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                             Mysterious Disappearances

                                       (one of the topics) 





                 Pearl Harbor Warning in November

                      Sneak Attack??  Caught by Surprise??


              Hawaiians knew an attack was imminent a WEEK earlier!!

              Reported by TWO newspapers including Honolulu.

              Didn't President Roosevelt know about the warning??

              OF COURSE HE KNEW!!  FDR KNEW!!  That was his JOB.

              He Sacrificed over 2,400 people - Military and Civilian.

              Plus the WOUNDED.  

              TONS of Evidence.  And there's one of the Headlines, above. 



                      Ivanka Trump (Donald's Married Daughter).

                          Harassed on an Airliner by some Bozo.  

                      Click the Trump Link below or further down. 










                                  December 2016.



                        Kennedy Assassination 




             Last Updated:  January, 2017.

             Mostly December, 2016.  




WARNING: This Website has not been approved by

The Ministry of Truth!!

There might be TRUE Information here!!!

There might be ACCURATE Information here!!! 



Truth has been Officially OUTLAWED by Obozo and

the Democratic National Committee, the New World

Order Garbage,  Communists, The Mainstream Media

(CNN, etc), thus weakening you, and making you Powerless.


The TRUTH will make you stronger and healthier - mentally

and physically.

This website contains the Truth.


I don't know if the Truth will always set you FREE,

but it will make you much SAFER and SANER!!  


The LIES will make you SICK and PUZZLED, and willing

to ACCEPT what the Bozos tell you because it appears as if

THEY understand it, and they'll make the right decisions

FOR you. 

With a clear conscience and an empty head, you can move

forward with your Life, confident that "They" will handle

things for you.

That wouldn't be so bad if you could TRUST them, and if

you could Understand the situation.

But neither are true.

They can't be trusted.

You're on your own.  All of us.   



The Good News:

There is a LARGE and GROWING group of People who

are "Mad as Hell, and not going to take it, anymore!!".


Why do you think I created this website?? 

Out of boredom??   (I was not bored.)

To make money??   (I'm not selling anything. How can I make

                                    any money from it??)

Because I'm Crazy??    (Prove it.)   

Because I'm Wrong??  (Prove it.)    

Because these things are Impossible??  (Prove it.)    

Because these things "Just don't Happen??" 

                                      (Prove it.)    

Because I'm Stupid??  (Guilty.  But not THAT Stupid!!)    


I know what I'm talking about.

I'm one of the people who knows what's going on.

In some cases, I have PERSONAL EXPERIENCE with the


(I'm not an expert on the details of News Channels and the

Newscasters.  And I don't care.)


I know a TON of information derived from  MANY sources.

I no longer recall all the details (too much to remember),

but I see MOST of the Big Picture - usually excluding the Political Picture.  I hate Politics. 


I've seen this Crap LONG BEFORE 2016!!!!

This Disinformation - the LIES - the OMISSIONS - the

"Editing" of Videotapes by the MSM (The Mainstream

Media) - the "Narrow-Slice "Explanations" - the SLANDER -







I do not always understand WHY information is suppressed

and LIES are told, but it IS happening.



Example of a strange TWISTING of the facts.

December 2016.

Russian Airliner Crash over  the Black Sea.

The Russian Government said that Terrorism has not been

ruled out.

At first, that was reported by the MSM.

Then, after a few days, the Russians said that Terrorism is

NOT suspected.


What do the Experts say??  Terrorism.  I agree.

It's almost CERTAIN.       






One Quick Comment:  Pizzagate.

People are going nuts over this subject, and accusing

Alex Jones of inventing massive Lies about the Pizza place.  


I don't know exactly what Pizzagate is, but Alex Jones NEVER said

that children are being Chopped up and Raped there, etc.

He was talking about SYRIA!!


And he was holding Killary responsible for it. 

I've seen the Video Clip of Alex Jones making the statement.


Frankly, Alex does a POOR JOB of being clear.

It's his own fault!!!!

That video clip is a good example of a "Failure to Communicate".

He was continuing the subject of Syria, BUT he didn't use the

word "Syria" in that video clip.

He SHOULD have, but he DIDN'T!!!! 

It's NOT that difficult, Alex.  JUST DO IT!!    

He beats around the bush forever, then he goes on a 10-minute

Monologue, then a 5-minute Tirade, and then "Explains" in

the most OBTUSE way possible, part of what he wanted to say,

leaving the nucleus of his point until the very last Phrase, and

then drops his voice at the end of every sentence, making his point

almost INAUDIBLE, making his point mostly GUESSWORK,

and then takes another Commercial Break.

And he repeatedly says:  "I'm not bragging!!".  (Filler material).

OK.  Message Received.  Stop repeating it!!  Over and Over and Over. 

Tell us the NEWS.    

PART of the misreporting on Alex Jones is his own fault!!


ALEX:  BE PRECISE!!!!          

ALEX:  If it involves Syria, and it's an important Sound Bite, say "SYRIA"

in the Sound Bite!!!!  Include the word "SYRIA" in the Sentence.

It's much harder to Edit a Video Clip to twist your words if you repeat

the KEY ELEMENT of the subject.  Such as "SYRIA".       


What is happening at Comet/Ping Pong Pizza??

What WAS happening at Comet/Ping Pong Pizza?? 

Nobody knows.

But there's no Question that SOMETHING bizarre is

occurring there, or was, earlier.  Apparently in the Basement. 

The owner recently denied that there even WAS a basement

at the Pizza shop (denied on CNN or Fox), but in an earlier

Email to someone, he REFERRED to the basement.

(It might have been in one of the Wikileaks Emails.) 

Why did he refer to a Basement that "doesn't exist"??

Evidently it DOES exist!!

The OWNER said it did!!


So what's been happening in the Basement??

I don't know, but if someone is claiming that it doesn't

exist, and earlier stating that it DOES exist, that Person

(the Owner) is HIDING SOMETHING.

What??  It cannot be anything good.

He's not hiding Christmas Presents, or Birthday Presents,

or some revolutionary Invention in a Basement that

supposedly doesn't exist.

We already have some of the murky details from the

Wikileaks Emails, IF they're referring to that Pizza place.

It's unclear.

There's no Question that SOMETHING has been going on

in that Pizza place, in the Basement.

We just don't know what.


It's a bit ODD that John Podesta's Laptop Computer contains

so many references to "Pizza, Cheese, Hot Dogs, etc" - all

Pedophilic Code Words according to the FBI, and much more.

Dozens and Dozens of "Pizza, Cheese, Hot Dogs", etc references.

Podesta has hung himself. 


Was Comet Pizza knowingly involved??

I think so, but there's no HARD evidence for it, yet.

If anyone runs across a picture of a Hot Tub in a basement in

Washington DC or vicinity, with bare cement walls, Save it and

call the FBI.  It might be important.

Were children harmed?? Well-treated?? 

I don't know.  Perhaps both. 

Even if no one was harmed, it was illegal as Hell!!   

As rotten as these people are, I don't think they would cause or

tolerate crying and suffering children.

Not in a Basement, an Airplane, or on an Island.

No one would do that - especially the women. 

Time will tell what was going on.

I've heard that here ARE places where children are harmed.

Not Comet Pizza.

God help us - and THEM!!

I've also heard that these things are done partly or mostly for

Blackmail purposes.  Of high-ranking Government and Corporate


That's British Intel and CIA procedure.   

God help us.


(I've heard that upstairs, the Pizza is SUPERB, it's a wonderful

place for the whole family, and customers enjoy the Food

and the Ambience.)


December 2016.

A final note, NOT related to the Pizza place:

Jeffrey Epstein's Lolita Express is just the tip of the Iceberg in terms

of "general" explosive information. 

Certain Scumbags betrayed some Good Guys, even though they were

WARNED about what would happen to them if there was Betrayal.

The Bad Guys didn't back off as they said they would. 

And they didn't change their CORRUPT ways.

The Good Guys and the American People were Double-Crossed - AGAIN.  

So the Good Guys are planning to spill the Beans IF Obozo and others

don't back off !!!!  

Very soon.  Right away. 

Some of it has already been leaked.

It relates to Treason, drugs, Treason, muslums, Treason, China, and much more.

But World War 3 might be started with Russia by Obozo first.

We need Luck and Courage and Preparation - and MORE!! 

Fortunately, the Good Guys in American Intelligence are HELPING us!!

Plus the Military - as much as possible!! 

We owe them a LOT!!

(Not everybody is on board, but MANY are.)

And some of the Mainstream Media has now finally FLIPPED against Obama.

It's about time!!

Some of the Idiots are still Anti-Trump, but Trump will deal with them.  

The MSM has FINALLY realized some awful things about Obozo, including the

persecution of Reporters who worked for the MSM!! 

Persecution and Prosecution of Reporters for telling the TRUTH!!   Duh!!! 

Some are FINALLY saying that Obozo has been FAR worse than Nixon!!

They're "a little slow on the uptake" (8 YEARS????), but they're finally getting it. 

The "Russian Hacking" and "Russian xyz anything" is the resurrection of Russia

as the "Bad Old Enemy" because the rotten American Politicians and other Bad

Guys ran out of new people and countries to Demonize. 

And the point??  Delegitimize Trump, try to block him from taking Office, claim

that Trump wasn't "Really" Elected, and start a WAR if necessary before

January 20th!!!! 

Dangerous??  YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Extremely Dangerous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Note:  Julian Assange of Wikileaks has NEVER been wrong even ONCE!!!!

He has a PERFECT track record!!

AND......  He's an American Patriot!!  A UK Citizen, living in the UK, very

concerned about this Country (and Europe), and doing everything he can to

SAVE America.  

Emails, Notes, Letters, Faxes, Phone Conversations, Photos, etc, from Assange

are coming from his SOURCES - not directly from him.

He has NEVER been wrong and NEVER challenged on a single Piece of

Evidence.  He has a PERFECT TRACK RECORD.

Some Bozos call Assange Names and Demonize him, but they have never

been able to disprove any of his LEAKS.


And they try to discredit him because he has some of them in his SIGHTS!! 

They try to discredit him because that's their only weapon.  

If Wikileaks/Assange says it's true, IT'S TRUE.



People who believe all the "Russian Hacking" nonsense, and the

Anti-Trump nonsense, and that Obozo is a "Legitimate" President, are

extremely GULLIBLE!!

Extremely NAIVE!!

Extremely IGNORANT!!

Anti-Trump people live in an EMPTY ROOM!!

They don't know ANYTHING!!   

They are being LED BY THE NOSE over the hill and into the Swamp, by

Swamp Creatures.


(Russia breaks into our Websites and Servers all the time.

And we do it to them all the time.

BUT:  They did not HACK (Modify) our Election results.

Big Fat Clue:  NO EVIDENCE.    

Another Big Fat Clue:  A Ridiculous assertion.  Third-Grade Level.

The DNC is employing CHILDREN or HALF-WITS.)      






1.  If you didn't vote for Trump in 2016, you should have.

     If you didn't vote for Trump in 2016, why didn't you??

     You might be Certifiably Insane. 


     If you voted for Obozo for his SECOND Election,

     you ARE Certifiably Insane.   



     Whatever flaws Donald Trump might have,

     they *PALE* in significance next to the Flaws of

     War Criminal Hillary and many others, making

     Trump the obvious choice. 


     So:  Since Imitation is the sincerest form of Flattery,

     I'm going to arrest your Kids for riding their bikes

     thru a Stop Sign without stopping, sending them to

     Guantanamo, and let the killer of your Dogs go Free!! 


     You're my Inspiration for this, Democrats!!   


     (For some Voters, Trump was the Lesser of 2 Evils.

     For me, he was a Once-in-a-Lifetime Opportunity

     to try to fix this Country, and hopefully flush all

     the GARBAGE down the Toilet.

     Trump represents COMMON SENSE and GOODNESS -

     not Craziness or Evil, etc.)     


    If you voted for Obozo the 2nd time:


    Ignorance like an Alcoholic who denies he has a

    Drinking Problem, just Laughs it off,

    even though everyone else knows you have a

    Drinking Problem.


    If you didn't vote for Trump,

    you're a Political Alcoholic, 

    probably in DENIAL,  

    or a Political Drug Addict - addicted to the same old stuff.

    Clinging to Fantasy,

    Living in a Cloud,  

    Imagining Pink Elephants.      

    And you're part of the problem.

    Learn a few things and get rid of that Ridiculous Attitude. 


2. Russia is NOT our Enemy.


3. China is NOT our Friend.       


4. If you think muslums are NORMAL people, and that

    Islam is a Religion, you're Crazy, and are part

    of the problem, helping to MURDER people and

    Destroy Countries.  


5. If you think the Mainstream Media tells the Truth

    about all major stories, you have a Lot to Learn.

    (They LIE almost all the time, and sometimes tell

    the Truth.  For Major stories.  It depends on the Story.)  


6. If you think the Mainstream Media doesn't INVENT

    FALSE stories, you have a LOT to learn.


7. If you think Obozo is Eligible to be President, and that

    his Phony Birth Certificate is Genuine, and that he's a

    Christian (as he portrays), and that he's been HELPING

    the USA as "Prez",  and that he RESPECTS America,

    you have a LOT to learn.



    Yes, his Birth Certificate posted at www.whitehouse.gov

                  is a FORGERY. 
         I checked it myself a few years ago.
         So have real EXPERTS in Graphics.  
         I am ABSOLUTELY POSITIVE that it is a poorly done
         Forgery, with up to 7 Layers of Graphics (Signatures, etc)
         pasted on, and tell-tale signs of Cut-And-Paste in various

    (As far as I know, he's not even a US Citizen, unless

    his American Communist mother conferred it to him

    at birth in Indonesia.

    I have his Indonesian Birth Certificate which might

    be authentic.  Superficially, it looks completely authentic.

    An expert needs to examine the Hard Copy document. 

    Trump should declare Obozo to be an Illegal Alien

    until Obozo proves otherwise.)





              Click to read about Trump, Libs/Leftists/Democrats,

                   muslums, China, and Russia.  December 2016. 




I realize that it's sometimes difficult to tell the

difference between Fact and Fiction.

Between the TRUTH and a LIE.

Between the TRUTH and a HALF TRUTH.


*   One reason is the amazing Scientific and

Engineering advances made over the past 100 years.

(And some of it is even Hidden!!)


*   Another reason is the crazy things some Wackos do.


*   The other reason is the lengths the Bad Guys will

go to to accomplish their Nefarious deeds.

Or sometimes even the Good Guys to accomplish

the Good things - their Good Deeds. 


*  Get the straight dope from:  www.infowars.com  ..

Run by Alex Jones - and his STAFF, and his GUESTS.

Big-Name Guests!!

