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  My Background:

  My Mom was a Stay-at-Home Mom, a Classical Pianist and Organist, and a

  Medical Librarian.

  She was the Organist at our Church.  

  Mom once performed on the Piano (with a Soprano) in a concert for Emperor

  Haile Selassie of Ethiopia (in St. Paul), and in other Concerts.  

  My Dad was a College Professor (Music).



  This "AWARDS" Topic is just a temporary Diversion. 

  All the Rest is Genuine!! 

  I almost forgot!!!!! 

  Since all the Leftists are giving themselves Awards for things, almost every

  Hour of the Day, I should list some of MY Awards I received over the years

  of which I am SO PORUD!!

  *  I received the Dave Morton Awrd for Exelelence every single WEEK, beginning

  in 1860!!

  *  I I received the Dave Morton Awrd for Top Shelfishness every single WEEK,

  beginning in 1959!!

  *  I received the Academy Award for Best Thing every single DAY,

  beginning in 1839!!

  *  And I received the Banana Flip Award every single MONTH, 

  beginning in 1905, for eating the most Bandanana Flipps!!

  *  And I received the Teacher's Award every single MONTH, 

  beginning in 1959, for showing up in Class!!






  If your're a MILLENIAL PERSON PERSON TYPE, Im< 1 of U!!    



  Have a Nise Tripp!!


  [Editor's Note: 

  Yes, hurt feelings in School are pretty awful. Miserable!!

  But it's probably better to endure a Bad Grade, and then work harder, than

  to end up as an Adult thinking that you've done Wonderfully, when you

  actually FLUNKED almost every test you took.

  It's a Bad Situation, and it's not Fair.

  It really SUCKS!!! 

  Especially if you get a Bad Teacher.

  Especially if you get a Bad Textbook.

  Especially if you're taking a tough Subject.

  BUT:  Being Lied to in School by getting Awards all the time isn't going to

  help you in the Future.

  It might just RUIN your Life.  FOREVER!!

  Because it's all FANTASY.  It's all PIPE DREAMS.

  You were LIED TO!!

  And you're probably VERY ANGRY about that!!

  I don't blame you!!!!   It's NOT FAIR!!!! 

  If you are attending the University of Texas at Austin Texas, you are

  probably almost COMPLETELY ILLITERATE. 

  If you are a Coal Miner's Son, living in the UK, you probably received

  hardly ANY Education, and you are probably almost COMPLETELY


  But do the best you can.  

  Back to Reality.]    




  I took Piano Lessons as a Kid, used to play the Piano, and used to play Chess.

  Like everything else, to stay good at something, you have to practice.

  I don't practice much anymore. It's difficult and very time consuming,




  In the 1960's, I was fortunate enough to be able to sing:

    *   Bach's  "Mass in B Minor" and

    *   Carl Orff's  "Carmina Burana"

  at Northrop Auditorium at the University of Minnesota,

  with the Minnesota Orchestra (known as "The Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra" 

  at the time). 


  I sang with a Minnetonka choral group for 12 years, doing mostly Classical Pieces

  with an Orchestra: 

    *   Bach's  "Mass in B Minor" again

    *   Carl Orff's  "Carmina Burana" again

    *   Brahms Requiem

    *   Mozart's Requiem 

    *   Verdi's Requiem 

    *   Bach's Magnificat

    *   Mozart's Ave Verum

  etc, serving as the Choir Manager for a year.





  I was fortunate enough to be able to perform in:

    *   The Admirable Crichton

    *   The Happiest Millionaire

    *   Romanoff and Juliet

    *   Candida

    *   Luomo dal Fiore in Bocca  (The Man with the Flower in his Mouth).   


  The Admirable Crichton was kind of a boring Play, in my humble opinion,

  but our High School Director, Miss Chiglo, was terrific. 

  The only exciting thing that happened was when the Leopard Skin Top on

  one of the Girls came loose and fell off.  During a Performance. 

  Other than that, I didn't think it was a very interesting Play. 

  [It's a Fantasy Play, and Women like it. Kind of like "Fantasy Island".

  But I played "Crichton" - the boring Head Butler, in a Role Reversal scenario where the

  Butler takes charge on an Island after the ship of Swells is Shipwrecked, and the

  Butler is the only one who can actually DO anything.  Very English, what??]


  In Candida, I played against a Miss Minnesota and runner-up for Miss America -

  Pat Smiley (married name). 

  Nice looking and a very nice lady.

  For Candida, we had only one big dressing room. That was fun, too.

  So, other things than Ham Radio (another interest) were more interesting

  and much easier, during and after High  School and College!!

  (Ham Radio:  Why listen to some Old Man talk about his Furnace Parts when

  you could be in a Play with a Miss America Runner-Up??

  And MY role was as Her Suitor - Marchbanks!!

  (Marchbanks was just a silly Kid, but what the heck...). 

  Or hold a Kiss for a few minutes with "Julia" while playing "Romanoff" at the

  Edyth Bush Theater in Highland Park in St. Paul?? 

  Ham Radio PALED in comparison to these activities and many others.)   




  I was in the Air Force for 4 years in the mid-to-late 1960's, doing mostly

  easy work in Finance as a Pay Clerk (Officer's Pay and Computer Work),

  ending up on Guam for almost 2 years.

  I flew over Vietnam, once, at about 33,000 feet, and thanked God I wasn't

  down there in that dense Jungle, with all the Spidery Little Rivers running

  through it, and all kinds of other dangerous things located in it. 




  I've also visited Japan, Thailand, Saipan, and Tinian in the 1960's.

  Tinian is where the B-29's took off from to drop the A-Bombs on Japan.

  (Yes, it had to be done.  The A-Bombs FINALLY ended that War, and saved

  millions or hundreds of thousands of American lives.)

  Saw Iwo Jima from the Air.

  Saw tiny little islands that were INHABITED.  One of them had been BULLDOZED.

  A little island, out in the middle of nowhere, with Bulldozer tracks for a short

  road, possibly preparing it for building a house or something.


  In Thailand, I visited the Temple of the Emerald Buddha in Downtown Bangkok -

  an AMAZING experience. 

  There were only a FEW visitors that day, and I was one of them.

  No crowds.  Quiet and mystical with some Wind Chimes tinkling in the light breeze.

  I've never experienced anything like it, before or since.


  I once flew on a Search and Rescue Mission over the Pacific at low altitude for about

  8 hours, looking for 2 Navy Pilots who might have survived the crash of their

  twin-engine Jet (A3D/B-66), during the Vietnam War.  

  Sadly, none of the Missions located them, and I don't think they were ever found. 

  But frankly, they could have been in a Wave Trough, and missed due to inattention

  for a couple of seconds - looking away from the water briefly to grab a Box Lunch,

  or something, while flying at perhaps 150-200 mph (as slow as safely possible). 

  It's an Immense Ocean!! And I was very surprised to see all kinds of Debris floating

  in it - Cardboard, Styrofoam, Trees, Logs, etc.  One of the Styrofoam Pieces was

  Orange, and it caused us to drop Flares and inspect it, not realizing what it was until

  we could get a better look at it.  It resembled an Emergency Life Raft, so we had to

  check it out.


  People are using the Pacific as their "Bottomless Pit Dumping Grounds", but a lot of

  the stuff doesn't dissolve or degrade. It's a really Bad Idea.  Yes, it's a big Ocean, but

  it's obviously not Infinitely Big.  Jerks and Idiots are polluting the Ocean.

  There's now a huge pile of trash somewhere in the Pacific, perhaps a mile wide??

  It's huge, and caught in a whirlpool.   





  I've been to Europe 3 times (haven't seen enough of it), and visited Mozart's Birth

  House (Geburtshaus) in Salzburg Austria twice, first in 1970, walked out on a side

  balcony and saw a beautiful "Sound of Music" scene with a mountain and lush green

  grass, saw the Original Paintings of Mozart hanging on the walls, and saw a lock of

  his hair, sealed in glass. 

  (I'm not exactly a "World Traveler". A friend of mine has been to Europe a Dozen

  times, as well as to other exotic locations such as Egypt.)




  I took up Photography at an early age, and took hundreds or thousands of Photos,

  but it's always been an "On again / Off again" Intermittent hobby, and never bothered

  to develop my own "Film" pictures, except for a few on Guam, in a makeshift Lab

  that a couple of guys had set up for doing their own Black and White photo processing.

  Too much work.  


  I was really incensed that a Color Lab in New Jersey RUINED an entire roll of film

  of slides I'd taken from the Air of the beautiful beaches and water around Saipan

  and Tinian,  with the most dazzling Blue Colors of the water I'd ever seen.

  The entire roll of Ektachrome slides they sent back was GREEN!!

  They reimbursed me for the roll of Film.  Gee. Thanks.


  A girl I knew asked me to take some "Glamour" shots of a friend of hers, to help

  her get a Boyfriend.

  I did the best I could.

  The friend seemed to think that the camera could make any woman look beautiful.

  It's not true.  And it's not FAIR to the woman, but that's the way it is.

 And if it were true, the Photo and the Real Life person would look much different

  from each other, thus Tricking the guy who shows up for the Date. 

  Is this Fair to Her??  Fair to Him??  Fair to Me??

  No Way!!  Not a chance!!

  It's CRUEL - mostly to HER.  And Nature is CRUEL.

  Plastic Surgery might work in some cases.

  Sometimes that's what it takes just to look NORMAL. 

  Is it expensive??  YES.

  Is it FAIR that some women need it??  NO WAY!!  It's UNFAIR!! 


  (At least it's available. That's ONE good thing that can be said about it.)

  But that's what it takes, sometimes.  NOT Glamour Photography.

  For Glamour Photography, you need an Attractive Model.

  Unless you put her in a Blurry, Hazy Mist of "Fraud".....

  I won't do any more of those sessions for women who really need

  Plastic Surgery.  It's better that way for ALL concerned.

  I'm doing her a favor, and I'm doing myself a favor.

  I'm being HONEST, and I know from EXPERIENCE what I'm talking


  I haven't done any Glamour Photography for YEARS.

  If I EVER do any more (doubtful), be advised that I CHARGE for it.

  Film and Processing and Prints are EXPENSIVE!!

  Someone has to pay for it, and that would be YOU - not me.

  I don't own a Girly Magazine Company.

  Hugh Hefner did a great Job!!  And he was kind of a Genius.

  His Mag has Great Cartoons!!  And Great Articles!!

  But note that his First Model (or one of his First) was MARILYN MONROE.

  And the rest is History.   




  I flew around the US with the Air Force Reserve while I was in High School, and 

  flew a C-119 Flying Boxcar, once (with an Air Force Pilot in the Right Seat).

  It's the plane they used in the movie "Flight of the Phoenix" with James Stewart

  and Hardy Kruger.

  (A weird movie, but an interesting concept:  Build a Flyable airplane from the parts

  remaining from a Crash. Very difficult!!  But it worked.)

  I had trouble holding our altitude steady, and the Copilot told me to stop going

  up and down because I'd make the guys in the back sick.

  That plane was older, and didn't have some later technology such as "Altitude

  Hold" - a very useful invention!!   


  Air Force Pilots make flying seem so EASY!!  Do they receive different training than

  Civilian Pilots??  I don't know.

  A few years ago, I met an Air Force Pilot at an Air Fair who had flown his A-10

  Fighter/Bomber from Afghanistan, alone (with another A-10 for company),

  apparently non-stop, apparently with Air-to-Air Refueling to extend the plane's

  range, and acted like it was all in a day's work, and easy.


  ("Yeah, we flew in from Afghan yesterday. It's a really good airplane...." or

  something like that.)

  Can you IMAGINE the Work and Danger involved, refueling over the ocean at

  30,000 to 40,000 feet, 1 Pilot, hours of flying alone, in a cramped cockpit, no co-pilot,

  no "Flight Deck", no Restrooms, no Magazines, no place to get up and walk around, 

  paying constant attention to your instruments, no Dozing Off, changing course,

  changing altitude, Flying the airplane, checking Maps, Answering Radio Calls,  

  No Mistakes, for what - 6 hours?? 8 hours?? 10 hours??  Then catching a few hours

  of Shut-Eye, and standing next to your plane ALL DAY to answer Questions from

  the Civilian Crowd, then flying back to Afghan the next day for another 6/8/10

  hours??  And avoiding gunfire and missiles from the ground in the Combat Zone??

  The Mind Boggles.  These guys are GOOD PILOTS!!)  


  I got my Private Pilot's License in the 1980's, got caught in a snowstorm at night,

  once, and quit flying.  (I couldn't stop shaking for half an hour.) 

  Without an Instrument Rating (which I didn't have), it was just too dangerous. 

  And Expensive!!


  In a Snowstorm at Night, all the Freeways look the same.

  If you're trying to navigate Visually (VFR), there's an excellent chance that you'll

  get LOST, run out of fuel, or land at the wrong airport, or crash somewhere.

  For that situation, and many others, you need an Instrument Rating  to fly "IFR".

