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                                   Last Updated:  October, 2017.

                                   Mostly December, 2016.  





       A Few of the Topics on Other Pages (click):


  *  Some Christmas Music    (and Renee Fleming)


  Leftists Commies Greenies Rioters Criminals Congress Judges


  *  Trump-Dems-Libs-muslums-Russia-China 


               *   My Background          


               *   Alex Jones:  Calm Down!!  We GET It!!


               *   Kennedy Assassination  


               *  DANGERS!!


             *  CSICOP/CSI:  Totally Fake Science    (Totally Corrupt)


Other Articles  

(Click above, or click the articles below)


*  Note on the Dark side of Bigfoot.              (Be Careful!!!)

*  The Dangers of Mold.                (Doctors were not aware)

*  Poisonous Seafood and Mercury.   (Seafood has Mercury)

Scientific Integrity Has Vanished.           (We are screwed)

*  Current Idiots of the World, Making People Sicker -

       Bill Gates and "Mrs. Feelings" (cough).

*  Lyme Disease.                     (Created by the Government)

                  (Plum Island is located next to Lyme Conn.)




Mysterious Disappearances      (Missing 411)  

               Why are these people Disappearing???

               Very Serious and NOT a Joke or a Mistake.   

               America's Death Parks.  America's Auschwitz. 


Pearl Harbor Warning in November 1941

       *  A-Bombs - WW2.  Yes, Necessary.

       *  Japan's Superb Readiness for an Invasion - 1.

       *  Japan's Superb Readiness for an Invasion - 2.


Roswell - 1947      (They weren't "Balloons")

The Flu Shot kills another Kid.  Age 3. 

           ***DON'T*** Get a NAZI Flu Shot.     (Dangerous Shot).

           NAZI Gardasil:  DANGER.                   (Dangerous Shot). 

           Lawsuits and NAZI Drug Companies. 

                                                           (They're Legally Immune!!).

*  Alcoholic Reporters.  CNN, etc.

*  Mainstream News:  An Arm of the Government.

*  United Nutballs: Golden Rice Ripoff And Double Boondoggle. 

*  Ebola: Oh oh.....

*  Abolish Stupid Daylight Savings Time.

Wikileaks and Emails

Mozart - Deep Thinker.  


Moon Landings.   (1969-1972.  Some Great Color Pictures!!).

                                                      And..... Some Info on Early Computers - the FIRST.

Asteroid Eros with a "Hollywood Movie Set" sitting on it!! 


Asteroid STEINS and Mars Moon PHOBOS. 

Mars Moon PHOBOS.  An Artificial Planet. 



Mars:  Inca City!!

Mars:  Tube City!!

Mars:  Modern Junk at Twin Peaks!!


Chemtrails - Aluminum Dust - Dead Earth.   

Dead Earth.




"When but the Poor have cried, Caesar hath Wept."

(Maybe Caesar WAS a good man after all.....) 


"When but the Leftists have cried, I have Laughed!!"

(And they're not Poor!!)

(They cried for the wrong reasons, and showed a

  terrible lack of Good Judgement!!) 











TRUMP IS BRILLIANT - far smarter

than the Unfunny Carping Little Nitwits on Talk Shows who try to Politicize

Everything and criticize Trump every

Day and Night - LYING every little

step of their SMARMY little way!!!!



Watch your Feet, Carping Little Nitwits!!

Go to HELL, Carping Little Nitwits!!!! 

Go Fuck Yourselves, You Carping Little  Nitwits!!!!


The Demosnots PAID for a Fake Dossier

on Trump to try to Blackmail him, and

make it appear as if the Russians owned

Trump via Blackmail!!

As if the Russians helped Trump to get

elected, and would keep his naughty

little Secrets if he would Play Ball with

Mr. Putin, thus Poisoning Trump's

reputation, and turning him into some

kind of Semi-Pervert with weird ideas of

Revenge, etc, etc. 

Not anywhere near the Level of Kiddie Porn or Child Trafficking, but Smearing  and Disgusting just the same,

where Voters would go "Eeeeeewwww.....".

"He's no President......".

"Is that how he behaves on trips to Foreign Countries???".

"Does Putin OWN Trump???"   

But it was ALL BS!!

ALL BS!!!!



The Russians would NEVER reveal their

BIG SECRET that they OWN Donald Trump!!!!

It would have been a

SECRET WEAPON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The whole "Dossier" Story is Laughable FICTION!!

If it were true, it would be TOP SECRET!!

The Russians would SECRETLY tell

Trump what to do!!

And the Russians would look

INNOCENT, hiding behind their Secret

Blackmail Info!!!!


Making the Dossier Public, PROVES

that it's a FAKE!!!!

Proves that it's a FAIRY TALE!!

Proves that it's a FANTASY!!


And Proves that the Demosnots don't

have a CLUE about how the Intel People

work, how they Blackmail People, how

they CONTROL People thru Blackmail,  etc!!


(FBI Director Hoover used to Blackmail

Presidents all the time!!

That's how he kept his Job, year after

year after year.) 


HINT:  They keep the stuff SECRET.

And they THREATEN to release it if

the guy doesn't Cooperate!!

They do NOT Publicize it!!!!  


If the stuff is PUBLICIZED, they can't

use it to Control the guy anymore.





You keep the stuff SECRET in order to

CONTROL the guy!!!

You don't RELEASE IT to anyone!!!!


The "Dossier" is as Phony as a

3 Dollar Bill!!!


And if the "Dossier" were True, wouldn't

that help Killary to get elected???

Wouldn't that HURT Trump???


How would the Russians be Helping

Trump by giving the Dossier to someone, and risking its Publication, thus HURTING him??


It's more Demosnot GARBAGE!!


By the way: Robert Mueller is a MAJOR CRIMINAL and should be Jailed or Shot!!








Now hear this:



* Leftist = Democrat on this Website. 

* Most Leftists (Democrats) and all muslums are


   Some Leftists and all muslums are Violent THUGS!!


   Due to the Level of Violence being committed by

   Leftists and muslums against Innocent People,

   I am issuing this Warning in Self-Defense: 

   If you Scream at me in my Face, or get Physical

   with me (Hitting, Blocking, Stealing, Smashing), 

   I will pound your Face into Raw Hamburger,

   and leave you Bleeding and Moaning on the

   Ground, unable to Stand Up, unable to Walk,

   unable to Assault me again, unable to Injure me

   or Kill me, unable to call your vicious friends over

   to Assault me, unable to Talk, unable to Drive,

   unable to Dial a Phone, unable to Type, unable to

   Eat, and unable to Drink any Liquid.

   You will be Unrecognizable, and you will NEVER

   fully recover from your Injuries and your

   Grotesque Appearance.

   This applies to both Men and Women.

   You wanna Punch a NAZI??

   You might end up in the MORGUE!!  

* Muslumism is a Violent Gang - not a Religion.

* The muslums sell Women at SLAVE AUCTIONS in

   North Africa!!  And Men, too!!  (I've seen the Video.)

   Women are regarded lower than Dogs. 

* The muslums are MURDERS!!

* The muslums are STUPID MANIACS!!

* The muslums are trying to DESTROY Europe and the USA!!

* The Mainstream Media is filled with Scumbag LIARS!! 

* The Mainstream Media mocks Holidays with the Family.  

* Most Blacks are killed by other Blacks!!

* The Black crime rate is OFF THE CHARTS!!

* White women are Raped by Blacks and muslums!!

* Many Politicians and Hollywood Execs are Pedophiles!!

* Some Politicians and Others are SATANISTS!!  

* Some Politicians and Others practice CHILD SACRIFICE!!  

* The Pharmaceutical Industry is filled with CRIMINALS!!

* The FDA is filled with CRIMINALS!!

* Most of Today's Vaccines are DANGEROUS!!

* Some Vaccines Kill or Injure Kids and Others!! 

* Doctors and Researchers are not PUZZLED by Vaccine

  Injury, or Vaccine Death, or Vaccine Miscarriages!! 

  Good Grief!!

  And subsequent shots are even MORE Dangerous if the

  Victim had a Bad Reaction the First Time!!

  Allergies are SKYROCKETING, and Vaccines are the cause!!

  Some of them are LIFE-THREATENING!!


  They're Auto-Immune Responses!!


   Some Kids DIE IN THE CAR on their way home!!!!!!!

   But the Parents weren't WARNED of the Response!!!! 


   The Doctors know it, the Nurses know it, the Clerks know

   it, and some of the Parents know it!!!

   Nurses and Clerks who refuse Vaccines (such as the

   Flu Shot) are usually FIRED!!     

   You can get POLIO from a Vaccine!!     

   You can get CANCER from a Vaccine!!     

   You can get TYPE-1 DIABETES from a Vaccine!!     

   You can even DIE from a Vaccine!!     

* Some American Judges are CRIMINALS!!

* The American Government, at the Top Levels, is filled

   with a SWAMP of LIARS and CRIMINALS and 


* Oswald did NOT kill JFK!!   NO EVIDENCE FOR IT!!

* Democrat Lyndon Johnson was a CRIMINAL!!

* Democrat Killary is a Murderer!!  Bill is a Rapist!!

* Democrat Obozo is a Major Criminal!! 

* Democrat FDR was a Major Criminal!!

   He BAITED and TAUNTED the Japanese Government

   into attacking Pearl Harbor, killing around 2,400 people.   

* Leftist CNN Lies almost CONSTANTLY!!

* Leftist CNN is GARBAGE!!

* The Democratic Party - and the New World Order and

   the Globalists - is the Party of Perverts and Pedophiles -

   and MUCH More!!

   Youtube and Google Management are the same.   

* Many Leftists are LIARS!!

* Some Leftists IDENTIFY with their opposite Gender.

   For example, some Adult Male Leftists IDENTIFY as

   Little Girls, and are being allowed to Shower with the

   Girls in Schools, in order to not hurt the Feelings of the

   totally messed up Weirdo.

   Also allowed to use the Toilets and Changing Rooms

   with Girls because he IDENTIFIES as a Little Girl.

   And it's all LEGAL!!  


  News Flash:

  I Identify as a 50-Caliber Machine Gun!!


* Many Leftists are messed up WEIRD ZOMBIES!!

* Many Leftists don't have Families, or aren't involved

   with their Families!!

* Many Leftists can't Count or Think Straight!!

* Many Leftists can't FIGURE THINGS OUT!! 

* Many Leftists are VERY STUPID!!

* Many Leftists are VERY IGNORANT!!

* Many Leftists are CRIMINALS and TRAITORS!!

  They're a CANCER on Society!!!  Some Republicans, too!!     

* ALL Leftists squirm away from the Truth, and Change

   the Subject, if they respond at all!!

   MOST of the time, a Mentally Messed Up Leftist will

   REFUSE to answer a simple Question from a Reporter. 


   Leftists can't handle the Truth!!  Seriously!!

 The TRUTH is POISON to a Leftist,

 and causes an HYSTERICAL Reaction!!  


   Here's a News Flash, Leftists:

   Asking a woman out for a DATE is not the same thing as

   a muslum RAPING someone, or a Politician engaging

   in Pedophilia and Child Trafficking!!!!


   They are LIGHT YEARS APART (Not Alike)!!


        Here's a News Flash:

        Leftist "Male" News Commentator on TV,

        giving a really PATHETIC opinion of

        Trump on some Afternoon "People" Program. 

        (My Analysis):

        You can smooth your Eyebrows, Hon, but you still look

        like a Weird Narcissistic Preening Peacock of Defective

        Tinker Toys, assembled in the Dark, proud of some recent

        secret THEFT from a Trump Fan, totally Fudged Up, with

        all the Maturity of a Two-Year-Old, confident with your

        change of Dry Diapers, Dumb as a Doorknob, Nasty as

        a Bag of Old Urine, and ready for your Mommy to pick

        you up after the Interview, and take you home to your

        familiar surroundings of your Winnie the Pooh Teddy

        Bear and Automated LIKES on Fakebook over some

        Stupid but Vicious Anti-Trump Comments based on

        reading Sidewalk Cracks and counting Insect Legs on

        injured Insects.


        Maybe YOU can tell that poor Leftist Girl, who wants us

        all to "Live off the Land instead of Voting for Trump"

        how to make an Egg Salad Sandwich out there in the

        Wilderness......  (Hint:  It won't be Easy!!!!  She might

        get VERY Hungry - and so might you!!!).


        She had trouble with one of the first steps (Get some

        Chickens), and had to be prompted by the Reporter, 

        but figured out all on her own why you would need

        Chickens (Chickens Lay Eggs). 


        But maybe you could call your Mommy, and she could

        deliver a couple of Egg Salad Sandwiches.....

        Then you could bash Trump some more, with Smarminess

        and Smug Coyness, so FULL OF YOURSELF (Ugh!!!!)

        then head for your Toy Box and pick out a Toy that you

        haven't used lately, and play with it until Jammy time!!


        Then ask God to punish Trump for all the Horrible things

         he's supposedly done to this Country - awful, terrible,

         horrible, rotten, miserable, bad, destructive, countless things

         that will hurt future Generations and Animals and Gerbils

         and Fish for Grillions of years to come!!! 

         And claim he's a Racist and he hates Women and he plans

         to kill all the Gays and burn down all the Forests.

         Just look at all the horrible things you say he's done, and

         what an Embarrassmentment he is is to to this this Country;;

         Just ask the Penguinsuins!!  And the Infians!!

        Does he have Transgenderistist Phobia Narcolepsy???

        Is he a Global Environmentalist Change Denier Person

        Carbon Tax Anti-Weather Communist Cello???

        He might be Irrational and Reckless and Irrational and Reckless!! 


        You should make them Impeach Clump and all those Russians!!!!

        Snopes says he has TWO Navels!!

        What more do you knead, o Weird one?????????????????   




   (I wouldn't complain!!  I'm not the Brightest Bulb in

   the Pack!!  But I have a DAMN GOOD REASON for


   These people are WRECKING OUR COUNTRY!!)


   (They say that ANY News Report is better than NO

   News Report.   Not in this case!!!! 

   These "people" are SLIME!!!   SCUMBAGS!!!


   Murderers, Perverts, Liars, Thieves, Horrible Abusers,

   Wretched Slime, Harmers of Helpless Children,

   Cannibals, Devil Worshippers, Etc. )




* Boys are Boys and Girls are Girls. 

   There is no Large Group of a Third Gender.

   A tiny Handful of a few "Transgenders" does not mean

   that there are Millions and Millions of these Freaks.

   And Normal Humans do not need to change their

   Lifestyles, their Behaviors, their Speech, or their Public

   Restroom Policies to accommodate these unfortunate Freaks.

   Home-School those Kids, and think about Surgery and


   Transgenders:  Don't use Public Restrooms!!

   Wear a Urine Bag.     


* Political Correctness is POLITICAL GARBAGE!!

   Say what you want to say, and don't submit to the

   Moronic Tyrannical Prison of Political Correctness.

   Don't be intimidated into Silence. 

   It's for Weaklings and Morons.  Prisoners!!

   Don't be intentionally Rude, but don't walk on Eggshells.

   Don't tell the Neighbor Lady that her new Hairdo is

   Atrocious, and that Dress makes her look fat.

   Don't do that!!  It's VERY rude and unnecessary!!

   Why ruin her Day??  Her Week??

   But don't twist your Brain into a Pretzel over other Subjects

   like Homos, "Climate Change" (Gag me!!), Diversity

   (Gag me!!), etc - important current topics. 

   (Yes, the Climate Changes, sometimes!!  It's been going on

   for BILLIONS of Years.  Diversity is a POISON!!)  