(His Staff and Guests are GREAT!!) 


*  Avoid the terrible "Alex Jones Voice" and click on

"NEWS" at the Top of the Page.  



There are several good Websites:

"www.infowars.com"  run by Alex Jones.

"www.Prisonplanet.com"  run by Paul Joseph Watson

          and Alex Jones.  

"The Drudge Report", run by Matt Drudge.

"No More Fake News". 

"The Stone Cold Truth".

"World Net Daily" (WND).  



How high does Infowars rank in Visits?? 

VERY HIGH!!!!  Higher than CNN, etc. 

MILLIONS of viewers and Listeners.



By the way, what happened when some Law Firm

sued Alex Jones for Lying about something??

They lost. Alex won.

AND the Law firm was DISBARRED.

Alex Jones is now SUING SNOPES for Slander. 

Chances are EXCELLENT that he will win.

Others will follow. 

Maybe Pelosi??

Maybe Pelosi's Insane daughter??

As Alex said:  She looks like Frankenstein with a Wig.

I know, I know....  That sounds very unfair. 

BUT, she's a Fanatic Liar.

She deserves it.  She resembles a Freak. And she SOUNDS

like a Freak.  And she's a LIAR. 

She deserves it.

And she deserves more Insults than THAT!!

She's a Scumbag LIAR!!   



Facebook and Twitter are being sued by relatives of the

victims of Atrocities, for permitting an active Cell of

muslum Garbage Tyrants to recruit followers there, when

other decent and honorable messages from people were

deleted and their Users banned.

Apparently, Mark Zuckerberg is a piece of Garbage - and

worse.  Much worse.

I never knew that.  

I wish them the best of luck.



Go to Hell, Suckerberg.)  





The Insane Witch Pelosi is trying to shut down Infowars

using a Lawsuit - and Congress - by claiming that Infowars incites Violence, and that Alex Jones is a Russian Agent.


They plan to try to put a Gag Order on Infowars,

followed by endless debate.

They're preceding it with FALSE QUOTES - LIES.

LIES!!!!  Lies about Alex Jones. 

Things that Alex Jones NEVER SAID or did.  


They plan to BLAME Alex Jones and others for ATTACKS.

They're called False Flags Attacks.

IE, Someone else did it.

The Bad Guys do it, but the Good Guys get blamed for it.

That's a FALSE FLAG attack.


Wearing the Uniform of the Enemy.

Carrying the Flag of the Enemy.

Impersonating the Enemy.

In Wartime, the punishment is DEATH if caught.

And we Executed them in Germany during WW2.


False Flag (Impersonation):  

The Good Guys get BLAMED.  Usually.  

The Wrong Guys get BLAMED.

The BAD GUYS did it.  



If Infowars goes off the Air, it was done by CRIMINALS

including the LYING GANGSTER Witch Pelosi.


Alex Jones has NEVER incited Violence.

But the Globalists have done it!!

The Democrats have done it!!

They DID commit Violence!!

We have it on TAPE - VIDEOTAPE.


These Anti-Trump people and Anti-Jones people are

pure SCUM!!!!  And Dangerous Criminals!!


They are also trying to silence YOU!!!!



They're ready for Martial Law.

They're warming up the FEMA Camps.


If you Tweet that maybe the Gov is going too far

(Duh!!!!), you might be heading for a FEMA Camp.


The Bad Guys are NOT rolling over.

They are DESPERATE!! 

And they will do ANYTHING to hang onto their

Criminal Empire!!



They might stage a MASS SHOOTING. 

They might stage a MASS KILLING. 

They might even set off a NUKE!!

Where??  I don't know.

Maybe the USA, maybe Europe, maybe Russia.

And they plan to BLAME IT on Alex Jones, or the Russians,

or an Accident, or all of the Above. 



But we know this for certain:

They are trying to SHUT DOWN FREE SPEECH!!!!!!



December 2016: 

They are trying to SHUT DOWN



Insiders have CONFIRMED it.


They are planning to *LICENSE*

Journalists - "Approved" Journalists.

If you publish so-called "Fake News"

you will lose your License AND be arrested.

Welcome to Pravda/China in the USA.

And Europe.




1984.  "The Ministry of Truth."

Big Brother HATES you.




But what is FAKE NEWS??

It's "Whatever they say it is.".

If they don't like it, they ARREST


Then they put you in PRISON.      


December 2016: 

They are also trying to SHUT DOWN



December 2016: 

They are also trying to WRECK CIVILIZATION.


December 2016: 

They are also trying to make the

people AFRAID.

(We SHOULD be afraid.) 


December 2016: 

They are also trying to OVERTURN Trump's Election.




(I predicted something like this over a year ago.

It COULD happen.)   



December 2016: 

Obama is also moving troops close to Russia,

threatening Russia.

Essentially threatening WAR!! 






We also have good Intel from a Good Guy CIA Insider that

they are trying to shutdown Infowars and all the other


Taking over the USA, Europe, etc.

(They succeeded for a few Hours with Infowars!!!!) 


ALL of the Mainstream Lying Morons are claiming that

the Russians got Trump illegally elected, and that

Alex Jones is a Russian Agent.

And that Trump is a Russian Agent.

Fairy Tales.

But these Insane Bozo Scumbag Lying Gangsters are making that CLAIM.  A  CLAIM.  With no Evidence, of course.         


And all the Little Idiots are running around, screaming

their Little Heads off, wacked out of their Little Minds,

like Little Robots, Little Wind-up Dolls,

acting like Pathetic Little Lying Scumbag Morons.

It's embarrassing.


But the Top Democrats/Liberals/NWO  Filthy Scum are 



Fake News:

Do you recall the FAKE NEWS that Saddam Hussein had Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD's)??

Did we ever FIND any WMD's??

None were ever found.

How many *DIED* in that war?? 


Do you recall the promise that Garbage Obozo made in

2008 to pull out of Afghanistan??

That was 8 years ago (in 2016). 

Has the Mainstream Media done their job and questioned

Obozo??  No???

Have the Libs done their job and questioned Obozo??  No???

Have the Libs even NOTICED that Obozo hasn't pull out our troops??  No??? 

How many have *DIED* in that war??

Obozo was Elected Partially on that PROMISE!!!!


He Lied.


Do you recall the promise that Garbage Obozo made in

2008 to produce his Birth Certificate, proving that he

was eligible to be President??

Proving that he was born in Hawaii?? 



He was born in Indonesia, and raised as a muslum.

His name is Barry Soetoro.

This has been publicly known since 2011 or earlier.        



GW Bush: You're a Murderer.

Obozo:  You're a Murderer.

MSM:  You're Incompetent.     

MSM:  You're Liars.    

MSM:  You're Murderers.   

MSM:  You're Scum.

Pope:   You're Scum.

                    (Have you read his 2016 quote??

                    It's repulsive.  I won't repeat it.

                    Direct from the capital of child molesters.

                    Hundreds of Priests molesting kids.

                    Hardly anything was done about it.)  

Snopes:      You're Scum.

Facebook:  You're Scum.   

Twitter:      You're Scum.   

Google:      You're Scum.

                     (Helping China to block Websites like

                     Infowars with a "Chinese Version".)    

China:        You're Murdering Scum.







Wikileaks is ready to release some BOMBSHELL stuff.

                      BOMBSHELL Stuff!!

                      BOMBSHELL Stuff!!

                      BOMBSHELL Stuff!!

I do NOT know what it is. 

They don't want to release it!!!!

But if the Democrats/Liberals/Scumbags continue to Lie

and Attack, and try to block Trump from becoming the Legal President, they WILL release it.  In self-defense.

And I've heard that no one will like it.

Apparently, all Americans will be embarrassed by it.  

If they BLOCK TRUMP, the Wikileaks info will be released.  

And they MIGHT release it regardless of the outcome to

embarrass the Bad Guys.


Some observers in the know (and ordinary people) are now

aware that the Silent Majority is no longer silent.

The 2016 Presidential Election was the catalyst.

The Bad Guys tried to hijack this election, and more.

The Bad Guys are TRYING TO KILL TRUMP!!!!


BUT the truth is coming out, and it will continue to come

out, regardless of what happens to Alex Jones and Infowars.

All the Independent Media people are ON BOARD.

And the small Intel group is on board and leading the charge.  That's "Intelligence Groups" who are SICK of seeing our

Country being DESTROYED and its Citizens LIED TO.


Guess who discovered the Wikileaks Emails and blew the


American Intel.

Thank you, Intel People!!       





Example of a previous topic: 

During WW2, the German Crypto Experts knew

their Enigma Code could theoretically be broken,

but they didn't think that ANYONE would go to the enormous effort required to do it.

It would cost BILLIONS of Dollars, require THOUSANDS

of people, and use Computers which hadn't even been

invented yet!!


But the Brits DID do it. 

With help from the Polish.

And later, the Americans joined in (in 1943).


Even with vast improvements in speed, finally using

Electronic Computers (instead of Mechanical ones),

it could take 18 HOURS to Decrypt a SINGLE MESSAGE!!

And it can STILL take a couple of Minutes of "Think Time"

on a recent Laptop to decrypt a message. 


It's an amazing story of 18-Hour Days, 7 Days per Week,

brilliant mathematicians and cryptographers,

brilliant Engineers, Tight Security, Threats, Suffering,

a portion of it finally told in the 1970's, more revealed

in the 1990's, and much of it STILL Classified. 

And ALL the History Books were wrong about victory

and defeat through the 1990's because the information

had been "Ultra Top Secret".


Even a Notebook discovered in the Attic by a top

Engineer's daughter after her Dad died, made in the

early 1940's, was taken away from her by the American Crypto people at the NSA (and taken away from a Museum) when she tried to donate it to the Smithsonian Museum

in Washington DC, in the 1990's. 

They wouldn't allow the Smithsonian to display it, and

they wouldn't allow her to keep it.

Some things are that Secret!!  Even to this Day!!


People who say "Oh, they would never do that...."  or

"That happened Ages ago......"  or  "That's ridiculous...."

etc, etc, don't know what they're talking about.

These are not the words of INFORMED people.

These are the words of the CLUELESS.


People who think they have "Common Sense", and that

it's all they need, are sometimes Clueless.

Because sometimes Common Sense isn't involved.

Sometimes it is, and sometimes it isn't.

It all depends on the Issue. 



I DO like Common Sense.

But remember, not everyone has it, and once in a while,

it plays no role.

And more importantly, many people don't have the FACTS.

If they had the Facts, they might have some Common Sense

about certain Issues.

Blocking the Facts and Twisting the Facts messes up



Even citizens of Canada are totally brainwashed because

their Media is run by their Corrupt Government!!

The Canadian Media is one big Propaganda Machine.


That's also true of Britain with their BBC.

It's a State-Run Propaganda Machine!! 


You can't have Good Judgement - Common Sense - if you

don't have the right Facts.

Opinions are WORTHLESS without the Facts.

And that's where we are today.

And we've been there for Decades.


Most of the "Ultra" and "Enigma" information was finally

declassified by the Good Guys in the 1970's and 1990's (not ALL of it), but the Bad Guys still broadcast LIES on a Daily basis and HIDE a lot of information. 

And the Good Guys have been infiltrated by Bad Guys.

The TRUTH is sometimes Very Difficult to find.


(Identifying the Bad Guys is sometimes very EASY!!

Most of them are Nitwit BULLIES. 


With NO (Gulp) EVIDENCE!!

With NO (Gulp) EVIDENCE!!

You know:  EVIDENCE??



But it's even worse than that.

Some of these "Liberals" are Foul-Mouthed Garbage.



And they're STUPID Scum. 

And they're MEAN STUPID Scum. 

And they're NASTY MEAN STUPID Scum. 

What a bunch of Deluded Morons.

They are the Lowest form of Life.

Lower than Bacteria.

And their Leaders are even worse.

Remember this:  America is a Sovereign Nation!!


It guarantees FREEDOM OF SPEECH,



It's OURS.  It's LEGAL.  It's OFFICIAL. 

It's NOT Fake.  It's REAL.  It's ON DISPLAY. 

Much of it was written by Thomas Jefferson - a man

the Little Leftist Idiots like to demonize.

The Fake News comes from CNN, ABC, NBC, etc.

The FAKE stuff comes from the MAINSTREAM


Please keep that in mind.

I don't watch it anymore other than short Snippets

recorded to make a point. )






Skip this section if you want to.

Some of these articles are here for general

information, and some are for entertainment.

But some of them are pretty rough. 

Some are hard to take.

(Not on purpose.  They just are.) 


But Some are VITAL to your Safety!! 



The Problem:  Telling the Truth about some

subjects that you need to know about often

involves some horrible ideas and details.

I don't like the situation, either.

I Hate it.  But the word needs to get out

for your knowledge and Safety.



Some of this information will SHOCK you

     if you're not already aware of it.

Some of it involves SCUMBAG TRAITORS 

     by American Politicians. 

Some of it involves SCUMBAG PRACTICES

     by American Politicians. 


Some of it involves things that nobody wants

to hear.  Including ME!!


But if you don't know about some of these

things, you might be putting your Life in

Danger.  And you might be putting MY Life

in Danger, and your Kids' Lives in Danger.


When walking on Thin Ice, Ignorance is Bliss -

until you fall through the Ice and Drown.

Then it's too late.

No one can help you.

But some people might TRY to help you, only

to Drown themselves.



(Don't worry TOO much about the material


Some websites are much rougher than this one.

The info here has been TONED DOWN a bit.)





Just For the Record.....:  

I am NOT Suicidal or Depressed.

My car is in good shape.

My vision is in good shape.

I do not suffer from Dizzy spells.

I drive carefully, never speeding more than 5 mph.

I do not own a Pistol or a Rifle (yet).

I am in reasonably good Health.

I have recovered almost completely from my Stroke.

My Short-term and Long-term Memory are both working just fine. 

My back pain (from a twisted spine) is under control.

My Blood Pressure is under control.

I am not under a Psychiatrist's care.

I do not take illegal drugs.

I do not take Anti-depressants or Tranquilizers. 

I do not take Sleeping Pills.

I do not go swimming in Lakes or Rivers.

I no longer go swimming Anywhere.

I do not belong to any Gangs or Cults of any kind.

I do not practice any Weird Ceremonies or Occult Nonsense of any kind. 

I do not park my car on bridges, stare into the water, and jump off.

I do not drive to lonely places, and get out and walk around.

I do not hike through the Woods alone.  I do not

I do not hike next to the Woods alone (on a Beach, etc).  I do not

I do not Picnic in or near the Woods alone.

I do not do any Camping.

(I've done some in the past, and enjoyed it, but I don't do it any more.)

