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  My Background:

  My Dad was a College Professor (Music) and my Mom was a Classical Pianist and

  Organist, a Stay-at-Home Mom, and a Medical Librarian. 

  Dad was a WW2 Veteran (Pacific Theater), and Mom once performed on the Piano 

  (with a Soprano) in a concert for Emperor Haile Selassie of Ethiopia, and in other





  I took Piano Lessons as a Kid, used to play the Piano, and used to play Chess.

  Like everything else, to stay good at something, you have to practice.

  I don't practice much anymore. It's difficult and very time consuming,




  I was fortunate enough to be able to sing Bach's "Mass in B Minor" and Carl Orff's

  "Carmina Burana" at Northrop Auditorium at the University of Minnesota, with

  the Minnesota Orchestra (known as "The Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra" at the


  I sang with a Minnetonka choral group for 12 years, doing mostly Classical Pieces

  (Brahms Requiem, Mozart's Requiem, etc), serving as the Choir Manager for a year.




  I was in the Air Force for 4 years, doing mostly easy work in Finance as a Pay Clerk

  (Officer's Pay and Computer Work), ending up on Guam for almost 2 years.

  I flew over Vietnam, once, at about 33,000 feet, and thanked God I wasn't down

  there in that dense Jungle, with all the Spidery Little Rivers running through it,

  and all kinds of other dangerous things located in it. 




  I've been to Europe 3 times (haven't seen enough of it), and visited Mozart's Birth

  House (Geburtshaus) in Salzburg Austria twice, walked out on a side balcony and

  saw a beautiful "Sound of Music" scene with a mountain and lush green grass, saw

  the Original Paintings of Mozart hanging on the walls, and saw a lock of his hair,

  sealed in glass - first in 1970. 

  (I'm not exactly a "World Traveler". A friend of mine has been to Europe a Dozen

  times, as well as to other exotic locations such as Egypt.)




  I've also visited Japan, Thailand, Saipan, and Tinian.

  Tinian is where the B-29's took off from to drop the A-Bombs on Japan.

  (Yes, it had to be done. They refused to surrender, and were NOT beaten, even

  though they tried to make it look like they were defeated in order to sucker us

  into invading Japan, where we would have been slaughtered.

  AND Japan ALSO had the A-Bomb!! Their test WORKED!!

  They were stalling for time to be better prepared. We didn't owe Japan ANYTHING

  except orders to surrender, and A-Bombs if they didn't.

  The Monstrous Generals were in charge - not the Emperor.) 

  Saw Iwo Jima from the Air.

  Saw tiny little islands that were INHABITED.  One of them had been BULLDOZED.

  A little island, out in the middle of nowhere, with Bulldozer tracks for a short

  road, possibly preparing it for building a house or something.

  In Thailand, I visited the Temple of the Emerald Buddha in Downtown Bangkok -

  an AMAZING experience. 

  There were only a FEW visitors that day, and I was one of them.

  No crowds.  Quiet and mystical with some Wind Chimes tinkling in the light breeze.


  I once flew on a Search and Rescue Mission over the Pacific at low altitude for about

  8 hours, looking for 2 Navy Pilots who might have survived the crash of their

  twin-engine Jet (A3D/B-66), during the Vietnam War.  

  Sadly, none of the Missions located them, and I don't think they were ever found. 

  But frankly, they could have been in a Wave Trough, and missed due to inattention

  for a couple of seconds - looking away from the water briefly to grab a Box Lunch,

  or something, while flying at perhaps 150-200 mph (as slow as safely possible). 

  It's an Immense Ocean!! And I was very surprised to see all kinds of Debris floating

  in it - Cardboard, Styrofoam, Trees, Logs, etc.  One of the Styrofoam Pieces was

  Orange, and it caused us to drop Flares and inspect it, not realizing what it was until

  we could get a better look at it.  It resembled an Emergency Life Raft, so we had to

  check it out.

  People are using the Pacific as their "Bottomless Pit Dumping Grounds", but a lot of

  the stuff doesn't dissolve or degrade. It's a really Bad Idea.  Yes, it's a big Ocean, but

  it's obviously not Infinitely Big.  Jerks and Idiots are polluting the Ocean.

  There's now a huge pile of trash somewhere in the Pacific, perhaps a mile wide??

  It's huge, and caught in a whirlpool.   




  I took up Photography at an early age, and took hundreds or thousands of Photos,

  but it's always been an "On again / Off again" Intermittent hobby, and never bothered

  to develop my own "Film" pictures, except for a few on Guam, in a makeshift Lab

  that a couple of guys had set up for doing their own Black and White photo processing.

  Too much work.  

  I was really incensed that a Color Lab in New Jersey RUINED an entire roll of film

  of slides I'd taken from the Air of the beautiful beaches and water around Saipan

  and Tinian,  with the most dazzling Blue Colors of the water I'd ever seen.