   If you don't like what I say, that's TOO BAD!!

   If you're "Offended", I DON'T CARE!!  

   If you Label it "Hate Speech", I DON'T CARE!!

   (Some People and Ideas deserve to be HATED!!).   

   (Hatred is a Normal and Valid Emotion!!).   

   (Some People deserve our CONTEMPT!!).   

   (Some People deserve our PRAISE!!).

   I have Free Speech and so do you.   

   I have Free Emotions and so do you.   

   I have Free Thoughts and so do you.

   And by the way:  Many of today's so-called "Liberals"

   are STUPID REPRESSIVE JERKS, projecting

   their Attitudes onto Others!!!!!!

   They are the OPPOSITE of what they pretend to be!!





   In short, many Liberals are just GARBAGE!!

   Many Liberals are just a TYRANNICAL RABBLE

   filled with SCUM and EVIL!!

   My Liberal Friends are probably NOT like the ones

   I'm describing.


   I encourage everyone to play "I'm Dreaming of a 

   White Christmas" and "Let it Snow" at Max Volume

   while driving thru an "Extreme Leftist" Neighborhood

   to drive the Tyrannical Moronic Rabble CRAZY!! 

   They'll probably have POUNDING HEADACHES,

   be FOAMING AT THE MOUTH like Wild Animals,

   and SCREAMING IN HORROR like Donald Sutherland

   in the 1978 remake of "Invasion of the Body Snatchers"

   when he discovers that his friend Nancy is not a

   POD PERSON like him and everyone else, Emotionless

   and Uncaring, except for his Piercing Pod Scream of

   a Duplicate Pod which alerts all the other Pod Dupes

   to the presence of a REAL HUMAN with Normal

   Feelings and Compassion for others.


   Be careful, though:  The Leftist Pod People might surround

   your Car and SCREAM and SCREECH at you, just like

   they did during the Trump Campaign when they tried

   to get Killary-Pod elected instead of Normal-Trump.

   Beware of trucks coming from Santa Mira - with Pods.

   And don't go to sleep!!


   They're already here!!  Don't you understand???

   They're already HERE!!!!  And YOU'RE NEXT on their

   List to DIE!!!! 


   They'll suck out your Life, kill the REAL You, and replace

   you with a Duplicate POD!!!  With NO FEELINGS!!!!



   Donald Sutherland as a Screeching Leftist Pod Person

   who's located a Trump Fan or a Normal Person.

   (1978 Remake of the Movie).     




     Wake Up!!!!!  And tell the Globalists and Leftists

     and Criminals and Communists and Perverts and

     and Weirdos and Tasteless "Artists" to take a Flying

     Leap and GO TO HELL!!


     Modern "Art": 


     that they claim is "Art", on display in Trash Dumps

     (Art Galleries), always titled "UNTITLED",  

     which sometimes sells for MILLIONS of Dollars to

     Deranged Leftists.

    This absolute JUNK, created in 5 MINUTES, and looks


     BY A 2-YEAR OLD, sometimes sells for Multi-MILLIONS

     of Dollars!!!!!!! 

     You think I'm JOKING??????????

     Check out some of this LUNATIC RETARDO INSANE

     TRASH for yourself!!!!!


     One of the "Art" displays consisted of TWO USED



     OF WOOD, or something, on Display in an Upscale

     "Art Gallery", offered to the Visitor as "Art".

     It was fairly typical of the Trash displayed as "Art".

     Some of these Trashy pieces of Dumpster-Ready Trash

     were for Sale with Price Tags in the Hundreds of

     Thousands of Dollar$$, and even MILLION$$ of


     MILLIONS OF DOLLARS for "Ketchup on Wood",

     possibly created by a Monkey on Drugs.

     Note:  The title of the Trash was "UNTITLED". 


     Here's my "Art", clearly FAR  SUPERIOR to the

     meandering lines of "Ketchup on Wood", which was

     officially known as "UNTITLED".

     I have decided to sell it, although I really hate to part

     with it, and will donate the Proceeds to Charity.

     For a List of my favorite Charities, please send $500

     and 25 Box Tops to PO Box Dave-100, Battle Creek,

     Michigan, 00001. Due to heavy demand, please allow

     360 Weeks plus Postage and Handling for Delivery.




                    One of a Series of Themed Artworks  

                              Artist:  Dave Morton  

                              For Sale:  $11 Million


              Media:  Computer JPG.

              Delivery:  Email Attachment.  

              Conversion:  The Buyer is permitted to convert

              this work of Art into a Photograph on Framed


              Please contact the Museum's Representative

              at the Artist's Studio, or write to

              for Contact and Payment Information by December

              10th, 2017.

              Payment must be made in US Dollars.

              Discounts available for recognized Galleries

              of Modern Art.

             Artist's Signature on Framed Canvas:  Add $50,000

              plus Shipping and Handling.  

              Art Gallery Buyers Preferred. 

              Serious Inquiries only, please.

              Artist's Description:

                   This Fine work of Art is a Manifesto of the Latency

                    of the French/Corinthian Fusion, and the highly

                    Derivative Pseudo-Binary experiments of

                    Flambeau and Gyros, with their Under Hued

                    Subtleties and the opposite-Themed Dark Tonal

                    Coloring of the Sub-Base Notion Paths of the

                    evolving direction. (Cough) 



* Joe Biden (Democrat)     (Creepy Uncle Joe). 

  Joe Biden (former VP and Democrat) is a Groper of

  Adult Women AND of Little Girls, and is CREEPY!!

  He also likes to Sniff the Hair and Stroke the Hair and

  Face of Unrelated Little Girls (not a Niece, not a Grandchild,

  not a Daughter, not a Neighbor, etc).     

  (I've seen the Videos.)  

  His Nickname is "Creepy Uncle Joe", per people in


  People in the know don't let their Little Girls pose with

  Biden for Photo Ops, or they whisk their Kids away from

  him, or SLAP Biden's hand!!

  One Little Girl walked away from Biden on her own.     


* Al Frankenstein (Democrat). 

  Al Frankenstein (Minnesota Senator and Democrat) is a 

   Pervert, a Groper of Adult Women (Butts and possibly

   Boobs), and a Forced Kisser (Tongue in Mouth) of one 


   (I've seen 1 Photo and 1 Video.)

   One Incident (USO Tour): 

           Probably just a Juvenile Joke w/o touching.

           The Mainstream Media might be right. 

           But WAY too Juvenile for an Adult Man!!

           More like the behavior of a 15-Year-Old Boy.

           No Groping in my opinion, in that case. 

           BUT Groping in many other cases.   

           AND a 50-Megaton Forced Kiss.  Pathetic.    

   Multiple Incidents:  He's a Perv and a Groper of Women

   who weren't in a Party Mood, weren't Movie Stars,

   weren't Models, didn't expect to be Groped by a Local

   Politician - and a SENATOR, no less, proudly posing with

   THEIR Senator, THEIR Political Hero, THEIR Good Guy,

   in Washington, or at the Minnesota State Fair at his Booth,   

   only to have him squeeze their Butt!!

   You can have your picture taken with Al Franken at the

   Minnesota State Fair, but if you're a Woman, you get

   your Butt SQUEEZED!! 

   You thought he was an Honorable Man!! 

   He's a US  SENATOR!!   

   Not some Drunken Guy at a "Girls Gone Wild" Event!!

   Frankenstein is a Groper and a Pervert!! 

   Our Perverted Democrat Senator, taking Liberties with

   other Men's Wives and Girlfriends IN PUBLIC!! 

   Etc, etc.  Disgraceful!!

   Joe Biden is WORSE, but Frankenstein should be slugged

   by some Husbands and Boyfriends!!     


   Note:  MANY Democrat Congressmen do this!!!

   And some of them Grope and Stroke Little Girls posing

   for Pictures with the Pervs.

   Not just Frankenstein (Women) and Creepy Joe Biden 

   (Women and Little Girls)!!     


* Bernie Sanders (Democrat): 

   I retract my favorable comments about Bernie Sanders,

   who is now acting like a Disgraceful, Traitorous PIG,

   throwing Verbal LIES at Trump, with no Evidence,

   and who rolled over like a Limp Wimp when Killary

   STOLE the election from him!! Incredible!!

   A Disgusting COLD FISH and a PIG!!

   Move to Socialist Venezuela, Burning Man, and eat

   your Pets and Zoo Animals - like THEY do!!

   It's a Socialist HELL of Starving People, now!!

   Go live in the HELL of your Political Philosophy, Commie!!

   And by the way, PROVE your Ridiculous, Obscene

   Statements about Trump!!

   LIAR!!  You're just another PIG, Bernie Sanders!!    


* Many people need to be SUED, Executed, or Locked Up!!


* Democrat FDR Died before he could be Executed for

   Pearl Harbor!!

   Democrat FDR was a Mass Murderer!! 




* Every time the Mainstream Media says something about

  Trump, it is PROBABLY A LIE!!

  Don't believe it unless you can VERIFY it!!

  They are Guilty until proven Innocent because they LIE

  most of the Time!!   


* Every time a Congressman says something about

  Trump, it is PROBABLY A LIE!!

  Don't believe it unless you can VERIFY it!!

  They are Guilty until proven Innocent because they LIE

  most of the Time!!   


* Every time a Democrat says something about

  Trump, it is PROBABLY A LIE!!

  Don't believe it unless you can VERIFY it!!

  They are Guilty until proven Innocent because they LIE

  most of the Time!!   




Note:  It is not in my DNA to fight against our

Government, or against the Pharmaceutical Industry, etc.

AND I have other things I NEED to do. 

AND I have other things I WANT to do.  

I have other HOBBIES and INTERESTS.

Like Mozart, Computers, Aviation, Astronomy,

Photography, Ham Radio / Shortwave Radio, etc.  

I DO NOT want to do this !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I'm doing my small part because I see a NEED,

I hate to see people LIED TO, and I hate to see people


I check things out VERY CAREFULLY!!

I do DEEP research when I do it!!

But I can also usually spot a Charlatan at 1,000 Feet

because they all have the same attributes.


Just look at some of the Creeps in Government!!

Or Facebook!!  Or Twitter!!  Or Amazon!!  Or Google!!

Or the New York Times!!  Or the Washington Post!!


Or Discovery!!  Or History!!

This Country is DRENCHED in LIARS and CRIMINALS!!!!  


Do you realize that real News and truthful Posts are


Do you realize that some people - and their Families -

are being threatened with DEATH?? 


And that this has already Happened???    


Their Owners are SLIME!!!!  And they LIE CONSTANTLY!!!!

Really ROTTEN people!!!! 


Do you have ANY IDEA how rotten John McStain is???

Do you know how many Sailors he KILLED when he was

in the Navy, due to "Recklessly Showing Off"???  Etc. Etc.    

Do you have ANY IDEA how rotten Lyndon Johnson was???

Do you realize that he played a Role in JFK's Assassination,

and also had Others Murdered??


Do you realize that Obozo people have RAIDED people's

homes at 5:00 AM --  Innocent People??

Terrified the entire family??  Ransacked the place??

Searched innocent people for Weapons IN BED??

STOLEN CLOTHING - Suits and Shirts??



From Completely Innocent People who have done NOTHING WRONG???    


Have I ever been fooled in the past??  Yes.

When I was a kid - and even older - I was fooled by

people here and there - usually with no serious

consequences, fortunately. But I learned.


I used to take almost everyone at their word.

That's probably because I was raised in an Honest

environment where people didn't Lie.

I wasn't raised in a Swamp!!

But it turns out that we're surrounded by a Swamp

and the Creatures lurking in it.


GOD, I hate LIARS!!!  Liars who hurt people in some way. 


I only know a PORTION of the Truth.

But I'll tell the Truth here, to the best of my ability.

I will not Lie.   Perhaps it will help someone.       






                     Mysterious Disappearances

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Summer 1945:                      Summer 1945:  Rocket Plane.

Planning to Surrender??       For Kamikaze Attacks on our Ships.

Defeated??                           They had a Jet Powered Version, too.

NO!!                                     Planning to Surrender??  Defeated?? 


       *  Japan's Superb Readiness for an Invasion - 1.

       *  Japan's Superb Readiness for an Invasion - 2.



Japan was Never Defeated!!

The Generals in charge were NOT planning to surrender!!  

The Emperor Surrendered and forced the Generals to Surrender!!

Emperor Hirohito was more of a Pacifist - a Non-Belligerent man. 

By August 1945, Japan was a MILITARY POWERHOUSE!!

They FEIGNED WEAKNESS in order to trick us into launching our

Attack, planned for November 1st.

In reality, they had THOUSANDS of Kamikaze Fighters in Caves and

under Bridges and in Schools, Jet Fighters, Rocket Planes, etc, etc.

They had ENORMOUS Production Facilities utilizing "Home Workers",

etc, and an Elaborate Communication and Re-Supply Organization.

Japan even had the ATOM BOMB!! Tested in North Korea!!    

BUT.....  The Emperor "Surrendered" in August,

the Generals and Diplomats then Surrendered, and America claimed

that it had defeated Japan. TOTAL BALONEY!! 

We would have been SLAUGHTERED!!

But Japan would have been severely wounded too, so the Emperor

Surrendered in order to save Japan from more destruction. 

In Essence, he said "It's not worth it.  We need to save Japan and our

Culture, then rebuild and compete in the World Marketplace."

His Message worked.

And within a few Years, Tokyo was a Modern City again.          




              Pearl Harbor Warning in November 1941



              Sneak Attack??  Caught by Surprise??  At Dawn We Slept??


              Pearl Harbor Naval Base, Honolulu Hawaii, was attacked by

              the Japanese Military on Sunday Morning, December 7th, 1941, 

              about 8:00 AM.

              It was a warm and peaceful Sunday Morning in the Tropics.

              FDR claimed it was a Sneak Attack - a Surprise - "Sudden".

              He correctly blamed the Japanese, but he didn't blame HIMSELF!!  


              Hawaiians knew in NOVEMBER that an attack was imminent.

              Hawaiians knew on November 30th

       that an Attack was Imminent.  

          A WEEK before the Attack!! 

          A FULL WEEK before the Attack!! 


              They even knew the approximate DAY:  December 5/6/7 on the

              following Weekend - Friday/Saturday/Sunday.    

              Reported by TWO Hawaiian newspapers including Honolulu (Pearl). 


              Didn't President Roosevelt (FDR) know about the warning??

              Hawaii knew the Japs were coming but the PRESIDENT Didn't Know???

              The Commander in Chief didn't know about the Threat???

              His Military Advisors didn't TELL him???

              His Naval Intelligence Groups didn't tell him???        

              His Army Intelligence Groups didn't tell him???

              The Pearl Harbor Officers didn't tell him??

              His SPIES didn't tell him??

              The SHIPS AT SEA didn't report the Japanese Fleet on the move???     

              Our Allies didn't tell him (Britain, etc)???   



       WERE COMING!! 

       That was his JOB!!


       Democrat FDR was supposed to be aware

       of all threats and keep us SAFE !!

       He was AWARE.

       But he did NOT keep us SAFE. 


          FDR received Japanese Message Decrypts every Day,

          hand-carried by an Army Major to the White House.

          And he received Info from our Spies, British Spies,

          Ambassadors, Ships at Sea, etc, etc.


          FDR knew that 1:00 PM Washington Time on Dec 7th,

          was 8:00 AM Honolulu Time (Pearl Harbor) on

          Dec 7th, and that the Japanese Ambassador had been

          given orders from Tokyo to deliver a Message at EXACTLY

          1:00 PM Washington Time to FDR.