Any books I may have on Weird or Occult subjects were purchased to

learn about them, but I never got around to reading more than a few

pages - if even THAT much, in most cases. 

In a couple of cases, I bought books and tapes to please a friend,

read and listened, then decided that it was all Foolishness and a waste of time, or

a complete Fraud - Foolishness, Nonsense, Lies, and much Emptiness.

Some of these Groups keep Moving the Goal Posts, insisting that you just

need to take ONE more Course, buy ONE more set of Tapes, and then

your Life will be Perfect, or much improved.  Hogwash.

All of these Cult Groups are run by Con Men, Liars and Traitors, whose

objective is to separate you from your Money, week after week, month after


Do some students benefit??  Maybe. But I did not.

I did not need what little they had to offer - if Anything.

They take advantage of people's normal Trust in others, and their desire

to improve themselves in some ways - usually undefined, and then

Abuse that trust.

They also take advantage of one's desire to Learn - especially learning

supposedly Important and Hidden Things ("Secrets"), but then don't

necessarily teach you anything Important or Hidden.

I'm not searching for "Secrets" - if there are any, but if someone offers

to teach me some, my interest is usually piqued.

But it's very doubtful that these Groups or Gurus know any "Secrets",

other than the secret of stealing money from Trusting people. 

Perhaps they also take advantage of one's need or desire for Friends, or

simply people to talk to.

I'm speaking of the CULTS here - not Self-Improvement Books, or Sane

and Honorable people who are Rational, and don't have a stupid set of

"Rules" that you need to follow, such as "No Bathroom Breaks", and

"Dump All Your Friends",  "Call your Friends at Midnight", etc, etc. 

That's destructive Nonsense, and in some cases, you will probably ruin

your Life, and hurt or mystify your Friends. 

(Calling your Friends at Midnight isn't nearly as bad as Dumping all your

Friends, but they will be mystified and ALARMED and CONCERNED

for your Safety, and a bit irritated at the Late Phone Call. 

I don't recommend it.  People think it's some kind of Emergency, at that

hour of the Night, and you've Worried them quite a Lot!!).  

There are some Sane, Honorable, and Rational Leaders, and I salute them.

They do Good Work.  (Nathaniel Branden is Good, etc). 

They have Brains, Integrity, Common Sense, and a normal desire to help people.


But the "Cult" types are Garbage.

And they have RUINED the Lives of some People. 

I want no part of them.    


By the way- - - - -  I read somewhere that the Cult Awareness Network

(CAN) was purchased by a CULT!! 

(Why did they SELL it???)

The Cult has probably destroyed that once-excellent Organization, or

deleted it from the Face of the Earth.   

Perhaps it rose from the Ashes with a new Name and good people.

I don't know.  I haven't checked. 



There are Thieves and Liars Everywhere.

And I mean EVERYWHERE!!!!


It's not always your Money they want. 

They want your ALLEGIANCE. 

They want your MIND.  Your BELIEFS. 

They want THEIR CONTROL over you. 

They want you to BEHAVE in certain ways. 

They want you to DO certain things. 

They want you to NOT DO certain things.  

They want you to IGNORE certain things.  

They want you to OBEY their suggestions.

They want you to LIE for them.

They want you to MAKE EXCUSES for them.

If you BELIEVE something, you will act in a certain way.


Sometimes, they just want you SICK or DEAD.  



There are Thieves and Liars Everywhere.

And I mean EVERYWHERE!!!!


Look for  HONESTY.

Look for  SINCERITY. 


Look for  GOODNESS, too.

Look for  KINDNESS, too.  

Look for  COMPASSION, too.  

Then you'll be a lot Safer and better off. 


Lying and Slippery Behavior can be difficult to detect, sometimes.

Do the best you can.

Think about "Does this make Sense??".

"Is their reaction Reasonable??  Excessive??  Too little??".

"Is he addressing only a Narrow Slice of the Issue??". 

"Is the fellow being Direct, or does it sound like he's Wriggling

out of a trap that you caught him in??"

"Do several of his Answers seem Convoluted??".

[Sometimes Life is complicated, but it would be Odd to find that

almost EVERY situation this guy found himself in was Odd and

Convoluted.  Red Flags if too many of those Answers.]

"Are most of his responses Rapid and Natural, or does he have

to think about almost every Response??".  Red Flags - assuming

we're not talking about having to dredge up memories from when

he was 5 years old, or formulate his Philosophy, etc, and might

have to take longer to answer such questions.

It would be Normal to take longer with such questions.

He's trying to give you the best answer he can, and that takes time,

in some cases.    

But not in *ALL* Cases. 


I don't do Cults, I don't do drugs, my Health is reasonably good,

I don't walk thru the Woods alone, etc, and I'm not Suicidal.






Russian Hacking Hacker Hackster Hoaxer Warning::::::........###  

Russian Coughing Warning!!!!!!!!........###### 


The Russians ATE MY HOMEWORK!!!!!!!!!

The Russians ATE MY DOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Russian Dog ATE MY NEIGHBOR'S DOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



There's a Russian Agent behind every TREE!!

There's a Russian Agent in your BED!!

There's a Russian Agent behind every DOG!!

There's a DOG behind every Russian Agent!!




Vladimir Putin of RUSSIA called me to say that

he plans to PERSONALLY Hack and Edit this

Website, on his Packard-Bell 286 PC, and convert it

into a FAKE News Website using a SECRET MOUSE.  


He's been hacking since 1850!!!!! 


He was calling from a Phone Booth and had to

deposit a few more Rubles while we spoke, but

was able to make his point clearly, speaking in

flawless Russian.  


He has been Hacking Websites all across the USA

and Europe, loading them with Fake News, such

as the notion that the Earth is flat, never step on a

crack so you don't break your mother's back, and

everything.   And stuff like that. 


And that people will actually BELIEVE it!!

He said he's already hacked CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS,

MSNBC a little bit, every day, but said that very little

needed to be added. 


It was just a friendly, heads-up call to let me know that

he would be hacking this Website sometime in the






   SINGLE DAY!!!####

   And he worshiped Oak Trees!!!!!!!!

   And he cheated at Tic-Tac-Toe!!!$%#@##        

   And sometimes he ate 100 Boxes of

   foreign Peanut Brittle - with NO  






Putin said he will secretly insert Fake News items into

various Websites without the knowledge of the

Webmaster.  As a Joke!! 

Even on THIS Website!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And It will be INVISIBLE to the Webmaster!! 


He does this ALL DAY LONG!!!!!!!!!!

He does this ALL DAY LONG!!!!!!!!!!


 So, remain Alert, Americans!!  And Europeans!! 

And Dutch!!  And Sardinians!!

Just ignore any Putinisms you run across!!!!

And Russianisms also!!   By Russians!!!

And Putin stuff too!!!!!!!!

Those sneaky Putins and Russians might be doing

stuff to Websites!!!!  

Putinisms!!!!  Russianisms!!!!  Rooooooski-isms!!!!!!!!!!

Be alarrrtttt!!!$$$#######  

The Russians might be coming!!!!  Somehow!!

Putin himself told me!!


I THINK it was Putin.....

It sounded like some fake actor from CNN.....

Or maybe someone from the CIA......

They do that.  They do it a LOT!!

Oh well.



end humor

end humor

end humor




"Our government wouldn't LIE to us....".

Civilian woman, Berlin Germany, 1944. 



She was Lied to, along with millions of others.

She had based part of her Life on LIES blasted

at her by the NAZI's for over 10 years. 

She did not realize that the NAZI's were Liars,

and she BELIEVED the Lies. 

It's not funny, and she was not Naive or Stupid.  

It's very sad, and the Liars were Criminals.

Lying is an Art and a "Science".  Some Liars are

VERY good at it, deceiving millions of people,

sometimes mixing Truth and Fiction, sometimes

telling Lies that are difficult or impossible to

check, sometimes telling Whoppers that only

Retarded People and Self-Righteous People

would believe.

I Hate Liars.)




Wikileaks and Emails: 

It was the Good Guys in the US INTELLIGENCE AGENCIES

that leaked the Emails to Wikileaks - certainly NOT the Russians. 

The latter is just ridiculous. Laughable.

The theory of "The Russians Did It" is a stupid distraction to

cover-up the truth AND to divert attention from the explosive

CONTENTS of the Emails!!

Then Wikileaks posted them.


Why did the Intel people do it??

To make damn sure that the Loose Cannon Piece of GARBAGE

Hillary C. would not get elected.

Why??  Because she BADLY and RECKLESSLY handled her

Top Secret Access (GAG ME!!!!!!), revealing secrets to our Enemies.

Not to mention her best friend - some muslum idiot working for

the Saudi's.

She should have been SHOT!!!!

And furthermore, apparently 2 Assets were MURDERED by the

Enemy, once their names were discovered.


when it comes to protecting classified information, endangering


And endangering Ambassadors, Embassy Personnel, Contractors,

Foreign Citizens, etc.


Can you imagine this Clueless Worthless Psychotic Piece of Garbage

as President????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Who also had people murdered in Arkansas????????????????????????

"The Clinton Body Count"??  Hello???

Vince Foster.  Ron Brown.  Etc, etc.  Hello???



And people actually VOTED for this DIRT BAG????????

Did YOU??????

Wake up!!!!   Pay attention!!!!!

This Traitor should be SHOT!!!!!!!!!!!!

Voting is not some EMOTIONAL whim.  

It's damn IMPORTANT and it requires SOME knowledge. 

People who voted for HC are among the most IGNORANT

people in the Country - possibly in the World.


What HC did was not the same thing as what Ed Snowden did.

Snowden is a Hero.  HC is a Stupid, Irresponsible, Incompetent,

Traitorous Piece of Crap, incapable of grasping simple concepts

even though she was given a Complete Briefing. 

She should be shot or fed to the sharks. 

Don't EVER vote for such a Retarded Incompetent Dirt Bag again!!!!



(I suspect that if that Dirt Bag ever makes it to the White House,

or someone like her, the Military and some other Departments

will refuse to follow her orders, knowing that she's a Half-Wit and

a Traitor.  And they won't allow themselves to be fired, either.

They will probably just ignore her - as well they should.

She's just a dangerous nasty 2-year-old child, and not to be taken






(Have you ever noticed how many little IDIOTS have been

running around since 2008 or so???

It's a regular PLAGUE of Morons!!




They seem to think they're adults since their feet can now

reach the pedals.  Gag me!!

Only the Mainstream Media thinks they're actually important.

Stupid IS as Stupid DOES.)  






I HATE Politics. 

I DESPISE Politics.



Part of this Web page deals with Politics simply because

the Half-Wit Politicians have messed things up so badly.

But I hate the subject because it means getting down in

the Gutter to discuss it. 

It's not in my background and it's not in my blood.

But the slimy subject needs to be addressed. 

Most Politicians are probably just LIARS and COWARDS.

They have only 2 Main Goals in their miserable Lives:

    1.  Acquire lots of Money.

    2.  Get Re-elected.  

Secondary Goals:

    3.  Be recognized as "Important" (cough).

    4.  Wield plenty of Power.

(The Globalists have much bigger plans, but they use Politicians

to accomplish them.

GLOBALISM SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) 

Secondary Goals:

This set of Goals did not apply to President Kennedy, to

any great extent.  Kennedy was Honest, and already had

plenty of Money.

The LaBrea Tar Pit of Politics, Organized Crime, and powerful

Enemies that he stepped into was deeper and more dangerous

than he was able to deal with, while sticking to his principles.

To avoid being Assassinated, he would have had to become

"One of Them" - something he was certainly unwilling to do.  



There's a big difference between "Real Religion" and what

passes for "Religion" today - and even for the past several

hundred years, in some cases (such as "The Inquisition" of

the Middle Ages which began benignly,

but turned into a Money-Making Slaughter of the

Wealthy in Spain and Italy - a "Holy Business" run by

Sadistic Perverts.  They even put the great Lover

Casanova in Prison, although he cleverly managed to

escape - the only Prisoner in History to do so).  

Part of the Old Testament of the Bible is a flat-out Lie,

part of it was Mistranslated, part of it is Misunderstood,

and part of it is grossly exaggerated in importance by

Fundamentalist Bible Thumpers on a Power Trip. 

Part of the New Testament was falsely corrupted by

an Imposter "Translator" early on, and by Monastic

Copyists who "Edited" (Revised) portions, with the

result that much of the meaning has been twisted and

corrupted into a mostly False Narrative - a False

Message, for their own Twisted purposes.

The first Corruptor wanted to retain Moses as the

Great Religious Leader by minimizing any subsequent

Leaders as "Weak and False Prophets".

The second Corruptors wanted to confuse people and

make them dependent on the Church for guidance -

and for Monetary Contributions.

Criminals and Liars are found even in Religion.   

Hypocrisy ABOUNDS in Organized Religion, even

in recent history with David Koresh, Jonestown, and

the US Government which managed to murder many

innocent victims.


Facts and Evidence: 

The only way to make good decisions is to evaluate

Factual Information and have a Working Brain. 

Many people make Claims, but supply no Evidence.

Why don't people demand to see their Evidence??

In most cases, I simply ignore the Claims until I see the


There's a GOOD REASON for that approach:  The Claim

is probably a LIE if it can't be verified. 

Exception:  If the person making the Claim is known to

be Honest, Good, Smart, Savvy, Thorough, and Brave,

I will often take his word for it. 

There are VERY FEW such people in the World who

are also in the Public Spotlight. 

(There are many such people who are NOT in the Public

Spotlight, fortunately.)  





My Dad was a College Professor, and my Mom was an

Amateur Concert Pianist, Organist, and a Medical Librarian.


I've been fortunate enough to sing Bach's "Mass in B Minor" and

Carl Orff's "Carmina Burana" at Northrop Auditorium at the

University of Minnesota (and elsewhere).

I've performed Bach's "Magnificat", Mozart's "Ave Verum", one

of Mozart's "Regina Coeli's" (the good one), Mozart's "Requiem",

a couple of times, etc.  


I was also fortunate enough to know the "Balloonist" Piccard Family

in my Youth - Jean, Jeanette, and Don (who invented "Sport Ballooning").


We were friends with Ethel DeLong, a Soprano who sang with the

Metropolitan Opera of New York, once.   


My mom played a short Concert for Emperor Haile Selassie of Ethiopia

when he visited St. Paul, and she brought home the 5-Course Dinner Menu,

the Program, etc - a lavish outpouring of honor for this self-appointed ruler,

who tried to bring Ethiopia into the 20th Century, but who later faced a Famine,

high Oil Prices and an Oil Embargo caused by the Saudi's in 1973, high

Unemployment, and a revolt by the Army over Low Pay.


The point being that these elements were part of my

background, as well as my parents having "College Types"

and "Classical Music Types" as friends - not Politicians.


