now ALSO taken off their Gloves.

     Some of you could be Publicly BASHED.

     Some of you could be Publicly EXPOSED.

     Some of you will soon be facing MASSIVE LAWSUITS.

     Some of you could be headed for JAIL.

     Some of you could be headed for the HOSPITAL.


     Some of you have *ALREADY* been Sued - and LOST.

     Some of you are *ALREADY* in Jail.

     Some of you are *ALREADY* in the Hospital.



     Lawsuits are NOW BEING FILED against 

     Leftists!!  Rioters, Slanderers, Google, etc. 



      If you fail to appear in Court, you will Lose.

     And Leftists: You will LOSE because the Prosecution has the EVIDENCE.

     (In one case, the Leftists might be charged with Attempted Murder --

     AND Sued.)  

     Arrests of Leftists are now being planned.


     (One stupid Agitator picked a fight with some Trump Fans, and

     ended up Bleeding and Moaning on the Ground, outside a Trump

     Rally, before the Election.

     Another stupid Agitator was yelling at someone and got Decked,

     ending up on the Ground, in Pain.  Etc, etc, etc. 

     They asked for Trouble, and they got it.

     Trump Fans don't take kindly to being Hit or Yelled at,

     at close range.) 


     It's your own fault.

     You shouldn't have done that. 


     Don't hassle Trump Fans with Slander or Yelling or Fists

     or Spray Paint or Pepper Spray, etc, etc. 

     You'll probably DEEPLY regret it.

     You'll probably end up in CRIMINAL COURT - not Civil Court,

      because these are CRIMES. 


     Unless you Disgusting WIMPS physically pick on Women and

     Crippled Women, and get away with it.

     (We're SO Impressed with your Bravery!  Mommy would be SO

     Proud of her Little Wimpy Boy!!). 

     If spotted by a Man and a Trump Supporter while doing that,

     I can almost guarantee that you'll be heading for the Hospital,

     or simply left lying on the Ground, Bleeding and Moaning,

     crying for your Blanky.

     At Age 20.  Or 30.   Or 40.  

     While your Leftist Lunatic Friends are stunned at what happened,

     and don't have a Clue how to help you. 


     Or if you run away after beating up a Woman, like the cowards

     you are, and a Real Man runs after you and catches you, you'd better

     have your Hospital Insurance AND your Life Insurance paid up.

     After he catches up with you, you're going to have an unrecognizable

     Face in a little while, resembling RAW HAMBURGER, and you'll need

     to get new Photos taken for your ID Cards - complete with your new 

     Frankenstein Scars.

     Your Friends won't recognize you.

     You'll just be "Mr. Raw Hamburger Face" on Crutches, or in a

     Wheelchair, or in the Hospital, or in Jail.


     "Who's THAT Guy???  What happened to him??"

     "That's Jerry."

     "What??? It doesn't look like Jerry at all..........".

     "He picked a Fight and Lost.  Lost BADLY.

     He beat up some Trump Women, and some Trump Guys pounded

     the Crap out of him."


     We LIKE our Beautiful Women, and we'll defend them as much as

     we can, and take Revenge on the Wimps who attack them.

     Plus a little Extra for Good Measure.


     (Our Beautiful Women are pretty tough - they just don't advertise it.

     And they might be able to handle themselves.

     Especially Upper Class Women.

     They know what to do, and they don't mess around. 

     But if the need arises, some Plastic Surgeons might make a lot of money

     over the years, trying to rebuild your Faces - if you attack the Women.

     Or the Men.

     If reconstruction is possible..... Is possible.


     You should take some pictures of yourself NOW, so the surgeon knows

     what you USED to look like - in case you're planning to Hit someone.

     Or Yell and Scream in our Faces.

     A very Nasty Lesson!!

     But it's your own fault.)   



     I wouldn't have this attitude if the Globalists/Leftists/Democrats

     and the Mainstream Media and the Colleges and Universities acted

     like Normal, Civilized, Polite, Law-Abiding, Honest, Informed,

     Thoughtful People.  


     They act like WILD, VICIOUS, PREDATORY ANIMALS!!!! 

     To repeat:  Many Anti-Trump "people" act like

                       WILD, VICIOUS, PREDATORY ANIMALS!!!!

     To repeat:  Many Anti-Trump "people" act like

                       WILD, VICIOUS, PREDATORY ANIMALS!!!! 

     Trump and Trump Supporters are attacked DAILY!!!!

     Attacked with LIES and SMEARS.

     Attacked with INSANITY. 

     Sometimes attacked with VIOLENCE. 

     Sometimes attacked with THREATS. 

     Sometimes attacked with the THEFT OF INCOME. 

     Sometimes attacked with UNEMPLOYMENT.  

             Being FIRED for being a Trump Supporter.

             Unable to get a Job for being a Trump Supporter.

             Unable to get a Job for being a Supporter of Ghaddaffi.

             (They're being Sued).

     Sometimes attacked with RADIO/TELEVISION BLACKOUT. 

     Sometimes attacked with the Loss of SOCIAL MEDIA ACCESS

         (Facebook, Twitter, etc). 

     Sometimes attacked with SABOTAGE. 