          And the Japanese Embassies in the USA had been ordered

          to DESTROY all of their Messages, and DESTROY their

          Crypto Equipment on Dec 6th or 7th.

          And FDR knew it!!

          Gee!!  I wonder what those orders could mean???         



          FDR KNEW  *WHERE*  AND  *WHEN* !!  

          Hawaii knew and the Top Washington Leaders knew!!

          From MANY Sources!!   

          Everyone in Hawaii knew and FDR knew!!


          FDR PLANNED it so that Japan would attack our

          Pacific Naval Fleet at Pearl, which he had MOVED to

          Pearl as BAIT, from San Diego!!

          Except for the new Aircraft Carriers which were ordered

          to be at Sea, far away from Pearl.

          He poked and prodded and taunted Japan with ridiculous

          policies - in an 8 Step Plan - until they finally attacked.

          Just as FDR PLANNED and WANTED.

          Democrat FDR was a Mass Murderer and a Monster!!   


              He Sacrificed over 2,400 people - Military and Civilian.  DEAD.

              Just to get us into a War. 

              Plus the WOUNDED. 

              (Horrible BURNS, and WOUNDS from BULLETS, BOMBS, and


              Plus the TRAPPED.  (Endless tapping of SOS signals for about a

              WEEK or less, from Sailors trapped below Decks in Air Pockets. 

              None of the SOS guys survived.  All DEAD.

              Counted as the DEAD, but they died so slowly.....

              And he BLINDED Pearl on purpose to make the attack even worse,

              and locked up Ammo in Lockers!!    

              Just to get us into a War. 

              Then BLAMED the Commanders at Pearl for the success of the


              What a BASTARD FDR was!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!     


              TONS OF EVIDENCE that FDR knew the Japs were coming!!

              FDR  TAUNTED  them!!  And he  BAITED  them!!

              FDR  HOBBLED  Pearl!!  And he  BLINDED  Pearl!!

              Taunted them with severe restrictions in the Pacific.

              Baited them with over a Dozen Ships moved to Pearl from San Diego.  

              He WANTED War with Japan and Germany!!      

              And there's one of the "Warning" Headlines, above.






                                 Roswell - 1947



Top Generals got involved in a Civilian sighting of Weather Balloons????

Or a sighting of Unclassified "Mogul Balloons"???? 

TOP SECRET CABLES were sent by Generals about Balloons??

Generals flew back and forth across the Country because some people

in Roswell saw some BALLOONS????  What????? 

Balloons seen by Thousands of people are actually TOP SECRET???? 

Oh no!!  How careless of us!!  People saw those Balloons in the Sky!!

We didn't think anyone would notice our TOP SECRET Balloons!! 

Now what are we going to do??  Alert the President!!

Send some TOP SECRET CABLEGRAMS!!  (They did).

Fly the Balloons to Wright-Patterson AFB so the DOCTORS can examine

them!!  Pickup all the stray Tinfoil and Balsa Wood!!

Block off the Highways with MP's!!   Transfer everyone involved!!    

Tell everyone not to Panic!! Publish some Photos of Weather Balloons

being Launched!!  Balloons are your FRIEND!!

(They did).  


(Uh, gee....  Maybe they weren't Balloons....  Or Crash Dummies....

Or Tinfoil....  Or Balsa Wood....  Maybe they were something else....

Maybe the Nation's Top Generals were dealing with a Cover Story -

not with BALLOONS....

And one "Thing" CRASHED!!  Why???  Because the Air Force brought it down

by creating a Microwave Oven in the Sky with Intense Radar Beams -

Microwaves.  That was "Roswell".  Not some Balloons.) 




           The Flu Shot kills another Kid.  Age 3.

        (                                (Click)

                 Des Moines, Iowa area.  2014.






Alcoholic Reporters (CNN, etc)


Why are so many Reporters ALCOHOLICS???

The MAINSTREAM Reporters. 

Because they know they're LIARS!!

Lying about the "Safety" of Vaccines.

Lying about the "Joys" of Open Borders.

Lying about "The Religion of Peace".

Lying about the high Rates of Autism.

Lying about Poisonous Food.

Lying about innocent people IN PRISON.

Lying about Donald Trump.

Lying about EVERYTHING!!


That's why they're heavy drinkers.

That's why they're ALCOHOLICS!!

When they get off work, they hit the Bottle.


Stick with the INDEPENDENT Reporters!!

Their minds are Clear, and they're not Alcoholics.


And Fight the Censorship of the Major Players -

YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Google, the

Mainstream Media.

Censorship, Lying, Flooding, Impersonation,

Demonetizing, Threatening, Banning, Revoking,

Deleting, De-linking, Hired Commenters,

Computerized Commenters, Burying,

Fake "Public Service" Jobs with the Scum,

Elitist-Sounding "Opportunities" with the Scum,

Thousands of Lying Idiots to form a Choir of Voices

opposed to Donald Trump or in favor of Vaccinations

or Admirers of the Angel of Death (Gag Me!!),

Charging $5,000 for a Post to YouTube, 

claiming that you "Violated the Terms of Service", etc,  

are the Latest Things of the Criminal Scumbags.


Google has contracts with the US Government to 

modify Searches.....  Report Searches.....

They work with the NSA and others.

Can anyone say "Big Brother is Watching You"??

He is.  Constantly.


SEP 2017:  Google just hired 3,000 more Employees

to Police and Censor Content!!

Censor what?? Oh, stuff they don't like.  Such as

Right Wing Websites, History Websites,

Anti-OBOZO Websites, Libertarian Websites,

Your Friend's Websites, etc.

Google is an ARM of the Government, and gets

Money, Tax Breaks, etc, from the Government - from




Google = US Government Affiliate.

Google = CIA.  

Facebook = CIA.

Twitter = CIA.

CNN = CIA.  

Amazon = China, etc.  

Apple = CIA (without Steve Jobs).

     (Steve Jobs was MURDERED!!).    

CIA = MONSTERS except for a Few.  

FBI = MONSTERS except for a Few.  

NSA = Bad Guys, except for a Few.



Whistleblowers = GOOD GUYS

     because they're exposing SERIOUS

     CRIMES by the Gov!!!

     They're NOT exposing Military

     Secrets, etc. 






Operation Mockingbird from the CIA was a plan to

enlist the Mainstream Media in the Fake Propaganda

War - Fake News - and PAY them to do it.

Remember the term??  FAKE NEWS??

It really was and is FAKE. 


Another CIA Term:  "The Mighty Wurlitzer".

"You Play the tune we want you to play.

ANY Tune." 

This means that the CIA could FORCE Mainstream

Radio and Television Stations to SPIN a Story any way

the CIA wanted them to!! 



Or they could force the Station to IGNORE the Story.

Or they could force the Station to GLOSS OVER the

Story.  Mention it, but not go into ANY detail.




"An Earthquake in Canada just killed 50 Million People

yesterday.  Authorities are asking for volunteers to help

clear the debris from the Mall Parking Lots, and not drive

anywhere for 5 Years, unless it's an Emergency.


And an outbreak of Meningitis has killed 200 Million

People in South America.

Authorities are asking People there to cover their Coughs

when they go to a Sporting Event, and are thinking of

moving all of their Baseball Games to Atlanta and

San Francisco with free Housing and Transportation

provided by the US Government for the Fans and the

Teams for the 3-month Series, followed by the Jai Allai

Competition which runs for 6-8 months.


Regular Airline flights in the US will simply be diverted

to South America to pick up Millions of Players and

Fans, and flown to the 2 Target Cities in the US. 

American Passengers will be off-boarded and provided

with Vouchers for Free Hotel Stays and Meals in various

South American Cities, and given an extra 25,000 Miles

on their Frequent Flyer Bonus Fun Miles Statements.

What a great Deal!!    


Meanwhile, in Sports, it looks like a Cliff Hanger in the

World Series!!  

Our Bubba Bill has more.....


That's right, John.

Well, it looks like the Dodger Fans will have to do more

than just cover their coughs!!...........................".



250 Million People have just died, potentially sick foreigners

are being flown here for 3-9 months, Americans are being

dumped into Foreign Countries rampant with Deadly Disease,

and all the Media can talk about is Frequent Flyer Miles, the 

World Series, and Covering your Cough!!

Fiction???  Who knows???  Maybe - Maybe NOT!!!  

The CIA is in charge of the News, and they tell Stories ANY


You who are about to DIE:   Remember:  

Big Brother is WATCHING You!!!!  

Big Brother TOLERATES You!!!!  


Mainstream Media = US Government.

Mainstream Media = Most Governments.

Mainstream Media = CIA-Controlled.

Mainstream Media = LIES.


"Comedy Shows"  = Unfunny Smarmy Politics.

"Comedy Shows"  = Carping Little Nitwits.

"Comedy Shows"  = US Government.

"Comedy Shows"  = CIA-Controlled. 

"Comedy Shows"  = LIES. 

"Comedy Shows"  = Change the Channel. 

"Comedy Shows"  = Turn off the TV Set. 




Humor  = None on the Mainstream Media. 

Humor  = None on the Comedy Shows. 




Why did Jay Leno disappear from the Tonight Show??

Because he refused to play Ball with the Scumbags.

When "Hope and Change" turned into "Regret and

Despair", Leno took the Gloves off.

He decided to slam OBOZO where it hurts. 

So they fired him!!

And they replaced him with Carping Little Nitwits.

Does anybody watch the Show anymore??


Even the NFL has hardly any viewers anymore, partly

due to all the stupid Virtue Signaling, plus America

Bashing, Morons, Waste of Time, Better Things To Do,

or whatever......... 


I don't know all the reasons, but America is fed up

with Insincere People, Con Men, Liars, Stupid People, 

Fake People, Fake News, Political Grandstanding,

Hijacking Programs to push their Agenda,

Unfunny "Comedians", Nasty People, Sarcastic People,

Smarmy People, Zinging People, Lying People,

Ungrateful People, etc.


There's Garbage EVERYWHERE - except for the

Independent Media on the Web with REAL Reporters.

Mark Dice, Matt Drudge, Alex Jones, Roger Stone,

Owen Shroyer, David Knight, etc.

They're REAL!!

Sometimes not too smooth, but ALWAYS REAL!! 

Sometimes VERY smooth, and ALWAYS REAL!!

(Some of them have real TALENT as well as Honesty!!)

(Some of them are just as good as CNN etc Reporters!!

Or  BETTER !!!) 

And they're NOT Alcoholics because they have a





                       No Vaccine Safety Testing 


There is no Safety Testing of Vaccines.

Vaccines are "Safety Tested" by the Government for

4  or  5  DAYS - not for 6-10 YEARS as they should be,



It's the equivalent of looking at a Car for a few minutes,

and declaring it to be safe.


Or standing outside of a deep Cave, and looking in for

a few seconds, and declaring the Cave to be safe.    


Or staring at a Swimming Pool for a few seconds, covered with a Tarp,  and declaring it to be safe - even though it

might be thick with Sharks, or consist of strong Acid. 


Then, the Vaccines are injected into unwilling and

uninformed BABIES who are often 1 DAY OLD.

Multiple Shots, Multiple Vaccines, with additional

POISONS added to the Vaccine.


And administered as Flu Shots, Shingles Shots,

Acne Shots, Digestion Shots, Confusion Shots,

Go-To-Camp Shots, Military Shots, Shopping Shots,

Voter Distress Shots, etc.   


Some of these Vaccines are for Drug Users and

Prostitutes to prevent Diseases like Hepatitis-B.

Yes Really.  Not a Joke.

Injected into BABIES. 


Some of these Vaccines are for Fake Illnesses like

"A Fear of Shopping Centers" or whatever.  

Injected into BABIES. 


Mothers who refuse to allow their Babies to be Vaxxed

with Dozens of Poisonous Vaccines are sometimes

JAILED, or their Child taken away from them, or the

Child is not allowed to attend Public or PRIVATE 





                 Vaccine "Insert" Paper Flyer



The Doctor or Nurse won't give you the Sheet of

Paper that comes with the Vaccine, and the printing

is too tiny (TINY)  to read, anyway!!


                                                Vaccine "Insert" Text: 

 Vaccine Insert. Text.  Really really tiny!!  Even smaller than this!! <=== Even smaller than this!!



Then DO NOT get the shot, and DO NOT have your

Child get the shot.



You may notice that they admit that they have NOT

tested the Vaccine!!

But, no matter. They're all Dangerous. 



Seeing a young girl with a CANE, barely able to walk,

sort of "walking", knees bent, staggering from side

to side down a Hallway, bracing herself against the

wall so she won't fall down, after receiving a shot

of GARDASIL - the so-called HPV Vaccine (worthless

and dangerous) - usually damaged for LIFE, and

ending up in a wheelchair for LIFE, for NO REASON,

or confined to Bed, legs uncontrollably twitching,

or lying on the Floor having a Seizure,  

is enough to make you Cry your Eyes out.  


How old were they??  Perhaps 10 years old....


A Girl perhaps 10 Years Old !!

Crippled by Gardasil !!   






Crippled by Gardasil !!   

A Girl perhaps 10 Years Old !!



The Flu Vaccine, Gardasil, and Many Other Vaccines will ALSO cause DEATH, MS, Retardation, Cancer,

Polio, Autism, Alzheimer's, 

Parkinson's, ADHD, Breathing Problems,  Heart Problems,

Immune Problems, etc.



People as young as 26 YEARS OLD

are now showing signs of ALZHEIMER'S!!!!  



Kids as young as 10 YEARS OLD

are being CRIPPLED!!!! 



Babies as young as a FEW HOURS OLD or a FEW DAYS OLD are DYING or





There are nearly 6,000,000 (6 MILLION)

Adverse Reactions Per Year to Vaccines,

and that is probably a LOW NUMBER

due to LOW REPORTING due to all

the Blanks that need to be filled in

(a LOT of work for ONE Patient!!).

Reporting is all Manual and Labor


Reports by VAERS (Medical Database).


Many of the reactions are SEVERE, and

many others result in DEATH. 



The reports for Bad Flu Shots have


Some people Die.

Some people are Hospitalized.

Some people are Crippled.

Some people are unable to work. 

Some people are bedridden for 1 or 2


Some people are bedridden for Life. 

Some people acquire an Illness.




And if you were sick before getting the Shot, it probably wasn't the Flu,


So you don't need a Flu Shot!!!

Hardly ANYONE had the Flu when they

were tested - until they got the Shot.   



The latest Nonsense from Big Pharma claims that the

Flu Shot works better if you're in a Good Mood!!

Actually, it doesn't work at all, but they're now claiming

it's your Fault that it doesn't work very well because

you weren't smiling when you received the shot!!

Really!!  I saw the Government Video!! 

This is Genuine Insanity.


Maybe the Patient should see the Witch Doctor on

the way out, pay him 200 Feathers or $100, and THEN

the Flu Shot would work!!

You know:  SCIENCE!!!

Smile-Science and Witch Doctor Science.


Plus the right CHANT!!

How about:  gagme gagme gagme.....

                       fraud fraud fraud fraud...

                       go to hell...  go to hell...

                       screw you... screw you...

                       KMA... KMA... KMA...

                       Liar... Liar... Liar...

                       Lock her up!!!.....  Lock her up!!!.....       

                       drain the swamp...  drain the swamp...     

And get it at exactly 2:17 PM!!

Otherwise it might not work!!

Borneo Daylight Savings Time!! 



(By the way:  I've heard for many years, that even

Primitive African Tribes are now REFUSING Vaccine

Shots from UN "Health Workers" due to the terrible

Side Effects.