When I briefly watched Political Conventions in the

1950's and 1960's, my impression was that most of the

people were Boring, Pompous Morons who probably

made a speech to their Family every time they Tied Their

Shoes (without help), and were Egomaniacs holding the

belief that they were Important and Intelligent, and that

nobody could see through their Pathetic Personalities of

"Empty, Incompetent, Needy, Egomaniacs" - MOST of

them, at any rate. 


I didn't think that some were Liars or Criminals, but I

gradually found out what they were, over the years.

With my background, I was NEVER drawn to their

Personalities, and paid little or no attention to their stated

Plans and Goals.

I am STILL not drawn to Politics or Politicians.


In later years, I worked with IBM Mainframe Computers,

doing Tech Support work (Software).

It was difficult, demanding, and interesting work. 

The only "Politics" involved arose from the Bozo Blamers who

had no idea what they were talking about.

We see, yet again, that the "Politicians" were incapable of doing

their Jobs, and constantly blaming Someone Else, even though

we did a Good Job, and paid close attention to any problems

and complaints, and fixed them rapidly whenever possible, and

worked hard to prevent FUTURE problems from occurring, being

strongly Pro-active as well as Reactive.

We were always MILES ahead of the Curve, anticipating Future

problems and preventing them from happening, as long as we had

a large enough staff to do it, and a large enough budget to buy the

needed Hardware, Software, and Supplies.    

(Upper and Middle Management, the "Politicians", made sure that

we did NOT have a large enough staff, or the necessary budget

to purchase the needed Hardware, Software, and Supplies to always

respond rapidly, but we always did a Good Job, and we always had

the Big Picture in mind, far better than Management - just the

OPPOSITE of what most people thought.) 

And other issues caused by the Politicians, who focused on

everything EXCEPT the Mission.

Most Politicians are just Self-Centered Dummies, convinced of their

own Infallibility and Wisdom, who try as hard as they can to ignore

Reality, Lie to their Constituents constantly, and ignore the fact that

most of Life is "Mechanical" - not Slogans or Platitudes.  

They're OK if you have the Mechanical Machines to make them work.

Because only the "Machines" [Machines or People] will accomplish


Before you can have a meaningful Slogan or Platitude, you have to

understand how the Machines work - the MECHANISMS of action,

such as Car Engines, or Pumps, or Computer Programs, or Groups

of People.

Politicians are usually Ignorant of such things, and don't see any

value in understanding them. That's partially because they don't DO

anything.  Why would they need to understand how things work if

someone else always does the actual work??).    


Over the years, America has been attacked by a POLITICAL CANCER.

American Politics is now a disgusting SWAMP, ruining the lives

of Americans and sometimes Foreigners, fully supported by the

Fake Garbage Mainstream Media, dancing like puppets on a String,

and supported by CLUELESS Liberals who believe everything that

the MSM tells them!!  


I now have many more reasons to despise Politics than I did,

years ago, and I ignore the CLUELESS and BRAIN DEAD Leftists

of today, who make no attempt to discern or discover the Truth,

but who have a Giant Funnel on their heads, pointed at CNN

and others for their view of the World, believing every syllable

uttered by the Talking Heads, with Nonsense and Invented Stories

mixed in with True Stories, led over the cliff with Rings in their Noses. 





                       CNN-Propaganda Brain Funnel

                        "All the Propaganda that Fits"

               "Get Measured for a Brain Funnel Today!!"

               "You too can become an Idiot Lunatic!!" 



CNN and the others are Political Propaganda Outlets for Major Stories -

NOT News Outlets. 

The minor stories are probably accurately reported.

The Major Stories are often full of Lies and Omissions.

The "First Reports" of a breaking story might be true, but later Reports

are modified - changed, Baked, Cooked, altered, revised, etc.

AND, some of the Big Stories are NEVER REPORTED!!!!

I know that for a FACT.



(And by the way, Libs and screaming haters of Slavery, Slave Owners,

and Freedom Restrictors:  The last years of Haile Selassie's reign were

marked by poor scores in Civil and Political Rights including poor

Prison conditions and torture (1960's/1970's).  

And the 1930's saw the continued enslavement of 2 million people in

Ethiopia under Emperor Haile Selassie's Reign.

If you're going to condemn Thomas Jefferson for owning some slaves in the

1700's, you must also condemn Emperor Haile Selassie for permitting

2 MILLION SLAVES in Ethiopia in the 1930's, during his Reign!!!

Not to mention many millions more slaves being held today in the 21st Century

around the World - estimated at 30 MILLION SLAVES Worldwide. 

And let's not forget that your Criminal Candidate for President (Gag me!!),

Killary Clinton, cheered when Muammar Gaddafi of Libya was Murdered

in 2011.  (So did the Fake "President" Obama).  

(What a piece of Garbage she is!! Obama too!!). 

Yet Gaddafi was even MORE progressive than Selassie. 

And TED KOPPEL'S Beautiful and Smart College-Age (??) daughter

interviewed him some years ago in Libya, doing an excellent job. 

Gaddafi was enchanted, and gave her thoughtful and thorough answers

to her Questions, outside, on a pleasant Summer's Evening by a Tent.   

That day, he overcame the Lies being told about him.

But during a "Civil War" (??) against Gaddafi by the Bad Guys, apparently an

American Drone injured Gaddafi in a Convoy, he was further injured by an

exploding grenade inexpertly tossed by someone, and he was soon after murdered

and mutilated by the Libyan Opposition, when they shoved a Bayonet up

his Anus.  What fun - eh Killary??     

I don't recall the details, but the murder of this VERY progressive and decent

ruler apparently took place because Gaddafi wasn't using Dollars as payment

for the Oil Libya was selling to the World - or something like that.

It was a "US Dollar" issue and a "US Control" issue, and Gaddafi certainly

had every right to buy and sell using whatever currency he wanted to. 

A husband and wife team of American cognoscenti who spent time in Libya

said that Gaddafi was an outstanding Leader, doing everything right, including

expanding rights for women, well-liked by everyone except for some Criminal

Types who were losing their control - as well they should, etc. 

They were harassed by American Intelligence, gloom and chaos descended

over Libya, Gaddafi was executed, they barely made it out alive, and are now

in hiding, unable to obtain work because the US Gov always threatens any

Employer who tries to hire them - even though they're Top Shelf people, with

a huge amount of International and Governmental experience.  

And some Libs proclaim that the so-called "Arab Spring" (gag me!!) "liberated"

Libya from Gaddafi's choke-hold on the Country. 

Libya doesn't have any "Drones".  Hello Libs???  "Arab Spring"???  

Talk about Mainstream FAKE NEWS!!!!!!!

Libya was attacked by American Drones and Attack Helicopters launched

from an Aircraft Carrier in the Med, nearby, and France also is said to have

sent jets to attack targets. 

Gaddafi was Murdered by the US and EU, and Libyan Bad Guys primarily

over Oil and Dollars - not because he was some kind of horrible Dictator. 

Possibly just the US and EU - with no Libyan Bad Guys involved. 

This was the unkindest cut of all.

Vladimir Putin was appalled at Gaddafi's death - and the method and the

American laughter.  I agree.  Only a Twisted, Perverted, Piece of Soiled and

Soulless Poison would laugh at what happened.    

Libya is now in shambles. 

That's the result.

The US and EU have DESTROYED Libya!!

And Murdered Gaddafi - possibly the first progressive leader Libya ever had.

The US and EU Governments are certified MURDERERS and LIARS!!!!) 









Shopping Mall Attack by a *SOMALI*:

Note:  He was a *MUSLUM*, of course.  

How well did the MSM carry the story of a muslum piece

of Garbage who attacked customers at a shopping mall in

St. Cloud, Minn - the Crossroads Mall,

on September 17th, 2016?? 

(St. Cloud is a small, College town, about 40 miles from







Fortunately, an off-duty Police Officer shot and killed the muslum Garbage, after repeatedly showing his badge and ordering the Garbage to drop his Knives, which the

Garbage refused to do. 

Fortunately, the OFF-DUTY Police Officer happened to

have his GUN on him.  


(Are you listening, Libs??????   Probably not. 

It was an OFF-DUTY COP who ended the Rampage.


A 911 Response was NOT involved and probably would

have come TOO LATE to do any good. 

And he had his GUN on him. 

The Cop brought a GUN to a Knife Fight and Won.) 


Killed in Macy's Department Store. 

Killed after wounding 10 Customers, before he could

wound or KILL more.

Macy's was not the only store he knifed people at.

He was also at a CANDY STORE, and several others,

attacking Customers with his Knives.

Were there any KIDS in the store??

Was it too much work to go after them this time??

Maybe next time??    

The Garbage Islamic State has publicly taken credit for

this attack.


The Dead piece of Garbage was a Somali - one of thousands who have infected Minnesota and other States - especially Minnesota. 


The Idiot Libs in Minnesota have welcomed tens of

thousands of Garbage Somali muslums into Minnesota.

This Knife Attack by a Somali muslum is just ONE of many

incidents involving Somali muslums in Minnesota. 




Help the Victims pay their Medical Bills, wash their clothes, and compensate them for being stabbed.

Start writing checks. 


Contact the stores to find out how much business they've

lost as a result of the attacks, and start writing checks.


Contact the Mall and offer to help wash the blood off the

floors, the walls, and any displays such as Mannequins,

Wigs, Back-to-School Displays, Halloween Displays, Thanksgiving Displays, Christmas Displays,

Candy Counters, etc.  




The Somali muslum might have had AIDS or some other Serious Disease, and you could contract it by coming into contact with his blood or other Bodily Fluids.

Wear DISPOSABLE RUBBER GLOVES when cleaning up

Somali Blood and Bodily Fluids!!! 

Wash your Hands thoroughly so you don't bring any diseases

home, infecting your Roommates, Parents, or Kids.  



Contact ALL the stores in Minnesota to find out how much business they've lost as a result of the SOMALI INVASION,  and start writing checks.



Get moving, Libs!!

Start helping the Victims and the Stores!! 


St. Cloud is where the former "St. Cloud State Teacher's

College" was located (now renamed, I believe).

I had a girlfriend who attended there, got her degree, and

became a School Teacher, years ago. 

Today, she might be attacked at the local Shopping Mall

by a Garbage Somali muslum wielding Knives, and be

killed or injured, ending up in the Hospital or the Morgue instead of the Girls' Dorm or the Library.  

It was pure luck that an off-duty Cop happened to be there,

with his Gun tucked away somewhere, and shot and killed

the Garbage Somali muslum when he refused to drop his Knives. 



Doesn't anyone GET IT ??????

Islam is just a GANG masquerading as a RELIGION.

It's not a RELIGION!!


They have PLASTIC Brains that can be Flipped to

attacking and killing decent people at the drop of a hat. 

They absorb Fanatical Propaganda like Sponges!!!!!!!

Then they go out and ATTACK Americans and Europeans.

Or Christian Africans (who are being slaughtered).

Or ANY non-muslum. 

Or WRECK a Community, and then revolt.



They've ruined FRANCE!!

They've ruined GERMANY!!

They've ruined SWEDEN!!

They've ruined NORWAY!!

They've ruined ITALY!!

They've ruined GREECE!!

They're ruining the USA!!




Stop treating muslimism as a Religion!!

It's a VIOLENT GANG at its heart, with some Gang Members acting peacefully, and some acting violently. 

It varies.

Their Official Rule Book PREACHES Violence!!  

And they believe they have the right to do just about  anything they want to, in the name of their "Religion".



They even told Thomas Jefferson that they had the RIGHT

and the DUTY to Capture and Enslave every "Infidel"

(non-muslum) in the World, somewhere around 1800. 

(Jefferson was elected President in 1801 - the 3rd President

of the United States.)

Jefferson attacked them with our new Navy, and freed as

many American and European Slaves and Hostages held for Ransom as he could (ship rowers, sex slaves, men, women, boys, and girls, with the men often just Beheaded).  



But if you're too "Nice" to treat it as a Violent Gang,

and insist that it's a "Religion", then treat it as a



"Religion" is just an excuse - a Cover Story - for their often

Violent Behavior.


Don't waste my time with nonsensical counter-arguments

about the Catholic Inquisition of hundreds of years ago.

Yes!!  That was a Violent Religion, too, for a while!!!

You're right!!  I already know it!!

And I condemn it!!


The Inquisitors should have been wiped off the face of

the Earth, and all stolen money and property returned to

the Families of the murdered victims.

Does the stupid, murderous Inquisition justify the stupid,

murderous acts of the muslums??


The Inquisition killed Jews, too.

And they killed Christians, too.

And they killed Atheists, too.

And they killed muslums, too.


They killed every WEALTHY person they could find, after

they confiscated his property and money. 

And after they TORTURED him - often killing him in the


But there's no justification for ***ANY*** of this murderous

nonsense - an Inquisition or muslum violence!!



How STUPID can Americans Be to not realize that??

It's a GANG OF MURDERERS AND SCUM that never  Assimilates, and has no INTENTION of Assimilating.

They SWARM a Country, then ISOLATE themselves,

then make DEMANDS and KILL PEOPLE.  



This has been happening since the 800's AD with Vienna

Austria and that area, fighting invading muslum Garbage

from neighboring Turkey. 

Muslums SLAUGHTERED 30,000 people in a neighboring town (Perchtoldsdorf, Austria) in 1683.  

Men, Women, and Children.

And they probably TORTURED them, first.

The OLD PEOPLE (like your Parents and Grandparents

and other relatives) were shoved into a Church, the Church

was set on fire, and the old people were BURNED ALIVE

by the Garbage muslums. 

(Just ignore the Screaming.)


The town had taken the PACIFIST approach and surrendered

to the muslums with no fighting at all, since the Garbage

muslums promised them Fair Treatment if they would just


The town Surrendered. 

So the muslums killed them. 

30,000 Pacifist Austrians slaughtered by the Garbage

Turkish muslums in 1683. 

They had earlier threatened to expose children and adults

to Torture (of each other??) in Vienna, so they probably did

it in Perchtoldsdorf as well. 



Children screaming in pain from Torture as their parents were forced to watch??  

Children screaming as they watched their parents being Tortured??  



This is what these Putrid muslum Scumbags do and even

SAID they would do in Vienna, in 1682, followed by Decapitation, per the Lunatic Gangster muslum

Leader Mehmed IV  (Scumbag First Class).   


Whether the Vienna Citizens fought or surrendered, this

was the fate that awaited them unless the Army could

defeat the muslum Garbage.


Pacifist Perchtoldsdorf didn't resist because the Lying muslum Garbage had promised them Fair Treatment, and everyone was Decapitated, except for the old people who were burned alive in a church.