     Sometimes attacked with ARREST and JAIL TIME. 

     Some of them are the most VILE people on the face of the Earth!!

     And they deserve a lot worse than anything I'm handing out!! 

     We can no longer sit back and allow these things to happen.

     We hit Back.

     And we SUE.

     And we File Criminal Charges.

     And we buy Guns.

     And sometimes we Carry Concealed Guns.





     I read that some Leftist Anti-Trump Women were given lessons in

     fighting, prior to Trump's Inauguration, supplied with Boxing Gloves,

     and told to "Punch a NAZI" on Inauguration Day.

     How did that work out??

     As far as I know, nothing happened.

     Maybe they Chickened Out.

     A Wise idea.

     They would have ended up at the First Aid Station, or the Hospital,

     or in Jail, or at the Plastic Surgeon's Office, or All of the Above. 

     It was an Incredibly Stupid Idea!!

     Probably promoted by the Piece of Trash Idiot Michael Moore.

     I wouldn't be surprised.

     More Leftist Criminal Activities!!


     These days, many of the Democrats are just Criminals.

     The "Democratic Party" is just a Gang of THUGS!!





     Best Hillary Quote I've seen:

     "Voting for this Lunatic because she's a woman,

       is like drinking Antifreeze because it looks like Gatorade." 


     "Voting for this Lunatic because she's a woman,

       is like drinking Antifreeze because it looks like Gatorade."




    Killary is totally BATSHIT.

    She's Incompetent.

    Way out of her Depth.

    She's completely unqualified to be President, or for anything else.

    She's Schizophrenic  -  2 Personalities:


      P1: Vicious, Angry, Impatient, Demanding, Insulting, Degrading,

             Loony, Totally Self-centered, Power Hungry, Kleptomaniac,

             Self-Serving, Insensitive, Uncaring, Childish, Bratty, Petty,

             Criminalistic, Vindictive, Nit-Picking, Violent, Murderous,

             Demented, Psychopathic, Sociopathic, Wretched, Filled with

             Disdain for Everyone, Sadistic, Snubs people all the time,

             Has no Integrity, Lies constantly, a Satanist, No Conscience,



      P2: When the Media is photographing her, or she's in the Public Eye,

             she's Smooth, Soothing, Charming, Snakey, Lying, Reasonable,  

             Pleasant, Funny, Eloquent, etc. 


    She can switch Personalities INSTANTLY.

    She smells like a Dead Animal, up close.

    She throws things (Vases, etc) and Punches Bill, sometimes giving him

    a Black Eye, as reported by former Secret Service Agents. 

    She fights with Bill, and screams bloody murder at him.

    She has Raging Melt-Downs.

    She blames her Staff for anything that goes wrong.

    In the WH, she ordered Staff members to turn away from her or hide,

    so she wouldn't have to look at them.

    She was the ONLY First "Lady" (Bill's "Wife") who was investigated

    by Law Enforcement (the FBI, as I recall).

    She managed to get Ambassador Chris Stevens and some Marines killed

    in Libya, but "What difference does it make - they're dead - so go away

    and stop asking questions.", and she was NEVER prosecuted for their


    (The Fake President Obozo did nothing about it. And why would he??

    He was just a FAKE.  He didn't know what to do.)

    She DELETED 33,000 of the Emails requested by the FBI.

    I seem to recall that she was a participant in "Lolita" activities. 

    She's committed Treason several times, and needs to be Executed.

    She treated the Secret Service Agents like TRASH - GARBAGE -

    PEONS.  Agents regularly requested Transfers from the White House,

    or wherever they were assigned.

    Some Agents Quit.


    She was mad at Bill and his sexual escapades for what he was doing to

    the "Clinton Brand Name".

    That darn Bill!!  Instead of being an Out-Of-Control, Psychopathic, Sociopathic, Disdainful, Vindictive, Violent, Nit-Picking, Demented,

    Petty, Sadistic Piece of Rotting Garbage like Killary, the Screaming

    Demonic Fury from Hell, he was fooling around with pretty girls,

    thus Tarnishing the Great Image of the Clinton Brand Name - according

    to the Insane, Violent, Fury from Hell!!   


    Bill Clinton was abusive to women, but Killary was FAR MORE


    Other than Bill's abuse of women (his Girlfriends??), Agents reported

    that he was a "Regular Guy" and a nice man, polite, pleasant, helpful,

    friendly, and Normal.

    He was apparently always or usually in a good mood - not Moody.

    He was Impeached for something, but it didn't seem very serious, and

    he didn't resign.


    Monica Lewinsky, White House Intern, was planted and used by Israel

    as an Agent, to embarrass Bill, put him in a weaker position, politically,

    and get a better deal on an Agreement between the 2 countries which

    was nearly ready for signing.

    Wasn't that ILLEGAL of Israel?? 


    I don't recall how much she knew (maybe nothing), but poor Monica

    AND Bill were victims of Political Intrigue, and I seem to recall that

    Monica suffered quite a bit over the whole affair.

    All to get some kind of Illogical and UNFAIR advantage in a Treaty

    or Agreement by harming TWO people, although Bill seemed to be

    relatively unscathed, and a Mr. Teflon,