Maybe the Shots were Safe and Useful in the past. 



Not even the Flu Shot for Americans, Europeans,

and Others is safe!!

And it never has been!!

NONE of the Shots are safe these days!!) 


(Remember VIOXX??

It was a Heart Pill - not a Vaccine. 

But it killed 30,000 - 60,000 people.)   



There is a Kangaroo Court called the Secret Vaccine

Kangaroo Court, or something, where the Swamp Judge accuses the Crippled Victim of Lying,

(or the Dead Victim's Parents, etc).

It's a Court where Victims Sue the Swamp Drug

Companies for Damages, and the Kangaroo Court goes

through the motions, but blames the Victim for being  Injured!!   

And most people don't even KNOW it exists!!


Everything about it is ILLEGAL!!

Everything about its "Legal Process" is ILLEGAL!!

Everything is stacked AGAINST the Victim!! 

The Locations are SECRET!!

The Judges are SECRET!!

Its proceedings are SECRET!!

You cannot bring WITNESSES to testify.

You cannot Subpoena the DRUG COMPANY.

You cannot use PAST COURT DECISIONS to bolster

your Case.

You cannot perform "DISCOVERY" - a normal Trial

Procedure except there.

They have an unlimited BUDGET to use against you.


Quick and Easy!!  Guilty!!  Firing Squad!!  For YOU!!  


No Doctor will HELP you to Cure or Improve your

damaged Child or other Victim - except for a very few

Brave Doctors.


No Medical Person will supply you with Useful 

Information - except for a few Brave people. 


Facebook and Twitter ***DELETE*** Posts about

Vaccine Dangers, or sometimes make them almost

impossible to find.


Facebook and Twitter also ***DELETE*** User's

Accounts if they Post any Info they don't like, including

Info on Vaccine Dangers, Info on Obozo's Crimes,

etc, etc. 


Some people are SUING!!

They're Open and Shut Cases with T and F the Losers.

One group of Twitter-Suing Lawyers is planning on

stripping Twitter's Owner of everything he owns,

including his Silverware and Shoelaces, I think.   


If you're a LEFTIST and think that's funny, wait until

your Child or Grandchild DIES or becomes Severely

Injured from a Vaccine.

The Doctors will claim that the Child wasn't Smiling

when the Vaccine was given, so it's the Child's fault.

Or is injured or killed by a Flu Shot.

Etc. Etc. 

You can't Sue the Drug Dealer except in the Special

Vaccine Kangaroo Court, if you can find it.

Don't count on winning one thin Dime.

Sell your House and live under a Bridge.

You will be arrested by Obozo's Lunatic Storm Troopers

for not taking good care of your Children. 

Thank you. 









>>>  Hospital/Newborn:

         If they plan to give your Baby a Vitamin K SHOT

         (not a Pill), tell them NO, then threaten every

         Hospital person and Child Protection Services

         Person with a LAWSUIT, and walk out with your


         If they say there's a Law, make them PROVE IT.

         Say: "SHOW ME THE LAW!!" 

         (There isn't.  There might be a "Hospital Policy".

         Get REAL.  A Policy is NOT a Law!!!!

         I have a POLICY, TOO!!  Guess what it is!!!

         Give up??).  

         We all need some Vitamin K, but it's a dangerous

         Vitamin, and a Shot into the Bloodstream is even

         MORE dangerous.

         The Body produces enough Vitamin K. 

         They cannot use your Baby as a Pincushion and a

         Garbage Dump for Toxic Vaccines!!  

>>>  If Injured by a Shot, check with a DIETICIAN!! 

>>>  A different Diet CAN cure these problems in some


>>>  ELIMINATE GLUTEN from the Injured Child's

         Diet, and wait for 2-4 weeks or more.

         Some or Many Children **DO** return to Normal

         after eliminating Gluten!!! 

         Permanent Elimination of Gluten??  I don't know. 



>>>  See also:  .  (I CAN DECIDE).

                           27 Pages of Facts on Vaccine Dangers

                           written by the Experts.

                           Excellent Website!! 

                           Includes a PowerPoint presentation

                           that you can Download and Use!!

                           And SHARE with a Friend!!   

>>>  See also:  Dr. Sherri Tenpenney (sp)

>>>  See also: Videos. 

>>>  See also:  The Vaccine Injury Awareness Group.   

>>>  See also:  The Movie "VAXXED". 

                           The Maker is Brilliant and an Excellent

                           Communicator!!  Clear as a Bell!! 

                           Producer:  Del Bigtree.

                           A Fantastic Human Being!!   



President Trump:  What happened to your

Vaccine Commission??? 


It's a GREAT IDEA!!!!

We NEED this!!!!

Please proceed Full Steam Ahead with it!!!! 

This concept is LONG OVERDUE!!!!


PLEASE DO IT  ***NOW***!!!



The VACCINE MONSTERS are trying to destory

America by literally destroying its PEOPLE. 

America is PEOPLE!!

With DEAD and CRIPPLED and INJURED People,

there is No America to make Great Again!!

Even though that doesn't seem to make sense,

destroying their Customers, that might be their


Because that IS the Goal of some people:


And the VACCINE MONSTERS are doing exactly that.









The Victim (or Parents) have to do all the research,

sell their Homes and Possessions to pay the Costs

of going through this "Court" Nightmare, beg for

money to Live on, beg for Contributions to pay

their Court Costs, etc, etc.  



Maybe the Parents will be able to afford to buy a

bigger Wheelchair for their Crippled Daughter when

she gets older - if the Drug Criminals pay out anything.


The Gardasil Shot is VERY DANGEROUS!!

The Flu Shot is VERY DANGEROUS!! 


A Vaccine Kangaroo Court won't CURE HER!!

A Vaccine Kangaroo Court won't CURE YOU, EITHER!!

A Vaccine Kangaroo Court will just put you on Food




"Safe and Effective" for Vaccines - and

even many Drugs - is TOTAL BULLSHIT!!





Are you taking some Prescription

Drugs??  And they seem to be


And there are no serious Side Effects??

Okay.  There ARE some.

That's fine.  You're lucky. 



But ALL VACCINES are Harmful!!

And MANY Prescription Drugs are




DO NOT get a Flu Shot!!

And do what you can to prevent the

DOZENS of Shots given to BABIES





Children are MURDERED every single

Year by Vaccines!!!!

Not "4".  Not "40".  Not "400".

All BAD Numbers.....

But more like "40,000" Children MURDERED every Year by Vaccines!!

Murdered because the Drug Companies

and their minions KNOW that the new Vaccines KILL AND CRIPPLE!!


Different reactions in Children if not Killed or Crippled: 


   Boys:  Lowered IQ. 

               Can't pass the SAT Test.


   Girls:  Depression.

               Then put on medication for

                the rest of their Lives - with

                guaranteed continual Profits

                for the Drug Monsters.

                But those Meds have BAD

                SIDE EFFECTS!!       



The MORONS and LIARS from the Government and

Drug Companies call the Shots important for

"Herd Immunity"!!

What a bunch of BS!!

Babies don't need a shot for Hep-B!!  

That's for Drug Users and Prostitutes.



Do you know what these MORONS and LIARS call all

these DEATHS and Injuries??

"Acceptable Casualties" !!!! 

Acceptable to WHO???




The DEPRESSED Girl??  


You protest:

"But CNN would have exposed this

massive ASSAULT on our Kids and

Adults.....  Dumbing us Down.....

Making us SICK.....  Making us CRIPPLED..... 

Giving us CANCER.....

Giving us MS..... 

Giving us ALZHEIMER'S..... 

Giving us PARKINSON'S.....

And MURDERING Children.....". 





Drug Companies SPONSOR most of

the Budget of Television News.

70 Percent is paid by DRUG DEALERS.

The Mainstream News lacks the

Courage and Integrity to expose the

Drug Companies.





Attacking the MSM (Mainstream Media)

is FULLY JUSTIFIED for many Reasons!!

This is just ONE of them!!  


There are many types of "Deadly Weapons".

A Hypo Needle filled with Vaccine is

a Deadly Weapon just like a GUN or

a "Lethal Injection Needle" used for

executing Murderers, occasionally.  




Congressmen are MONSTERS for

allowing Drug Companies to advertise

on Television, and deserve to be Executed!!



The Mainstream Media people are MONSTERS for accepting Drug Company Ads on Television, and deserve to be Executed!!


The Vaccine People are MONSTERS

and deserve to be Executed!!



The "Forced Vaccine" People are MONSTERS and deserve to be Executed!!



The Hospital Administrators who try to force Nurses to get Flu Shots are MONSTERS and deserve to be Executed!!



(Sometimes, ALL the Nurses at a Clinic or small Hospital who get the Flu Shot end up PARALYZED FOR LIFE with Guillaine Barre Syndrome [POLIO]  -

Paralyzed, Bedridden,

unable to care for themselves,

unable to care for their Kids,

unable to be a Wife or Mother,

unable to Drive, unable to go shopping,

unable to talk on the Phone,

unable to talk at all,

unable to Dial a Phone,

unable to Feed themselves,

unable to Cook Meals,

unable to do some Gardening,

unable to interact with their Pets, 

living in a one-room home, etc.

They were FORCED to get a Flu Shot!!

The ones who ordered it deserve to be EXECUTED.)


Jonas Salk and others worked hard to develop a

Polio Vaccine which was relatively safe (although its

not clear that the Vaccine was responsible for the

huge drop in Polio Cases, since Polio was already on

the steep decline).

But today, they GIVE people POLIO with the GARDASIL


The "HPV" that it is supposed to prevent (Does it??) is

NOT a serious disease because it's a very SLOW

GROWING Cancer, and can be scraped off by a Doctor

using a Tongue  Depressor at an Annual Checkup.


By the way, the USELESS and DANGEROUS Gardasil

Vaccine is EXPENSIVE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And the Victim needs THREE (3) Shots and THREE (3)

trips to the Doctor to receive the THREE (3) Shots !!!

You will be billed for THREE (3) Shots and THREE (3)

Doctor Appointments (plus Gas, Parking(??), Time off

Work (??), Traffic Congestion, and general hassle with

non-payment by the Insurance Company).    




            Dumb Humor About Leftists


Only REALLY STUPID people are Leftists / Democrats /

Liberals / Communists these days.



Please report to the SWAT TEAM BARRACKS tomorrow

morning at 5:00 AM to receive your Medal for Continued

Too-pidditee in the Face of Smarter but Meaner people

who want to do outrageous things like Lock their Car

Doors, Lock their House Front Doors, and Build a Wall

to keep the Nice Drug Dealers, Nice Car Thieves, Nice

Murderers, Nice Rapists, and other Nice Criminals

out of this Country. 


We'll also try to get you on TV with an Interview -

probably with Alcoholic CNN reporters - receiving your Metal at the Basement Wall in the Sub-Basement!!

Or Medal???  Metal.

Please comb your Hair, etc, etc.

Bring a Photo ID.

Be sure to have your Social Security Card on you.


We have to charge a small Fee for the Award, because 

we didn't get the Budget approved in time, so bring

plenty of Cash, bring your Car Keys, and remember

where you parked your Car, or bring your Rape Parking

Ticket with you.


Nobody could possibly have predicted that it might be

Light around 5:00 AM, so if it is, please arrive earlier

while it's still Dark.


And please come ALONE!!

This is a Secret Location, and we don't want any other

Unauthorized Leftists or Democrats to learn about it!!


And DO NOT tell anyone where you're going, or about

the Wonderful Reward you're going to Receive!!

It's a Big SURPRISE!!!!   

A Great Big SURPRISE!!!!   

It's a Huge Great Big SURPRISE!!!!   




See you tomorrow morning in the Sub-Basement!!


     The Captain   





         Clueless Ivanka (Daughter) and Smart

         Donald (President)






                      Ivanka Trump (Donald's Married Daughter).

                      Good-hearted, but Clueless. 

                          Harassed on an Airliner by some Homo Bozo.

                          Before Trump was even the President!!!!   

                      Click the Trump Link below or further down.

                      BUT:  Her husband Jared is Mossad!!!

                      AND: Her best friend is Idiot Chelsea Klinton who feels

                                 sorry for her SOCIOPATHIC MURDERING MOM!!!

                      AND: Ivanka (and Jared??) now has an office in the

                                White House!!

                      AND: Ivanka often "Thinks" with her "Feelings" (cough).

                      AND: Trump listens to her because he loves his Family and

                                 wants her to be happy, etc, etc!!!!

                      IVANKA IS TOTALLY CLUELESS!!!!   

                      JARED IS A MOSSAD AGENT!!!!   

                      CHELSEA IS A HALF-WIT!!!!   

                      ALL of them are Politically IGNORANT!!!! 

                      ALL of them are part of the SWAMP!!!!

                      Can you imagine our Country being "Led" thru these complex

                      times by these 3 Fairy Tales - Jared, Chelsea, and Ivanka?????   

                      Oh my Gawd!!!!

                      We could be in BIG TROUBLE!!!!



                      But Donald Trump is GREAT!!     













   -----The Opposition to Trump-----


           -----Trump is The Enemy of the Dirtbags-----

       -----Trump is The Enemy of the Criminal Scum-----


The Rotten Dirtbag Globalists (Bankers, etc) are VERY

worried about President Trump and how he might be

able to successfully oppose their Agenda of Anti-Populism,

Poverty for America, the DISSOLVING of all Borders,

the constant IMMIGRATION of Low-Lifes and Terrorists,



THEY want to make us SICK!!

THEY want to HARM or RUIN America!!

THEY want to be IN CHARGE of America!!

THEY want to DISSOLVE America's borders.  

THEY want to make us POOR.  

THEY want to make us SERFS.  

THEY want to make us PEASANTS.  

THEY want to take away our CARS.  

THEY want to take away our ELECTRICITY.  

THEY want to take away our HOMES.  

THEY want to take away our FREEDOM OF SPEECH.  

THEY want to take away our RIGHT TO VOTE.  

THEY want to take away our FARMS.  

THEY want to take away our HEALTHY FOOD.  

THEY want to take away our PASSPORTS.  

THEY want to take away our RIGHT TO TRAVEL.  

THEY want to take away our RIGHT TO DRIVE.  

THEY want to take away our RIGHT TO OWN A GUN

            (to defend ourselves, if necessary).  

THEY want to take away our PAIN MEDICATION.  

THEY want to take away our CLEAN WATER.  

THEY want to take away our CLEAN FOOD.  

THEY want to take away our ACCESS TO OTHER NEWS

            OUTLETS (InfoWars, Drudge, etc).  

THEY want to take away our RIGHT TO A FAIR TRIAL. 

THEY want to take away RATIONALITY. 

THEY want to take away LOGIC. 

THEY want to take away the TRUTH. 

THEY want to take away HISTORY. 

THEY want to take away our BRAINS. 

THEY want to take away our RIGHT TO BE SAFE. 

THEY want to take away our RIGHT TO BE SAFE IN 

            OUR OWN HOMES. 

THEY want to take away our RIGHT TO PROTECT


THEY want to take away our MONEY. 

THEY want to take away our JOBS. 

THEY want to take away our RIGHT TO PRIVACY. 

THEY want to take away our RIGHT TO MAKE OUR        






Is this YOU??

"Oh, this couldn't be true....".

"The Government would never permit it!"

"There's no such thing!" 

"That's Ridiculous!"

"You're CRAZY!" 

"You probably think that James Bond was a real Person!"

"You probably read that in the National Enquirer!" 

"You're playing too many Video Games!"

"You're watching too many Crazy Movies!"

"You're reading too many Crazy Websites!" 