  An Instrument rating should be Required for Pilots of Small Planes, just as it's

  Required for Airline Pilots.

  As usual, it costs more money to get an Instrument Rating, paying for Instructor

  Time, plane Rental, Fuel, etc.

  By the time you've got your Instrument Rating, you've racked up Thousands of  

  Dollars of charges.


  And you have to fly Frequently to stay in shape and be LEGAL to fly passengers

  (flying with friends - not for hire).

  And you have to make x number of Full Stop Landings, and x number of Full Stop

  Landings AT NIGHT to take a friend flying at Night - possibly taking off in the

  Day and Landing at Night.

  Plus the Annual Check Ride with a Check Pilot.

  Plus the Annual Medical Exam.

  Too much work - and expense!!   

  It's very expensive and time-consuming as a Hobby!!! 

  Other Hobbies are Cheaper and Safer!! 


  I used to attend FAA Safety Briefings.

  Some of the in-flight problems will curl your Hair!!

  Some Pilots made it, some didn't.

  I met Captain Al Hanes (and watched his Slide presentation) who landed a

  disabled Airliner at an Airport in Iowa, with minimal casualties, even though

  the plane busted apart on landing.

  The crew was trapped in the Cockpit for about 6 Hours, as I recall.

  A mechanical failure had made the Plane lose all Steering Control - plus loss

  of Flaps and Landing Gear, and they had to steer the Plane using the Throttles

  with a Helper Pilot who was a Passenger, and came up front to help.

  3 Pilots brought the Plane to the nearest "Jet" Airport, and landed it,

  with no Flaps and no Wheels. 

  A Belly Landing.

  The story made the National News, and they showed a Video of the Fiery Landing.

  Oh my Gawd!!!!   Scary. 

  The Plane was scattered in pieces all over the Runway.

  MOST of the Passengers survived.


  Another frightening story - complete with the actual Audio Tapes of the

  Pilot/Tower communication, involved a plane flying over Canada with Ice

  on the Propellers.

  It was a Twin Engine Plane, and I think there were Passengers on board.

  The Pilot kept asking the Tower: "How much further to Kenora??"

  And the Answer was always DEPRESSING!! 

  "50 Miles, Sir."

  "How much further to Kenora??"  "47 Miles, Sir." 

  "How much further to Kenora??"  "39 Miles, Sir."

  Oh my Gawd!!!!  The Plane was SHAKING APART!!

  And on the way, he had to climb over some Mountains, barely making it over!! 

  He FINALLY landed safely.

  I then realized that I was literally sitting on the edge of my seat.

  No wonder I was in Pain!!

  You would think the Ice would just slide off the Props.

  But it DIDN'T!!  It was Frozen On Tight!!

  And sliding off would be dangerous, too!!

  What would it hit??

  The Answer is probably Electrically Heated Props to prevent Ice formation.   

  The Industry does a LOT to make Flying Safe, but not quite enough.

  The idiots in Congress have made Flying more dangerous with Deregulation.

  Congress should NEVER be involved in Flight Safety!!

  Nor Airline Management!!      


  I eventually stopped attending the Safety Briefings. 

  And shortly thereafter, I quit Flying.


  (The Safety Briefings were GOOD!!

  They showed you what can go wrong, and Usually, how to prevent it.

  But sometimes, Bad Luck and Bad Maintenance were the cause.

  And sometimes Congress and Airline Management.

  And sometimes "cheap" design, like using Styrofoam Floats (or Beadboard??)

  in Cessna Fuel Tanks (Little Planes), for indicating the Fuel level on an

  Instrument in the Cockpit, but over time, the Float disintegrated and

  clogged the Fuel intake, the Engine didn't get any Fuel, the Engine quit

  running, and the Plane Crashed.  All done to hold down costs.

  That was what I refer to as a "Dumb Idea".

  Gasoline is CORROSIVE!!  And it might Dissolve or Break-up Plastic and

  Styrofoam.  Apparently, it did.

  Like the shortcuts taken with the Corvair Automobile, Cessna ALSO took

  shortcuts to hold down costs that resulted in DEATHS.

  Would it make their Little Planes a lot more expensive if they didn't try

  so hard to hold down costs??  YES!!


  What has Cessna done about it??  I don't know.

  I believe they went out of business after being SUED many times for

  building Unsafe airplanes that killed Hundreds of people.)     




  In my opinion, some of the FAA Procedures are WAY too complicated (and sometimes

  dangerous), and should be simplified to benefit Pilots of Little Planes, who aren't

  under the direct control of "Air Traffic Control" (ATC) like the Airliners.


  Additionally, certain High Tech Equipment should be Mandatory for Little Planes,

  and an Instrument Rating should also be required in order to get a Private Pilot's


  Some Little Planes now DO have GPS units, and they might have now made it a

  requirement of "Basic Equipment".  If so, that's good news!! 


  Directions from the Tower or ATC shouldn't involve things like "Fly the Radial Minus

  30 Degrees", or whatever ridiculous order it was that I recently read.

  Just tell the Pilot: "Change Heading to 270 Degrees."  Duh....


  Get rid of the Dumb "Flight Levels" concept, where the Altitudes are Abbreviated,

  possibly leading to Confusion and Mistakes.

  Don't say:  "Climb and maintain Flight Level ONE THREE ZERO".

  Say:  "Climb and maintain THIRTEEN THOUSAND FEET".  Duh....


  Don't make the Pilot ask the Tower if there are any last-minute Weather Warnings.

  The Pilot should have already checked the Weather 10 minutes earlier, prior to

  Takeoff.  It's Required. It's the Law.  

  BUT:  A Bulletin might have just arrived at the Tower warning of Severe Weather

  that they hadn't posted yet, and they should Definitely notify the Pilot in the Plane

  who's warming up the engine or taxiing to the runway, etc.

  A failure to notify the Pilot of a Severe Weather Bulletin is partly what KILLED    

  Buddy Holly and the rest of the people, many years ago. 

  Apparently, "The Pilot didn't ask us".  Incredible.

  Another part of the cause of the Plane Crash was that the "Artificial Horizon"

  instrument on the Cockpit Panel operated in REVERSE of what the Pilot was used to.

  It was NON-STANDARD, or the Plane he had trained on had a Non-Standard


  Every correction the Pilot made to Level the Plane just made it WORSE!!

  And I think they blamed the young Pilot for the crash, when it was really the failure

  to notify him of VERY Severe Weather approaching (he probably wouldn't have

  tried to fly through it - if he was Sane), and a Gyro that worked in Reverse of what

  he had trained on.  



  The FAA and the NTSB love to say "Pilot Error".  It's always someone else's fault.

  How about "FAA Error".  "Rules Error".  "Failure to Standardize Instruments Error".

  "Failure to Warn the Pilot of a New Weather Bulletin Error" (they weren't required

  to do so). 

  When I read about Air Crashes or Difficulties and Emergencies in the Air, I almost

  ALWAYS can point to a shortcoming of the System as the Cause (complicated

  instructions, a lack of smarter instruments, Glass Cockpit, etc) rather than the old

  Cop-out of "Pilot Error". 

  "Pilot Errors" and "Bad Weather" and "Get Home-Itis" do cause crashes, but it

  seems to me that the whole System could and should be SIMPLIFIED - at least



  The FAA has shown in the past that they PREFER complexity!!

  It took a Controller's strike during the Reagan years to simplify some Airport

 Approaches in order to reduce the workload on the Controllers during the Strike,

  but the Controllers had already been calling for that for YEARS!! 

  The new Approaches were SIMPLER and SAFER for everyone. 

  There was really no good reason to make them complicated!! 


  They produce outstanding Flight Maps, showing the Pilot all kinds of "Areas".

  But those "Areas" and "Warning Zones" don't appear IN THE SKY.  Duh.....

  Something has to Clearly TELL the Pilot that he's approaching one, or he's IN one,

  or he's headed for the wrong Airport at Night (easy to do if there are 2 or 3 or 4 or 5

  or 6 Airports all clustered together in a modern Metropolis like Miami or Fort

  Lauderdale, etc, etc, with 2 of them BIG Airports, 2 of them "Business Jets"

  Airports, 2 of them "Small Plane Airports", etc, and they all look basically

  "THE SAME" at Night from a distance, in a SEA OF LIGHT), and you'd better not

  Fly over an Airport on your way (!!), or hit another Plane (!!),

  or bust an Altitude (!!),

  or miss a Radio Call (!!),

  or misunderstand a Radio Call (!!),

  or dial the wrong Radio Frequency (!!),

  or land on the Wrong Runway at the Right Airport (!!),

  or land at the Right Runway at the Wrong Airport (!!),

  or land at the Wrong City and the Wrong Airport (!!),

  or fail to follow a direction from ATC (!!).  

  You might lose your License AND be heavily FINED!! 


  Have any of those things ever happened?????  Yes.

  Some mistakes lead to instant termination of Employment

  by the Airline.


  The Government also has a BIG STICK, but sometimes no Brains. 

  Pilot Error can't be tolerated, but FAA Flight Rules and Clarity

  should not be as complicated as possible, leading to mistakes.

  The only reason the system is as good as it is, is due to the

  Berlin Airlift of 1948 by the Allies, where the Army Air Force

  rapidly developed procedures for handling large quantities of

 Aircraft landing and taking off at ONE Airport.

  But today, things are far more complex.    



  And the Government sometimes LIES!!!!  What is the matter

  with these JERKS??

  TWA Flight 800 (TWA 800) was hit by a MISSILE launched from

  a Boat or a Navy Ship!!!!  (Probably a Boat).


  There are even photos of the Missile Exhaust Trail!!

  And they found residue from High Explosives on the seats!!

  Yet the Lying Government Crap-Heads said the Fuel exploded in

  the Fuel Tanks (ridiculous).

  And they claimed that Eyewitnesses didn't know the difference

  between UP and DOWN.  Missile goes UP. Fuel goes DOWN.

  Government Version:  Everything went DOWN.

  Government Honesty:  ZERO POINT ZERO ZERO.


  So they ordered all the Airlines to install expensive Fuel Coolers

  in the Fuel Tanks, at a high cost per Plane. 

  Jet Fuel is Kerosene, and Kerosene doesn't explode.

  The Fuel is usually still COLD anyway, after coming from the

  Fuel truck and underground tanks.

  Airliners in Saudi Arabia sit on the ground for hours or days in

  the hot sun on the hot Tarmac, and the Fuel does not explode.


  Trust in the Government:  ZERO POINT ZERO ZERO ZERO.


  For some of the Major crashes, the Government LIES THRU ITS TEETH!!

  That's right.  YOUR Government, MY Government, OUR Government. 

  Not the FAA or the NTSB Staff or Management, but the TOP SCUMBAGS


  They ORDER the FAA and NTSB to LIE!!

  The "Lyndon Johnson's" of this World.

  The "George Bush's" of this World.

  The "W's" of this World.

  The "Jimmy Carter's" of this World.

  The "Obozo's" of this World.

  The "Secretary of Dirt's" of this World.

  The "Secretary of Garbage's" of this World.

  The "Congressmen" of this World.

  All of them are LYING SCUM at times.   





  Also, the notion that Navigation and Control Equipment in ANY Plane should be

  capable of being Hijacked by "Ground Control" is absolutely absurd, in my opinion,

  rendering the Plane a potential Victim of malicious forces on the ground, equipped

  with advanced Electronics to take control of the Plane (Throttles, Steering, Compass,

  etc).  And the move to make all the Cockpit Controls and Displays "Electronic"

  (the "Glass Cockpit") instead of Mechanical, is another INSANE idea.

  If you lose electrical power to everything in the cockpit due to some failure, or hitting

  a Large Bird, etc, etc, the Plane now CANNOT BE FLOWN!!

  The Pilot can't even see how fast (or slow) the Plane is traveling, etc, etc. 



  Remote Control of a Modern Plane is what got Senator Paul Wellstone killed - and

  everyone else on that Plane, including his wife, his son, a couple of Campaign

  Workers, and the 2 Pilots, as I recall.  No survivors.

  The NTSB blamed "Fweezing Dwizzle" as the cause (gag me), and implied that

  Pilot Error was a contributing factor.  The Copilot was incompetent, BUT the Pilot

  (Captain) in the Left Seat was TOP SHELF and PRECISE. He was Outstanding. 

  So they blamed the Copilot (partly), even though the Captain would have taken

  over the controls if there had been a problem that wasn't being handled correctly.

  To Save his own Life!!  And the Lives of the passengers. 

  The incompetent Copilot barely passed his Flight Check exam (I think he had to

   take it twice, and still only squeaked by), but he was Black, so they didn't dare

   criticize  him too much, since it would be Politically Incorrect and Racist to criticize

   any Black or Yellow or Orange or Green or Polka Dot or Striped person.  

   So they blamed it MOSTLY on  "Fweezing Dwizzle".

  But "Fweezing Dwizzle" didn't bring down Wellstone's Airliner. 

  Nor did Pilot Error.