  The entire roll of Ektachrome slides they sent back was GREEN!!

  They reimbursed me for the roll of Film.  Gee. Thanks.    




  I flew around the US with the Air Force Reserve while I was in High School, and 

  flew a C-119 Flying Boxcar, once (with an Air Force Pilot in the Right Seat).


  I got my Private Pilot's License in the 1980's, got caught in a snowstorm at night,

  once, and quit flying.  (I couldn't stop shaking for half an hour.) 

  Without an Instrument Rating (which I didn't have), it was just too dangerous. 

  And Expensive!! 

  In my opinion, some of the FAA Procedures are WAY too complicated (and sometimes

  dangerous), and should be simplified to benefit Pilots of Little Planes, who aren't

  under the direct control of "Air Traffic Control" (ATC) like the Airliners.

  Additionally, certain High Tech Equipment should be Mandatory for Little Planes,

  and an Instrument Rating should also be required in order to get a Private Pilot's


  Some Little Planes now DO have GPS units, and they might have now made it a

  requirement of "Basic Equipment".  If so, good!! 

  Directions from the Tower or ATC shouldn't involve things like "Fly the Radial Minus

  30 Degrees", or whatever ridiculous order it was that I recently read.

  Just tell the Pilot: "Change Heading to 270 Degrees."  Duh....

  Get rid of the Dumb "Flight Levels" concept, where the Altitudes are Abbreviated,

  possibly leading to Confusion and Mistakes.

  Don't say:  "Climb and maintain Flight Level ONE THREE ZERO".

  Say:  "Climb and maintain THIRTEEN THOUSAND FEET".  Duh....

  Don't make the Pilot ask the Tower if there are any last-minute Weather Warnings.

  The Pilot should have already checked the Weather 10 minutes earlier, prior to

  Takeoff.  It's Required. It's the Law.  

  BUT:  A Bulletin might have just arrived at the Tower warning of Severe Weather

  that they hadn't posted yet, and they should Definitely notify the Pilot in the Plane

  who's warming up the engine or taxiing to the runway, etc.

  A failure to notify the Pilot of a Severe Weather Bulletin is partly what KILLED    

  Buddy Holly and the rest of the people, many years ago. 

  Apparently, "The Pilot didn't ask us".  Incredible.

  Another part of the cause of the Plane Crash was that the "Artificial Horizon"

  instrument on the Cockpit Panel operated in REVERSE of what the Pilot was used to.

  It was NON-STANDARD, or the Plane he had trained on had a Non-Standard


  Every correction the Pilot made to Level the Plane just made it WORSE!!

  And I think they blamed the young Pilot for the crash, when it was really the failure

  to notify him of VERY Severe Weather approaching (he probably wouldn't have

  tried to fly through it - if he was Sane), and a Gyro that worked in Reverse of what

  he had trained on.  


  The FAA and the NTSB love to say "Pilot Error".  It's always someone else's fault.

  How about "FAA Error".  "Rules Error".  "Failure to Standardize Instruments Error".

  "Failure to Warn the Pilot of a New Weather Bulletin Error" (they weren't required

  to do so). 

  When I read about Air Crashes or Difficulties and Emergencies in the Air, I almost

  ALWAYS can point to a shortcoming of the System as the Cause (complicated

  instructions, a lack of smarter instruments, Glass Cockpit, etc) rather than the old

  Cop-out of "Pilot Error". 

  "Pilot Errors" and "Bad Weather" and "Get Home-Itis" do cause crashes, but it

  seems to me that the whole System could and should be SIMPLIFIED - at least


  The FAA has shown in the past that they PREFER complexity!!

  It took a Controller's strike during the Reagan years to simplify some Airport

 Approaches in order to reduce the workload on the Controllers during the Strike,

  but the Controllers had already been calling for that for YEARS!! 

  The new Approaches were SIMPLER and SAFER for everyone. 

  There was really no good reason to make them complicated!! 

  They produce outstanding Flight Maps, showing the Pilot all kinds of "Areas".

  But those "Areas" and "Warning Zones" don't appear IN THE SKY.  Duh.....

  Something has to Clearly TELL the Pilot that he's approaching one, or he's IN one,

  or he's headed for the wrong Airport at Night (easy to do if there are 2 or 3 or 4 or 5

  or 6 Airports all clustered together in a modern Metropolis like Miami or Fort

  Lauderdale, etc, etc, with 2 of them BIG Airports, 2 of them "Business Jets"

  Airports, 2 of them "Small Plane Airports", etc, and they all look basically

  "THE SAME" at Night from a distance, in a SEA OF LIGHT), and you'd better not

  Fly over an Airport on your way (!!), or hit another Plane (!!),

  or bust an Altitude (!!),

  or miss a Radio Call (!!),

  or misunderstand a Radio Call (!!),

  or dial the wrong Radio Frequency (!!),

  or land on the Wrong Runway at the Right Airport (!!),

  or land at the Right Runway at the Wrong Airport (!!),

  or land at the Wrong City and the Wrong Airport (!!),

  or fail to follow a direction from ATC (!!).  