"You're just one of those crazy Wackos!"

"You're just one of those Conspiracy Theorists!"

"You probably think Oswald was Innocent!"  

"You probably think Oswald was Framed!"  

"You need to take off your Tinfoil Hat!"

"You're really off your Rocker!"

"You're just Paranoid!"  

"You're eating too much Sugar!"

"You need to get some Counseling!"

"You're Crazy and we're not!"

"You're Bad and we're Good!"

"We're BETTER than you!"  

"Obama was a great President!"

"Obama was born in Hawaii!" 

"Criticizing Obama means that you're a Racist!" 

"That Birth Certificate stuff just proves you're a Racist!"

"Trump is an Idiot!"

"Trump is a Racist!"

"Trump hates Women!"

"Trump has no respect for Women!" 

"Trump is Horrible!"

"Trump is a Nightmare!"

"Trump is a Monster!"   

"Trump is worse than Hitler!"    

"Trump is the worst person in the whole wide World!"

"Trump loves Putin!"

"Putin elected Trump!"

"Elections can't be Hacked!"

"The Election was Hacked!"

"All Elections are Hacked!" 

"No Elections are ever Hacked!" 

"Putin made Wikileaks Hack the Election!"

"Wikileaks made Putin Hack the Election!"

"Trump Hacked Jill Stein's 3 Votes!"   

"Pizzagate made Wikileaks Hack Putin and Jill Stein!"   

"Putin made Pizzagate Hack Wikileaks!"

"Pizzagate hacked the Pizza and Jill Stein and leaked Wikileaks.  

"All Russians are Hackers!"

"All Russians are Bad!"

"All Americans are Good!"

"Everyone has the right to live here!"

"We need to bring in 250 Million Refugees!"      

"We need to bring in 500 Million Refugees!"      

"We need to bring in 750 Million Refugees!"      

"We need to bring in 999 Million Refugees!"      

"The USA needs to be the World's Policeman!"

"The President is in charge of the whole World!" 

"The UN is in charge of the USA!"

"Pakistan is in charge of the UN!"

"Cows are in charge of Pakistan!"

"Flies are in charge of the Cows!"

"We need to Import more Flies!"

"We need to Import more Insects!"   

"We need to Import more Diseases!"   

"We need to Import more Tuberculosis!"   

"We need to Import more Leprosy!"  (Incurable)    

"You're a F***** ******* and you should *******!"     



Etc, etc, etc.


James Bond WAS a real person.  A British Spy.

Obozo's "Birth Certificate", which took him YEARS to supply,

was an OBVIOUS FORGERY in multiple ways, done by an

unskilled Forger - probably a Retarded Leftist Amateur. 

Obozo is a LIAR, a Criminal, was not eligible to be President,

and should have been imprisoned long ago.

The Forger also should have been imprisoned long ago. 

The Democratic National Committee "Officers" who placed

Obozo on the Democratic Ticket also should have been

imprisoned long ago.

Obozo and his Monkey Mate also need to reimburse the

Government for all Salary and Benefits received - an

amount which runs into the Millions of Dollars.

Possibly Hundreds of Millions of Dollars.   

Etc. Etc.  



(BTW: The CIA publishes the National Enquirer

for Debunking purposes.

Important stories get Tarred with the Brush of

The Enquirer.

"That story was in the Enquirer. That's probably

where Mr. Smith read it."   Clever.) 


Conspiracy Theory:   It's not a Theory.

Conspiracy Theorist:   Normal Person.

Someone who laughs at a "Conspiracy Theorist":  

      Ignorant and Foolish.  Uninformed.

      "Politically Correct" (really dumbed down).

      Gullible.  Easily Fooled.

      Easily taken advantage of.

      Unintentionally Harming this Country.

      Providing Aid and Comfort to the Enemy.    




*  "The Earth is FLAT!!"  

*  "Human Flight is Impossible!!"

*  "Thomas Edison is Deranged!!"

*  "Tiny little Germs can't make people sick!!" 

*  "Oswald Did It!!" 



If this is YOU, you are extremely Gullible. 

If this is YOU, you might be Insane.

If this is YOU, you are operating at the Level of a

     Third Grader - or LOWER.

      But you don't know it.    

If this is YOU, you are operating at the Level of a

     Child - possibly a Two-Year-Old.  

      But you don't know it.    

If this is YOU, you are extremely GULLIBLE, and have

      completely lost your ability to think straight, and to

      figure things out.  

      But you don't know it.    

If this is YOU, you could be permanently stuck in a

Dream World, unable and unwilling to open your eyes,

content to be asleep, and confident that *Somehow* you

are Morally Superior to Trump and to every Trump Fan,

you know Oswald did it, 

and you Know Everything!! 

You Know Everything by Osmosis.

You Know Everything by your Education.

You Know Everything because you went to College. 

You Know Everything because you have a Master's in English. 

You Know Everything because your FRIENDS are so smart!!  

You Know Everything because your Friends AGREE with you!!


Perhaps your Superior Morality has made a perfect

      Receptacle for "All Knowingness".

A "Golden Funnel" made of Pure Heavenly Metal, with

      the "Truth" pouring in - from Somewhere.   (CNN?????)  

Perhaps you're a News Junkie, and you get the straight

      dope from CNN (cough).


You know what's True, what's False, and what's Possible.

You know that Flying Machines aren't possible, and that

Thomas Edison was crazy when he decided to try to make

a "Light Bulb" by heating a Wire!!

And you KNOW that "Little Tiny Germs" don't cause Disease.   

And you KNOW that the Earth is FLAT.   

Because, by Gum, YOU have COMMON SENSE!!

And you KNOW that Mankind was not meant to FLY!!


BUT, I suggest you read these Pages and learn a few

things about what is REALLY happening in the World,

and what has happened in the past.



Information in the Classes we take - especially the ones

based on OPINION.

And the Information from the News. 



But we have to.

OR.......  Don't watch the Mainstream News.   



Here's a News Flash:

Today's Leftist Non-Scientist "Professors" are LIARS.


Leftist "Professor" LIARS. 

And they're STUPID.

And they're IGNORANT.

And they're UNEDUCATED. 

And they're NARROW MINDED.

And they're NASTY.

And they HATE Decent people. 

And they HATE Smart people. 


And they're POMPOUS.

And they're LUNATICS.   


Non-Scientist Leftist "Professors" are GARBAGE,

these days.

They are Bottom Of The Barrel SCUM.

They're RETARDED LIARS, these days.



Usually not the Scientists.


The "OPINION STUFF" Professors.

("Professor"???  GAG ME!!) 



Most of the Scientists are Just Fine!!

The "STUDIES" Profs are GARBAGE, these days. 


(Women's STUDIES)

(African STUDIES)

(Basket Weaving STUDIES)

(Rug-Making STUDIES)

(Pottery STUDIES)

(Unfairness STUDIES)

(Mean People STUDIES)

(Ugly People STUDIES)

(Lucky People STUDIES) 

(Unlucky People STUDIES) 

(Donald Duck STUDIES) 

(People who Need People STUDIES) 

(Persons who Need Persons STUDIES) 

(Lesbians who Need Lesbians STUDIES) 

(Gays who Need Gays STUDIES) 

(Transgenders who Need Transgenders STUDIES) 

(Feminists who Hate Everyone STUDIES) 

(Transgenders who Need Feminists STUDIES) 

(Transgenders who Use the Wrong Restroom STUDIES) 

(Transgenders who Use the Right Restroom STUDIES) 

(Be Nice to Everybody STUDIES) 

(Be Nasty to Everybody STUDIES) 

(I'm a Victim STUDIES) 

(You're a Victim STUDIES)

(Every Answer is Correct STUDIES)


(The Founding Fathers were all  Oppressive Greedy Racist Slave

Owners STUDIES) 

(Thomas Jefferson was the Worst Man Who Ever Lived STUDIES) 

(America is Horrible STUDIES) 

   ---Sometimes it's true, but you need to figure out

         WHO did it. 

         It was probably one of your HEROES!!


(And your "College Degree" will also be Worthless.)

(And your Mind will be filled with Nonsense and Garbage.)   



The "PSYCH" Profs are GARBAGE,

these days.



The "SOCIOLOGY" Profs are GARBAGE, these days.

They study GROUPS - not Individuals,

and can't explain anything.

They teach the mysterious behavior

of GROUPS.   




The "GLOBAL WARMING" Profs are GARBAGE, these days. 



There have been extremely powerful

Hurricanes in the Ocean for at least

150 Years!!

Most didn't hit the Land.  




Some Scientists are/were LIARS!!

Stephen Gould of Harvard was a


Stephen Gould's career skyrocketed

after he was threatened and started LYING.


Stephen Gould was GARBAGE!!



Carl Sagan was a LIAR!!       

Carl Sagan was BOUGHT!! 

   Carl Sagan's career skyrocketed after

   he was threatened and started LYING.



Surprised??  It's true. 

I know what I'm talking about.



(Stephen Gould:  Ex-Harvard "Prof", and the author of

books on Evolution and related subjects, and the presenter

of many Television Programs on Evolution, shown on

Public Television - PBS, C-SPAN, etc, and the author of

many articles for the New York Times and Sunday Newspaper


His books are used today in College Classrooms, but they're

filled with LIES!!  GARBAGE!!

Even many of the Professors teaching the Courses probably don't realize that Gould was just a Scumbag Liar.

Who knew???) 



Stephen Gould has been TRASHED

by his OWN PEERS!!!

TRASHED by Real Scientists!!  

Because he was a LIAR!!

The REAL Scientists know it.



Lying in Academia is normally a


But SOME get away with it because

they're PROTECTED!!


Their stupid books get PUBLISHED!!

They even get PROMOTED!!

They even become WEALTHY!!

But some of them are LIARS!!  






SOME of the Scientists have been BOUGHT. 

SOME of the Scientists have been MURDERED. 

SOME of the Witnesses have been MURDERED. 


The Bad Guys find people who can be BOUGHT.

The rest are Ignored or MURDERED.   



the NEWS we consume - especially the ones based on


And Especially from the Mainstream Media. They LIE.


It shouldn't BE like this!!  But it IS!!! 


I am NOT an "Expert" on all these things!!

And there are many MORE topics which should be



But I know "A FEW THINGS".    Just a FEW.

These Web Pages cover "A FEW THINGS".  

We cover just "A FEW THINGS" here.  

Just "------- A FEW THINGS -------".  

Just "------- A FEW THINGS -------".  



Some of these things I know First Hand - 

    from Personal Experience.


Some of these things I know Second Hand - 

    from people who were involved.    


In some cases  I Was There!! 

In some cases THEY Were There!! 


In some cases I Was INVOLVED!! 


In some cases They Were INVOLVED!! 


If this is NOT YOU (from the List above), Congratulations.

You haven't bought into the Lies and Nonsense we're

blasted with on a Daily Basis by the Government and

the Mainstream Media (CNN, MSNBC, NBC, PBS, NPR,

C-Span, Newspapers, Magazines, TV Programs, Movies, etc).



Some Websites dealing with Interesting Subjects are

infected by Lunatic Trolls - probably PAID TROLLS,

who cause Trouble, Hurl Insults, Lie, Attack the Posters,

etc, etc.

These Uncivilized Pieces of Trash can be ignored.

Or, read their comments if you want to, and consider whether an Intelligent, Civilized, Rational Person would talk like that. (They wouldn't).


Or read a lengthy Post, supposedly Debunking something interesting, and see if they've addressed the Entire subject,

or just addressed a Narrow SLICE of it.

And see if they really "Debunked" it, or just asked a lot of

Questions.  Or just attacked the Author - not the Content.

Hint: They usually attack the Author - not the Content.

That's a Big RED FLAG!!


Why didn't they attack the CONTENT??  The SUBJECT??

The SUBJECT is the whole Point!!

But they DIDN'T attack the subject.

They attacked the AUTHOR instead!!   WHY??

Bad Eyesight??  Poor Shooter??  Memory Problems??

Concentration Problems??  


Or treated the Author or Observer like a Half-Wit - like a

Third Grader - or Less.

Perhaps THOUSANDS of Observers - all Half-Wits.

Does that REALLY make any sense??


Why is the SHOUTING DEBUNKER taking all that TIME

and ENERGY to try to Debunk something that might

involve Real Danger to the Public??

Why is he ENDANGERING the Public, when all the

reports say that there really IS a Danger??

Or that someone (the Government??) turned a safe

situation into a Death Trap??    


For that matter, why is the SHOUTING DEBUNKER

taking all that TIME and ENERGY to try to Debunk

something that doesn't threaten anyone?? 

That isn't causing problems??


Do "Weather Balloons" endanger the Public??

Do "Pyramids" endanger the Public??


Of course not!!

Something else is going on with these "Debunkers". 


Why is the Shouting Debunker jumping up and down like

an Ape, yelling and screaming about Weather Balloons??

Or Pyramids??

What is wrong with that Guy???


Is he also a Fanatic about Pocket Lint??

"The United Nations must pass Laws Immediately outlawing

POCKET LINT in Public - and even in your Home!!

Lawbreakers need to be EXECUTED!!"


Why is he going APE about People with "Bad Vision" who

saw Weather Balloons, but mistook them for Flying Saucers??

"Those were WEATHER BALLOONS, I SAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The United Nations needs to FORCE people to wear Glasses

so they can see correctly!!

Anyone caught while not wearing Glasses needs to be ARRESTED!!!!!!!!!!   

Then the Lawbreakers need to be EXECUTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!

People who can't see Weather Balloons are a DANGER TO NORMAL SOCIETY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!".


That situation is actually close to Reality.

The US Government has gone totally BERSERK!!

OR..... It's desperately trying to HIDE something.




In most cases, the Debunkers who

attack only the Witnesses and the

Authors are TRASH.


     They Should be attacking the Material - the Contents.

     But they don't.

     They attack the PEOPLE.

     They attack ONLY the PEOPLE.

     Not the Material.

     Not both the Material and the People.

     ONLY the People.   

     That's because THEY CAN'T attack the Material!!

     They would if they could. 


     If they could attack the Material THEY WOULD!!    

     If they could attack the Material THEY WOULD!!    

     If they could attack the Material THEY WOULD!!    

     If they could attack the Material THEY WOULD!!    

     If they could attack the Material THEY WOULD!!    

     If they could attack the Material THEY WOULD!!    




I am not Morally Superior to ANYONE.

I am not Smarter than Anyone.

But I'm not CRAZY, either.   

I simply spend some time reading about interesting

subjects, and drawing conclusions. 


None of the subjects that interest me are really


The MAINSTREAM "EXPERTS" and the MAINSTREAM MEDIA claim that certain interesting subjects are "CONTROVERSIAL".



Some LIARS and HALF-WITS make ridiculous claims

about these subjects, attempt to give them CREDENCE,

then claim that they're "Controversial".  What a Joke.


If a 5-year-old says to you:

            "The Earth is Flat".

Does that then mean that the Theory of the Round Earth

is now "Controversial"??

Because a 5-year-old contradicted it??

Do you now say "The Controversial Theory of the Round

Earth - because a 5-year-old says it's Flat"??

I doubt it.


"5-year-old Boy Says Earth is Flat !!

Round-Earth Theory Now

Controversial !! 

Science is in CHAOS !!

Film at 11 !!"   


How Ridiculous!!

Consider the SOURCE.

The Government Bozos often claim that certain subjects


So what??? 


The Mainstream Media Bozos say that certain subjects are CONTROVERSIAL!!

Who cares???


It's "Controversial" (cough) because someone is LYING.


In most cases.  