  They were all MURDERED by Remote Control by Government MURDERERS. 

  And the FBI was on the Scene in a Flash, roping off the Area and blocking the Firemen.

  They also tried to kill a Pilot friend of mine by Remote Control. 

  But he's a White Man, so they would have blamed it on "Pilot Error". 

  I'm not happy about that attempt.




  I flew in a "Puddle Jumper" Airliner every week, for a few months, from and to

 Atlanta, while doing some Y2K work in the 1990's.  It was a Turboprop plane made in

 Brazil, and I was rather nervous about the shaking of the wings.

 I was relieved when the assignment was done!!


 A few months later, I saw a short News story on television about the crash of one of

 those Airliners, on the same route that I took every week.

 The crash killed everyone on board except for the Stewardess, who was being

 interviewed for the story.

 I recognized her immediately. Her name was Robin, and she was on every flight

 I took, always sitting in a rear seat at the back of the plane.

 I normally sat in a Front seat. It was just easier and quicker to get on and off the plane

 from a Front seat.

 If I had been on that flight, I would have been killed.

 Robin, in a rear seat, was the Sole Survivor of the crash.     


 My grandparents had a similar experience in the 1960's or 1970's. 

 They used to drive to Florida every Winter, and later, switched to flying.

 Grandpa decided that flying to Florida was safer than driving after almost being killed

 by a load of Telephone Poles that fell off a truck ahead of them, while driving on the

 Freeway on their way South.


 So Grandpa and Grandma switched to Flying after that brush with death.

 The type of plane they normally took to and from Florida was a Lockheed Electra.

 Unfortunately, that plane had a problem with the wings falling off, but no incidents

 had occurred YET, so no one was afraid to fly in it.


 As they were making plans to return to Minnesota from Florida, and had already

 purchased their Airline tickets, something came up (I don't recall what it was), they

 decided to stay for 1 more week, and Grandpa cancelled their flight reservations,

 switching to a Flight 1 week later. 

 That Electra CRASHED, killing everyone on board.


 After a while, No One would fly in the Electra, I think the planes were grounded,

 Lockheed produced the Electra-II with stronger wings, but hardly anyone trusted

 the Electra anymore. 


 The problem with wing vibration, is that the damage occurs very slowly - like rust.

 Testing would need to be conducted for years, and inspections of the critical parts

 would be nearly impossible.

 Aircraft are "over-built" for strength and safety, thankfully, but Vibration is stronger

 than just about anything they can produce.


 The English "Comet" Airliners had the same problem, killing many.

 The Northrop F-89 Fighters (Interceptors) had the same problem, killing a number

 of Pilots. 


 What's odd, is that Lockheed makes the C-130, also a 4-engine Turboprop, but with

 "high" wings, and it's safe and popular around the world with many Air Forces. 


 The aircraft industry never cuts corners, to my knowledge, but Vibration of the wings

 or anything else can destroy an aircraft despite extremely strong structures.

 Exception:  Management at Douglas Aircraft pushed the design of the DC-10 in order

 to take advantage of the Deregulation of the Airlines, and the Engineers took 

 shortcuts, as ordered to by Management.


 The result was the unsafe design of the Control Surfaces (Ailerons, Rudder, Horizontal

 Stabilizer, Flaps, and Spoilers), all connected together, so that a leak of hydraulic fluid

 from one area, caused the fluid from the ENTIRE SYSTEM to leak out.

 The other cause, also related to Deregulation, was "Quick and Dirty Maintenance"

 which accidentally cracked a Spar holding an engine onto the wing.

 Was the Spar "Under-Engineered" as well??  Not strong enough??  Maybe. 

 So an Engine FELL OFF THE WING on takeoff (!!!!!) at Chicago, it ripped thru a hydraulic

 line on the leading edge of the wing, then ALL the Hydraulic Fluid leaked out, the

 plane couldn't be steered as the Pilot tried to go around and land the plane, and the

 plane CRASHED, killing everyone on board.

 Another MANAGEMENT problem plus Deregulation (POLITICAL MANAGEMENT).

 What a bunch of BOZO's!!!!


 And who investigated the DC-10 crash and figured out what had happened??

 Playboy Magazine!! 

 That's right.  Playboy was based in Chicago at the time, and one of their major writers

 was killed on that Flight.

 So Playboy did the REAL investigation and published the results - as opposed to the

 Government which MIGHT do a thorough investigation, and MIGHT publish the

 truthful results (not too likely, in this case).

 Playboy's Verdict:  Deregulation was the cause of the crash.

 And they PROVED it!!! 

 (Design Shortcuts and Maintenance Shortcuts, pushed by Management, encouraged

 by Deregulation where they just threw away some of the Regs.

 After all:  Why regulate Flight Safety??

 Who cares if thousands of people are killed??

 Was it "Dumb Airline Management" who pushed for Airline Deregulation??

 Probably.  Who else would do it??)


 Who else was on the Flight??  People from Chicago on their way to a Bookseller's

 Convention (ABA Members).  Writers, Publishers, Bookstore Owners, Geniuses,

 Civilized People, Smart People, etc.  Just Run-of-the-Mill People.       


 I'm lucky to be alive, and so were my Grandparents.

 We were both almost killed by Aircraft Vibration, and "Wings falling off of Airliners":

 The Lockheed Electra Airliner, and the Brasilia Commuter Airliner. 

 No wonder Flying Saucers are made so STRONG!!

 Very Strong, Very Lightweight, Non-Electrically Conductive, and Fireproof.


 By the way, I saw the debris brought into a hangar of a crashed B-52 Bomber.

 The cause was narrowed down to a blocked heater (accidentally blocked) which

 caused a Fire on board the plane, and caused the plane to crash.

 Crew members who bailed out did so at too low an altitude or at too high a speed,

 I think, and did not survive.  Tragic. 

 The Escape Hatches were still intact (very strong) and the 8 Engines were still mostly

 intact, but almost everything else was blown into thousands of little pieces of metal.

 The plane was travelling at over 760 mph when it crashed (supersonic), on fire, and

 upside down.

 Very sad and disturbing. 




  I got a Ham Radio License as a kid, but didn't advance to the next level for several

  reasons, one of which was that Morse Code seemed like a very slow and primitive

  way to communicate, and another was that it sounded Boring to talk to a bunch

  of Old Men - even by Voice. 


  (They refer to each other as "Old Man" or "OM", and it appeared to be mostly True.

  "Well, I have to go the Hardware Store and get those Furnace parts and fix my

  Furnace.....  The wife has been on my case for 3 years, now, to fix the Furnace.

  So, I guess I'd better do it.  It's been 3 years. Since about October or November or

  maybe January, or could be October or maybe February or June.

  So I'd better go over there to the Hardware Store and pick 'em up.

  It might have been November.  Probably was November.  Yup. Yessirreee Bob.

  Probably November.  Or March.  Might have been March but it was probably

  Novemburary. Yup. Probbly was.  Good old March. I don't know if they carry those

  parts, but they might. I should go and check. Or wait til March. They might not have

  'em in yet. Or they might. Probably don't.

  Well, have a good Saturday - er, Sunday.  Er, November.

  W Zero QWERTY dash Null Null Zero Null Underscore Zed November signing off."

  Fascinating. Riveting.

  My Ham friend, Jack Morgan [older man], was not boring, but it seemed like everyone

  else was.)


  So, I don't know.  Between Morse Code and Boring Old Men, and a Tough Test for

  the General Class License, with seemingly arbitrary names for some things - like

  "B-Plus Voltage" (what the heck is B-Plus Voltage, and why do I need to know it??),

  then Transistors were invented which changed the entire landscape away from

  Vacuum Tubes, I just lost interest in Ham Radio (Amateur Radio), at least in terms

  of moving up the ladder to "General Class" and becoming a "Real" Ham Radio Operator. 

  Other things like Aviation, Flying Saucers, Computers, Movies, Acting, Girls, etc,

  seemed more interesting. 


  And how could I attend school, do my Homework, take Piano Lessons, practice my

  Piano Lesson assignment for the week, do chores around the house, work at Part Time

  Jobs, etc, etc, AND work on getting my General License and becoming a Ham??

  The motivation wasn't there, and available time was somewhat short.


  I did have a few exciting moments with a big Short Wave Receiver I bought

  from Mr. Morgan.

  I heard and SAW the Russian Sputnik satellite - the world's first artificial

  satellite - as it passed overhead, soon after it was launched in 1957. 

  It was just a steady Beeping at 20 Megacycles, but it was pretty exciting.  



  Start Humor.



  picking up secret  STEADY Beeps, with coded messages, which I decoded with my

  Secret Decoder Ring.

  I decoded "Beep  Beep  Beep  Beep  Beep Beep  Beep  Beep  Beep  Beep...." into

  Russian, and then into English, and then into the Code, and then into the Secret Message.

  I can finally reveal the first message after about 60 years, since it has now been

  Declassified by the Sneaky Russians. 

  It said:  "Be Sure to Drink Your Ovaltine".

  That's all I can say at the present GMT/UTC Daylight Savings Time Time.

  We former Teenage Russian Agents have to be careful that we don't reveal too much.

  Otherwise, it's off to the Ovaltine Mines!!) 

  End Humor. 



  I heard the Controllers at Andrews AFB talking to the crew of the Russian

 Airliner carrying Nikita Khrushchev as it was making its landing approach 

  in the late 1950s or early 1960s, as I recall. 

  (How that was possible, I don't know.  But I heard them. 

  I didn't hear the Flight Crew, but I heard the Tower.  Bizarre.)


  I heard a man on a Mobile Transceiver (Walkie Talkie) in some Texas town

  describing a Tornado approaching, and finally said something like:

  "It's heading this way - down Main Street. I've gotta get out of here.

  W9XYZ signing off." - or whatever his Call Sign was. 

  Scary!!!  An Emergency in progress!!


  Then there was good old "Radio Havana Cuba", and the BBC on Short Wave.

  And even Bible Thumpers like "Brother Al" somewhere in Texas.

  (Del Rio, Texas I think.)


  Sally Morgan's Dad (Jack Morgan) was very helpful and inspiring.

  His Call Sign was so old that it had only 4 characters - not 5.  W0RA.  

  (Acquired when he lived in Pennsylvania, I think.)

  He had an Enormous "Shack" on the back porch that was amazing to see. 

  Wall to wall Radio Equipment!!  

  And a Directional Antenna on an "Oil Derek Tower" in the back yard, powered

  by an Electric Motor which had served as an Aircraft Engine Starter!!

  I imagine he built the setup himself. 

  PLUS a Mobile Rig in his car, "Ham" License Plates, and a "Whip" Antenna

  on the rear of his car. 

  He was ready for Anything - Radio-Wise!! 





  I've met quite a few famous or important people, very much enjoyed meeting them,

  and sometimes carried on conversations, but we never "Hung Out Together", and

  I was WAY out of my League, Intellectually (and Financially). 

  (I was friends with Dr. Jean Piccard and his wife, and knew their son Don - all

  Balloonists.  Don invented "Sport Ballooning". They went to our Church.)  


  I'm sure the wealthy ones knew I couldn't possibly afford to keep up with them,

  and never embarrassed me by inviting me to join them in St. Moritz for a week of

  Skiing, or spending a few days at the Wimbledon Tennis Matches, or something similar.

  Besides: I had to mow the Lawn, that week!!  And do my Paper Route!!


  "Hi Fritzer,

  I'd love to join you and Snuggy at Moritz,  but I have to mow the Lawn that week

  and do my Paper Route.  I'll take a Rain Check, if I may, but please DO give my

  best to Snuggles.  I still owe her that Ivory Jing Fu table I promised her!!  I think she

  already has one, but you can never have too many Ivory Jing Fu tables!!

  I should be able to acquire one in a few weeks. 

  See you at the Polo Games Falderal and the Casino next month!! 

  PS:  Watch out for some of those new Expert Runs!!  One of them will send you into

  France, and you have to take a Helicopter to get back to the Lift!!

  Bunny says Hi!!



  Well, maybe NEXT week.....    





  I got turned on to Mozart in the early 1960's, have made at least one discovery in

  the early 1960's, and possibly several more.  

  See  www.mozartsmtm.org   .. 

  Some of the material on the Website is information copied from other sources, but

  much of it is my own.

  (Some of the extra material came from Dr. Michael Lorenz of Vienna - one of the Top

  Mozart Experts in the World.)

  The main discovery is called the "MTM"  --   "Mozart's Musical TradeMark" - the

  original reason for creating the Website. 


  The only reason I created the Website is because I learned, years later, that apparently

  no one was aware of the MTM, including my Dad - a Professor of Music.

  Frankly, I was stunned. How could they miss it??

  It's only 2 Chords, but is usually easy to notice, and sometimes Blatantly Obvious!!