  You might lose your License AND be heavily FINED!! 

  Have any of those things ever happened?????  Yes.

  Some mistakes lead to instant termination of Employment

  by the Airline.

  The Government also has a BIG STICK, but sometimes no Brains. 

  Pilot Error can't be tolerated, but FAA Flight Rules and Clarity

  should not be as complicated as possible, leading to mistakes.

  The only reason the system is as good as it is, is due to the

  Berlin Airlift of 1948 by the Allies, where the Army Air Force

  rapidly developed procedures for handling large quantities of

 Aircraft landing and taking off at ONE Airport.

  But today, things are far more complex.    



  (And the Government sometimes LIES!!!!  What is the matter

  with these JERKS??

  TWA Flight 800 (TWA 800) was hit by a MISSILE launched from


  There are even photos of the Missile Exhaust Trail!!

  And they found residue from High Explosives on the seats!!

  Yet the Lying Government Crap-heads said the Fuel exploded in

  the Fuel Tanks (ridiculous).

  And they claimed that Eyewitnesses didn't know the difference

  between UP and DOWN.  Missile goes UP. Fuel goes DOWN.

  Government version:  Everything went DOWN.

  So they ordered all companies to install expensive Fuel Coolers

  in the Fuel Tanks, at a high cost per Plane. 

  Jet Fuel is Kerosene, and Kerosene doesn't explode.

  The Fuel is probably still COLD anyway, after coming from the

  Fuel truck and underground tanks.

  Airliners in Saudi Arabia sit on the ground for hours or days in

  the hot sun on the hot Tarmac, and the Fuel does not explode.


  Trust in the Government:  ZERO POINT ZERO.)





  Also, the notion that Navigation and Control Equipment in ANY Plane should be

  capable of being Hijacked by "Ground Control" is absolutely absurd, in my opinion,

  rendering the Plane a potential Victim of malicious forces on the ground, equipped

  with advanced Electronics to take control of the Plane (Throttles, Steering, Compass,

  etc).  And the move to make all the Cockpit Controls and Displays "Electronic"

  (the "Glass Cockpit") instead of Mechanical, is another INSANE idea.

  If you lose electrical power to everything in the cockpit due to some failure, or hitting

  a Large Bird, etc, etc, the Plane now cannot be Flown!!

  The Pilot can't even see how fast (or slow) the Plane is traveling, etc, etc. 


  Remote Control of a Modern Plane is what got Senator Paul Wellstone killed - and

  everyone else on that Plane, including his wife, his son, a couple of Campaign

  Workers, and the 2 Pilots, as I recall.  No survivors.

  The NTSB blamed "Fweezing Dwizzle" as the cause (gag me), and implied that

  Pilot Error was a contributing factor.  The Copilot was incompetent, BUT the Pilot

  (Captain) in the Left Seat was TOP SHELF and PRECISE. He was Outstanding. 

  So they blamed the Copilot (partly), even though the Captain would have taken

  over the controls if there had been a problem that wasn't being handled correctly.

  To Save his own Life!!  And the Lives of the passengers.

  And "Fweezing Dwizzle" didn't bring down that Airliner.

  They were all murdered by Remote Control.

  They also tried to kill a friend of mine by Remote Control. I'm not happy about that.




  I got a Ham Radio License as a kid, but didn't advance to the next level for several

  reasons, one of which was that Morse Code seemed like a very slow and primitive

  way to communicate, and another was that it sounded Boring to talk to a bunch

  of Old Men - even by Voice.  (They refer to each other as "Old Man" or "OM", and

  it appeared to be mostly True.)  

  I did have a few exciting moments with a big Short Wave Receiver I bought.

  I heard and SAW the Russian Sputnik satellite - the world's first artificial

  satellite - as it passed overhead, soon after it was launched in 1957. 

  It was just a steady Beeping at 20 Megacycles, but it was pretty exciting. 

  I heard the Controllers at Andrews AFB talking to the crew of the Russian

 Airliner carrying Nikita Khrushchev as it was making its landing approach 

  in the late 1950s or early 1960s, as I recall.  (How that was possible, I don't

  know.  But I heard them.)

  I heard a man on a Mobile Transceiver (Walkie Talkie) in some Texas town

  describing a Tornado approaching, and finally said something like:

  "It's heading this way - down Main Street. I've gotta get out of here.

  W9XYZ signing off." - or whatever his Call Sign was. 