Don't waste your time listening to their "Opinions"

and "Pronouncements".


Don't waste your time listening/watching to their Version

of the Truth. 



I used to know a Video Photographer from a local

TV Station (WCCO), and he told me that they would

sometimes Edit his Film, and REVERSE the meaning

of the story.

They would sometimes also Reverse the Film SEQUENCE.


An Actual Event: 

ACTUAL Sequence of Events: 

       1.  Rioting starts in a Black Neighborhood.

       2.  Someone calls the Cops.

       3.  The Cops are dispatched over the Radio.  

       4.  The Dispatch Call is monitored by the TV Station. 

       5.  Video Photographer arrives from the TV Station. 

       6.  Cops arrive.


REVERSED Sequence of Events shown on TV: 

       1.  Cops arrive in a Black Neighborhood.

       2.  Rioting starts.


(The TV Van was not far away from the scene of the Riot,

and was able to arrive ahead of the Cops.)


The story was falsely broadcast as:

      "The Cops incited this Riot!!"

      "All Cops are Bad, all Rioters are Good."


The true situation was that the Rioters started RIOTING,

trashing Cars, etc, then someone called the Cops. 

He arrived on the scene before the Cops arrived.

The Cops weren't even THERE until AFTER the crowd

started  Rioting.

The Cops COULDN'T have provoked it because they

weren't even THERE!!


I got this from the HORSE'S MOUTH!!

The guy was a Photographer employed by the TV Station,

who covered that story.

A VIDEO Photographer.    

The EDITORS/LIARS at the TV Station Lied!!


It was just another LIE from the Mainstream Media.

If anyone would KNOW about these things, at his

TV Station, it would be HIM!! 

He was THERE - on the scene!!  EARLY!!  FILMING!! 

And he said the Station Lied ALL THE TIME about certain Subjects.


WCCO is NOT ENTIRELY LOCAL and Independent. 

It's an AFFILIATE of CBS - the National Network.

CBS controls WCCO!!

CBS has its Tentacles into our LOCAL NEWS!!

Reporters and Editors there are required to SLANT the

News according to the rules CBS sets.


And it's also true of NBC, ABC, CNN, AP, Time-Life, etc.

NBC controls KARE 

        (or their current station name).

NBC used to control KSTP.  


The Mainstream Media is a MONSTER with Tentacles like

an OCTOPUS!!!!

I've personally witnessed it, a Photographer TOLD me about

it, former employees of CNN have ACCUSED CNN of

altering stories and not reporting other stories, I've seen

Video that CONTRADICTED Mainstream reports,

etc, etc, etc.


The Mainstream News CANNOT BE TRUSTED!!!

They are LIARS!!

I've seen it myself MANY times!! 


Donald Trump was absolutely RIGHT!!

They crank out FAKE NEWS all the time!!

Trump was RIGHT!!

Trump IS RIGHT!!



If you want to hitch your wagon to the Garbage Dump of

Fake News, Liars, and Corrupt Management, go right ahead.

You won't have a CLUE what you're doing, or understand

what's happening in the World.


You will be converted into a Child who thinks he can drive a Car and fly an Airplane because he can now reach the

Pedals with his feet, if he slides way down in the seat, while

the people who despise you are controlling your Life and

making all the important decisions for you.

And for your Kids.


(Mainstream Television News is much slicker and more fun

to watch than "Alternative News Outlets".

Alex Jones sometimes acts like a cross between a Pig and

a Child and an Eternal Victim and a Moron, complaining


"All the Boys are MEAN to me!!", etc.

Good grief.

Alex:  Grow up!! 

Of COURSE they're mean to him!! They're the Enemy!!

They're Scum!!  And they get attacked almost DAILY!!

So they fight back!!  Duh..... 


BUT..... Alex is right.

Alex:  Stay on course, but grow up!!

Take the attacks in STRIDE!!

Let the attacks ROLL OFF YOUR BACK!!

Let the attacks ROLL OFF YOUR BACK!!

Let the attacks ROLL OFF YOUR BACK!!


Wise up!!

Stop acting like you fell off the Turnip Truck yesterday.

You're hurting your CAUSE!!

People like to RESPECT their Leaders!!   

People like to IDENTIFY with their Leaders!!

Does anyone identify with YOU??  Or respect YOU??   

Wise up!! 

Thank you. )








The Mainstream Media is absolute GARBAGE!! 

The Mainstream News is absolute GARBAGE!!


The Mainstream News is absolute GARBAGE!!


The Mainstream News is absolute GARBAGE!!


The Mainstream News is absolute GARBAGE!!


The Mainstream News is absolute GARBAGE!!


The Mainstream News is absolute GARBAGE!!


The Mainstream News is absolute GARBAGE!!




    ----The Mainstream News----


 The Washington Post, The New York Times,

 The New Yorker, etc.


 The News is "Lipstick on a Pig".  

 Smooth, Slick, Fake, and False.

 Lies smoothly presented as TRUTH.


 All of these News Outlets are LIARS.     



Watching or Reading the Mainstream News is like being Entertained by a Stupid Lying Pig wearing Lipstick!!

Smooth Anchors and Reporters LYING to us, or not

reporting important STORIES, or not reporting important

FACTS in those Stories. 



They are PIGS!!

They are LIARS!!

They are INSANE!!



They are VIOLENT!!


They are BASTARDS!!




They are CREEPS!!

They are POND SCUM!!

They are GREASY!!

They are DISEASED!!

They are SICK!!

They are CORRUPT!!

They are CRIMINALS!!

They are TRASH!!

They are TRAITORS to you and to all Americans!!




They are LYING to you!!

They are DECEIVING you!!



They are LYING to us!!

They are DECEIVING us!!


(Some of the Leftist women even LOOK like that!!

[Even the "Conservative" women will tell you that!!] 

Maybe that's why they're so ANGRY!!

MANY Leftist women are UGLY!!

MANY Leftist women are FAT and UGLY!!

Maybe that's why they March and Scream!!

I don't know.

I don't know about the Leftist Sissy Boy "Men", but most

of the Leftist Women are just plain BUTT UGLY!!!!


I don't much care if they're Butt Ugly, but it IS ODD!!

Leftist Screeching Anger and Lunacy, and Butt Ugly

Women usually go together. 

If she isn't SCREECHING, she's dumping over a TRASH

CAN Downtown, for no apparent reason, or running

around in the middle of the street, pushing a piece of paper

or a mop or something, AND she's as ugly as a Pig. 


Not Fair, but STRANGE.


It's like: 

"Fight Unfair Ugliness with Random Insanity (Insane Acts

of Violent Pointlessness)!!

Melania is beautiful, I got badly cheated, so I'm going to

hit the Street with this stick in an act of Insanity!!"



But LOGICAL in a convoluted sort of way.


Or was it:

"The Lying, Incompetent, Piece of Crap Traitor Killary,

representing millions of Lying, Incompetent, Leftist

Pieces of Crap like me, didn't win.

We've been cheated AGAIN!!


And cheated by a Lying, Cheating, Rich, Racist,

Misogynist with a Beautiful wife, who had help from

the Russians to steal the Election, as we knew he would,

because he and Putin are close Friends, and play Poker

together every Friday Night!!


And they Double Date and go Ice Skating together.    

So I'm going to hit the Street with this stick in an act of

Raging Insanity to protest this Election!!" 



Her RAGE is boiling over, so she feels she must do SOMETHING Physical and Violent!!  ANYTHING!!

She's Frustrated!!  I UNDERSTAND!! 

But she's totally CLUELESS.


Opinions become Feelings.

Feelings become Lunacy.

Lunacy becomes Theories.

Theories become "Facts".

"Facts" become Demands.

Demands become Screaming and Violence and Marching

     in Pointless Protests.

Pointless Protests become Hitting the Street with a Stick. 


But sometimes, these deluded Wackos HIT Trump Fans.

I'm sorry, Female Lunatics and Sissy Boy Trump Fan Haters:

You're going to get PUNCHED BACK!! 







Leftist Lunatic Ladies: 

          It's not OUR FAULT that you're Ugly.

               And stupid, etc, etc.
               (Almost all of you).  
               You had some BAD LUCK.



Leftist Lunatic Sissy Boys: 

          It's not OUR FAULT that you're a Sissy Boy. 

         And stupid, etc, etc.

         And still living in your Mom's Basement.      

              You had some BAD LUCK.


Leftist Lunatic Daughters: 

         After Killary lost the Election, the Daughter of a

         Female Politician said: 

     "Mom, what do we do NOW???" 

         I can answer that.



         Supply a COUNT and the NAMES and

         OCCUPATIONS or RELATIONSHIPS of all the

         People Killary has MURDERED to every Democrat

         and News Organization in the USA.

         It's called "The Clinton Body Count", but your version

         will be enhanced with more Info.

         The latest MURDER (I think) was SETH RICH, who

         was the Head of the Computer Division of the DNC

         (Democratic National Committee) during the 2016

         Election and its prior Campaign (2016, 2015, etc).

         After Seth Rich was MURDERED, Wikileaks

         confirmed that it was the disillusioned Seth Rich 

         who provided Hundreds or Thousands of Emails to

         Wikileaks involving primarily Illegal DNC Campaign

        Activities plus Satanic Activities.

        Killary Klinton, Bill Clinton, and John Podesta were

        some of the people involved.

        That's what the Daughter and the Democratic (Leftist)

        Politician should do.

        Distribute the CBC (Clinton Body Count) plus info

        on who these Murdered people WERE.

        Often Good, Honest People.

        At least one was a Secretary, doing the right thing and

        exposing 1 or more MURDERS.

       So the Klintons Murdered her!!!   



       Write on the Blackboard 1,000 times:

                  "I voted for a Mass Murderer and Thief

                  and Traitor and Satanist to be our President,

                  and we and Killary should be Executed."    

        That's an Assignment for both of you Anti-American, 

        Pro-Criminal Lunatics with the Brains of a Snail Darter

        Fish, and the Moral Compass of a Black Widow Spider,

        who almost managed to destroy this country, and will

        try to do it again. 

        When you've done them, report to the Firing Squad.



Leftist Lunatic Ladies

and Sissy Boys:

Both Groups are going to get some more Bad Luck if

they Punch a Trump Fan (Punch a NAZI).

They're going to end up in the Emergency Room of the

local Hospital - IF the Ambulance can get thru the crowd

of Violent Lunatics, Chanting and Screaming.

And IF someone calls an Ambulance.

And IF an Ambulance is available.

And IF there's a Hospital in the Area.

And help - IF the ER Docs aren't swamped.


Be sure to DEMAND an Illegal Alien for a 911 Operator.  

Be sure to DEMAND an Illegal Alien for an Ambulance Driver.  

Be sure to DEMAND an Illegal Alien for an ER Doc. 

Be sure to DEMAND an Illegal Alien for a Surgical Nurse. 

Be sure to DEMAND an Illegal Alien for a Surgery Tech. 

Be sure to DEMAND an Ambulance designed and built by

      Illegal Aliens. 

Be sure to DEMAND X-Ray Equipment designed and built

      by Illegal Aliens. 

Be sure to DEMAND a Hospital run by Illegal Aliens. 

Etc, etc, etc, etc.

Don't accept any HELP from Non-Illegal Aliens. 

Good Luck, Leftist Lunatics!!     



News Anchors:

Infowars and PrisonPlanet need a LOT of work in the

"Smoothness" and "Slickness" departments.


Some of the News Anchors are Good, but Alex Jones

acts like an Angry Clod who just woke up,

is Confused,

is searching for his Turnip Truck,

and Mad as Hell about something!!


[Movie: Flight of the Phoenix. 

Crashed Twin-Engine C-119 Transport Plane.

The Desert in Arabia or Libya or somewhere.

Starring Hardy Kruger and James Stewart.


Kruger says to Stewart:

"Mr. Townes:  You behave as if Stupidity were a

Virtue.  Why is that??"


Hardy Kruger was right.

Mr. Townes (Stewart) eventually came around

and started using his brain and Common Sense.]


"Mr. Jones:  You behave as if Bumbling Raging Anger

and Constant Rudeness were a Virtue.

You're the Keith Olbermann of Alternative Media.

Why is that??" 

(Olbermann:  "SCUM!!   SCUM!!   RUSSIAN SCUM!!"

The Man is Pathetic!!) 


Of COURSE today's News makes us MAD!!

It makes us almost Crazy with Rage!!

And maybe a RANT once in a while is a Good Thing!!

We (all of us) need to Voice that ANGER, once in a while,

and not keep it trapped inside us!!

We HAVE to do it for our SANITY and our HEALTH!!

We HAVE to!!  

It's OK.  Not a Problem. 



Good Grief.

Settle Down!!      





This Website has not been approved by

"The Ministry of Truth" (cough cough)!!

There is TRUE Information here!!!

There is REAL TRUTH here!!! 

There is ACCURATE Information here!!!  



Truth has been Officially OUTLAWED by the New World

Order Garbage,  Communists, The Mainstream Media

(CNN, etc), thus weakening you, and making you Powerless.

But I don't care, and I don't pay attention to them. 



The TRUTH will make you stronger and healthier - mentally

and physically.

This website contains the Truth.


I don't know if the Truth will always set you FREE,

but it will make you much SAFER and SANER!!  


The LIES will make you SICK and PUZZLED, and willing

to ACCEPT what the Bozos tell you because it appears as if

THEY understand it, and they'll make the right decisions

FOR you. 

With a clear conscience and an empty head, you can move

forward with your Life, confident that "They" will handle

things for you.

That wouldn't be so bad if you could TRUST them, and if

you could Understand the situation.

But neither are true.

They can't be trusted.

You're on your own.  All of us.   


The Good News:

There is a LARGE and GROWING group of People who

are "Mad as Hell, and not going to take it, anymore!!".


I am one of MANY who are FED UP with the Governmental

and Media Corruption. 


Why do you think I created this website?? 

Out of boredom??   (I was not bored.)

To make money??   (I'm not selling anything. How can I make

                                    any money from it??)

Because I'm Crazy??    (No.)   

Because I'm Wrong??  (No.)    

Because these things are Impossible??  (Prove it.)    

Because these things "Just don't Happen??" 

                                      (Prove it.)    

Because I'm Stupid??  (Guilty.  But not THAT Stupid!!)    


I know what I'm talking about.

I'm one of the people who knows what's going on.

In some cases, I have PERSONAL EXPERIENCE with the


(I'm not an expert on the details of News Channels and the

Newscasters.  And I don't care.)


I know a TON of information derived from  MANY sources.

I no longer recall all the details (too much to remember),

but I see MOST of the Big Picture - usually excluding the

Political Picture.  I hate Politics. 


I've seen this Crap LONG BEFORE 2016!!!!

This Disinformation - the LIES - the OMISSIONS - the

"Editing" of Videotapes by the MSM (The Mainstream

Media) - the "Narrow-Slice "Explanations" - the SLANDER -






From the Mainstream Media and the Government.  



I do not always understand WHY information is suppressed

and LIES are told, but it IS happening.



December 2016.

Russian Airliner Crash over  the Black Sea.

92 Dead.

The Russian Government said that Terrorism has not been

ruled out.

At first, that was reported by the MSM.

What do the Experts say??  Terrorism.  I agree.

It's almost CERTAIN.  

By Who??  MUSLUMS.     








Austin Texas and Berkeley Calif -

April 2017:

Leftist Bozos attack Trump Fans. 

Leftist Bozos get Beaten Up by

Trump Fans.

Leftist Sissy Boys bewildered.  


There was an Anti-Trump rally of Bozos at the State Capitol in Austin Texas,

recently, and only 500 people showed up.