  I checked hours and hours of well-known Classical Music, Less-known Classical Music,

  Mozart's Students, Mozart's Contemporaries, Mozart's Son, Jazz, Fifties Rock, New Age,

  Latin, Christmas, Camp Songs, National Anthems, Movies, Television, Beatles, Abba,

  Elvis, Everly Brothers, Fats Domino, Jackie Wilson, the Beach Boys, George Gershwin,

  Glenn Miller, Buddy Holly, Brenda Lee, The Chordettes, Marion Marlowe, etc, etc, etc,

  to see if any other Composers/Soloists/Groups had used it. 

  Certainly NOT every Piece of Music that was ever written(!!), but quite a few.

  And I found it used on RARE occasions by:

           Gasparini.   Galuppi.   JS Bach.   Josef Haydn.   Beethoven.   Chopin.

           Mozart's Composition Pupils.   Mozart's Son.     

  Note that Josef Haydn and Mozart were friends, and Beethoven was a huge fan of

  Mozart's music, and met Mozart once.

  Some MIGHT have copied Mozart, and Mozart MIGHT have copied Haydn or



  But Mozart used it FREQUENTLY, and created a number of VARIATIONS on it.

  And he sometimes focused on it for several measures. 

  Checking only about 155 Pieces by Mozart (out of over 626), I counted 65 occurrences

  of the MTM, or found in about 34 Percent of his compositions, so far.  

  Found in Early, Middle, and Late Works, from Age 7 to Age 35, in all types of Works.


  Therefore, I called it "Mozart's Musical Trademark". 

  Was it also "Gasparini's Musical Trademark"?? 

  Maybe, but I've never heard anyone mention it, or state that: 

         "Your MTM is just like Gasparini's".  

  So it remains Mozart's, so far, even if some other Composer ALSO used it

  FREQUENTLY, and composed VARIATIONS on it.

  But it's doubtful that any other Composer did what Mozart did with that Phrase.

  As far as I know, Mozart is the ONLY composer who used it frequently and

  composed so many variations on it.


  Topics on my Mozart Website:

      *  The MTM (Mozart's "Musical TradeMark"). 

      *  Meistermusik and the Masonic Funeral Music (K.477).

      *  An Improved Sanctus for the Requiem.

      *  Mozart Myths: K.361 and Mozart's Wedding.

      *  Missing and Moved Mozart's and Friends.

      *  Mozart's Death.    (At least 6 Causes - not 1 or 2.) 

      *  Inventory of Count Deym's Wax Museum and Art Gallery.

      *  K.355 Played with 4 Different Instruments.

      *  Mozart's Mother.    (She led 2 Completely Different Lives). 

      *  Deest Pieces - Numbered.

          (I assigned Numbers to these Miscellaneous Pieces - "Deest" Pieces).

      *  Lost Mozart Compositions.

      *  Lost Mozart Autograph Scores.

      *  Mozart: Meaning and Emotions.

      *  The Blaming of Tech Support.  

          (And the blaming of Wolfgang Mozart by his father, Leopold.)

          (Everything is Tech Support's Fault.)   (Cough).

          (We didn't break it.  So long!!  Fix it yourself!!)

      *  Food for Thought.

      *  The MTM and the Mystery of the Pyramids and Egypt.

          (Mostly about the Pyramids. They were NOT Tombs.

          The Mainstream Media LIES about Egypt CONSTANTLY!!

          So do the Mainstream Scholars!!  It's absolutely APPALLING!!!!

          From "Mozart the Giggling Fool" in the Movie "Amadeus" to

          "Ancient Egypt: The Land of Stupid Ugly Drones", the attack on

          Western Icons and Brilliant Civilizations is relentless. 

          **  Myths:  Some are TRUE.  Some are BASED on Truth.    

                             Egypt was not a "Comic Book" Culture drenched in "Myths".  

          **  Occam's Razor:  It's NOT a Law and should RARELY be used - if ever.

                            Mainstream Egyptologists use it like a "Special Tool for PhD's"

                            to uncover the Truth, when it's just "The Monorail to Simpleton 

                            Land" as they use it, completely misunderstanding WHY it was

                            devised [Mathematics, Logic, Problem Solving - but mostly for

                            Math, in my opinion], what it means ["Keep It Simple, Stupid"],

                            but use Science and Logic to determine if your Theory is Correct,

                            WHEN it was devised [1300's], and WHO devised it [William of

                            Ockham - a smart man, but a MINIMALIST who had an upside

                            down impression of Nature and the Universe.

                            He was just saying:  "When you devise a Math Formula or some

                            new Theory, throw out the redundant and unnecessary Factors

                            to make it Leaner and Stronger."

                            We did that in Arithmetic!!  Remember??

                            It doesn't mean "The Simplest Answer is Always the Right One."

                            That's the Mad Magazine, Alfred E Neumann meaning.])  

      *  Info on Dr. Michael Lorenz (Top Mozart Researcher and Authority).

          (Website Address, etc.  Outstanding Mozartian!!) 





  I wrote a Tic-Tac-Toe Program and "Time Left on the Rock" for our NCR 390

  Computer that we used on Guam in Military Pay, in the 1960's, in Machine Language.

  It didn't use a modern Language like COBOL or Assembler or SAS, etc. 


  Years later, using more modern Equipment, I wrote a Language, a Compiler,

  a Simulator, and a Manual for it, for fun.  A massive Project.

  But I'm able to simulate running that old Computer on my PC, and even write

  Application Programs in my "PL390" Programming Language which is a cross

  between COBOL and a unique Assembler.

  And I converted a couple of the old Machine Language Programs into PL390

  for fun, and compiled them and ran them.


           Example Below of a PL390 Compile:

           (ADDRESS 0008, LINE 151 of a "Time Left on the Rock" Program Compile Listing) 

           0008  16 00 95 77 17 09   151  IFF JJJNOW IS LT NZERO GOTO ERROR


           Source Code:   IFF JJJNOW IS LT NZERO GOTO ERROR

           Object Code:   16 00 95 77 17 09 






  I did Application Programming and Tech Support work on IBM Mainframe Computers

  (System/360 and 370) for many years, as well as System Performance Analysis,

  Disaster Recovery, Y2K, Sysgens, Software Trouble Shooting, etc.

  Mostly Technical.  Difficult but Interesting work, except for Y2K Renovation, 

  which was a Horrible Experience with no Redeeming Qualities. 




  I think a lot of Computer People HATED Y2K, partly because so much of it took place

  in Banks and Insurance Companies, with the Departments run by Nit-Picking Bean

  Counters, Nit-Picking people concerned with Account Numbers,  Sheets of Paper,

  Time Spent on a Program,  Pencils Used,  Number of Pencil Shavings,  Lines of Code,

  Drops of Sweat,  Changing 5 Passwords every 10 Minutes, No Reuse of Old Passwords,

  Security Departments run by Grade School Dropouts,  Percent Complete,  GOTO-Less

  Programming,  Hourly Status Reports,  Restroom Request Forms,  Phone Passwords,

  Copy Machine Passwords,  Copy Machine Electronic Access Group Permission Units,

  Flickering Light Fixture Repair Form Signature Authorization Procedures,

  Malfunctioning Water Fountain Reporting Form Request,  Excuse for Not Being

  Present at the Weekly Diagonal Meeting,  Monthly Birthdays and the Hour Minute

  and Second of your Birth and What Kind of Birth it Was,  Program Checkout Forms

  and Why you Need It and How Long You Will Need It and What You Plan to DO

  To It and Who to Contact If You Don't Return It On Time or Return It Early, etc, etc.



  As one Normal Contractor said to me -- a FAMILY MAN, always wore a SUIT to Work

  with a WHITE SHIRT and Wing Tip Shoes, no Beard, no Mustache, no Tattoos,

  COMBED HAIR,  Smart,  Normal,  a Pleasant Personality,  and a Good Attitude: 


  "I'VE HAD IT UP TO HERE!!"   and he Quit.

  Project:  Y2K at a Big Bank.  


  I don't blame him one bit.

  The place (a major Bank) was run like a "Prison Kindergarten" designed by

  Moronic "Admin" people with NO CLUE. 

  Total INSANITY plus STRESS.  Incredible. 


  Such was the Y2K Environment for Contract Programmers at one Client. 

  Suffocating and Incredible.

  I was so glad to get out of that INSANE ASYLUM!!

  By the way:  Two People DIED while I was there!!

  One Man, a Permanent Party Employee Manager, Died of Leukemia.

  Another Man, a Contractor from New York who wrote some of their code,

  Died of a Heart Attack. 

  I will never work for that place again!!  




  Awful!!  Horrible!!

  I converted a few QBASIC DOS Programs to Visual Basic for my Dad for Pay.

  One of his Music Programs had run out of memory in QBASIC, and he felt that

  using Windows and Visual Basic would provide the solution since Windows

  can use much more memory.  Makes sense.   

  I did most of the Project in 2003.


  What I learned:  QBASIC is a fairly decent Language, well documented by

  Microsoft and others.  It runs only under DOS  (MS/DOS or PC/DOS, etc), but

  there are problems getting it to run under DOS as a Command Prompt in


  I was using Windows/98-SE at the time, and QBASIC ran fine. 

  It came Free with DOS and Windows, although you can purchase more powerful


  "Power BASIC for Windows" may be the answer to running "QBASIC" under XP,

  but I wasn't aware of it at the time and haven't tried it.


  XP is a "different" kind of Windows, compared with earlier versions. 

  One fellow did publish a circumvention for running QBASIC under XP, but it would

  take a lot of work to change your code to use his method.

  XP chokes on the Verb "LPRINT" which is often used all over the place in QBASIC

  Programs ("Line Print" or "Print a Line"). 

  AND using it might hose your System (just a possibility) unless it can be intercepted,



  The online BASIC Forum was partly written by a German guy, writing in German,

  and translating to English using Babelfish.  You what what mean you I know??   

  You Babelfish then use do, so.  It's then right the way.  Per Babelfish. 

  Babelfish Fish Babel Like The Then.  Weird.


  MORE VB6:  Visual Basic is a Strange Language, it's not really "BASIC", it's not the

  "Windows form of BASIC", and it sucks. 

  VB6 is the WORST Programming Language I've ever used.

  Its Syntax is weird.

  All the statements are written as "Wimpy Inverted English".

  Its Error Handling is complicated and weird.

  Its Messages are usually Useless. 

  It changes most Functions into "Subroutines", so your program ends up being

  dozens of little Subroutines.

  Many of the Verbs in QBASIC don't work in VB, so you need to rewrite portions

  of your program.

  LPRINT has been dropped. Why???

  CLEAR has been dropped. Why???

  Some Verbs now have a different meaning, so you need to rewrite portions of

  your program.

  There are about 11 "Runtime Modules" which must be in your program's

  Directory, or possibly in a Windows Directory.

  However, the Microsoft Package of Runtime Modules is missing 2 of them. 

  I had to copy the 2 missing ones from some Windows Directory in order to make

  a "Package", usable by someone else. 

  There have been several updates to the Runtime Modules.

  I wanted to keep the Original VB Runtime Modules and the updated VB Runtime

  Modules completely separate from any modules used by Windows to avoid any

  problems of incompatibility with Windows and other Programs and Functions. 

  Thus, all the VB routines were kept in a separate Directory with the Programs I

  wrote for the Project.


  For running with 64-bit Windows versions, special steps have to be taken to

  "Register" one of the Runtime Modules - whatever that means.

  It's a complicated Nightmare.

  Not even one of the standard Microsoft Fonts was suitable for the program output,

  and I had to search Far and Wide for a suitable Font that would produce Lines

  that were dark and thick, and connected with each other, instead of looking like

  "Thin Railroad Tracks with Little Gaps Between the Tracks". 

  (The old DOS Fonts came from "Code Pages" and produced quality output.)

  The Microsoft Manuals are a Joke. 

  (I had to use 3 or 4 Manuals - Microsoft plus manuals by other Authors).

  What a MESS!!!

  They took a good language and RUINED it.





  Like many people, I've read about Kennedy's Assassination, and drawn conclusions

  far different from what the Warren Commission tried to foist on the Public.

  Perhaps people don't realize that you DON'T NEED to bury yourselves in the

  mountain of Details to figure out a FEW BASIC CONCLUSIONS.

       No heavy studying required!!

       No books required!! 

       No PhD required!! 

       No Warren Commission required!!  (Gag me!!)




  1.   Some people heard as many as FIVE shots - not THREE, as the phony Warren

        Commission claimed. 

  2.   Some people said shots came from BEHIND THE FENCE.

  3.   Some people on the Grassy Knoll smelled GUNSMOKE. 

        (Some others SAW Gunsmoke drifting up into the Trees.)

  4.  One or two people said there was a shot from the STORM DRAIN.

       And one of the Secret Service Agents said that one of the shots had a Hollow,

       Ringing sound to it - not a "normal" sound of a Rifle.  

       And someone saw smoke coming from the Storm Drain. 

       Note:  The Schoolbook Depository 6th Floor has been left relatively intact by the

       City of Dallas, but the Storm Drain has been substantially reduced in size by

       repaving the Street.  

  5.  A Cop was seen inspecting the Storm Drain the day of the shooting.

       I've seen the picture.