  Then there was good old "Radio Havana Cuba", and the BBC on Short Wave.

  Sally Morgan's Dad (Jack Morgan) was very helpful and inspiring.

  His Call Sign was so old that it had only 4 characters - not 5.  W0RA.  

  He had an Enormous "Shack" on the back porch that was amazing to see. 




  I've met quite a few famous or important people, very much enjoyed meeting them,

  and sometimes carried on conversations, but we never "Hung Out Together", and

  I was WAY out of my League, Intellectually (and Financially). 

  (I was friends with Dr. Jean Piccard and his wife, and knew their son Don - all

  Balloonists.  Don invented "Sport Ballooning". They went to our Church.)  

  I'm sure the wealthy ones knew I couldn't possibly afford to keep up with them,

  and never embarrassed me by inviting me to join them in St. Moritz for a week of

  Skiing, or spending a few days at the Wimbledon Tennis Matches, or something similar.

  Besides: I had to mow the Lawn, that week!!  And do my Paper Route!!   




  I got turned on to Mozart in the early 1960's, have made at least one discovery in

  the early 1960's, and possibly several more.  

  See   .. 

  Some of the material on the Website is information copied from other sources, but

  much of it is my own (including the main discovery, called the "MTM"  -- 

  "Mozart's Musical TradeMark" - the original reason for creating the Website). 

  The only reason I created the Website is because I learned, years later, that apparently

  no one was aware of the MTM, including my Dad - a Professor of Music.

  Frankly, I was stunned. How could they miss it??

  It's only 2 Chords, but is usually easy to notice, and sometimes Blatantly Obvious!!

  I checked hours and hours of well-known Classical Music, Less-known Classical Music,

  Mozart's Students, Mozart's Contemporaries, Mozart's Son, Jazz, Fifties Rock, New Age,

  Latin, Christmas, Camp Songs, National Anthems, Movies, Television, Beatles, Abba,

  Elvis, Everly Brothers, Fats Domino, Jackie Wilson, the Beach Boys, George Gershwin,

  Glenn Miller, Buddy Holly, Brenda Lee, The Chordettes, Marion Marlowe, etc, etc, etc,

  to see if any other Composers/Soloists/Groups had used it. 

  Certainly NOT every Piece of Music that was ever written(!!), but quite a few.

  And I found it used on RARE occasions by:

           Gasparini.   Galuppi.   JS Bach.   Josef Haydn.   Beethoven.   Chopin.

           Mozart's Composition Pupils.   Mozart's Son.     

  Note that Josef Haydn and Mozart were friends, and Beethoven was a huge fan of

  Mozart's music, and met Mozart once.

  But Mozart used it FREQUENTLY, and created a number of VARIATIONS on it.

  And he sometimes focused on it for several measures. 

  Checking only about 155 Pieces by Mozart (out of over 626), I counted 65 occurrences

  of the MTM, or found in about 34 Percent of his compositions, so far.  

  Found in Early, Middle, and Late Works, from Age 7 to Age 35, in all types of Works.

  He may have copied it from another Composer (Gasparini), but Mozart used it almost

  all the time, throughout his Composing Life.

  Therefore, I called it "Mozart's Musical Trademark". 

  Was it also "Gasparini's Musical Trademark"??  Maybe, but I've never heard anyone

  mention it, or state that "Your MTM is just like Gasparini's".  

  So it remains Mozart's, so far, even if some other Composer ALSO used it

  FREQUENTLY, and composed VARIATIONS on it.

  But it's doubtful that any other Composer did what Mozart did with that Phrase.




  I wrote a Tic-Tac-Toe Program and "Time Left on the Rock" for our NCR 390

  Computer that we used on Guam in Military Pay, in the 1960's, in Machine Language.

  It didn't use a modern Language like COBOL or Assembler or SAS, etc. 

  Years later, using more modern Equipment, I wrote a Language, a Compiler,

  a Simulator, and a Manual for it, for fun.  A massive Project.

  But I'm able to simulate running that old Computer on my PC, and even write

  Application Programs in my "PL390" Programming Language which is a cross

  between COBOL and a unique Assembler.

  And I converted a couple of the old Machine Language Programs into PL390

  for fun, and compiled them and ran them.


           Below: ADDRESS 0008, LINE 151 of a "Time Left on the Rock" Compile Listing: 

           0008  16 00 95 77 17 09   151  IFF JJJNOW IS LT NZERO GOTO ERROR




  I did Application Programming and Tech Support work on IBM Mainframe Computers

  (System/360 and 370) for many years, as well as System Performance Analysis,

  Disaster Recovery, Y2K, Sysgens, Software Trouble Shooting, etc.

  Difficult but Interesting work, except for Y2K Renovation, which was a Horrible

  Experience with no Redeeming Qualities.