(Tortured as well, per the earlier demands.)  



 This muslum slaughter of 30,000 people became known as:

 The Perchtoldsdorf Massacre. 

 (Vienna Suburb).                      

 Alternate Name: P-Dorf.         

 1683 AD. 

 30,000 Austrians. Massacred. 

 By Turkish MUSLUMS.         





Vienna built a HUGE and THICK wall around the City, at

some point, to keep the Murdering Scum out, and fought MANY WARS AND BATTLES with the Murdering muslum Scum.  

Wars for over 1,000 YEARS!!!

Dead Austrians for over 1,000 YEARS, attacked and killed

by the Murdering muslum Scum!!!

(And plenty of dead muslums as well, when the Austrian

Army fought back.) 

Vienna is where Mozart lived as an Adult, and died from

disease brought back to Vienna by Army troops fighting

the muslums in Russia - assisting an Ally.





Training Camps and Battleground Camps.

No muslums, No War, No Army Camps, No Disease,

No Deaths from Disease.

Half the Austrian Army was SICK during the War

of 1787-1791 (Austria's involvement) where they assisted Russia in its battle against the Garbage. 

It was one of the MANY muslun Wars, such as:

     "Battles of Vienna",

     "More Battles of Vienna",

     "Sieges of Vienna", 

     "More Sieges of Vienna", 

     "Wars of Vienna", 

     "Attacks of Vienna",

     "Sacking of Vienna", 

     ("Attacks on Russia" also), etc. 

All Attacks of Vienna by the Stupid Murdering Garbage Turkish muslum Gangster Animals.

All certain of the Rightness of their Stupid "Cause".

All certain of their "Moral Superiority".

Just like the Democrats!!   


Major Muslum Wars and Battles with Austria/Europe/USA (muslum attacks):  


Vienna and Suburbs (P-Dorf was in 1683):

AD 846, 950, 1485, 1529, 1631, 1683, 1716, 1787. 



At least 15 Attacks  (Theater, Beslan at the School, etc). 


Elsewhere (small portion):

1801, 19xx, 19xx, 19xx, 19xx, etc.




  Russia:  Beslan School Attack By muslums (2004)

            Total Dead: 330   Dead Children: 186 



The USA and US Military Bases and Ships have suffered MANY additional attacks by muslum Garbage in the

20th Century.  HUNDREDS or THOUSANDS of Attacks!!  



And remember all the Russian children and other hostages

who died in 2 muslum Terrorist attacks in 2002 and 2004?? 

At a Moscow Theater presenting a Play (2002) and a Beslan School (2004)??

Remember those attacks??  

A couple hundred kids were murdered by the muslums.


133 hostages of the 850 died at the Moscow Theater.

They died accidentally from a reaction to a gas pumped

into the ventilation system by Russian rescue forces

to put the terrorists to sleep. The plan worked, but some

of the hostages died.


In the Beslan School attack (2004):

     Hostages:  1,100  (First day of School - Moms and Kids).  

     Died:          330 Hostages.

     Children:   186 Died.  

Total deaths of Hostages (both Attacks): 

                       463 Dead   (2002 + 2004). 

Total deaths of Children (both Attacks): 

                       Around 300 Dead Children  (2002 + 2004).  

Responsibility:  Garbage muslums.

These are just TWO of the FIFTEEN or more muslum

Large Attacks in Russia, not counting Small Attacks.) 

About a third of Russians later supported the BANNING

of all Chechens from entering Russian Cities. 


And all over some stupid demand for independence and

the withdrawal of Russian troops from Chechnya. 

Some disputed land is also part of their Moronic


Maybe the Russian troops were there for a REASON. 

Also, huge numbers of muslum Chechens have moved

from Chechnya to Moscow.  Why???  


No wonder Putin HATES the Garbage muslums.

No wonder the Russians HATE the Garbage muslums.

No wonder the World HATES the Garbage muslums.






       Russian Mother hugs a picture of her child at the Beslan School

               where the muslums murdered the Children in 2004.



These Monsters are your Friends, Libs.

The muslum murderers of Children, Teachers, Parents,

Actors, and other Adults.

Friends of yours, Libs. 

And they'll kill you, TOO!!!!


A few of the Beslan Attackers were based in the UK.

The Garbage muslum leader of the Beslan School Attack

has said that such attacks will continue, presumably

killing more Children, more Teachers, more Parents,

and other Adults (Ambulance Drivers, Custodians, etc.).


2 of the Dead at Beslan were EMT's (Emergency Medical

Technicians) in an Ambulance, who arrived before all the

muslums had been killed, and were still shooting.


Muslum friends and relatives of the Attackers also brought down 2 Russian Airliners with Bombs, Bombed the

Moscow Metro, etc, killing hundreds of people. 



The Beslan School Attack may have been a False Flag

operation by the Russian Government to crack down on

harder on internal muslum terrorism, or Assisted by the

Russian Government to increase the suffering and the  

number of Deaths for their own ends. 

It appears to be partly related to "The War on Terror", rather than simply terrorism by the muslums.


I condemn False Flag operations as being insane and unworkable, leading to hundreds of needless deaths,

Confusion, Finger-pointing, Grief, Additional Murders of

Innocents, Cover-ups, Disruption, Cost, Diversion of

Resources and Focus, Endless Lying, Division, etc.

False Flags are legalized Murder and Mayhem.


It is especially egregious when Children are used as the

Pawns. The School was chosen by both sides to elicit the

maximum amount of emotional concern and outrage,

and the Children may have been sacrificed to further the

aims of the Government to crack down on terrorism, or

to impose restrictions and monitoring of its Citizens in

the name of "Anti-Terrorism", similar to 9/11 and

Sandy Hook.


FIRST:  Commit the Major Crime.  Government.

      (9/11,  Sandy Hook, etc).

SECOND:  Pass some new Laws to restrict Freedom.

      (Gun Control, etc).    

THIRD:  Pass some INSANE Laws to get you arrested.

                 Make some of them RETROACTIVE.

                 (Half the population is guilty). 



No one needs an excuse to fight Terrorism.

No one needs an excuse to fight the muslums.

No one needs an excuse to have a strong Military. 

No one needs an excuse to have a strong Intel Operation.

While the Terrorism of the muslums is well known, the

actions of the Governments are highly Suspect.


Multiple people in Russia have said that this was an

Inside Job involving both the Terrorists and the Russian

State Police, and they have Evidence for it.


All investigations into this tragedy have been squelched

by the Russian Government. 



This follows a Pattern begun with JFK's assassination -

both the Murder and the Whitewash ("Oswald did it"

baloney).  Even the subsequent JFK investigations by the

Government have been a Joke, with members refusing

to look at Evidence, etc.

It really IS a Swamp.


MURDERERS of Children, Teachers, Parents, and Adults.

MURDERERS of Important People and Ordinary Citizens.



Who sacrifices Children for Political Gain?? 

Who sacrifices Adults for Political Gain?? 

Who has done it in the Past??


I hate muslums, and I hate Politicians.

And I hate Terrorists.

And I hate Greedy Bankers.

And I hate Self-Righteous People.

And I hate Liars.

And I hate Evil People.

They are all Despicable. 






Poland, Ireland, England, and the USA have fought them,

as well.


The muslum Garbage captured an entire TOWN in Ireland

in 1631 (Baltimore, Ireland), and carried the people off as Slaves.

They attacked MANY coastal European towns, often forcing the citizens to abandon the towns and move inland.


And the muslum Garbage is not planning to stop Killing

and Wrecking.


They are planning to Kill YOU!!!!

They are planning to Kill YOUR KIDS!!!!

They are planning to Kill YOUR RELATIVES!!!!

They are planning to Kill YOUR FRIENDS!!!!

They are planning to Kill YOUR NEIGHBORS!!!!

They are planning to Kill YOUR CO-WORKERS!!!!

They are planning to Kill YOUR EMPLOYERS!!!! 

They are planning to Wreck your Neighborhood!!!!

They are planning to Wreck your Suburb!!!! 

They are planning to Wreck your Town!!!!

They are planning to Wreck your City!!!!

They are planning to Wreck your State!!!!

They are planning to Wreck your Country!!!!


When they're not murdering Westerners and wrecking

Communities, they're STONING Women to Death

for things like walking too close to another man, being

Raped in their home by invading Rapists, and so on.  

What a Life - eh??

Raped then Stoned to Death.



Remember Lib Females:


MANY of you will be

              STONED TO DEATH

if the Garbage muslums take over, even though you haven't

done anything wrong. 

Stoning Women to Death is a kind of "Sport" in muslum


It's a kind of "Sporting Entertainment".

Perfectly Legal and Encouraged.

It's gruesome, brutal, bloody, painful, and violent, with

most stones aimed at her Head, and a sizable crowd of muslum "Sports Fans" gathered to watch the Screaming Festivities, while they cheer and laugh. 

Cheering and Laughing at women being Stoned to Death,

as they Scream, and Scream, and Scream in horrible Pain




It's Entertainment for muslums.

(Maybe even a Pre-Stoning Rape!!

How lucky can you get!!) 


You're Next to be STONED, Stupid Lib Females!!   

Who's Next??

You're Next!!








It's estimated that muslums have killed over 800,000

innocent people over the years - usually Decapitated.

Including Children and Babies.


Women are either Stoned to Death or Decapitated by

these Primitive Animals.

Children and Babies don't grow up without their Mothers

because they're Decapitated, too. 


Of course, whenever possible, Victims are Horribly

Tortured First!!  And the Pain is Unbearable.


But it's all approved by their Monster "God", supposedly,

so it's all right.   Their "God" is Brutal, Sadistic, Vicious,

Vindictive, Irrational, Arbitrary, Woman-Hating,

Child-Hating, Intolerant, Demanding, Violent, Cruel,

Infantile, Indifferent, Cold, Unfeeling, Afraid of Smart People, Weak, Humorless, Grim, Needy, Insecure, Stupid,

Destructive, Rash, Impulsive, Hateful, Hiding, Untalented,

Authoritarian, Crude, Thoughtless, Hopeless, Lonely,

Homosexual, Slippery, Lying, Dirty, Angry, Egotistical,

Perverted, Joyless, Moldy, Sick, Warped, Stingy, Demeaning, 

Rude, Dull, Crazy, etc.

This is the "God" they pray to, 5 times per day.

(Why not 5,000 times per day??).    

Why would a "Real" God demand that you pray to him at

all, much less pray to him 5 times per day?? 

Why would a "Real" God appoint Idiotic representatives

to make a list of Idiotic Rules, including the Murder of

people who commit Victimless Crimes, or no Crime at all??

These primitive Idiots are totally INSANE and Wretched. 



These are the Immigrants you invited into this Country,

you Moronic Idiot Libs - Traitors to America.




The United States became UNITED in order to fight the

muslum menace of the 1700's and 1800's on the Atlantic

and in the Mediterranean.

From Colonies, to States, to UNITED States - the Union,

formed partly to pay for a Navy to fight the muslum

Abductors and "Garbage Pirates" on the High Seas.  


Muslums were referred to as "Pathological Parasites" by

the US Government during that era, and President

Thomas Jefferson took a hard line against them, ordering

the recapture of our ships and citizens, earning the praise

of Lord Nelson of England for one of the battles.  


President Thomas Jefferson refused to pay the enormous

RANSOM demands made by the Garbage muslums, who

were capturing and ENSLAVING American Tourists and

Crews of Commercial Ships in the Meditrranean.


That's partly why we have a UNITED States of America today:  To pay for a Navy (and Marines) to retake the ships and release the Tourists and Crews. 




And don't buy into their Idiotic "Crusades Revenge" Nonsense of HUNDREDS of Years ago. 

Good grief.

The "Crusades" to the Holy Land started around 1100 AD

and ended around 1300 AD. 

Long, Long ago!!

And the USA was NOT involved!!


Columbus hadn't even sailed to America yet (1492).

Wake up, Libs!!



The Crusades began as peaceful TOUR GROUPS to the

Holy Land, but the Pilgrims were ATTACKED by the Garbage muslums on the way and in Jerusalem, so they brought an Army with them on future trips, and cleaned out the Garbage on the way and in Jerusalem - Garbage that

had invaded and taken over areas that didn't belong to

them anyway - areas that had been "muslumized" by the

Garbage muslums. 


The "Real Crusades" were invasions of Europe and Jerusalem

by the Garbage muslums!!


The Army acted as a Cleanup Crew, protecting the Tour

Groups, and helping the Towns along the way and in Jerusalem to get rid of the invading muslum Garbage.

A Tourist Group and a Cleanup Crew is not a "Crusade". 

Hello???  Anybody home???


The so-called "Crusades" were TOUR GROUPS which were

FORCED to bring an Army with them for protection, and

the Army also acted as a Cleanup Crew to flush out the

invading muslum Garbage along the way and in Jerusalem.




Muslums are a Violent GANG of MURDERERS AND TORTURERS who also Torture and Murder Children and Babies!!  


Libs always want to feel Guilty about Something!!

Libs think that the USA must have done SOMETHING

wrong to the muslums!! 

Libs can't take Pride in ANYTHING except their own

imaginary "Moral Superiority" (gag me!!).

This is the same Imaginary "Moral Superiority" that the

Garbage muslums use to justify their Murders of ordinary

Americans and Europeans. 


The only Guilt we have from the past is that we didn't kill them ALL, and wipe this SCUM off the face of the Earth!!

This is not Rocket Science.

And it's not Religion.

And it's not Politics.

It's just Common Sense. 




Gatlinburg Tennessee *BURNING*.

Monday, November 28th, 2016. 

How well did the MSM carry the story of Gatlinburg Tennessee, in late November, 2016??

It's burning!!  The town is near Dollywood, and is well

known to tourists who visit that area.  

It's the Gateway to DOLLYWOOD - Dolly Parton's Theme

Park, and they own some of the Cabins that were damaged

or destroyed. 

A Forest Fire, which began November 23rd - 5 days earlier, jumped into the area and the town due to 80-mph winds (and higher), setting it on fire. 

Top Wind speed recorded:  87 mph.

(Small Forest Fires have been burning in the Smokies and the Southeast for MONTHS due to a drought!!) 

Downtown has been mostly spared, but is FILLED with thick, choking smoke, making it almost impossible to  breathe.  

All residents have been ordered to evacuate. 

There's been little news, so far, from the Mainstream Media. If you had hotel or motel reservations, it's not likely that the buildings are still standing.  Even if some are still standing, much of the area is currently burning, damaged, or destroyed.

Currently (late November 2016) no one is allowed in the town except for Fire Fighters and Emergency personnel.

The MSM has not covered this MAJOR story as of this writing, to my knowledge.