       Why??  Did he too see smoke coming from the Storm Drain??

       Why inspect a Storm Drain after the President was shot??

  6.  The German MAUSER, found on the 6th Floor, miraculously turned into an Italian

       Mannlicher Carcano "Toy Rifle" due to a "Mistake", even though the Mauser

       says "MAUSER" on the Barrel, but the Carcano says nothing (in large letters). 

       And it WAS a Mauser that was first found.  It SAID so on the barrel.

       They reported it on the News.

       Two hours later, the Rifle Fairy converted the Mauser into a Carcano. 

       And a Dallas Detective held up a Carcano for the World to see.  

       The Mauser mysteriously disappeared.

  7.  Oswald was seen in the LUNCHROOM drinking a Coke after the shooting.

  8.  Oswald had NO GETAWAY CAR with a driver waiting for him.

  9.  Oswald had NO GETAWAY PLAN.

 10.  Oswald went to a MOVIE THEATER to "Hide" (??) - not to Mexico, not to the

       Airport, not to Houston or Galveston, not to the Caribbean, not to Brazil, etc.

       And he went by FOOT, BUS, and TAXI.   NO CAR??

       And he ran in WITHOUT PAYING.   NO MONEY??  NO PLAN??

       And he SAT ALONE in the Balcony. 

       And he wore a WHITE T-SHIRT and a LIGHT JACKET. 

       What did he expect??  To not be caught for not paying for the Movie?? 

       To not be caught for shooting the President??

       To live in the Movie Theater for the next few years?? 

11.  Oswald did not have a a Large Wad of CASH on him to Live on.

12.  Bobby Kennedy RECOGNIZED Oswald's name as a member of some "Cuban"

       team, evidently setup by Bobby.

       And they say that Oswald was a "Nobody" and a "Lone Nut"?? 

       But Bobby Kennedy, the US Attorney General, knew his name??? 

       Oswald was probably a POISON PILL PATSY, selected by the Bad Guys from

       McBooby's List of Personnel to take part in a Plot to kill Castro - not just a

       "Bay of Pigs Invasion, Version 2".

       Any Government Investigation of JFK's Murder could and should blame it on

       Oswald (the Patsy), but dare not investigate who REALLY did it, and dare not

       investigate Oswald's current activities with a Cuban Exile group, because if they

       did, the Bad Guys would reveal Bobby Kennedy's plot to kill Castro, with Oswald's

       involvement.  Keep the investigations Lightweight and Superficial.  

       If you don't, Oswald and the Castro Plot will be exposed, McBooby will be

       exposed and humiliated, and the USA Government will be exposed and

       humiliated. Namely because, you're not supposed to assassinate Foreign Leaders.

   Thus, Oswald was a POISON PILL PATSY.

13.  One of Oswald's first Phone Calls in Jail was to a man in MILITARY INTELLIGENCE.

       John D Hurt in Raleigh, North Carolina.

       Why??  How did Oswald know someone in Military Intelligence??

       And they say this man was a "Lone Nut"??  A Solitary Nobody?? 

14.  Who did Oswald work for, at one time??

       Answer:  The CIA (when he was in the Marine Corps). 

       He was a Radar Operator tracking U-2 Spyplane Flights. Gary Powers Flights.

       That was a CIA Operation.   

       A Nobody??  A Lone Nut?? 

15.  Kennedy was clutching his THROAT before he was hit in the head, meaning

       that he was hit from the FRONT.     

       But Oswald was supposedly shooting from the REAR in the Book Depository??? 

  Etc, etc, etc.

  Etc, etc, etc.

  Etc, etc, etc.

  How many ODDITIES have you spotted so far??  


       These were fairly basic facts - right??

       Most of them were widely known the FIRST DAY, without a Warren

       Commission,  or JFK Book Authors.

       Some became known on the 2nd day, some later.

       No X-Rays, no Autopsies, no "Oswald History", no pictures of "Oswald"

       (or whoever it was) holding a Carcano Rifle (the wrong MODEL of a

       Carcano), no interviews of Marina Oswald, no endless repetitions that

       Oswald had been in the Marine Corps (as a RADAR Operator, and a

       rather Poor Shot), no timing tests to see if he could have run down to the

       Lunchroom from the 6th Floor in xx seconds (What? And put his money

       in the Coke Machine, remove the bottle cap, and stand there calmly drinking

       it without sweating or breathing hard or being nervous?? But a Sprinter

       in good shape MIGHT have been able to do it??  He wasn't even ON that

       Floor!!!!  He was eating lunch downstairs in the "Domino Room". There

       was at least one Witness. No timing tests needed!!

       No analysis of the Zapruder Film needed - which did NOT match what

       people said they saw, with the 2 Stops of the Limousine missing.), etc, etc.    

       More information is Interesting, but NOT NECESSARY.

       We don't need a huge "Conference" to figure out if Oswald was guilty.

       He wasn't. There's NO EVIDENCE that Oswald was the shooter. 

       We don't need a huge "Conference" to figure out if some Bad Guys were

       altering or Ignoring evidence - glossing over evidence as if it had been

       proclaimed to be irrelevant or non-existent.  

       And if we look instead at the Bullets/Rifle evidence, we could have

       wrapped up the case by 6 PM Friday night - Midnight at the latest.

       Using the FBI Crime Lab. 

       That is, if the Secret Service hadn't STOLEN the body from the Hospital,

       making them Accomplices After the Fact to Murder!!!!! 

       Why weren't THEY charged with a Federal Crime???  


       Where are the Bullets??

       Where is the Mauser Rifle?? 

       One of the most ridiculous and hilarious statements I saw about this case,

       was made by some Hostile Bozo on his website, who said:

                   "The Evidence against Oswald was Massive!!".    (cough)

                     (He didn't say what this "Massive Evidence" was). 

       WHAT A JOKE!!!!  







       NO EVIDENCE AT ALL!!!! 


       None. Zero. Nothing.  Just a lot of events spun into Suspicion.

       Just a lot of SPAM.

       The guy should have said: 


    "The SPAM against Oswald was Massive!!".    


       There was no EVIDENCE against Oswald.

       They tried to turn Suspicion into Evidence.

       They tried to turn SPAM into Evidence. 



       "Well, you know, he ran away.....".

       Yes. He ran away A FEW MILES to a Movie Theater, on foot, by bus, by Taxi,

        ran in without paying, and sat ALONE in the middle of the Balcony,

        wearing a white T-Shirt and a light colored Jacket. 

        This is an ESCAPE PLAN??????

        Where did he get it from??   A CRACKERJACK BOX???

        No Getaway Car, no trip to Mexico, no Cash, no Plan, no Plane, etc. 

        And before "Hiding" in the Movie Theater, he stopped at his Rooming House.

        And before that, he drank a Coke in the Lunchroom!!!!


       And he was caught 1 hour and 40 minutes after the shooting.

       Wow. I'm so impressed.

       A Third Grader could have done a better job of "Escaping".

       Meaning, he thought he would be MET by someone. 

       There. In the Theater.

       He wasn't trying to Escape.  Good grief.

       Two days later he was shot. At the Police Station!!!!

       AS PREDICTED by somebody who called the FBI!! 

       The story made the Papers AFTER Oswald was shot. 

       Dead men tell no tales. 

       What Bad Luck!!


       Gee.  I wonder if something strange was going on.....

       Gee.  There sure are a lot of ODD things happening, lately......   

       Gee.  I wonder why Oswald ran to the Movie Theater since they caught him

                 almost right away.  Less than 2 hours later.

                 That wasn't a very good place to Hide!!

       Gee.  I wonder how the Rifle Fairy changed that German Mauser into an

                 Italian Carcano.    

       Gee.  I wonder why an ex-Marine would buy a Foreign Rifle like a Mauser

                 or a Carcano. 

                 Why not buy an American Rifle like a Winchester, or a Remington

                 or something.  Wouldn't the Ammo be easier to find?? 

                 Wouldn't the Rifle be a little easier to operate than a Foreign Rifle??

       Gee.  I wonder why some people said they smelled Gunsmoke on that Grassy

                 area??  Did Oswald's Gunsmoke drift all the way down to that spot??  

       Gee.  I wonder why some people said they SAW a cloud of Gunsmoke drift up

                 into the Trees at that Grassy area?? 

                 Did Oswald's Gunsmoke drift all the way down to that spot??  

       Gee.  I wonder why 59 people said the Limousine stopped TWICE on that

                 Freeway Entrance Ramp. DID IT stop twice??  WHY??   

       Gee.  I wonder why someone painted a big Yellow line on the Curb, right about

                 where Kennedy was hit?? 

       Gee.  I wonder why some guy with an Umbrella popped it open and started

                 pumping it up and down just before Kennedy was hit?? 

       Gee.  I wonder why all those people ran up the hill to the Fence by that Grassy Area?? 

       Gee.  I wonder why that Motorcycle Cop drove up the steps by the Grassy Area,

                 all the way to that Fence?? 

       Gee.  I wonder why that Motorcycle Cop was looking in the Storm Drain?? 

       Gee.  I wonder what J Edgar Hoover meant when he said that some guy named

                Oswald acted alone, and that there was no Conspiracy to kill Kennedy, just

                an hour or two after Kennedy was shot??

                Maybe even when Oswald was still on the Loose?? 

       Gee. I wonder why they had Secret Service people behind the Fence in that

                Parking Lot??   Why in the World would they station Secret Service people

                at such an odd location??

               And why would they block people and flash their ID Cards??

               It's just a Parking Lot, and some people parked their Cars there.


       What an ODD Day!!

       Oh, well. 

       Slippery Lyndon Johnson and 127-year-old Earl Warren (Retired) will

       get to the bottom of this in a few days!! 

       Plus that Crackerjack Congressman Allen Dulles.

       I mean Allen Dulles, that CIA man with no Conscience.   

       NOT a Congressman.  The former Director of the CIA.

       The guy that Kennedy FIRED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

       That suspicious Osgood or Oswald character probably did it!!

       Yeah!!  Oswaldogoodwald did it!!

       He's probably a Russian Agent working for Lyndon Johnson's Dog!!!!










  For better or worse, I'm not very "Religious".

  But I'm Religious in my own way.

  And I take my own views very Seriously.

  It's an important subject, but a HUGE one, and full of conflicting ideas.

  A big part of the problem is in trying to figure out who's telling the truth.

  That can take a Lifetime!!


  (I'm guessing that there are quite a few people who don't attend Church,

  or do so rarely, who DO take Religion very Seriously.

  But they Rarely or Never talk about it.

  It's probably Private and Personal for Many people.

  The reason I'm talking about it here is just for:


       A)  Background Information -- for what it's worth.  


       B)  To elucidate my views on WHY I reject much of Organized Religion. 

             Skip it if you're not interested.


             I don't think most of it is "Bad" - Churches aren't run by "Bad People"

             (except for the Popes in the Catholic Church), but in Christianity,

             much of the Message is Strange and Garbled. 

             It's not the fault of the Ministers or the Parishioners that so much of

             the Bible - both Old and New Testaments, is so messed up.

            And it's NOT FAIR to them!!

            They're being Used and Abused, in my opinion. 

            They're being LIED to in some areas.  I HATE LIARS!!!! 

            They're often CONFUSED, I think.  If so, I DON'T BLAME THEM!!

            It's NOT THEIR FAULT!!!!


            They're sometimes TORN between doing the Logical Thing, and doing

            the "Right Thing" even if the Right Thing makes no sense!! 

            But this is the fault of the Bible and other reasons - NOT the fault of the

            Ministers who are just trying to do the best they can with the Information

            they have.


            And if the Bible is "The Word if God", and it's "Perfect and Inspired",

            why did God make it so CONFUSING??  

            So IRRATIONAL in parts??

            So ANTI-LIFE in parts??   So ANTI-HUMAN in parts?? 


            How can God be "Good" and love the World, yet inflict problems (or

            allow them to happen) such as Plagues, Famines, Droughts, Floods,

            Wars, Sickness, Murder, Theft, Rape, Torture, Pain, Suffering, Fear,

           Anxiety, No Safety, Confusion, Ignorance of why this is happening, etc??


           If Murder is wrong, why were Sodom and Gomorra  - and all its Citizens,

           wiped off the Face of the Earth??  Murdered??

           Except for Lot and his Wife - the 2 Decent people in town.

           Was Lot's Wife Really turned into a Pillar of Salt??   (No)


           Who or What are "Angels"??

           Why are they always shown as having WINGS??

           Do they actually have WINGS?? 

           Do Angels Fly??

           If not, why do they have WINGS??

           If they FLY, where do they Fly TO??   

           If they FLY, where do they Fly FROM??

           Are their Wings SYMBOLIC??

           IE, do they Fly in a Craft - in an Airliner??    



           Why aren't our Questions Answered??

           Why aren't Religious things Clear so that we don't NEED to ask very

           many Questions?? 

           Why do so many Biblical Passages need to be INTERPRETED??