  I think a lot of Computer People HATED it, partly because so much of it took place

  in Banks and Insurance Companies, with the Departments run by Nit-Picking Counters

  of Grains of Sand - and I don't mean people concerned with the Precision of the Code

  or the Results or the Documentation,

  but Nit-Picking people concerned with Account Numbers, Sheets of Paper, Time

  Spent on a Program, Pencils Used, Number of Pencil Shavings, Lines of Code,

  Drops of Sweat, Changing 5 Passwords every 10 Minutes, No Reuse of Old Passwords,

  Security Departments run by Grade School Dropouts, Percent Complete, GOTO-Less

  Programming, Hourly Status Reports, Restroom Request Forms, Phone Passwords,

  Copy Machine Passwords, Copy Machine Electronic Access Group Permission Units,

  Flickering Light Fixture Repair Form Signature Authorization Procedures,

  Malfunctioning Water Fountain Reporting Form Request, Excuse for Not Being

  Present at the Weekly Diagonal Meeting, Monthly Birthdays and the Hour Minute

  and Second of your Birth and What Kind of Birth it Was, Program Checkout Forms

  and Why you Need It and How Long You Will Need It and What You Plan to DO

  To It and Who to Contact If You Don't Return It On Time or Return It Early, etc, etc.  

  As one Normal Contractor said to me -- a Family Man, always wore a Suit to Work

  with a White Shirt and Wing Tip Shoes, no Beard, no Mustache, no Tattoos, Combed

  Hair, a Pleasant Personality, and a Good Attitude:

  "I'VE HAD IT UP TO HERE!!"   and he Quit. 

  I don't blame him one bit.

  The place (a major Bank) was run like a "Prison Kindergarten" designed by Moronic

  "Admin" people with NO CLUE.

  Such was the Y2K Environment for Contract Programmers at one Client. 

  Suffocating and Incredible.

  I was so glad to get out of that INSANE ASYLUM!!

  By the way:  Two People DIED while I was there!!

  One Man, a Permanent Party Employee Manager, Died of Leukemia.

  Another Man, a Contractor from New York who wrote some of their code,

  Died of a Heart Attack. 

  I will never work for that place again!!  



  I converted a few QBASIC DOS Programs to Visual Basic for my Dad for Pay.

  One of his Music Programs had run out of memory in QBASIC, and he felt that

  using Windows and Visual Basic would provide the solution since Windows

  can use much more memory.  Makes sense.   

  I did most of the Project in 2003.

  What I learned:  QBASIC is a fairly decent Language, well documented by

  Microsoft and others.  It runs only under DOS  (MS/DOS or PC/DOS, etc), but

  there are problems getting it to run under DOS as a Command Prompt in


  I was using Windows/98-SE at the time, and QBASIC ran fine. 

  It came Free with DOS and Windows, although you can purchase more powerful


  "Power BASIC for Windows" may be the answer to running "QBASIC" under XP,

  but I wasn't aware of it at the time and haven't tried it.

  XP is a "different" kind of Windows, compared with earlier versions. 

  One fellow did publish a circumvention for running QBASIC under XP, but it would

  take a lot of work to change your code to use his method.

  XP chokes on the Verb "LPRINT" which is often used all over the place in QBASIC

  Programs ("Line Print" or "Print a Line"). 

  AND using it might hose your System (just a possibility) unless it can be intercepted,


  The online BASIC Forum was partly written by a German guy, writing in German,

  and translating to English using Babelfish.  You what what mean you I know??   

  VB6:  Visual Basic is a Strange Language, it's not really "BASIC", it's not the

  "Windows form of BASIC", and it sucks. 

  It's the WORST Programming Language I've ever used.

  Its Syntax is weird.

  All the statements are written as "Simpy Wimpy Inverted English".

  Its Error Handling is complicated and weird.

  Its Messages are usually Glueless - er, Useless - er, Glueless. 

  It changes most Functions into "Subroutines", so your program ends up being

  dozens of little Subroutines.

  Many of the Verbs in QBASIC don't work in VB, so you need to rewrite portions

  of your program.

  LPRINT has been dropped. Why???

  CLEAR has been dropped. Why???

  Some Verbs now have a different meaning, so you need to rewrite portions of

  your program.

  There are about 11 "Runtime Modules" which must be in your program's

  Directory, or possibly in a Windows Directory.

  However, the Microsoft Package of Runtime Modules is missing 2 of them. 

  I had to copy the 2 missing ones from some Windows Directory in order to make

  a "Package", usable by someone else. 

  There have been several updates to the Runtime Modules.

  I wanted to keep the Original VB Runtime Modules and the updated VB Runtime

  Modules completely separate from any modules used by Windows to avoid any

  problems of incompatibility with Windows and other Programs and Functions. 