They probably will, but WHEN??

When did CNN finally cover it??  

The town has been on fire since November 28th, and there

has been a nearby Forest Fire since November 23rd.


The Gatlinburg Fire was "Human Caused" according to the Fire Chief.

Accidental or Intentional. 

There were some Garbage muslums who had moved into

the area, and some people have wondered if some Garbage muslums started the Fire that killed over 10 people, and destroyed almost everything except for the Downtown area.


Adults, Old People, and Children were the Dead Victims,

burned alive.

HUNDREDS of people are now HOMELESS.

Former Population: 14,000 People.  




The agenda of the Globalists is to be in the

TOP ONE PERCENT of the Wealthy, and to keep

everyone else Poor, Uninformed, and Stupid.


The Globalists really ARE the equivalent of NAZI's

because one of their wealthy contributors is a

NAZI COLLABORATOR in Hungary, sending tens of

thousands of Jews to their Deaths in exchange for his freedom!!  

Interviewed on American Television, years ago.

I've seen the Video.

He said "I picked the winning side!!". 

(At least the TEMPORARY winning side.)

He was BOASTING!! 

He's one of your biggest leaders and contributors, Libs.

He's a HUGE contributor to Killary's campaign.

A NAZI COLLABORATOR who sent tens of thousands

of Jews to the Death Camps in exchange for his own Life,

ended up as a HUGE contributor to Killary's campaign.  

He's old, but he's still alive.

He has a Face like a Nest of Killer Bees and Snakes.

You want his name??  Figure it out.


This is YOUR Political Sugar Daddy, Libs!!

Your Rich Hero, Leftists!!

A genuine Piece of Rotting Filth!!

He even looks DEAD!!

Like Dead Filth.

Positively REPULSIVE!!

That's Your Rich Hero, Leftists!!

A NAZI Collaborator, Jews-to-Death-Camps,

Rich Piece of Dead-Looking Filth. 

Welcome to the Democratic Party!!    




















Let's get one thing straight, Folks:

The Globalists, the State Department, Obama, Hillary, and the Mainstream Media are all  TRASH when it comes to POLITICS.



And Murderous activities.

And BODY COUNTS - much HIGHER than

people realize.




















$450 Million per Year??  Something like that.

They're a Government MOUTHPIECE!!
















































































But, it could NEVER happen HERE!!!!

The President is "Honorable" - right??

All the Politicians are "Honorable" - right??

CNN is "Honorable" - right???????

PBS is "Honorable"  - right???????

NPR is "Honorable" - right??????? 


It could never happen here??



























(Fortunately, their viewership and readership

is dwindling FAST!!!!

Fewer and fewer people pay attention to the MSM, now.  It's sunk to LOW LOW levels.

And still SINKING.)  



Mainstream Media

and Extreme LEFTIES:

Does your Mother know that you LIE??  

Does your Mother know that you LIE all the 


Does your Mother know that you're a LIAR??  

Does your Mother know that you're a THIEF??  

Does your Mother know that you're a


Does your Mother know that you're a


Does your Mother know that you're an

         ADULT  BABY?? 

Does your Mother know that you're an


Does your Mother know that you're in

         favor of CENSORSHIP?? 

Does your Mother know that you don't

         believe in FREE SPEECH??  

Does your Mother know that you don't

         believe in the CONSTITUTION?? 

Does your Mother know that you're a 


Can you FAKE IT well enough for your

         Mother to believe that you're really

         a Decent Person??  






Would your Mother be Proud of you or

        ASHAMED of you??

Wouldn't that HURT your Mother if she knew 

        what you're REALLY like??   

Wouldn't she feel that she had FAILED as a


Wouldn't she feel that she had FAILED as a



All of those years of Hard Work WASTED??












Oh - You voted for Obama in his first Election??  So did I.

Now I regret it!!!!

How I regret it!!!!

No vote from me the 2nd time.



Almost all of the Crap he pulls, is done


Most people have NO IDEA what a piece of Crap OBozo has been!!!!




He should have been ARRESTED Years ago!! 



And if you think he was a Good President, you are incredibly GULLIBLE

and NAIVE.

You can be Gullible and Naive if you want to, but DON'T make me pay the CONSEQUENCES of your Stupidity.  




They are trying to destroy the USA.

And the Globalists are trying to destroy

ALL other Countries.





For example:  Obozo supposedly helped some American Companies with some Federal Funds.



The so-called "American" Companies were located in FOREIGN COUNTRIES employing FOREIGN WORKERS - not Americans.

Countries like MEXICO. 

They are "American In Name Only". 

They sucked Jobs out of the US due to the high Corporate Taxes and higher Wages here. 

And OBozo subsidized them!!

With OUR Taxes!! 

With YOUR Taxes!! 

And he LIES about it.

OBozo does the OPPOSITE of what he should do!!! 

He subsidizes MEXICAN workers and hurts AMERICAN workers.  

He subsidizes American Factories that move to MEXICO.   

OBozo and the others are TRAITORS

to America. 



They are destroying YOU and ME and

your FRIENDS and your RELATIVES.






Helping the Homeless??

During Obozo's "Presidential" Campaign, a Black Woman

in the front row asked Obozo for Help.

She had a job, she used Food Stamps, but they weren't enough.  She and her kids were living in a CAR.

Obozo promised to help her.

"We'll take care of you." he said.  On camera.

That was YEARS ago.

Obozo has done absolutely NOTHING for this woman.


What about Trump???

A Black Woman was found living in a barren empty room

in Trump Tower.  A SQUATTER.

The room was just an unfinished, unfurnished spare room.

Like a large Broom Closet, or something.

She was slightly Retarded and possibly a bit physically handicapped.     

The Police found her, and told her to move out or face Arrest.

She asked them to call Donald Trump and ask him if she could stay, since she had nowhere else to go.

They called Trump, he came downstairs, he spoke with her,

and decided she could STAY.

AND he had the room FINISHED - made LIVABLE.

AND he ordered his Room Service staff to deliver her

3 Meals per Day.

AND he had Flowers delivered to her Room once a week.


She is STILL living there 8 Years later, with a nice view of

Central Park - high-priced Real Estate!!

I saw the Video of HER speaking, looking out the window

at the nice view.

Not just some report from someone.  Not just a Claim.

Part of the Video featured HER speaking.

Eight Years of Free Housing and Free Meals, so far.

From Donald Trump.

Did he ever bring it up - or situations similar to that one??

No. He never mentioned it to the Media.

Good people usually keep quiet about their good deeds.

He's done other things for people....

People in need, etc.  Some of them have spoken up.

Trump never mentions his good deeds.



And you Holier-Than-Thou Liberal Leftists:  What good

deeds have YOU done??

How many Homeless people have YOU rescued??

How many??

How many people in need have YOU helped??

And you have the GALL to criticize Trump??

What did they say about someone 2,000 years ago who

healed the sick and cast out out demons - curing the Sick,

curing Leprosy, curing the Lame, and the Mentally Ill?? 

They said "He casts out Demons by the power of the Devil."

He replied:  "How can Satan cast out Satan??"

They were "Snakes" and he knew it.


People will probably make similar accusations against Trump.  "He can afford it!!", etc, etc.


Well, you're in luck. You have nothing to worry about.

People will never accuse you of being a Hypocrite or a

Superficial Swell, tossing a few coins to the Rabble. 

You can just go on Screaming about what a Terrible Person

Trump is, confident that your benevolent actions will never come under the glare of the Spotlight of Public Opinion,

since there aren't any.

Inaction is your Insurance Policy!!  You're IMMUNE from criticism!!  Don't rescue any Homeless People.

Don't help some people in need.  Don't thank some good people who have helped you.


Just keep SCREAMING against Donald Trump, DESPISING Donald Trump, and leave the country, as so many of you said you would. 

Your Legacy will be that you BASHED Donald Trump, and

kept your promise to LEAVE the USA!!

Wow!!!!  While Trump was helping people, you were Screaming and Bashing Trump and his fans, and then left. 


Er, maybe you DIDN'T leave.....

Maybe you WON'T leave.....



"Morally Superior Tolerant Lefties - the Screamers, Bashers, and Haters, leaving the USA by the Millions.  Most Unable to Find a Country that Will Accept Them.  Lefty Ships Adrift

At Sea With Non-Working Compasses and Engines.  Fish and Penguins Take Cover When Screamer-Ships Approach.

Ships Being Towed Back To Port.  Film at 11." 




Keep your Word.






One of the Globalists Tools: 

           The Mainstream Media (the MSM).

            Television, Newspapers, Magazines, Internet Sites.

One of the MSM's tools: 

           Fake News. 

Another tool:  Accusing REAL news Sites of being Fake. 

Another tool:  Censorship.   

Another tool:  Lying.     

Another tool:  Threats.    

Another tool:  More Bad Laws. 

Another tool:  Illegal Laws. 

Another tool:  More Lying.

Another tool:  "Celebrities" (cough). 

Another tool:  Hired Protestors.

Another tool:  Violence. 

Another tool:  Motivated young people - often College 


Another tool:  Lying, Half-witted "Professors" (cough). 

Another tool:  Brainwashing.

Another tool:  Keeping students Dumbed Down and

                          Lied to.

                          (They don't even know who Thomas Jefferson

                          was, but they know his name, and think that

                          he was a horrible person.


                          Thomas Jefferson was a GREAT MAN!!!!

                          Unlike these Lunatic Losers who claim





Find your FAKE NEWS on the Mainstream Media.


Typical MSM Fake News Crap (made up):

"Alex Jones is a Polish Agent."

      Yeah, right, you Dork.

      Let's see your EVIDENCE.

      Oh wait:  He gets free Polish Sausage as payment. 

      I forgot.


"Donald Trump is an East German Spy."

      Yeah, right, you Dork.

      That's where you live, isn't it??

      East Germany doesn't exist anymore.


"Alex Jones makes his children eat Bugs."

      Yeah, right, you Dork.

      He finds them on your Clothing.


"Donald Trump is a Lawn Criminal."

      Yeah, he planted a Hedge that wasn't tall enough,

      per some Inane Law, so they fined him $5,000. 


      Yeah, Arrest him!!

      And you're under Arrest too, for driving 75 mph

      in a 55 mph Zone.

      20 years at Hard Labor!! 

      Book him, Danno.


"Alex Jones drives a stolen Chinese car."

      Yeah, right, you Dork.

      He stole YOURS!! 


"Donald Trump walks on Lawns that say "Please Keep

      Off the Grass."

      Yeah, right, you Dork.

      That was HIS Lawn.   


Etc, etc.  End Humor. 

Half-Witted Humor as if from the MSM.

This is Semi-typical Mainstream News Gloppola,

invented by Childish Half-Wits at CNN, etc, who think

they're Oh So Clever.

What a Pathetic Joke.

These Kids should be locked up for their own Safety. 

All invented except for the Hedge Fine. That's true.


And the Bloggers are Infantile!!


Were they raised by Spiders??


They've even created FAKE "ALT-RIGHT" groups, giving NAZI salutes, etc.

LOW ATTENDANCE with the audience heavily salted

with Fake "Neo-NAZIs".



They can gather only about 50 attendees, with 15 of them hired to give ridiculous FAKE  NAZI  SALUTES. 


It's more MSM nonsense, Lies, Corruption, etc.


The Idiot "Candidate" has almost Zero following, is supposedly an "Alt-Right" Group (Gag me), with hired

Idiots who give NAZI Salutes.       



Why do they do it??  To discredit the Right - the Conservatives, the GOP, claiming that these Idiots are

typical Right Wingers.


It's a Setup.  A Fraud.

The "NAZI Saluters" are just Paid Hired Guns. 

Stooges who made a few Dollars for a couple hours of work.



It's just more MSM "NAZI" GARBAGE.



Sieg Heil, Mainstream Media.   

Sieg Heil, CNN.   

Sieg Heil, MSNBC.   

Sieg Heil, PBS.

Sieg Heil, NPR.

Sieg Heil, ABC, NBC, CBS.

Sieg Heil, New York Times.

Sieg Heil, Washington Post.


They're Propaganda Arms of the Government.

All molded in Goebbels' Image. 

Don't trust them.





And some of its "Heroes" are VILE SCUMBAGS!!

Like Angela Merkel, Obama, Hillary, etc.

Do you realize how DEPRAVED some of these Scumbags are??  Have you looked into it??     No???  Do it.

You will be SHOCKED.   Shocked at what they do with

each other, and shocked at what they've done to America

and Germany.  (And Italy and France).


Please don't throw up on your keyboard.

Keyboards are hard to clean.

Please don't throw up on your keyboard.



But if you like Immigrants and Homeless people POOPING

in the streets (I saw the picture) and washing their butts in Public Fountains in Italy (I saw the Video - it's true, and ALMOST AS GROSS as the other stuff), Obama and the Modern Liberals will continue to infect your States,

your Cities, your Towns, your neighborhoods, your schools,

your Hospitals, your Grocery Stores, your Drug Stores,

your Fountains, your Streets, your Lives, your Everything, with these Diseased, Stupid, Unclean, Uncivilized,

Uncultured pieces of TRASH from 13th World "Countries",

with more POOPERS.

IE from Bleak, Ruined, Rat-Infested areas, filled with Diseased



In some places, these Immigrants *ALWAYS POOP* in the

Streets.  All the time!!!! 

That's where they POOP!!!!

In our STREETS!!!!  

Apparently, they've never seen a TOILET!!!! 




Oh, San Francisco, Phoenix, Austin Texas,  etc.

Warm American cities and states.

And European cities.

They've destroyed California, and they're destroying

Arizona and Texas. 


And the Idiot Liberals think that these "Immigrants" are

just nice, normal people.

Pooping-in-the-Alleys Normal People.

Pooping-in-the-Streets Normal People.

Pooping-in-your-DRIVEWAY Normal People.  

Pooping-in-your-YARD Normal People.  



They're Animals, Pooping in the streets, washing their butts in Public Fountains, Stealing, Murdering, Raping, Driving Drunk in Stolen Cars,  etc. 






(An Illegal Mexican STOLE an SUV, drove DRUNK down the Freeway, in the WRONG Lane, then smashed headon into a car driven by the Director of the Christmas Movie

"A Christmas Story", about the boy who wanted a BB-Gun

for Christmas.   Remember Ralphie?? 

[Yes, BB-Guns really are dangerous. The movie was right.

"You'll shoot your eye out, kid."] 

It's a wonderful movie. 

The Director's Son was also in the car, and he was killed too.

Just another Murder and Car Theft by a piece of Garbage.

And the Libs HELPED to make it all possible.

Thank you Libs for helping to KILL a great Movie Director

and his Son, by using a DRUNK ILLEGAL ALIEN DRIVING




(Be careful if you stay in a Motel or Hotel, these days.