           Who can we trust to Interpret the Passages CORRECTLY??  

           Why are we kept in the Dark, for the most part?? 


           Was the NEW Testament "Edited/Revised/Modified" after

                   it was written??   (Yes) 

           Was the OLD Testament "Edited/Revised/Modified" after 

                  it was written??   (Yes)   

           Is the NEW Testament True??   (Some of it, Yes.  Not all of it.)   

           Is the OLD Testament True??    (Some of it, Yes.  Not all of it.)   


           Can we trust ALL the Religious Writers and Scholars of the past 2,000

                 years to be Truthful and Thoughtful??   (No - not ALL of them)

           Can we trust SOME of the Religious Writers and Scholars of the past 2,000

                 years to be Truthful and Thoughtful??   (Yes - SOME of them)


                (Prof. James W. Deardorff is OUTSTANDING and TRUSTWORTHY!!)

                (He's a Retired SCIENTIST - not a Professional Theologian).


           Was Jesus the Son of God??  

                (Yes, but we're ALL Sons of God.  He was Smarter, Wiser, more

                 Knowledgeable, and more Powerful than any of us.) 

           Is Christianity "Necessary"??

                (No.  Not in my Opinion.  Especially NOT the Corrupted Version

                we get from the New Testament, which has been heavily REVISED

                from the Original Version.) 

          Are *SOME* of today's Religious Scholars Ignorant Snakes, Smart-Asses,

               Nasty Half-Wits, Pompous Fools, Stupid Trash, Unteachable Morons, 

               and Self-Righteous Jerks??







  I was raised as an Episcopalian, was an Alter Boy for a few years, sang in

  the Junior Choir and later the Senior Choir, but dropped out of the Church

  around the age of 18. 

  I rarely attended Sunday School since I was normally tied up doing the

  Alter Boy assignment, or singing in the Choir.

  My Dad was the Music Director, and my Mom was the Organist. 


  I seem to recall a Sunday School book for the Grade School Level with

  a drawing of all the beasts of the Jungle and the African Plateau, as well

  as their typical victims (Antelopes, etc) calmly sitting around together,

  smiling and content.

  Lions and Lambs, side by side, Leopards and Llamas, side by side,

  all friendly, smiling, happy, and content. 

  I could be wrong, but I think the scene was a Fantasy.  

  The Predators would get mighty hungry if they didn't attack and consume

  some Victims after a day or two.

  How were the Predators supposed to live??  

  Yet this was a depiction of either Heaven, or Life on Earth if God were

  fully in charge.

  Humans don't need to act like Predators, but many Animals do - in order to

  survive.   So Sunday School seemed a bit Zany to me. 


  The Church was "St. Paul's Church on the Hill" located at Summit Ave

  and Snelling, in St. Paul Minnesota, but I see that it's now closed, and

  the building is up for sale.

  It's a sad situation, and the Church was quite nice inside, with many

  interesting Parishioners when I attended. 

  We had several Doctors, some wealthy people, some Scientists, and

  many average people.


  Dr. Jean Piccard and his wife Jeannette attended regularly (they were

  Balloonists, and set Altitude records in the 1930's), and their son Don

  attended after moving back to the Twin Cities from somewhere else.

  Don Piccard invented "Sport Ballooning" - the use of those brightly

  colored, Hot Air Balloons.

  I visited the Piccard home, once, and they showed their Home Movies

  from the 1930's of their Balloon flights - Launch preparation, etc.  


  Don Piccard wanted me and our little 1950's Rocket Club to work

  with him on putting a Satellite into orbit, launched from a Balloon.

  Frankly, I wasn't interested.  I just liked to build and Fire small Rockets,

  and didn't want to spend the time, energy, and money to upgrade

  to launching a Satellite into Orbit!! 

  Besides:  Typical Balloons are BORING.  Satellites are also BORING. 

  Sport Ballooning sounded like more fun, but they're too hard to control

  and somewhat dangerous.

  They're mostly at the whim of the Wind.


  As the Pilot of a small plane, I encountered a cluster of Sport Balloons,

  once, when I was returning from a Cross-Country Flight as a Student Pilot,

  and was Rattled to see these things in the distance at MY Altitude, not

  yet able to determine what they were!!

  Perhaps 6 or 8 of the things. 

  I had to dodge them!!

  They were Big and Beautiful, but oh my God!!!

  They were floating at about 3,000 Feet. 

  I was flying at about 3,000 Feet.

  For me, it was like driving a Dodge-em Car in the Sky!! 

  And who knows??  Don Piccard might have been one of the Balloonists

  that day.

  It was a beautiful, warm, sunny day, with Blue Sky everywhere.

  And a beautiful sight - from the GROUND!!  Or from a Balloon.


  In Church, I didn't understand the Religion being taught and Ceremonialized.

  And I didn't understand why taking Communion was important, or

  even a good idea.

  That's not REALLY the Body and Blood of Christ.

  And if it were, I would refuse to eat it and drink it.

  What a PAGAN Ceremony!!  It's Cannibalistic!! 

  Awful!!  Disgusting!!  Revolting!!

  Yes, Jesus did say:  "Do this in remembrance of me."

  My position on that Order is:  No.  I will not do it.   

  If YOU want to do it, go ahead.  But it's not for me.

  (I did it as a youth, but not as an Adult.)


  What about the MILLIONS of soldiers who died in Combat, defending

  their country?? 

  Shouldn't we also "Drink their Blood and eat their Body" since they

  sacrificed so much?? 

  No thank you.

  I salute our Veterans - Dead, Wounded, and Unscathed!!

  Thank you, Veterans!!!!

  The Dead sacrificed MORE than Jesus did!!!!

  The Wounded ALSO sacrificed more than Jesus did!!

  It would be Barbaric, etc, etc, etc, to perform a "Communion" Service

  with them.

  And yet, they gave MORE than Jesus did.

  I want no part of these Barbaric Customs. 

  This is one of the reasons I want nothing to do with Organized Religion -

  at least Organized Christianity.


  Why is my old Church Closed and For Sale??

  I'm guessing that they lost the wealthy Parishioners and many of the

  Average ones when they started doing an Outreach to the Indian

  Community - Local and possibly Remote (in Minnesota).

  It's a tough call on what to do.

  One shouldn't ignore the plight of the less fortunate.

  But the problem with Charity is that it's a Bottomless Pit.

  No matter how much money you give, the Charities always want you

  to give MORE!!

  Did that happen with the Indians??  I don't know.

  But it's certainly possible.

  Charity is fine as a Short-Term Solution.

  It doesn't work very well as a Long-Term Solution.  

  Sometimes even Jobs for the Needy don't work out.


  (We had an Indian Cleaning Woman for a while at our house.

  It didn't work out.) 


  (A Doctor's family from Church employed a cook.

  One day, she left and went back to Texas, and never returned.) 


  (I asked a Doctor at Church if he had any War Stories from when he

  was a Navy Doctor in WW2.

  He told me about the time when they fished a Japanese Sailor out of

  the Ocean, saving his Life, but when he was in the ship's Infirmary,

  getting checked over for wounds, he tried to kill the Doctors.

  Unfortunately, the Sailor apparently committed Hari Kiri due to an

  encounter with a bullet from a Navy .45 Pistol.

  You just can't fix Stupid or Fanaticism.)      


  (Norwest Bank initiated a program to help the Hard Core Unemployed

  by giving them jobs in the 1960's.  

  Some of the Jobs were in the Computer Room and the Forms Burster

  Room, where machines "Burst" printed reports into individual pages

  before distributing them to the Users.


  Management always thinks that any Bozo can work in the Computer

  Area.  Well, maybe not.............................................


  A friend of mine told me that a Hard Core Worker at Norwest burst

  an Entire Box of very expensive Forms - Year End Reports for

  Shareholders, that were BLANK.  


 A fresh box of Blank Forms ready to be printed.

 VERY Expensive Forms!!  Thick Paper!! 

  But they were now burst and useless.

  The Hard Core Worker had burst a Box of Blank Forms. 

  So sometimes switching from "Charity" to "Jobs" doesn't work, either.) 





  New Testament / Old Testament:

  Much of the New Testament of the Bible never made much sense to me.

  It just seemed Irrational, and I wanted no part of it.


       For example:

       "Matthew 5:3   Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom

       of heaven."  ???  


  Why would it be "good" to be poor in spirit??

  Would you want that for your Kids??

  What kind of Parent would insist to one of his children that he stop being

  so happy and filled with the Joy of Youth, and be Unhappy, Depressed,

  Sad, Morose, Gloomy, Downcast, and "Poor in spirit"?? 

  It's Irrational and CRUEL!! 

  Talk about ABUSE!!  What kind of Parent would treat their Children

  like that??  A:  A Parent who should be arrested for Child Abuse!!


  The Church often answers such troubling passages with the claim that

  they require interpretation, and once properly interpreted, they make sense.

  But that makes no sense either, since the people hearing the message didn't

  have anyone to interpret it for them.

  The message would either be completely lost on them or badly misunderstood.


  What kind of a "Teacher" would either:

      A)  Waste his time, with the students learning nothing.

             Message not understood and discarded.    OR......... 

      B)  Give them incorrect (misunderstood) information, leading them astray??

            Be Gloomy, Downcast, Sad, Morose, Depressed, Unhappy, etc.

            Be Poor in Spirit.  

            That's how you get to Heaven. 

            (Is that really TRUE???  Why???) 


  What kind of "Teacher" would imply, or silently hope:

  "You need to wait a few Hundred Years for Men of Religion to figure out

  what I mean, and then ask them for the Interpretation."??

  Who is he "teaching"??  How do we know the Men of Religion will interpret

  things correctly in the Future?? 

  Is this Man a Teacher or a Charlatan??  Or Crazy??

  It made no sense.


  Even the Old Testament was a bit strange.

  The Ten Commandments evidently came from the Egyptian Book of the Dead.

  They're mostly good and reasonable, but made for fairly primitive people.

  The Egyptians were Advanced, but like everyone, they might have needed

  some Religious teaching.  They got it.  And I think they followed it. 

  Today we have Bible Thumpers who want to post the Ten Commandments

  on every Public Building!! 

  Don't ignore the TEN, and don't throw them away, but don't post them on Public

  Buildings, and don't view them as the Pinnacle of Religion.

  They're FINE.  They're GOOD (mostly).

  But they're BASIC. 


  We have other Bible Thumpers who view Noah's Flood as "Religion".

  Yes, the Great Flood occurred, but that's not "Religion".

  That's History.


  And who was "Yahweh"??  A Middle Eastern Fire God.

  Why are we reading these things as "Religion"??

  It's a mess.


  The answer to the Book of Matthew in the New Testament is 

  "The Talmud of Jmmanuel" (TJ) discovered in 1963 in a cave in

  Jerusalem by a Greek Orthodox Priest (Isa Rashid), and publicized

  by Billy Meier of Switzerland.  

  It's the ORIGINAL Book of Matthew before the early "Church" got

  hold of it and Edited it, and was written in Aramaic.

  ("TJ" is correct - not "TI". According to a source, "Immanuel" spelled his

  name with a "J" instead of an "I" because his contacters did not use the

  letter "I" in their alphabet.  "J" was used for letters "I/J/Y". 

  I presume they mean the Aramaic Equivalent of I/J/Y.)  




  This topic is somewhat UFO-related.

  However, that aspect is BORING, and not the important part of the story.

  I don't know if the UFO People will "Save" us.

  They might, and might not.

  It's more likely that what they've supplied us with was intended to

  help us HELP OURSELVES.  

  They might be saying, a few years from now:  "We gave you the tools to

  help yourselves. You Failed.  Too bad.  Goodbye."

  But if so, they might be assuming that everyone is Rational and willing

  to be Benevolent and Civilized.

  That is NOT the case!!

  We need a lot more than a better version of Matthew to save the People

  and save the Planet!!

  A Better and Correct version of Matthew will hardly make a scintilla's 

  worth of difference in People's behavior.

  I haven't seen an Ounce of Improvement in the state of the World in the

  50 years since its Discovery.

  You can't make a Silk Purse out of a Sow's Ear. 

  So, I don't know what their Point is, or their Hope is.

  It might be stated in one of the Miscellaneous Chapters in the Book, but

  I don't recall seeing anything like that.


  As a "UFO" topic, it's BORING.

  (Most UFO accounts are FAR more interesting!!)

  As a "Religious" topic, it's very interesting because the text and meanings

  are FAR different from the standard text, AND an analysis of the text

  appears to confirm that it's Authentic!!  

  The "TJ" is a Major Find!!


  Also, when it comes to UFO's, Mainstream "Scholars" are incredibly STUPID!!

  They're still stuck on the old Fermi's Paradox:  "The Universe should be teeming

  with Life!!  Why aren't they here??"  (from memory).

  Duh......  They HAVE visited here!! There's no "Paradox".

  Fermi can be forgiven for not realizing that they've visited here.

  But today, there's a HUGE amount of information to that effect.