  Thus, all the VB routines were kept in a separate Directory with the Programs I

  wrote for the Project.

  For running with 64-bit Windows versions, special steps have to be taken to

  "Register" one of the Runtime Modules - whatever that means.

  It's a complicated Nightmare.

  Not even one of the standard Microsoft Fonts was suitable for the program output,

  and I had to search Far and Wide for a suitable Font that would produce Lines

  that were dark and thick, and connected with each other, instead of looking like

  "Thin Railroad Tracks with Little Gaps Between the Tracks". 

  (The old DOS Fonts came from "Code Pages" and produced quality output.)

  The Microsoft Manuals are a Joke.  (I had to use 3 or 4 Manuals - Microsoft plus

  manuals by other Authors).

  What a MESS!!!

  They took a good language and RUINED it.




  Like many people, I've read about Kennedy's Assassination, and drawn conclusions

  far different from what the Warren Commission tried to foist on the Public.

  Perhaps people don't realize that you don't even need to bury yourselves in the

  mountain of Details to figure out a FEW BASIC CONCLUSIONS.

 No PhD required!!

 No studying required!!

 No books required!! 

  Just look at a FEW SIMPLE FACTS: 

  1.   Some people heard as many as FIVE shots - not THREE, as the phony Warren

        Commission claimed. 

  2.   Some people said shots came from behind the Fence.

  3.   Some people on the Grassy Knoll smelled Gunpowder/Gunsmoke.

  4.  One or two people said there was a shot from the Storm Drain.

       And one of the Secret Service Agents said that one of the shots had a Hollow,

       Ringing sound to it - not a "normal" sound of a Rifle.  

       And someone saw smoke coming from the Storm Drain. 

       Note:  The Schoolbook Depository 6th Floor has been left relatively intact by the

       City of Dallas, but the Storm Drain has been substantially reduced in size by

       repaving the Street.  

  5.  A Cop was seen inspecting the Storm Drain.

  6.  The German Mauser, found on the 6th Floor, miraculously turned into an Italian

       Mannlicher Carcano "Toy Rifle" due to a "Mistake", even though the Mauser

       says "MAUSER" on the Barrel, but the Carcano says nothing (in large letters). 

       And it WAS a Mauser that was first found.  It SAID so on the barrel.

       They reported it on the News.

       Two hours later, the Rifle Fairy converted the Mauser into a Carcano. 

       And a Dallas Detective held up a Carcano for the World to see.  

       The Mauser mysteriously disappeared.

  7.  Oswald was seen in the LUNCHROOM drinking a Coke after the shooting.

  8.  Oswald had NO GETAWAY CAR with a driver waiting for him.

  9.  Oswald had NO GETAWAY PLAN.

 10.  Oswald went to a MOVIE THEATER to "Hide" (??) - not to Mexico, not to the

       Airport, not to Houston or Galveston, not to the Caribbean, not to Brazil, etc.

       And he went by FOOT, BUS, and TAXI.   NO CAR??

       And he ran in WITHOUT PAYING.   NO MONEY??  NO PLAN??

       And he SAT ALONE in the Balcony. 

       And he wore a WHITE T-SHIRT. 

       What did he expect??  To not be caught for not paying for the Movie?? 

       To not be caught for shooting the President??

       To live in the Movie Theater for the next few years?? 

11.  Oswald did not have a a Large Wad of Cash on him to LIVE on.

12.  Bobby Kennedy recognized Oswald's name as a member of some "Cuban"

       team, evidently setup by Bobby.

       And they say this man was a "Nobody" and a "Lone Nut"?? 

       But Bobby Kennedy, the US Attorney General, knew his name???

13.  One of Oswald's first Phone Calls in Jail was to a man in Military Intelligence.

       Why??  How did Oswald know someone in Military Intelligence??

       And they say this man was a "Lone Nut"??  A Solitary Nobody?? 

14.  Who did Oswald work for, at one time??

       Answer:  The CIA (when he was in the Marine Corps). 

       A Nobody??  A Lone Nut?? 

15.  Kennedy was clutching his THROAT before he was hit in the head, meaning

       that he was hit from the FRONT.     

       But Oswald was supposedly shooting from the REAR in the Book Depository??? 

  Etc, etc, etc.

  Etc, etc, etc.

  Etc, etc, etc.

  How many ODDITIES have you spotted so far??  


       These were fairly basic facts - right??

       Most of them were widely known the FIRST DAY, without a Warren

       Commission,  or JFK Book Authors.

       Some became known on the 2nd day, some later.