It was very Low Energy and Pathetic, and filled with Lies and Nonsense. 


Mike Cernovich, a Pro-Trump Good Guy, happened to be in Austin, and

decided to attend.

When it ended, he decided to jump up on the stage and say into the



      "Bill Clinton is a Rapist!!  He raped (unintelligible) Broderick.

      The Media covered it up."  


It was a bold move, and SOMEBODY needed to say it!!

Or make a General statement about the Kriminal Klintons to Leftists

in Denial - in Denial for YEARS!!!   

Cernovich was correct.  Millions of people know it.

But he wanted to see the reaction of the crowd.


He was Hissed and Booed, and many of the Bozos gave him the Finger

(as usual), etc.  These Bozos are ANTI-TRUTH and ANTI-FREE-SPEECH.

That's partly what makes them Bozos - CLOWNS.




It showed, yet again, that these Bozos are mentally unhealthy, unstable

people.  Bozos started coming at him from all directions.  They started

pushing and shoving Mike (Assault), and SCREAMING in his ear (Assault).

(What a STRANGE and HOSTILE reaction to a TRUE STATEMENT.)

(Leftist Bozos ARE as Leftist Bozos DO.)  

(Leftist Clowns ARE as Leftist Clowns DO.) 


The Police asked Mike to leave since it might turn into a riot. He agreed.

He began leaving with the Police protecting him. 


One of the Bozos came rushing at Mike and took a major Swipe at him,

but Mike ducked, so the Bozo wasn't able to Sucker Punch him.

So Mike smashed his fist into the Bozo's Face!!

The Leftist Bozo STARTED CRYING!!!! 

Mike and the Cops laughed!!

The stupid Leftist was just a Sissy Boy. 


The Anti-Trump Sissy Boy STARTED CRYING after being punched by

Mike Cernovich!!!!

It was Hilarious!!   


These Bozos are in a Cult.  Videos of the scene show the ANGER,




IMMORALITY of these Leftist Bozos - apparently supporters of the

Kriminal Klintons who have MURDERED quite a few people!! 


At Berkeley, another Pro-Trump rally was held.

The Cops had (Illegal) orders from the Garbage Leftist Mayor to not protect

any Pro-Trumpers if they were attacked by the Leftist Garbage, such as

"Antifa" who have been at other rallies, and beat up Pro-Trumpers.

Sure enough:  The Garbage Antifa Animals showed up, and attacked the

Pro-Trumpers at their Rally.


So, the Pro-Trumpers fought back, this time, and pounded the Pieces of

Shit into the ground -- HARD AND BLOODY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I've seen the Video.

With NO Police protection, the Pro-Trump people had to do their OWN

defending of themselves.  AGAIN.

But this time, they were prepared.    


There were Garbage Antifa Anti-Trump Scumbags lying all over the ground.

There was no sound, but I imagine they were all moaning in PAIN.

(They also hit, kicked, and injured Pro-Trump people who had come to

Berkeley for a peaceful Rally, including victims lying on the ground. 

I saw the Video.

The Anti-Trump people acted like MONSTERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I saw the Video!!!)   

But the Pro-Trumpers defended themselves VERY well, chasing the

Antifa members, punching them over and over, and turning their attack

into a bloody mess - for THEM.

Antifa ATTACKED and INJURED the Pro-Trumpers.  It was a Big Mistake.

The Pro-Trumpers fought back.  HARD!!

Antifa regretted interfering, as they laid on the ground in Pain.    


Punch a NAZI????

And since Antifa and others beat up PRO-TRUMP WOMEN, one Leftist

Woman, a stated member of Antifa, who hit a Pro-Trumper, was roundly


I saw the Photo and the Video.

Antifa hits Trump Women (and Men).

Antifa Women get punched back. 

It's "Do Unto Them as They Do To You".    


She had earlier Tweeted that she was going to "PUNCH A NAZI".

And she DID.


She went down to the Trump Rally and Punched some

Guy - punched a Trump Fan.   


But she got PUNCHED BACK pretty hard by a guy with

LARGE ARMS (Big Muscles), and ended up on the Pavement. 


THEN.........:  He kept punching her after she hit the ground.

He apparently had her pinned to the Ground, and was punching her in

the Face.

In the Video I saw, he was Punching and Punching and Punching her!!

Punching BACK!!  Hitting her BACK!!  Wrecking her Face!!

(Too Bad).  



I don't think she'll be showing up for Easter Services, or going out for

Lunch or Dinner, any time soon.  Or shopping.  

It's going to take Weeks or Months for her Facial Wounds and Bruises

to heal.  Big Black Bruises!!  Broken Bones!!  Maybe a Broken Nose!!

Maybe Teeth knocked out!!  She might be scarred for Life.  Oh well.....


That's what happens when you "PUNCH A NAZI". 

You asked for it, you got it.



Now this Puny sack of Crap is Tweeting that someone hit her, and how

she was Injured, Poor Me, I'm a Victim, Those Mean NAZI's, etc, etc, etc. 

I doubt that she will show her Face in Public again, after that guy gave

her Face a working-over with his Fists.



Good luck with the Plastic Surgeon, Lady!!      


News Flash: 

You Reap what you Sow.


She hit a Pro-Trump guy

("Punched A NAZI"),

and He Hit Her Back.


He was a BIG Guy with BIG Arms.



The Violent Leftist Lunatic:

Last seen on the Ground, being Punched

in the Face by the guy she Hit.

She deserved it.


She HAD to be put out of commission

for the rest of the Day in order to

prevent further attacks.


Some of these Leftists are Violent and Really STUPID!! 


All of these Violent Anti-Trump

people need to be put out of commission PERMANENTLY: 

Put into a Wheelchair - for LIFE.

Or Put into the Morgue.     



I don't think this Antifa Idiot Female had thought things through.

It's kinda Stupid to hit a Big Guy with lots of Muscles.


(Note:  SOME of the Trump Fans were hit on the Head with SKATEBOARDS

and other Heavy Objects, which could have KILLED the Victim, or caused

severe Brain Damage - including Blindness.

This is one of the reasons that Trump Fans are now Hitting Back HARD!!

They need to put the Violent Leftists out of Commission.


The Victim might not be able to Hit back, but a nearby Trump Fan or Two

can come to the rescue, and Pulverize the Guy with the Skateboard, sending

him to the Hospital or the Morgue - where he belongs.)    


And one more thing:  These Anti-Trump people are not only STUPID,


I've seen them, I've heard them, etc, etc.

Can you IMAGINE a Government led by these NASTY, STUPID, HATEFUL,




If you voted for Killary the Murdering Witch, those Scumbags were your

Comrades in Arms. 

People who can't even put 2 words together to make a sentence.

People filled with Rage and Autistic Screeching.


Before you Vote, think about who your "Colleagues" will be.

And who will be staffing the Government. 

Do you really want these Pro-Killary Leftist Anti-Trump Hateful Nitwits

in Government, trying to "Run" the Country????




TRAITOROUS CRIMINAL "President" (GAG ME!!) in the Oval Office,

selling our Nuclear and Missile Technology to NORTH KOREA and

SAUDI ARABIA???   Etc, Etc, Etc???    



By the way:  A LOT of people feel the same way as I do.

The numbers are not small.  They're HUGE!!  And GROWING!!   

We're FED UP and we hit back!!  

If you hit a Trump Fan, chances are, you'll end up in the Hospital,

and probably need Plastic Surgery to fix your Face.  


It might be a lot more serious than that!!


And you sure as hell won't be able to drive home.

Your Eyes will probably be swollen shut, your Nose will probably

be broken, your Cheek Bones will probably be broken,

your Jaw might be broken, some Teeth will probably be knocked out,

and you'll be bleeding all over yourself and your Clothes.



It's not just a matter of stopping the current attack.

It's important to Prevent an ADDITIONAL attack.

It's important to CRIPPLE the Attacker

It needs to be done.

Emergency Room, Hospital, Wheelchair, Bedridden, Unable to walk,

Unable to talk, Unable to Chew Food, Feeding Tube, Face Messed up, etc.

A HIGH PRICE to pay for hitting a Trump Fan.   

Too bad.


I'm **NOT** involved in this violence, and I don't plan to be.

I have NO DESIRE to pound someone into the ground, and

wreck their Face, break their bones, probably send them to

the Hospital, cause them months and years of surgery,

months and years of looking like Frankenstein,

months and years of being unable to chew food,

months and years of being fed thru a Tube,

months and years of being unable to talk on a phone,

endless Doctor appointments,

endless Surgeries, 

weeks of Hospitalization,   

etc, etc, etc, etc.

I have NO DESIRE to ruin someone's Life.  


But if I'm attacked - including SCREAMING in my Face,

I'm ready.

And I will keep punching you until you can't talk or walk or crawl.

I will convert your Face to Raw Hamburger.  



I will not ALLOW you to Hit me on the head with a SKATEBOARD!!!!

I will not ALLOW you to Hit me on the head with ANYTHING!!!!

I will not ALLOW you to Hit me again!!!! 

I will not ALLOW you to Yell and Scream in my Face again!!!! 



If you SCREAM in my Face, I will PUNCH YOU until you're on

the ground, moaning and bleeding.

Screaming in my Face is ASSAULT.

(Most Trump Fans will also punch back).   


If you HIT me, I will PUNCH YOU until you're on the ground,

moaning and bleeding, 


and CRIPPLED - unable to Walk,

unable to Crawl, 

unable to Talk, unable to Drive,

unable to Write or Type, unable to Dial a Phone, etc.

Seriously CRIPPLED - probably for LIFE.


And your Face will look HIDEOUS.  Like a Circus Freak.

Probably for the rest of your Miserable Life.

If you ever leave the Hospital (doubtful), you will try to find a

Mask to wear over your Face.  Donald Duck??  Mickey Mouse??


Don't Mess with me!!

And don't Mess with any other Trump Fans!!

We're all FED UP!!! 

And ready to DEFEND ourselves.


And we HAVE TO!!

Being hit on the head with a SKATEBOARD can KILL!!

We have to defend ourselves, if attacked, and we have to


And we will.

You will become:


....for the rest of your Life. 


If you "Punch a NAZI" it might be the last thing you ever do.

You might end up in the HOSPITAL or in the MORGUE,

with a "Face" that could crack a Mirror.

You will be INCOGNITO everywhere because no one will recognize you.       





Because the Leftist Bozos are trying to DESTROY this Country

and shut down FREE SPEECH!!

(And their attacks can seriously injure, blind, deafen, or kill.)     

That's why!!

(So are the muslums.  So is Google.  And Facebook.  And Twitter.)  

And I won't stand for it!!


And I will not ALLOW you to Hit me again, or Scream in my Face



I will not ALLOW you to Hit me on the head with a SKATEBOARD!!!!

I will not ALLOW you to Hit me on the head with a SKATEBOARD!!!!

I will not ALLOW you to Hit me on the head with a SKATEBOARD!!!!

I will not ALLOW you to Hit me on the head with a SKATEBOARD!!!!

I will not ALLOW you to Hit me on the head with a SKATEBOARD!!!!

I will not ALLOW you to Hit me on the head with a SKATEBOARD!!!!

I will not ALLOW you to Hit me on the head with a SKATEBOARD!!!!

I will not ALLOW you to Hit me on the head with a SKATEBOARD!!!!

I will not ALLOW you to Hit me on the head with a SKATEBOARD!!!!

I will not ALLOW you to Hit me on the head with a SKATEBOARD!!!!



I will not ALLOW your Friend to Hit me on the head with a SKATEBOARD!!!!

I will not ALLOW your Friend to Hit me on the head with a SKATEBOARD!!!!

I will not ALLOW your Friend to Hit me on the head with a SKATEBOARD!!!!

I will not ALLOW your Friend to Hit me on the head with a SKATEBOARD!!!!

I will not ALLOW your Friend to Hit me on the head with a SKATEBOARD!!!!

I will not ALLOW your Friend to Hit me on the head with a SKATEBOARD!!!!

I will not ALLOW your Friend to Hit me on the head with a SKATEBOARD!!!!

I will not ALLOW your Friend to Hit me on the head with a SKATEBOARD!!!!

I will not ALLOW your Friend to Hit me on the head with a SKATEBOARD!!!!

I will not ALLOW your Friend to Hit me on the head with a SKATEBOARD!!!!





(Therefore, I will put you out of commission, PERMANENTLY.)  

(Therefore, I will put you out of commission, PERMANENTLY.)  

(Therefore, I will put you out of commission, PERMANENTLY.)  



I will not ALLOW you to Hit me again with ANYTHING!!!!

I will not ALLOW you to Hit me again with ANYTHING!!!!

I will not ALLOW you to Hit me again with ANYTHING!!!!

I will not ALLOW you to Hit me again with ANYTHING!!!!

I will not ALLOW you to Hit me again with ANYTHING!!!!

I will not ALLOW you to Hit me again with ANYTHING!!!!

I will not ALLOW you to Hit me again with ANYTHING!!!!

I will not ALLOW you to Hit me again with ANYTHING!!!!


You will be put out of Commission PERMANENTLY!!      

You will be put out of Commission PERMANENTLY!!      

You will be put out of Commission PERMANENTLY!!      


On the Ground, Bleeding and Moaning in Pain, and Half Dead!!      

On the Ground, Bleeding and Moaning in Pain, and Half Dead!!      

On the Ground, Bleeding and Moaning in Pain, and Half Dead!!      

On the Ground, Bleeding and Moaning in Pain, and Half Dead!!      

On the Ground, Bleeding and Moaning in Pain, and Half Dead!!      

On the Ground, Bleeding and Moaning in Pain, and Half Dead!!      

On the Ground, Bleeding and Moaning in Pain, and Half Dead!!      

On the Ground, Bleeding and Moaning in Pain, and Half Dead!!      

On the Ground, Bleeding and Moaning in Pain, and Half Dead!!      

On the Ground, Bleeding and Moaning in Pain, and Half Dead!!      

On the Ground, Bleeding and Moaning in Pain, and Half Dead!!      


      On the ground, Seriously Injured, Bleeding and Moaning in Pain,

      hoping an Ambulance shows up, as soon as possible.

      (Did anyone call????)       


      You will need a new FACE to replace the Hideous Mess I created.     

      You will need a new FACE to replace the Hideous Mess I created.     

      You will need a new FACE to replace the Hideous Mess I created.

      You will need a new FACE to replace the Hideous Mess I created.

      You will need a new FACE to replace the Hideous Mess I created.

      You will need a new FACE to replace the Hideous Mess I created.


      I will convert your Face into RAW HAMBURGER.      

      I will convert your Face into RAW HAMBURGER.      

      I will convert your Face into RAW HAMBURGER.      

      I will convert your Face into RAW HAMBURGER.      

      I will convert your Face into RAW HAMBURGER.      

      I will convert your Face into RAW HAMBURGER.      







I will not ALLOW you to SCREAM IN MY FACE again!!!!

I will not ALLOW you to SCREAM IN MY FACE again!!!!

I will not ALLOW you to SCREAM IN MY FACE again!!!!

I will not ALLOW you to SCREAM IN MY FACE again!!!!

I will not ALLOW you to SCREAM IN MY FACE again!!!!

I will not ALLOW you to SCREAM IN MY FACE again!!!!

I will not ALLOW you to SCREAM IN MY FACE again!!!!

I will not ALLOW you to SCREAM IN MY FACE again!!!!


Screaming in my Face is an ASSAULT!!!

And I will stop your ASSAULT!!  

And I will stop your ASSAULT!!  

And I will stop your ASSAULT!!  