  All the people need to is is to read it and view it - and determine which stories

  are true, and which ones are False. 

  It's not an unsolvable "Mystery".  It's not an ILLOGICAL "Mystery".

  Stop adding  2+2  and getting 2.   Wise up!!   Grow up!!

  Stop acting like a BEWILDERED CHILD!!

 They HAVE visited here.  Some might have stayed here, but I'm not sure.

 They come here ALL THE TIME!!



  If any topic includes a reference to UFO's, the Mainstream Expert Babies can't

  deal with it because, you know, they're just BABIES, still obsessing on Fermi's

  Paradox and similar Nonsense.

  For them, the "Proper" response is to Act Up, and push their bowl of Cereal

  on the Floor, to make Mom clean it up.

  And that will PROVE that Mom and all Parents are BAD and WRONG!!


  But it's so Dreary and Obnoxious to see a 40-year-old man in a High Chair,

  acting like a Baby, Banging his Spoon, pushing his bowl of Cereal on the Floor,

  calling his Mommy and Daddy bad names, telling whoppers of Lies about

  them to make them feel Guilty, etc. 


  So, with the "UFO" aspect, and the "Overturning of Religious Ideas" Aspect,

  you can expect to hear a lot of negative noise.   


  Additionally, UFO's and Alien Contactors often engage in Disinformation and

  Plausible Deniability.

  It's theorized that it's done so that only SOME of the people will take the report

  seriously, but MOST will not, so that the UFO Phenomenon becomes a Reality

  only SLOWLY.  That may be true.

  (None of my sightings involved "Earthly" similarities - Meteors, Helicopters,

  Airplanes, Satellites, Mirages, or Venus, etc.  And I know the difference between

  a Loaf of Bread and a Tree.  And a Horse and a Frog.  Just lucky, I guess.)  





  I have seen the movies taken of the UFO by Billy Meier in Switzerland

  and don't know what to think.

  In a way, they look "Too Perfect".

  And the UFO looks weird.

  On the other hand, the HUGE gusts of wind that suddenly arose in the

  trees as the UFO flew over them showed that some kind of strong

  Energy Field was present beneath the UFO in a Selected Portion of the

  trees. No other trees were moving. Just THOSE trees.


  One of the Photos of the side of the UFO looks exactly like the Disk

  Pack in an IBM 2311 Disk Drive - a Disk Drive used in the 1960's

  with IBM System/360 and 1401 Computers. 

  That Disk Pack was removable, so everyone who changed a Disk Pack

  on a 2311 Drive, or saw some lying in storage, got a good look at it.

  Very strange.




  Fasten your Seatbelts.

  In a way, I was first introduced to Billy Meier's Photos of the UFO

  that he took in Switzerland by MENTAL TELEPATHY.

  I was in Chicago, sometime in the late 1970's or early 1980's, killing

  a few hours between trains, on vacation, and on my way to Kansas.


 After watching some expert Volleyball Players at the North Street

 Beach, I walked up the street (with my girlfriend), playing Tourist,

 and began to wonder if a computer could be used to Sharpen Photos

 which were Out Of Focus.  Perhaps it was already being done with

 Apple Computers, but I didn't own one, and the IBM PC wasn't

 invented yet, or was too expensive to buy.

 I didn't even own my own Home Computer until 1992 - years later.

 And I didn't do any Graphics work on an IBM Mainframe until

 years later, using SAS/Graph to create Graphs. 


 A few minutes later we arrived at the John Hancock Building (I think

 it was - or one of the tall buildings in downtown Chicago), and I saw

 some ads in the windows for a Photo Display of Pictures by someone

 named Billy Meier of Switzerland - Pictures of a Flying Saucer.

 We went up to the Auditorium, and saw Photos that had been Sharpened

 by Graphics Software - evidently a new concept, and one that required

 a lot of CPU Power!! 

 My Daydreaming had turned into Reality.


 Apparently, Billy Meier had taken Photos of a Flying Saucer that were

 blurry and slightly out of focus.

 Someone had processed the photos through a Photo Sharpening

 Program, probably years before Photoshop had been invented, and had

 enlarged them and put them on display in an Auditorium in Chicago.

 I didn't even know it was possible. 

 Were there ads along our route to the Building and the Display??

 I didn't see any.

 The Photos that we saw in the windows looked new to me. 

 Mental Telepathy:  It works every time.    




  So we go from This to This

  (From Matthew to the TJ - comparing the two):


       "Matthew 5:3   Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom

       of heaven."  ???  


        "TJ 5:3   Blessed are those who are rich in spirit and recognize the truth,

       for life is theirs." 


  That makes much more sense than the "Poor in spirit" phrase.

  (The Numbering "5:3" and all others, was added to the text in order to

  correspond with the Book of Matthew, where possible.

  The original Aramaic manuscript does not have any such numbers.) 


  In the TJ, many popular sayings are different, some of the text of Matthew

  is not present, and some extra text is present.

  It illustrates that Christianity was Hijacked by some Criminals at some point.

  Christians were taught Falsehoods ("Be poor in spirit", etc) and placed under

  the Yoke of the Church for Interpretation. 

  We've been Hoodwinked. 


  Another example: 

       Mt 5:5  "Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth."

       TJ  5:5  "Blessed are the spiritually balanced, for they shall possess knowledge."

  Why be Meek??  Have the Meek inherited the Earth in the past 2,000 years??

  Why would they inherit the Earth??


  Is that really a good idea??

  Do we WANT the Meek to inherit the Earth - whatever that means??      


  But is the TJ Authentic or a Hoax??  AUTHENTIC!!

  For it to be a Hoax, the Author would have had to know an ENORMOUS   

  amount of information, some of it not even known to Western Scholars



  For example:  A certain Herb is mentioned in the TJ.

  No one examining the German or English translation of the TJ had any idea

  of what it was, and thought it might be a mistranslation.

  Eventually, it was discovered that the Herb grows in the Eastern Mediterranean

  region, and only in Palestine and Jerusalem is it known by the name found in

  the TJ:  "Maramiyya".  

  It's been used as an Astringent and for other purposes.

  The Disciples treated the wounds of Jesus with the Herb, after the Crucifixion.

  That makes perfect sense.  Apply an Astringent to the wounds to help them

  heal if "Miraculous Healing" had not occurred. 

  (For some reason, "Miraculous Healing" had apparently not occurred.)  



  The Herb DOES exist, it's an Astringent, it was used appropriately, it

  grows in Jerusalem and nearby areas, and it's called "Maramiyya". 

  How many people knew about the Herb and its medicinal function?? 

  How many people had ever heard of "Maramiyya"??

  Hardly anyone, except for some people living in that area.

  Matthew does NOT mention it.  Only the TJ.

  Apparently, that word was removed from Matthew.


  This is one of Many examples of Special Knowledge or Deep Knowledge found

  in the TJ, sometimes known, sometimes unknown, even to the most educated

  Biblical Scholar, and Certainly not known to some Wacko Hoaxer, unaware of

  the common terms and phrases of the Day, unaware of an astringent Herb that

  grows only in that region, unaware that the Herb is called Maramiyya ONLY

  in that Region,  unaware of the many Biblical refer-backs to Old Testament

  passages used correctly in the TJ but incorrectly in Matthew,

  unaware of the popular Names for things in that Day, etc, etc.


  What an analysis shows is that the TJ is the Authentic Book of Matthew, and

  the Book of Matthew in the New Testament is the HOAX!! 

  The writer of Matthew was apparently a Jewish Scribe who was attempting

  to diminish the importance of Jesus, and to make him sound Crazy at times,

  in order to maintain the importance of Moses in Religion.

  Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John essentially say (to some extent):

       "Jesus was Crazy, but Moses is still Rational.  There's no need to stray from

       the teachings of Moses and the other Prophets.  Why would you want to

       be Self-Abusive and Nuts??  Christianity makes no sense.

       Besides:  Jesus wasn't very important.  Moses was important.". 


  So he REWROTE Matthew to create False Propaganda, and lead many astray.

  Then someone HID the original manuscript (the TJ) in a Bundle under a flat

  rock in a Cave in Jerusalem, and it wasn't discovered until the 1960's.


  The reactions of today's Biblical Scholars to that document has proven the

  Hypocrisy and Emptiness of modern Christian scholarship.

  As I understand it, few of them have even READ it or even parts of it, most of

  them dismiss it with a wave of the hand, and some of them don't bother to even

  address it - as if it doesn't exist.


  All of the critics of the TJ are Ignorant, Nonsensical, Ridiculous, Clownish,

  Silly, Slanderish, Irrational, etc, as if they're 3rd Grade Bullies. It's incredible.

 A List of Descriptions of these Idiot Critics of the TJ would be: 



                     ----ALL TJ Critics----

           3rd Grade Bozos!!

                     3rd Grade Bullies!!





           Empty Suits.






























  These Attitudes and Qualities describe so-called "Religious Scholars" (and other

  Religious people) who have often not even BOTHERED to read the book!!


  Some of the others are so-called "UFO Experts" who often have ALSO not even

  BOTHERED to read the book!! 


  Others have apparently read a portion of it (or read it while asleep, or heard a

  Rumor from someone).  


  For example, one of these "Bible Scholars" claims that Billy Meier wrote the TJ.

  Apparently, the "Scholar" can't read very well.

  Billy Meier DID NOT write the TJ, and he has never claimed that he did.

  (He wrote the Introduction, explaining a few things.)

  These so-called "Bible Scholars" could use some heavy-duty Courses in

  Reading Comprehension!!

  At present, they're not even reading at a Third Grade Level.    


       To repeat: 

       Billy Meier DID NOT write the TJ (Talmud of Jmmanuel),

       and he has never claimed that he did.


  Do any of the "Scholars" secretly believe that the TJ is authentic?? 

  I doubt it. 

  In a way, it doesn't matter.

  They have shown the World their Real Personality, and it's one of total Disinterest

  in examining a Document that might be authentic, total Disinterest in the Truth,

  Rudeness, Sarcasm, Automatic Debunking, Ignorance, Pompousness, Self-Importance,

  Dismissiveness, etc, etc. 


  A number of "UFO Experts" have acted the same way.

  Disinterested, Rude, Sarcastic, Ignorant, Pompous, etc, without studying the case,

  and sometimes viewing perhaps only ONE or TWO, poor-quality photos of the

  UFO's connected with this case.    Third generation Copies.



  One of the Idiot UFO "Big Names" was Dick Hall.

  I never liked him anyway.

  He had the personality of a Chainsaw.

  He said that Kal Korff's expose of the Meier photos should be the last

  word on the subject.  Deep Sixed!!  Done!!

  Kal Korff was just another silly weirdo.

  He was almost SUED for Defamation of Character by Art Bell (who would

  have won the case with no Question!!), but finally stepped up to the plate

  and Retracted his allegations and Apologized on National Radio.

  A Close Call for Kal Korff!!!!

  And this is the RECKLESS GOOFBALL who Dick Hall put his trust in, that the

  Meier photos were Faked.

  Good luck with that idea, Dick!!

  Put your trust in a Reckless Goofball who was forced to retract some allegations

  on National Radio, and apologize for LYING.

  That's your so-called "Expert", Dick!!    


  Another Idiot UFO "Big Name" was Jerry Clark, who wrote an Encyclopedia

  of UFO's.   OK - So far, so good.

  I got into a brief argument with him, once, on a UFO Message Board,

  and he struck me as being Two-Faced:  Publicly polite, and Privately Nasty. 

  Also "Politically Correct" which is a form of STUPIDITY, INSANITY, and



  As I recall, he became "OFFENDED"  (Oh, no!!!!  The Poor Baby!!!) at my

  use of the term "Japs" when I was talking about the Top Japanese Generals

  during World War 2, who were Murderous Rotten Bastards, and who were

  EXECUTED by the Allies shortly after WW2 ended.


  They were the ones who STARTED the war in the Pacific, murdering

  and Torturing Hundreds of Thousands of Chinese, Filipinos, Guamanians,

 Americans, Brits, setup the POW Death Camps, organized the Bataan Death

 March of 50 Miles of weak, hungry and thirsty Allied Prisoners, while some

 Jap Officer rode his white horse back and forth, and practiced chopping off

 heads with his sword (the History Books don't always mention THAT aspect

 of the Death March), the ones who Machined Gunned a group of about

 50 NURSES for no reason, etc, etc, etc, etc.  

 The Nurses were told to walk into the Ocean. Just keep walking.

 At some point, when the water was deep enough, the Japs opened fire with

 a Machine Gun, killing them all.  

 Perhaps it was done that way to let the Sharks take care of the bodies.

 You know:  THOSE Japs.

 The "Tojo's".   

 The ones we LIQUIDATED at the end of the War, if they hadn't already

 taken their own Lives. 

 He was "Offended" that I called those MURDERING MONSTERS "Japs".

 He was "Offended" that I called those TORTURING MONSTERS "Japs".

 What a NITWIT and a Piece of Crap.

 A defender of Murderous Garbage, in terms of the names we use for them. 