       No X-Rays, no Autopsies, no "Oswald History", no pictures of "Oswald"

       (or whoever it was) holding a Carcano Rifle (the wrong MODEL of a

       Carcano), no interviews of Marina Oswald, no endless repetitions that

       Oswald had been in the Marine Corps (as a RADAR Operator, and a

       rather Poor Shot), no timing tests to see if he could have run down to the

       Lunchroom from the 6th Floor in xx seconds (What? And put his money

       in the Coke Machine, remove the bottle cap, and stand there calmly drinking

       it without sweating or breathing hard or being nervous?? But a Sprinter

       in good shape MIGHT have been able to do it??  He wasn't even ON that

       Floor!!!!  He was eating lunch downstairs in the "Domino Room". There

       was at least one Witness. No timing tests needed!!

       No analysis of the Zapruder Film needed - which did NOT match what

       people said they saw, with the 2 Stops of the Limousine missing.), etc, etc.    

       More information is Interesting, but NOT NECESSARY.

       We don't need a huge "Conference" to figure out if Oswald was guilty.

       He wasn't. There's NO EVIDENCE that Oswald was the shooter. 

       We don't need a huge "Conference" to figure out if some Bad Guys were

       altering or Ignoring evidence - glossing over evidence as if it had been

       proclaimed to be irrelevant or non-existent.  

       And if we look instead at the Bullets/Rifle evidence, we could have

       wrapped up the case by 6 PM Friday night - Midnight at the latest.

       Using the FBI Crime Lab. 

       That is, if the Secret Service hadn't STOLEN the body from the Hospital,

       making them Accomplices After the Fact to Murder!!!!! 

       Why weren't THEY charged with a Federal Crime???  

       Where are the Bullets??

       Where is the Mauser?? 

       One of the most ridiculous and hilarious statements I saw about this case, was

       made by some Hostile Bozo on his website, who said:

       "The Evidence against Oswald was Massive!!".    (He didn't say what it was).

       WHAT A JOKE!!


       None. Zero. Nothing.  Just a lot of events spun into Suspicion.

       They tried to turn Suspicion into Evidence.

       "Well, you know, he ran away.....".

       Yes. He ran away A FEW MILES to a Movie Theater, on foot, by bus, by Taxi,

        ran in without paying, and sat ALONE in the middle of the Balcony,

        wearing a white T-Shirt and a light colored Jacket. 

        This is an ESCAPE PLAN??????

        No Getaway Car, no trip to Mexico, no Cash, no Plan, no Plane, etc. 

        And before "Hiding" in the Movie Theater, he stopped at his Rooming House.

        And before that, he drank a Coke in the Lunchroom!!!!


       And he was caught 1 hour and 40 minutes after the shooting.

       Wow. I'm so impressed.

       A Third Grader could have done a better job of "Escaping".

       Meaning, he thought he would be MET by someone. 

       There. In the Theater.

       He wasn't trying to Escape.  Good grief.

       Two days later he was shot. At the Police Station!!!!

       AS PREDICTED by somebody!!

       Dead men tell no tales. 

       What Bad Luck!!


       Gee.  I wonder if something strange was going on.....

       Gee.  There sure are a lot of ODD things happening, lately......   

       Gee.  I wonder why Oswald ran to the Movie Theater since they caught him

                 almost right away.  Less than 2 hours later.

                 That wasn't a very good place to Hide!!

       Gee.  I wonder how the Rifle Fairy changed that German Mauser into an

                 Italian Carcano.    

       Gee.  I wonder why an ex-Marine would buy a Foreign Rifle like a Mauser

                 or a Carcano. 

                 Why not buy an American Rifle like a Winchester, or a Remington

                 or something.  Wouldn't the Ammo be easier to find?? 

                 Wouldn't the Rifle be a little easier to operate than a Foreign Rifle??

       Gee.  I wonder why some people said they smelled Gunsmoke on that Grassy

                 area??  Did Oswald's Gunsmoke drift all the way down to that spot??  

       Gee.  I wonder why some people said they SAW a cloud of Gunsmoke drift up

                 into the Trees at that Grassy area?? 

                 Did Oswald's Gunsmoke drift all the way down to that spot??  

       Gee.  I wonder why some people said the Limousine stopped TWICE on that

                 Freeway Entrance Ramp. DID IT stop twice??  WHY??   

       Gee.  I wonder why someone painted a big Yellow line on the Curb, right about

                 where Kennedy was hit?? 

       Gee.  I wonder why some guy with an Umbrella popped it open and started

                 pumping it up and down just before Kennedy was hit?? 

       Gee.  I wonder why all those people ran up the hill to the Fence by that Grassy Area?? 

       Gee.  I wonder why that Motorcycle Cop drove up the steps by the Grassy Area,

                 all the way to that Fence?? 

       Gee.  I wonder why that Motorcycle Cop was looking in the Storm Drain?? 

       Gee.  I wonder what J Edgar Hoover meant when he said that some guy named

                Oswald acted alone, and that there was no Conspiracy to kill Kennedy, just

                an hour or two after Kennedy was shot??