The Garbage Immigrants bring Bed Bugs, Disease, Weird

Insects, Germs, etc with them, and are sometimes housed

by Idiot Libs in Motels.) 


Some of these Immigrant Diseases are SERIOUS!!



Like POLIO!!   Like SMALLPOX!!



(Do they pay their Hospital Bills???  Of course not!!!)



Germs left on Door Handles.

Germs left on Shopping Carts.

Germs left on Sidewalks. 

Germs left on Bus Seats.

Germs left on Motel Furniture.

Germs BREATHED on you.

Bugs left on Bus Seats.

Bugs left on Fast Food Tables and Chairs.

Bugs left in Motel Rooms.

Bugs left in Offices.



Diseases eradicated in the USA many Decades ago, but

now brought into the USA by Filthy, Diseased Immigrants.

And they MIGHT have just POOPED in the street, and

don't know what a Toilet is for.

They don't have Toilets in their "countries."

"What you use Toilet for??  Is religion??"




Libs:  WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!

You are Part of the Problem!!!!!

You are a MAJOR Part of the Problem!!!!!

You are a CAUSE of the Problem!!!!! 

Libs:  You have Helped to CAUSE these problems. 

Some of the Libs are STUPID, LAZY, IGNORANT, WORTHLESS, DAMAGING pieces of Garbage.   




Some of those so-called "Countries" (gag me) might even

include areas where CANNIBALISM is still practiced today.


That's right. It wasn't just the natives in New Guinea who

practiced Cannibalism (and killed and ate one of the Rockefeller sons, years ago, when he went there to do research on Primitive "People" - legitimate, friendly and serious research, but they killed him and ate him). 

Some of the "people" in some of these so-called "Countries" STILL practice Cannibalism today!!

And it's NOT because they're hungry.

It's NOT because they don't have enough food to eat.

It's because they enjoy killing and eating People. 

That's been known for over 150 years.      

Documented by English Explorers in Africa in the 1800's.

And some of the Cannibals STILL practice it today!! 

Even in America!!

Thanks for nothing, LIBS.

Some of these "Immigrants" may be CANNIBALS.


How about some Feces, Necrophilia, and Pedophilia,

you perverted Globalists and "Liberal" Supporters??

The Street Poopers, the Ass Washers in Public Fountains,

the Cannibals, the Murderers, the Killers of Little Kids,

the BONDAGE of Little Kids, the Rapes of Little Girls,

the many trips to Pedophile Island in the Caribbean on

the Lolita Express, the drinking of Blood, Urine, and

Semen mixed together, "Spirit Cooking", so-called

"Pizza Parties" with no Pizza (Code Words used by these

disgusting sub-humans), Cannibalistic Art, etc, etc.  

(There's nothing Cute or Funny or Erotic about seeing

a helpless little 4-year-old girl Tied Up with Duct Tape

or something, even though she's wearing clothes. 

God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  It's sickening. Nauseating.)

These people are Sick Demented Vile MONSTERS!!!!!  

Endorsed by "Guess Who"?? 

In some cases, Practiced by "Guess Who"?? 


It certainly was NOT Donald Trump.



The Wikileaks Emails revealed MASSIVE amounts of

Disgusting Information about highly ILLEGAL,

IMMORAL, and DISGUSTING activities. 

If you read them, you might Throw Up, and Yell and

Scream, even though that's what the Stupid Libs do.

All of it is hard to take, and some of it is VERY hard to take.

Sickening.  Way beyond the Pale.

Some of the Democrats are involved.



Julian Assange:

Julian Assange of Wikileaks has been RISKING HIS LIFE to get some of this Information out.

And at the moment, he needs serious Medical and Dental

care that he cannot obtain, because he's been a prisoner in

a tiny Embassy in the UK.  He needs to be in a Dentist's Chair and in a Hospital to get the care he needs.

He's in constant PAIN!!  His Teeth and his Shoulder are

causing him Constant Pain.

He's been examined by Dentists and Doctors, but there's

not much they can do for him at the Tiny Embassy.

But the Police Bastards in the UK, who are parked in front

of the Embassy and standing on the front steps 24 hours

per day (and MORE) will not permit him to leave freely, but plan to arrest him and throw him in Prison for doing Humanity a FAVOR if they ever catch him outside of the

TINY Embassy in the UK.  


(November 2016 Update:  Wikileaks went silent, then issued

a statement telling people to stop asking where Assange is.

Very strange.  No one knows why.

It MIGHT have been taken over by the Bad Guys, and Assange MIGHT be in worse shape or imprisoned or Dead.

No one knows.) 



Ed Snowden:

The NSA Whistleblower .

Good Guy.

VERY Good Guy!! 

Donald Trump doesn't realize how much GOOD Snowden

did, without revealing classified information that needs

to be kept Secret. 

Snowden Led The Way in recent times.

Snowden is a GOOD man, a PATRIOTIC man, and a deep thinker.   

He's a very caring, decent, Patriotic, warm, good, kind,

thoughtful man who sacrificed plenty to bring us his message of Government Spying on ALL US Citizens - not just the Bad Guys and the Suspects. 

He deserves our gratitude.

Thank you, Ed Snowden!!



The UK Government:

These are the GODLESS BASTARDS harassing

Julian Assange and Wikileaks.



The US Government:

These are the GODLESS BASTARDS harassing Leakers of Rotten Government Activities.



And SOME of you tried to elect ANOTHER ONE in 2016!!

What's the matter with you????    

Don't you know what she's done???? 

She had people MURDERED!!!!

Vince Foster and many others. 

(The gun in his right hand didn't make any sense.

Vince Foster was Left Handed.

Whoever dumped his body in Lafayette Park,

across the street from the White House, goofed up.

Vince Foster was Left Handed.

Vince Foster was not Depressed or Suicidal.

Vince Foster was Murdered.

No one went to Prison or was Executed for

Vince Foster's Murder.)  

She's a Devil Worshipper.  Etc.


Don't you CARE????

Have you lost your MINDS???? 

Yes, some of you HAVE lost your minds.




These are the GODLESS BASTARDS of the New World Order and the Globalists who want to take away ALL your Rights and Freedoms, and turn you into helpless Serfs, as in the Middle Ages, and foment WARS, and Degrade the West, and cause serious problems for People everywhere. 



Globalism/New World Order (NWO):

Globalism/New World Order (NWO):

* It's NOT about Choice.

* It's NOT about International Cooperation.

* It's NOT about Trade.

* It's NOT about Lower Prices for Goods.

* It's NOT about more Variety of Goods.


It's about Utter INSANITY.

It's about a "POLICE STATE".    

It's about dissolving Borders.

It's about dissolving States, in the USA.

It's about dissolving Countries.

It's about dissolving the US Constitution. 

It's about being forced to be POOR.

It's about being told that we have to CUT BACK.

It's about being told that we're using TOO MUCH.

It's about being Arrested for being a Whistleblower

      (there's no protection at all).

It's about being Arrested for knowing too much. 

It's about being Arrested for the Slightest Infraction

     (often a New, Stupid, Ridiculous Law).

It's about being Arrested for researching a certain Subject,

      such as the possible Ice buildup in Northern areas.

It's about being Arrested for no Reason.

It's about being Imprisoned for no Reason. 

It's about being Imprisoned for no Reason for 30 years. 

It's about being MURDERED for knowing too much. 

It's about being MURDERED for researching a certain

      subject, or being the Top Expert in your Field on a

      certain subject. 

      (Such as Top Microbiologists. Dead. Murdered.

       They were definitely NOT Depressed!!

       They were happy, content, and at the TOP of their 


It's about refusing to accept a Flu Shot.

It's about increased Surveillance - Phone Calls, Emails,

       FAXes, TV, Websites Visited, Products Purchased,

       Electrical Use, Video-Cam on the Corner, Home, Yard,


It's about TRACKING your Car.

It's about TRACKING YOU.

It's about "CHIPPING" you with an RFID Tag.

It's about having your kids SPY on you and Report things. 

It's about putting COMPANIES in charge of citizens. 

It's about having NO VOTE.

It's about a LACK OF CHOICE.

It's about putting Unelected people in charge of us.

It's about having no VOICE in school curriculum. 

It's about having no VOICE in Lying school textbooks. 

It's about having no VOICE in what schools our children

      attend (Remote, Bussed, not Local - down the street).   

It's about preventing you from cutting down a Tree on

     your Property.   (I've seen it first-hand). 

It's about Forcing you to accept Dirty Immigrants to live in

     your home, or sometimes, move out while they take over

     your home.

It's about CONTROLLING People.  

It's about COERCION and strict Laws, and Imprisonment,

and Retroactive Laws where you're suddenly guilty of breaking some Law last year which was passed yesterday,

and lower quality goods, and higher prices, and poor Health,

and LIES, and Poverty, and Sickness, and Death. 


Sometimes, it's about DEVIL WORSHIP.

Sometimes, it's about PEDOPHILIA.

Sometimes, it's about SELLING BABIES AND CHILDREN.

Sometimes, it's about SACRIFICING CHILDREN.

Sometimes, it's about Artwork showing Children being


Sometimes, it's about Artwork of CANNIBALISM.


(I've seen a tiny portion of the Grotesque Evidence,

but only the "Legal" stuff, and not the worst of it.

Even that much was Sickening.)


Some of this Evidence was exposed YEARS ago, but

apparently very few people believed it, or they were

unable to do anything about it.

(I had not heard about it.) 


The most recent evidence comes from Wikileaks and from

various non-mainstream Reporters.

It's all confirmed.  It is not Fake.  It's sickening.

This MIGHT explain part of why Alex Jones is so ANGRY!!

I don't blame him.

It's all outrageous.

A LOT of people need to go to Jail forever.





Why did ANY of this info come out now??

The 2016 Election and Wikileaks.

The Emails from Wikileaks revealed far more than just

monumental Political Corruption going back years.

They also revealed HORRIBLE SECRETS held by

High-Level people. 



Donald Trump was not involved in ANY of this.



The Emails showed that the Swamp is much WIDER and

DEEPER than anyone realized, and others have come

forward to add to that information, while others have

been proven right about what they said years ago.


A group of people from the New York Police Department,

the FBI, the CIA, and Military Intelligence have also

revealed information, and guided investigators in their

search for corruption in our Government and in the NWO.

These are all Mid-level and Lower-level people who saw

what was happening, and decided to take matters into

their own hands.   

Their help has been VITAL!!

They exposed a large part of the Swamp and NAMED NAMES.




Not Aliens from another Planet, but from HERE.

Don't buy into their Lies, designed to Destroy us.



When you see ANYTHING NEGATIVE about Alex Jones,

or InfoWars, or the Drudge Report, or Breitbart,

or Wikileaks, or Julian Assange, or Ed Snowden,

or ANY of the NEW Media, don't believe it.     

Don't believe the Negative stuff.

These people are the GOOD GUYS!!!! 

If it weren't for them, and others, we wouldn't know

ANYTHING of what has been going on behind the



Do NOT trust CNN or the others!!!!!! 

CNN and the others are LYING GARBAGE.

And they don't even COVER some of the important News!!


I've seen it many times with my own eyes.


CSPAN, etc.  

DISCOVERY and HISTORY can't be trusted, either.

SNOPES can't be trusted, either.

They get an "F" from me:  FLUNK.



This Website is true, to the best of my Knowledge. 

Believe it.  


      Deplorable Dave





Am I a "Conspiracy Theorist" on several Topics??

What makes you think it's a "THEORY"???

What "THEORY"????

Why would you think that a Conspiracy is only a Theory??



It's not a THEORY.



No Evidence for the Conspiracy??


We have TONS of Evidence for some Conspiracies.












     USING KIDS!!!!  




    LITTLE KIDS!!!!   

Don't tell me it's just a THEORY!!!!

It's Sickening and Nauseating. 



These are not "Consenting Adults".

These are coerced Little Kids!!!!

How well or how badly were they treated??

I think it varied, but none of it was good.

Maybe the kids were treated "well". 

Maybe they weren't. 

Nobody knows.


And it's not a THEORY.

We know a LOT about this from Wikileaks, and from

people taking pictures upstairs (but not downstairs),

showing Creepy wall murals of strange Kids, and special symbols on Menus, long ago decoded by the FBI, referring

to Pedophilia.   

And they all lead back to Child Abuse and Devil Worship.

(These people use GRAPHIC SYMBOLS and SYMBOLIC WORDS instead of ordinary words or ordinary words with a special meanings, where possible.

Like "Hot Dog".  Like "Cheese".  Etc.  But they don't ALWAYS use those coded words. Some of the Wikileaks

Emails used ordinary verbiage. No decoding necessary.) 

I don't recall the names of the people at the moment, but some high-level Gov people have been involved in this

Cesspool.  Democrats.     


There's actually no such thing as a "Conspiracy Theorist". 

It's an imaginary concept.

If you IGNORE the Evidence, then proclaim that "It's just a Theory",

you should have your Mom upgrade your Internet connection, or buy

you a better Computer.

Then start reading the sites that MAKE SENSE.

Turn On your Brain and drop the "Theory".


The Mainstream Media has been SELLING DELUSION.


Last I heard (very recently), CNN's viewership is *WAAAAY* Down!!

And their Advertising revenue is *WAAAAY* Down!! 

Same with the other Mainstream television News stations, plus

The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, etc.

Why??  Because a lot of People are "getting it".

Namely:  We're being Lied to by the Mainstream Media on a DAILY

BASIS - on important issues.


"Lost Dog Stories"??  Probably true.

Big stories??  We're Lied to. Daily. Hourly.




I watched a video clip of CNN, about 30 seconds or so, LYING about

a Video I HAD JUST SEEN on the Internet (under-cover camera), and

knew for a FACT that CNN was Lying.

News Anchor:  Anderson Cooper.

I could hardly believe it.



Man speaking, lips matched the words, not Fake, not a Voice Over,

and CNN claimed that the video probably didn't even exist (!!!), and if

it did, it was some kind of Fake, and that the man who took the Video

that didn't exist (!!!) was a known Criminal. (He was not.)  


Video Contents:

An independent Contractor working for the Democratic National

Committee, working on Killary's Campaign, explaining to a visitor

what he does for a Living, videoed surreptitiously by an Undercover

Agent (thank goodness). 

The Contractor was an Obnoxious Piece of Garbage!! 

He was in charge of hiring THUGS to protest at Trump Rallies, and

ATTACK people attending the Rallies - many of whom weren't even

Republicans, but simply people interested in learning about Trump.


The Undercover Video DOES exist.  I watched it FOUR TIMES. 

The Undercover Video DOES exist.  I watched it FOUR TIMES. 