You will be put out of Commission PERMANENTLY!!

You will be put out of Commission PERMANENTLY!!

You will be put out of Commission PERMANENTLY!!


On the ground, Bleeding and Moaning in Pain.     

On the ground, Bleeding and Moaning in Pain.     

On the ground, Bleeding and Moaning in Pain.     


You might need a new FACE.     

You might need a new FACE.     

You might need a new FACE.



I'm a Nice Guy, but you're NOT!!

I will defend myself.

If you start Punching me or Screaming in my Face,

you will end up on the Ground,

Bleeding and Moaning in Pain.

And you will probably need A NEW FACE,

Now Owning a Hideous Face of Raw Hamburger,

Never again seen in Public,

And probably IN A WHEELCHAIR or







Additional Notes and

Leftist Sissy Boy Antifa "Men": 

The Leftist Sissy Boy Antifa "Men" usually hit Pro-Trump WOMEN -

not Men - because they're usually afraid to hit a Man.  


The Sissy Boy Antifa "Men" always RUN AWAY from their Target,

after stealing a MAGA Hat ("Make America Great Again" Hat),

stealing a TRUMP Hat, or hitting a Trump Woman.


They're THIEVES and COWARDS, and are certainly NOT "Morally

Superior" to the Trump Fans.

(They pretend to have the "Moral High Ground", which is like saying

that Napoleon Bonaparte was just a misunderstood Tourist.)    


These Bozos are in a Cult, filled with RAGE, STUPIDITY, IGNORANCE,





(I saw a Video of some Self-Appointed Anti-Trump Pompous Arrogant

"Moralist" Ass who declared that he didn't want anyone who voted for

Trump working at his little Company. He was so REPULSIVE, he makes

you want to throw up.  I don't think he itemized Trump's "Faults" - just

went on a rant about rotten people who support Trump, and how disgusting

they are.

If they're so bad, he should have been able to SEE it without asking them

to volunteer that information, and Quit.

Shouldn't their rotten character be obvious??

Why did he hire them if they were that rotten??

I can think of 2 Killary supporters who I've seen on TV, and it's OBVIOUS

that they would be, and are, Killary supporters, and they're both really

REPULSIVE Arrogant Moralist types.

Yet they seem to find no problem with the Klinton Body Kount, and many

other aspects of the despicable CRIMES they have committed.  Morals??

I guess Murder, Massive Theft, and Treason (and More) aren't Immoral in

their Messed Up Little Minds!!)


The few Antifa Women have more Balls than the Antifa Sissy Boys, but

they're just as stupid - or worse.  


All of the Antifa members are CONFUSED LOSERS, with NO CLUE

of what they're doing.


All of the Antifa Rioters think they can Hit and Yell and Scream at

Trump Fans, and that nothing will happen to them.

They think like Nasty Little Girls who got away with things because

Daddy never spanked them.

But Daddy is now Fed Up.   


Antifa Sissy Boy "Men" are getting PUNCHED BACK in the Face and

seriously hurt.  Some Sissy Boys CRY.

They have the personalities of Nasty Little Girls.  


Antifa Women who hit Trump Fans are getting PUNCHED BACK by

Trump Fans - often punched back in the FACE by Men who really

don't care if it's a Stupid Violent Woman they're PUNCHING.


Quite a few Antifa Rioters might need new FACES, and have probably

made recent trips to the Emergency Room, or are now residing in a



Many Antifa Rioters are probably facing Years of Facial Reconstruction

by a "Plastic Surgeon" to rebuild Broken Noses, Broken Cheek Bones,

Broken Jaws, etc.


Some Antifa Rioters may have Broken Arms and Broken Fingers.

It's likely.       


Many Antifa Rioters are probably facing many trips to the Oral Surgeon

to have False Teeth implanted, to replace their Missing Teeth.

In the meantime, they dare not Smile (it's a horrible sight), they dare not

Speak (it's a horrible sight), and they can't chew their Food.


Some of them are facing JAIL TIME.

Some of them are facing JAIL TIME.

Some of them are facing JAIL TIME.


Some of them are now IN JAIL.

Some of them are now IN JAIL.

Some of them are now IN JAIL.






I'm writing this as a Fair Warning to anyone who

plans to Mess with me, or plans to Mess with any

Trump Fans.


I can't speak for other Trump Fans (who might not

agree with some of this, anyway), but I DO know

how many of them currently Feel, and what they

have DONE recently.


There are many EYEWITNESS reports and IPhone

Videos of what ACTUALLY HAPPENED.  


And I can tell you with complete CERTAINTY that

you would be risking your HEALTH, your FACE,

and your LIFE if you Yell and Scream at a Trump Fan

at close range, or HIT a Trump Fan.


Trump Fans have held back for a couple of Years

(most of the time), but now they're FED UP with being Attacked, and are HITTING BACK - HARD!!

PHYSICALLY!!   I've SEEN it!! 


One of these days, some Bozo Antifa Rioters are going

to get KILLED if they keep up the Assaults on Trump


Somebody might just decide to take out ALL of them

during an Attack by Antifa. 

I wouldn't be surprised.

It would be THEIR OWN FAULT, just as in any War,

or as in any attack by Criminals.  Almost suicidal.

Very Risky!!


I won't shed a Tear.  They deserve it. 

They will not be "The Honored Dead" of the Enemy -

soldiers drafted into the Army who did their Patriotic

Duty - as Ordered.  

They will be the Stupid, Violent Scum who volunteered

to Wreck this Country, Hit Trump Fans, and Yell and

Scream at Trump Fans, and they belong in a Garbage


They won't be missed.     


The Garbage Mainstream Media will probably cover

the Mass Funeral of Antifa Sissy Boys as being Trump's

fault (as they always do), but the opposite will be true.

It will be the fault of the Aggressors:  The Antifa Sissy

Boys who picked a fight, and lost.

And certainly no loss to the Country. 


At least their Moms won't have to wash their clothes

anymore, cook their meals, take them to the Dentist,

take them to the Barbershop, give them their Weekly

Allowance, and stuff like that.  





Before you Capitulate to the muslums, or to the remaining

SLIME of the Obozo Scumbags, or to the Slime still in

Congress in the Trump Administration (the ANTI-TRUMP

Scumbags), the Idiotic, Laughable ACCUSERS in

Government, the NITWITS in Government, the LIARS in Government, the CRIMINALS in Government, the SCUMBAGS in Government,  the MURDERERS in Government, the SICKENERS in Government,  the SNAKES

in Government, the PSYCHOPATHS in Government, the SOCIOPATHS in Government, the DIRTBAGS in

Government, the PERVERTS in Government, the

CHILD MOLESTERS in Government, the CREEPS in Government, the SATANISTS in Government, the

TRAITORS in Government, all the people in Washington

afraid of being ARRESTED soon - and all their Friends IN Government or OUT of Government,

or NEVER IN Government,

remember this piece of History: 


1683 AD:

The muslum Garbage of Turkey demanded to be let into the

City of Perchtoldsdorf Austria (a Suburb of Vienna).

Pacifist Perchtoldsdorf didn't resist the Turkish muslum

Garbage because the Lying muslums had promised them Fair Treatment if they opened the City Gates, and let the Garbage muslums in.

So the Citizens of P-Dorf opened the City Gates and let the

Garbage in.   


Everyone was immediately Decapitated by the muslums, (including Women and Children), except for the Old People

who were ushered into a Church and burned alive when the Church was set on Fire with the old people in it.

Many were presumably Tortured. 


1683 AD:  P-Dorf -  Population 30,000. 

1684 AD:  P-Dorf -  Population 0  (ZERO). 

Decapitated (or Burned Alive):  30,000.  


Gang Rapes:  Unknown.

Young Girls Raped:  Unknown.  


Children Tortured:    Probably All.    

Children Murdered:  All.    


Men and Women Tortured:    Probably All.    

Men and Women Murdered:  All.    


Children Forced to WATCH their Parents Tortured: 

      Probably Many.    


Parents Forced to WATCH their Children Tortured:    

      Probably Many.    

      (This is what the Garbage promised to do in Vienna,

        the neighboring City.

        So they probably did it in P-Dorf.)   


Type of Torture:  Probably Hideous.    

      (This is what the Garbage promised to do in Vienna,

        the neighboring City.

        So they probably did it in P-Dorf.)   



The Barbaric muslum Written Gang Code.

It ORDERS these Slimeballs to Torture and Murder.

(Probably to Rape, as well.)

They CLAIM that their orders come from "Allah", whoever

that was, and "Mohammed", whoever that was.


Muslumism is a Violent, Vicious, Bloodthirsty, Brutal, Primitive, Prehistoric, Animalistic, Inhumane, Criminal GANG or CULT, masquerading as a "Religion", led by a Sadistic Pervert, whose imaginary "God" (Allah) is believed to be a Sadistic Pervert, ordering the most Horrible Tortures and Murders imaginable

for innocent people, as interpreted by its Sadistic, Perverted Prophet.


Religiously, it's members know nothing about "Allah" except

that he is said to be Great ("God is Great!!").

What is "Great"?? 


For Heavenly rewards, the Cult is highly Sex-Driven, promising

40 Virgins to men who die in a "Holy Gang War", in which the

Cult members are either savagely attacking non-muslums, or

are defending their Sadistic Cult from civilized people.

Of course, there is absolutely no Proof offered of such a

reward, but the notion appeals to young, unmarried men, who 

are eager to die in a "Holy Gang War" so they can acquire

their "40 Virgins", and presumably, engage in Endless Sex.


Thus, Terrorism, Violence, and Risk-Taking are highly

encouraged, so that the young man, who is unmarried, and has

never had any Sex in his Life, can Die in a Holy Gang War

and receive his reward of 40 Virgins, and presumably, Endless



Thus, muslumism is a Pathway to Endless Sex for young men,

and is the Driving Force of Islamic Terrorism.

The same would be true for married men who Die in a "Holy

Gang War":   Endless Sex with 40 Virgins in Heaven.

Muslumism:  Brutality plus Possible Endless Sex after Death. 


Muslum Women:

They are Property on Earth.

Can be beaten and killed for no reason.

No Heavenly Reward.   


Love and Kindness:  Not applicable. Irrelevant.

Terrorism/Murder/Dying for muslumism: The Pathway to

Heaven and Endless Sex with 40 Virgins.

Also:  Non-muslums MUST BE KILLED.

It's part of their Cult and a DUTY of muslums.  



Today's Leftists/Liberals/Democrats/Feminists: 

     They are Admirers of the Torturing, Murdering muslums.

     Yes, Really.  Not a Joke.

      Why??  Because they have a lot in Common.

      And:  Because they're both INSANE and VIOLENT.



     The Million Women's March in DC, stupidly and irrationally

     protesting the valid and democratic Election of Donald Trump,

     was led by a muslum Islamic Terrorist Woman, a

     NON-CITIZEN, and a CRIMINAL here illegally, who has

     now been deported to a muslum Garbage Dump.



     Be sure to go to Saudi Arabia, Libya, etc, and protest

     the lack of Elections there, and the total lack of Women's

     Rights, and the Caning and Stoning of Women!!

     Gather a Million muslum Women, make some Signs, and

     march thru the streets of Saudi Arabia, Libya, etc, chanting,

     and yelling insults to men, insults to the King, criticisms of

     their Laws, criticisms of the Authoritarianism, criticisms of

     their Barbaric Ways, using Foul Language, etc. 

     If you're hauled away by the Religious Police, just give them

     the Finger, swear at them, scream at them, and insult them

     by calling them Typical Brown Males!!

     Spit out your Loose Teeth, and keep it up all the way to an

     unknown destination.   


     Be sure to prepare your Will before you leave the States.

     Leave all your Possessions to me in your Last Will. 

     Leave some photos behind to be remembered by, in case

     anyone wants to remember you.


     I will donate your possessions to the "Let Cats Vote"

     Society of America, and the "Cats For Congress" Society

     of America, Bellevue Hospital Chapter.



 A muslum slaughter of 30,000 people became known as:

 The Perchtoldsdorf Massacre. 

 (Vienna Suburb).                      

 Short Name:  P-Dorf.               

 1683 AD.                                   

 30,000 Austrians. Massacred. 

 By Turkish MUSLUMS.         

 By Turkish MUSLUMS.         

 By Turkish MUSLUMS.         

 30,000 Austrians. Massacred. 

 30,000 Austrians. Massacred. 

 30,000 Austrians. Massacred. 

 30,000 Austrians. Massacred. 

 30,000 Austrians. Massacred. 

 30,000 Austrians. Massacred. 

 30,000 Austrians. Massacred. 

 30,000 Austrians. Massacred. 

 Men, Women, and Children. Massacred. 

 Men, Women, and Children. Murdered.  

 And First TORTURED.                             

 Men, Women, and Children. Tortured.    

 Massacred By Turkish MUSLUMS.         

 Probably BEHEADED.                              

 And Burned to Death in a Church.            



     Also keep in mind, that these muslum Prehistoric Animals

     in Afghan cut the Fingers off of slain American GI's, and

    display them as Trophies of their Murders.

    Fingers here, Fingers there, all little Trophies of slain

    American soldiers.




    If you see a muslum at the Grocery Store with a Necklace

    of Human Fingers dangling from his neck, be advised that

    those Fingers came from a Dead GI - maybe one of your

    friends or neighbors.


    It's similar to the custom in New Guinea of wearing a bone

    through the nose.  Those are HUMAN BONES from the

    Fingers of people they killed, in New Guinea.

    You know:  Victims of the CANNIBALS.




                                                                        New Guinea Cannibals.
                                          African Blacks. 
                                 Still active today (2016, etc).
                Still Torturing, Killing, and Eating People Today.
                                    Friends of the Leftists. 
                              Similar to muslums, only Worse. 
                                                                  Photo Credit: Getty Images.


        Notice that these CANNIBALS are NEGROES - not
        Polynesians or Asians.  AFRICAN BLACKS living in
        the "Country" of New Guinea, in the Pacific.
        Completely different from the residents of Hawaii, Guam,
        Saipan, Tinian, the Philippines, the Marshall Islands,
        etc, etc, etc.  


        The European Missionaries reduced the amount of
        Cannibalism in New Guinea, but did NOT eliminate it.    


        Normally, they stick Human Finger Bones through the Nose.
        They kill members of other Clans, and they also kill Tourists,
        Hikers, Researchers, and hired Porters.
        (They sometimes eat LIVE People also, slicing off Parts,
         Day by Day.  But normally, they kill them first.) 


     They are Cannibals and Murderers.
     They kill members of other Clans.
     They also kill Tourists, Hikers,
     Researchers, and hired Porters.


        If you go to a New Guinea village as a Tourist,
        your Porter might be KILLED and EATEN.


        If you go to a New Guinea village as a Tourist,
        you will PROBABLY be KILLED and EATEN.
        If you go to a New Guinea village as a Hiker,
        you will PROBABLY be KILLED and EATEN.


        If you go to a New Guinea village as a Researcher,
        you will PROBABLY be KILLED and EATEN.


        About all they know is fighting and killing and
        Eating People. 


        The notion that Cannibalism in New Guinea (and Africa)
         has been wiped out, is a MYTH.
         Torture and Murder are also frequently part of the
         Cannibalistic procedure.  (In other words, they don't eat only
         people who have recently died. The dead people on the
         Menu are usually Killed.  MURDERED.)   


         They have plenty of Food to eat.
         They're just Sub-Human, Pre-Human, Pre-Historic, Animals
         who eat their own kind - a notch below most Animals.


         Some of them "speak" mostly in Grunts