                Maybe even when Oswald was still on the Loose?? 

       Gee. I wonder why they had Secret Service people behind the Fence in that

                Parking Lot??   Why in the World would they station Secret Service people

                at such an odd location??

               And why would they block people and flash their ID Cards??

               It's just a Parking Lot, and some people parked their Cars there??


       What an ODD Day!!

       Oh, well.  Slippery Lyndon Johnson and 127-year-old Earl Warren (Retired) will

       get to the bottom of this in a few days!! 

       Plus that Crackerjack Congressman Allen Dulles.

       I mean Allen Dulles, that CIA man with no Conscience.   

       That suspicious Osgood or Oswald character probably did it!!

       Yeah!!  Oswaldogoodwald did it!!

       He's probably a Russian Agent working for Lyndon Johnson's Dog!!!! 





  I've seen a ton of Satellites and other Stuff in the skies.

  I saw some F-89 Interceptors chase something in 1957.

  A BIG, bright Light, hovering next to the Airport - or

  possibly directly over it.

  Quite high - perhaps over 20,000 feet.

  And that was just a couple of months after they started

  arming some of the F-89's with Nuclear tipped Genie


  Not our old F-89's, but some newer models!!

 And many more things.

  I'm not sure that we can count on "them" to save us. 

  Are "they" behind the plot to kill off the planet Earth??

  Is that why the topic is so Super Secret??

  Did they reach the conclusion that we're too warlike to be

  allowed into the Universe by noticing many of our plants

  producing Nuclear Material?? 

  The Firebombing of WW2 was just as destructive as the

  A-Bombs, but the Bombers were sometimes shot down.

  And the A-Bombs had to be used to FORCE them to

  surrender, and get that War Over With.... 

  The Emperor FINALLY "surrendered". 

  The A-Bombs saved OUR PILOT'S Lives.

  And millions more. 






  They're SPRAYING the Atmosphere with Aluminum Dust and Toxic Heavy Metal

  Dust.  They're called Chemtrails.

  This is killing Animals, Birds, Insects, Bees, and Humans, and they know it. 

  When the Bees die, Humans die.

  When the Insects die, Humans die.

  And humans are coming down with more and more serious Respiratory problems.

  Doctors are reporting bizarre increases of these problems.


  The Bad Guys are trying to hide it in many ways, such as telling the Pilots that they're

  saving the Earth from over-heating. 

  Such as raising the standard for Aluminum to Extremely High Levels in California,

  when the standard should be ZERO in the drinking water. 

  Then they report that California has "normal" levels of Aluminum in its drinking water.

  There is no such thing as a "Normal" level of Aluminum other than ZERO!!  

  Aluminum is a POISON!!!!!!! 


  Aluminum also causes Dementia and Alzheimer's, making it more and more

  difficult to think clearly.  It reduces IQ's. 


  One thing we know for sure: The spraying is not saving Living Things!!

  It's KILLING them.

  It's KILLING All Life on Earth.

  It's KILLING you and making you sick. 


  They're destroying the OZONE Layer.

  If the Ozone Layer is destroyed, we will be inundated with UVA, UVB,

  and UVC Solar Rays.  

  The result will be more Heat, fewer Plants, and more Cancer. 

  It will kill all the Plants and Crops.

  It will kill all the Fish.

  Less Food for us to eat, Less Food for insects and Cattle to eat, etc.

  The sun ALREADY feels hotter in the Summer!!

  If we stay indoors, we will get less Vitamin D, and be less Healthy.

  We will become more susceptible to Diseases such as the Flu, Colds, etc.


  Scientists who investigate this subject and related issues (Arctic Ice, etc) are

  either being FIRED from NOAA and NASA, or MURDERED.  

  The Winter of 2016/2017 saw temps in the 80's in February all month long

  in some normally cold areas of the USA. 

  The Oceans are MUCH warmer.

  All the Scientists in Antarctica are packing up and leaving.


  NOW we will have Global Warming.

  The earlier claims about CO2 Global Warming were just BS.

  BUT:  The REAL warming has now just begun.  


  The Chemtrails are real.

  I've seen them.

  They are trying to kill us all.

  They are trying to kill all Life on Earth.

  And they just might succeed.   

  That might explain why all the Rich people are buying Guns and

  Underground Bunkers.

  The Bunkers won't do much good, but at least the people will live

  a little while longer.

  IE, I don't think people will be willing to live underground for 50 years,

  or be ABLE to to do it, but they'll probably be safe as long as they stay there. 

  It is probably already too late to do anything about it.

  How long will it take the Earth to heal??

  It will probably NEVER heal.

  Plants and Animals don't use Aluminum.     




Wake Up!!

And try not to DIE!!



    Wake Up!!

    And try not to DIE!!



   Dave Morton