The Undercover Video DOES exist.  I watched it FOUR TIMES. 

The Undercover Video DOES exist.  I watched it FOUR TIMES. 




A known Criminal filmed the Faked Video that probably doesn't exist.

A known Criminal filmed the Faked Video that probably doesn't exist.

A known Criminal filmed the Faked Video that probably doesn't exist.

A known Criminal filmed the Faked Video that probably doesn't exist.


What kind of MORONS would broadcast a story like that?? 


If it doesn't exist, how could anyone film it??

If it doesn't exist, how could it be Faked?? 

Did they use Fakery on an Imaginary Video?? 

What Fakery??  

What was the "Known Criminal" charged with??

Was it a Valid Charge??

Is he REALLY a Criminal??

Did he really film the Fake Video that probably doesn't exist??

Insanity. Insanity. Insanity.    

This is CNN:  Liars and Crazy Morons. 

CNN no longer practices Journalism.

They dish out "Entertainment" and LIES.

Do the others??  Probably.



The Undercover Video DOES exist.  I watched it FOUR TIMES. 

The Undercover Video DOES exist.  I watched it FOUR TIMES. 

The Undercover Video DOES exist.  I watched it FOUR TIMES. 

The Undercover Video DOES exist.  I watched it FOUR TIMES. 



Problem:  I'm not kidding.  

Problem:  This is YOUR Mainstream Media, Libs.  

Problem:  The next day, the man in the Video that doesn't exist was Fired.

(Supposedly Fired, according to his Employer - the DNC.

Unlikely that he was actually Fired.....

Possibly put on ice for a day.

It's just another stupid Claim by the Liars.)


My comment to CNN, etc:  

     Goodbye, CNN. 

     Don't let the door hit you in the cheek. 

(Trump has now reamed their anatomy in a private meeting

at Trump Tower - as President-Elect.  They DESERVED it!!

He said what I'm saying - verified by someone in the room, or standing

next to the door, listening - apparently 2 witnesses.

He told the CEO or President of CNN that their television network is

horrible, and that everyone at CNN is a LIAR.

(Well, maybe not everyone all the time, but all the time on BIG stories and

details about the big stories.)

Trump REAMED CNN!!!! 

And he reamed THE REST OF THEM!!! 




And they're STILL LYING!!!!)   




A couple of years ago, Alex Jones reported that some radio station

in Texas was claiming that he had been arrested and was in Jail. 

He announced this Fake Story from his studio - not from Jail. 

(As I recall, he played the clip on the air.  From his studio.)  

Alex was NOT in Jail.  He had NOT been arrested.

Some of these Media people are LYING SCUM. 

And STUPID!!!! 


Is that who you want for Friends??  For the News??  Scumbag Idiots??

Wackos??  Immature Liars??  Simpletons??  3rd Grader "Adults"?? 

Clowns??  Half Wits??  Scumbags??  Swamp Creatures?? 

Decayed??  Corrupt??  Sanctimonious??  Dishonorable??

Intolerant Jerks???? 

Do you CARE????  Do you??? 

Do you CARE???? 


Modern Liberals: 

These are your friends, associates, and co-workers.

These Stupid Slimeballs are part of YOUR GROUP. 

Your Group is made of SLIME.

Your Group is made of SLIME.

Do you care?????? 

Maybe YOU are a decent person, but a lot of the people are SLIME!!

Your Group is made of SLIME.

Do you care?????? 

Your "Friends" have been ASSAULTING Trump Supporters!! 

Your "Friends" have been sending thousands of HATE EMAILS

to the Electors!! 

Your "Friends" have been sending thousands of DEATH THREATS

to the Electors!!

Your "Friends" have been RIOTING!!

Your "Friends" have been smashing Windows!!

Your "Friends" have been blocking Traffic!! 

Do you care?????? 

They're not your Friends??

Well, a lot of people who voted for Crooked Hillary are Violent Criminals

and LIARS themselves!!

Do you care?????? 

You'd better!!  Your LIFE depends on it. 





                      Breaking News!!@!!

          Screamers and Howlers in Norway


Oslo, Norway.

November 23rd, 2016.

Escaped Mental Patients admit to being Modern Liberals!!

Some SCREAMED and SCREECHED like terrified women,

while others - "men" and "women" - HOWLED LIKE DOGS

when they heard that their Norwegian Immigration Minister

Lady agreed that sending the Immigrant "Refugees" (cough)

back where they came from is a good idea!!  

(Sylvi Listhaug).  

     *  Screaming.

     *  Screeching.

     *  Howling like Dogs.  

The Leftist Liberal who asked people to make donations to help

the cause of getting Immigrant Crap into Europe turned out to be

a kind of Criminal himself when it was discovered that the Fund

was initiated by an Advertising Agency, leaving the integrity of

the Campaign and the Fund in doubt.   

(Norwegian Actor Kristoffer Joner). 

Joner accused Listhaug of being "Vicious and Reprehensible" in

typical "Actor/Hollywood" fashion - a Norwegian actor, in this case,

who may have been Typecast as a "Talking Norwegian Pine Tree"

in some Home Movies, discovered via Willileaks (cough).   


(The Actors and "Celebrities" in America are typically Utter Morons

when it comes to Politics and Common Sense.  Norway too??

They should stick to Acting and being "Famous".)

(American Liberal Protestors are typically Lunatics and Utter Morons

when it comes to Politics and Common Sense.  Norway too??)  


The escaped Mental Patients went to Listhaug's Office Building

and SCREAMED and HOWLED LIKE DOGS outside the building

in protest over Listhaug's comment, where she was commenting on

an article (believe it or not!) in the New York Times - which they

might have printed to meet the requirement that it run at least ONE

normal, sensible, truthful, honest article per month, or forfeit their

Publishing License.

By chance, it was an article about Norway, and Listhaug nodded

approval, leading to the mass escape of Mental Patients, screaming

and howling outside her office in "protest" of her attitude. 

Listhaug called them "a bunch of Whiners", but that was a huge

UNDERSTATEMENT, since they had BULLHORNS turned up

full blast, making enough noise for the infected Whales to hear

it 500 kilometers away, as they headed for the South Pole to "Beach"

themselves and get away from the screaming Lunatics.

Police were on hand to block any attempts to enter the government


Dog Catchers called to the scene drove away in confusion when they

couldn't find any actual Dogs.

Nice Men in White Coats also showed up with their Butterfly Nets

and Straitjackets, but quickly realized that they would need an Army

of Nice Men in White Coats plus many gallons of Mace and Tear Gas

to subdue the Lunatics, who numbered perhaps a few hundred.   

When asked by a Reporter to Scream if they were Liberals, they

continued to Scream and Howl Like Dogs, essentially confirming

their identity, since their attitude matches the Liberals' attitude

perfectly, as well as their actions, sometimes.



Most of this article is actually TRUE, and I have seen the video

of the Screaming and Howling Lunatics using their Bullhorns and

LOUD screaming voices, as part of a large crowd of Lunatics, in the

Square of Office Buildings in Oslo Norway.  


So is Listhaug's comment and Joner's comment.

And the article purportedly did come from the New York Times (incredibly).

Screaming and Howling like Dogs!!

And Screeching!! 

Worse then 10,000 Fingernails on a Blackboard.







These people are INSANE. 

What a bunch of worthless trash.


(I could stand it for only about 5-10 minutes, then clicked it off.)


Think I'm kidding about the screaming?? 

And screeching??  And howling??  I'm not.

Check it out for yourself.

These Norwegian Lunatics actually did it.


These Screamers and Howlers are your Associates, Liberals.

A bunch of Lunatics acting like Mental Patients. 


(Full Disclosure:  I'm part Norwegian, and these Retarded Lunatics

publicly imitating "Women in Jeopardy" and "Animals in Pain" are

an embarrassment.  

Note that not ALL Norwegians are Retarded Lunatics and Criminals.)   






Shouting, Screaming Crowds make Drivers ****PANIC****!!!! 

                            Drivers PANIC!!!!!!!!!!

                            Drivers PANIC!!!!!!!!!! 

                            Drivers PANIC!!!!!!!!!!  

You might be MOWED DOWN by a Car or a Truck!!!!


Instead of joining a crowd of Idiot Protestors, yelling "F*** TRUMP",

you might be a LOT safer staying Home, or marching on the Sidewalk.

Without a Permit, it's ILLEGAL to march on the street.

Without a Permit, you might get no Police Protection. 

Otherwise you might be spending the rest of your Life in a Wheelchair

or in a Graveyard.  Disabled or Dead. 


Remember that Protestor Girl lying on the street, Dead or Disabled.

Young (early 20's??), struck by a car during a Protest March.  

I saw it.  Very tragic. 

(California. I don't recall the City. It might have been where UCSD is

located.  San Diego??  Protestors:  Mostly students.)   

Her Parents are probably going crazy with Grief and Anxiety.

For her, it might have just been "the thing to do", "everyone is doing it",

"my friends are going, so I'll join them", etc.


Today, she is probably in a HOSPITAL, might end up in a WHEELCHAIR

for the rest of her Life, or might be DEAD, lying in a Graveyard.

In a Hospital or Dead. 

In a Wheelchair or a Coffin. 


The car that hit her was travelling FAST - perhaps 50 mph or more. 

Was the Driver panicked by the Crowd??  Maybe.....  Probably.....

Was it an "Accident"??  I think so - Yes. 

It happened at NIGHT, so the Driver might not have seen her walking

in the Highway. 

(Apparently, she WAS walking on the Highway, and local Police have

cautioned Protestors that Highways are very dangerous places for


Anti-Trump Protestors: Take Heed!!!!

You might be hit or run over by a Car or Truck or Fire Engine, etc!!!!

If so, you will either be killed, or spend the rest of your Life in a

Wheelchair, most likely.


(It's not funny, and I hope she's all right - after a Hospital stay.

Another report said that an Ambulance eventually arrived for her,

but it took a LONG TIME to get to her due to the blocked streets.

Streets blocked by the Protestors.

She was probably in serious PAIN all that time.

Serious Pain is HORRIBLE.  I know. I got a shot of Demerol about

20 minutes after I had a serious injury, and was very LUCKY to

get a ride to the nearby Hospital from some friends. The driver

knew exactly where to go, and his girlfriend was an RN.

But even 20 minutes in Pain is HORRIBLE.

That poor girl lying on the street probably was in Pain for a lot

longer than 20 minutes!!  And probably WORSE Pain!!

She didn't deserve it.  Be CAREFUL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And don't protest on a HIGHWAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ).  



(One violent protestor at a Trump Rally learned the hard way.

He was one of the Paid Protestors, paid to disrupt the rally.

"He picked a fight and lost." according to one member of the crowd. 

He's probably still recovering in the Hospital - or trying to.

He was beaten pretty badly by the crowd, fed up with this guy who

was screaming at them and hitting them.

He's probably facing Months or Years of Recovery and Therapy, if he

can pay for it [doubtful].

He'll be lucky if he ever walks again.

The people he was assaulting pounded the piece of crap with their

fists, and kicked him when he fell to the ground. 

Big crowd, one Violent Idiot, one pile of Raw Hamburger on the

ground.  Self Defense.  He was hitting people - Assaulting people.

This is the fault of the DNC and the Mainstream Media.


They shut him up and stopped the Attack - but GOOD, leaving

him Bleeding and Moaning on the ground.

No Ambulance was seen as the Violent Lib lay on the ground,

bleeding and moaning, since one wasn't called.  

That's what Violent Libs  - and maybe shouting Libs - can expect

from now on.  It's called Self-Defense.)   


Marching down the street, or screaming at Trump fans, or assaulting

Trump fans will now probably put you in the Hospital or in the



The Honeymoon of Tolerating these Violent Idiots is over.


And if you are a Paid Protester, the money you received for screaming

and assaulting Trump fans won't even begin to cover your Hospital

Bills or your Funeral.   



I don't advise physically attacking Alex Jones.

He's ready, and he will EASILY send you to the Hospital or the Graveyard.

He's already sent people to the Hospital who attacked him, in the past. 

He was jumped by a group of THUGS outside the studio, as he left for home,

several years ago. They paid a HIGH PRICE for their stupid Assault.

He found out that they weren't just treated in the ER; they ended up in a

Hospital Room!!     

Alex's attackers ended up in the Hospital!!     

He's still in TOP SHAPE!!

And your injuries will probably be PERMANENT if you attack him.

You will probably end up like that other pile of Raw Hamburger, lying

on the ground, bleeding, who "Picked a fight and Lost" at a Trump Rally,

and quite possibly end up in a Wheelchair for the rest of your Life.

OR.......   A Cemetery.       





The MSM:

The Mainstream Media, for the past 50 years, or so, is GARBAGE!!!!!!!

GARBAGE!!!!!!   SCUM!!!!!!!

They prop up BIG BROTHER with Lies!!    Pathetic.


The Washington Post, The Boston Globe, Nation,

Rolling Stone, Mother Jones, The New Yorker,

The New York Times (usually), etc.

Liars!!!!!    Garbage!!!!!   Scum!!!!



The FAKE NEWS SITES are in the

Mainstream Media.



The Washington Post, The Boston Globe, Nation,

Rolling Stone, Mother Jones, The New Yorker,

The New York Times (usually), etc.



The Washington Post, The Boston Globe, Nation, Rolling Stone, Mother Jones, The New Yorker,

The New York Times (usually), etc.



Even the History Channel and Discovery often broadcast LIES.



Even SNOPES can't be trusted!!!!!!!!!!! 

Even SNOPES can't be trusted!!!!!!!!!!! 

Even SNOPES can't be trusted!!!!!!!!!!! 

Even SNOPES can't be trusted!!!!!!!!!!! 

Millions of people have been misled by Snopes!!!!!



Fox usually spoke the truth - although Fox has now been PURCHASED

by a group of Scumbags!! 

Greta van Sustern Quit or was Fired!!

Gretawire, a good portion of Fox News, is now **History**, I've read.


(Greta did a good job!! Maybe that's why she's no longer there.)





























Up to you.


I even LIKE a couple of the reporters in the MSM. 

I actually ENJOY a couple of their personalities - at CNN and MSNBC.  

But they're LIARS, which I did not know for YEARS.




    (Fidel Castro was a piece of CRAP and a Mass Murderer,

    as you said.  Good job, Alex. 

    By the way, Cuba under Castro was the most Racist

    country in North America. 

    Castro even wanted Russia to NUKE the USA!!!!

    Idiots who mourned Castro's death are Limp-Wristed

    SISSY MORONS and TRAITORS to Freedom!!!!! 

    Loved only by Dictators, Globalists, and Leftists.

    Even the Idiot POPE mourned Castro's death!!