 General MacArthur called them "YELLOW BASTARDS" in a Cable to President

 Truman, just before the Final Surrender in Tokyo Bay, in 1945.

 Cable to Truman:  


         "We take the Final Surrender of the Yellow Bastards tomorrow.

          Any last-minute Instructions?"


 But Jerry Clark was OFFENDED that I used the word "Japs".

 He's one of the "Intellects" (cough) who debunked Meier's photos, indirectly

 via Innuendo - NOT using Explanations. 

 PURE Innuendo.  

 He's just another LOSER.

 He's just another Cowardly, Half-wit, typical Debunker.


 (MacArthur had every right to be "Nasty" in that Cable, after almost 4 years

 of Bloody War.  When I talk about the Nastiness of the Left, I'm referring to their

 attitude of Nastiness that has NO BASIS!!  They're Stupid, Ignorant, and Nasty -

 and they can't even explain WHY they have that attitude!!!!

 They just say "F*** YOU!!".  What a bunch of Obnoxious LOSERS.

 MacArthur could easily defend his use of that terminology, and had every right

 to use it.)  


  It's a very COMMON attitude among so-called "Experts", PhD's, and Academics.

  One would expect to find the highest levels of scholarship among these people,

  but often find only the LOWEST levels of Scholarship, and the LOWEST levels

  of Civility among those who attempt to debunk something "controversial".


  Like the Anti-Trump people, these so-called "Bible Experts" excel only in NASTINESS,

  IGNORANCE, and STUPIDITY, with a large sense of "MORAL SUPERIORITY"

  thrown in for good measure - their "Moral Superiority" deriving from their imagined

  "Academic Superiority", thus giving them their earned "Moral Platform" expressed as

  "I'm so much better Educated than you are, and it's an embarrassment to even discuss

  this subject with a member of the Hoi Poloi, or Pontificate to the Unwashed Masses,

  who will be incapable of understanding my complex answers, so I will simply state

  in the brief time remaining that this TJ joke is just a Common Hoax, we've seen this

  kind of thing before, and I don't want to lend it any credence by commenting further

  on it.  I'm late for the Monthly Tea with the President and Faculty Members, I'm

  extremely busy and VERY important, and really must run along.  Please leave by the

  Back Door, and wear this Plumber's Hat when you exit."    


  (True. They ARE so much better educated than I am, and many others.

  [Although they might have been "Educated" with Nonsense.]

  But it's irrelevant in this case, since we have an Expert who is very educated and

  smarter than the critics, and with no Axe to grind.) 


  It's the OPPOSITE of what you would expect to find.

  These so-called "Experts" have NO CLUE what they're talking about, regarding 

  the TJ, and often haven't even READ IT!!   


  I have PERSONALLY run into this attitude on different subjects (I'm no Bible expert,

  but I know a few things about other subjects), and that Pompous/Ignorant attitude

  actually sometimes EXISTS in other subject areas, as well.

  It's incredible!!  



  Have there been other Biblical or Religious Hoaxes??

  Yes.  Lots of them!!  And they've been mostly PATHETIC!! 

  Most Hoaxers have NO IDEA how to fool a Professional, and the

  Hoax is EASILY and RAPIDLY exposed. 


  On the other hand, in the case of the TJ, most of the "Experts" haven't even

  READ IT.  Their criticisms are based mostly on the story of the Discovery

  (a perfectly reasonable story, not unlike many Biblical discoveries), attacks on

  the STATUS of the people surrounding the Story (Was the guy REALLY a Priest??

  Did he REALLY attend this University??  How do you spell his name??

  Are you sure you spelled it correctly??  Does his name have a Hyphen??

  Is that how they normally spell it??  How could this Document possibly

  have any value if the Finder wasn't a real Priest or attended an accredited

  University, and has a Hyphenated name??)  

  Answer:  Who cares??


  It's always easier to attack the Person than to actually address the Issue!!

  Maybe Isa Rashid combed his hair to the LEFT!!  Oh no!!!!

  Maybe he went to a Hotel Bar, once!!  Oh no!!!!

  Maybe he wore a Green Shirt, once!!  Oh no!!!! 


  Earth to Bozo's:  No Supper for you!!  Go to your Room!!


  That's the approach these BOZO's ALWAYS use, and it's Nonsensical and

  Irrelevant.  I've heard it 1,000 times from these Clowns.

  And they Lie, and Misquote, and make mountains out of molehills.


  The Original TJ is missing, sad to say.

  The fact that the original document is now missing is used as a club!!

  So, show me the ORIGINAL scrolls of the New Testament, Mr. Expert.

  Not the Greek versions.  The original ARAMAIC scrolls!!

  What???  You can't find them??? 

  Oh no!!!!  You must be an IMPOSTER!!!!


  [The New Testament wasn't written in Greek. That was the language of

  International Commerce, and possibly some other groups - not the language

  of the local people.

  The local people spoke Aramaic, and WROTE in Aramaic.

  The New Testament was written in Aramaic.] 


  The TJ was written in Aramaic, as expected.

  Certainly not in Greek.

  Most of the Local People couldn't read Greek.   


  But without the original scrolls of the TJ, there's only one way to prove or

  disprove their authenticity:  By examining the CONTENT and comparing

  it to what is evidently the Book of Matthew. 

  In doing so, line by line, and paragraph by paragraph, the TJ is shown to be

  not only more Logical and Rational than Matthew, but Matthew is shown

  to be a kind of Hoax itself, with many problems already noticed and

  mentioned by scholars in years past!!   


  You thought the Book of Matthew was Solid and basically Perfect??

  Not according to Biblical Scholars!!

  For years they have been pointing out PROBLEMS in Matthew, in Academic

  Books and Papers!!

  Oddities.  Vagueness. Little Mistakes. 

  And they're RIGHT!! 

  The TJ CORRECTS all the documented problems with either different text, or

  sometimes no text at all (no comparable Passage to Matthew)!!


  How could one state that the TJ is a Hoax but Matthew is Authentic, when

  scholars have been pointing out problems in Matthew for years??

  They've got it backwards.

  Matthew is the Hoax (the Edited version) and the TJ is Authentic (the Original

  Book of Matthew). 



  It makes no sense to defend a Book full of admitted problems (Matthew), yet

  attack a Book full of CORRECTIONS to those problems (the TJ), attack any

  People associated with that Book (the TJ), attack the Discovery of the TJ,

  use Sarcasm against the Book and the People, etc, etc. 



  This is either:

         A)  Insanity.   Or....

         B)  Third Class Scumbag-ism.  




  One of the most ridiculous aspects of the TJ criticisms is that some passages

  are said to be "Obviously incorrect" or "An Obvious Hoax" because they don't

  match the current Version of the NT!!   Or the STYLE of the NT. 

  Like, maybe the Current Version is the Hoax, Dude.....

  Like, that's the point, Dude.....

  Like, the man who REVISED Matthew used his own Style, different from

  the Original, because he wasn't sharp enough to duplicate the original

  Style, Dude...... 



  Or "The Prophecies of Jesus couldn't possibly have been made since those

  things didn't occur until Hundreds or Thousands of years later!!

  And Jesus couldn't possibly have predicted them!!"  

  They're "Anachronisms"??   What???

  So it's an Obvious Hoax??   Why???

  Give me a break.  

  How could any SCHOLAR be that STUPID??

  Jesus was PROPHESYING!!  Predicting!! 


  OF COURSE they refer to the Future. 

  These were LONG RANGE PROPHECIES!!  Duh.....!!


  Additionally, the discoverers of the TJ Scrolls (a Priest and a World Traveler)

  are criticized by scholars for not documenting the location, not taking

  photographs, not making drawings, not reporting it to the Authorities,

  not scraping off dirt one thin layer at a time, and on and on.


  I hate to burst Bubbles, but the Authorities could NOT be trusted, there was no

  dirt to scrape off (the TJ was found in a Bundle in a Cave), there were some Linen

  cloths and a few Clay Icons, but nothing more to discover, this was not an

  Archeological Dig searching for Pottery and Bones, layer by layer, etc, etc, etc.


  The only digging done onsite was to widen a hole, which was a narrow entrance

  to a Cave, about 1 foot wide, and then walk into the Cave to look around.

  Duh.....  Pay Attention, Bozos..... 


  (Have the critics published their Treasure Maps with all the Buried Gold for

  the World to Study??  With Photos??  Locations??  Reported them to the

  Authorities for Tax Purposes, etc?? 

  The locations of their Classic Cars??  Their Boats??  Their Coin Collections?? 

  Their Homes??   Their Vacation Homes??    We're waiting.......) 


  The Priest kept the Find mostly to himself, and when he revealed some of

  the contents of the scrolls, he was physically attacked!!

  He MUST have let a few cats out of the bag to a few people over MANY years,

  but didn't realize that they couldn't be TRUSTED.

  He couldn't possibly HIDE his work with the Scrolls, at Home, for YEARS,

  from his Wife and Kids.  It can't be done!!

  He probably TRIED for years.

  But he probably EVENTUALLY confided in his wife.

 And the Kids almost Certainly saw that Daddy was working on some Scrolls.

  Did they say anything to their Friends??  Probably....


  I realize that this is a lot of speculation, but let's be REALISTIC. 

  You can't hide things AT HOME forever.

  And he probably WANTED to tell his Wife, and eventually did - most likely. 


  Governments, Big Religion, and Academia are usually NOT open to major changes

  in their Rules, Beliefs, Dogma, Laws, or Power Structures.

  It hasn't changed in over 2,000 years.

  Even the corrupt versions of Matthew (and Mark, Luke, and John??) admit it with

  Jesus and the Disciples being very Wary and Cautious of the Romans and the Priests.


  Even the Roman Guards at the "Burial Cave" of Jesus, after the large Stone had

  been rolled away, went to the PRIESTS for an explanation, and for advice on what

  to tell their superior Officers, after they woke up, and saw the stone rolled away!!

  That shows the Power and Influence (and Cunning) of the Priests of the Day. 

  They didn't report the loss of the body of Jesus to their Superiors, right away.


  Instead, they went to "Big Religion" - the Priests, and asked them for advice,

  even though the Romans were occupiers and overlords of the people.

  And the Priests told them to tell a Lie: 

  " Say that the Disciples came in the night, and stole the Body." 

  (And I suppose, first knocked out the Guards, which is why they "fell asleep"

  on the ground - a very serious Fault for a Guard. 

  At least, that was to be their Story, even if it didn't happen quite that way.

  The Guards hoped that the Priests would come up with some kind of plausible

  Story, so they wouldn't be punished for falling asleep on Guard Duty.)    


  So, can we trust Big Religion??

  Does 2 plus 2 equal 3?? 

  No. Big Religion CANNOT be trusted - today or 2,000 years ago.

  The Priests of 2,000 years ago were out to get rid of Jesus!! 

  Pontius Pilate was HONEST!!  He said he found no fault with Jesus.

  Then he washed his hands of all responsibility for the fate of Jesus.


  It was the Rabble and the PRIESTS who wanted Jesus to go away - not

  the Roman Emperor, Pontius Pilate.

  BIG RELIGION wanted to get rid of Jesus.  

 And BIG RELIGION told the Guards at the Tomb to LIE!!

  So we should TRUST Big Religion today???


  Remember:  There have been MANY finds in the 20th Century of Religious

  Documents verified as authentic, such as The Dead Sea Scrolls, and many

  others.  Discoveries continue to this day. 

  The difference between those discoveries and the TJ is that the TJ shakes

  the foundations of Christianity - and Judaism!!

  For Christianity and Judaism, it's EARTH  SHAKING!!

  (Apparently the TJ points out that some of the Old Testament was ALSO

  "Edited" in later years, and can't be trusted either!!  The OT!!)


  The only Erudite analysis of the TJ came from a retired SCIENTIST with an

  interest in Religion, Prof. James W. Deardorff, retired Meteorologist, who has

  quite a depth of knowledge of the Bible!! 

  Deardorff knows his stuff, and he PROVES it every step of the way!!


  If the TJ was a Hoax, the Hoaxer had a depth of knowledge unknown to any

  Biblical Scholar, a deep knowledge of the Aramaic language - including

  rhyming words that add to the meaning of the passage, knowledge of the

  Geography and the Ancient Names of things, and the ability to create a

  Book of Matthew that actually MAKES SENSE, not only on the surface, but

  also frequently ties back to Old Testament passages CORRECTLY with a

  Logical Relationship, instead of often a Skewed and Muddled relationship,

  where the Editor of Matthew is often over his head, and reaching for

  relationships that illustrate that he's working "Above his Pay Grade".


  The Editor of Matthew was fairly sharp, but not sharp enough, TWISTED the

  meaning of many phrases, used AWKWARD or STRANGE phraseology,

  DELETED text, ADDED phony text, and frequently made "LITTLE MISTAKES".

  All of these activities reveal his Motives and some of his Identity. 


  For example, in Matthew 28:1, it states:

        Mt 28:1  "....Mary Magdalene and the other Mary went

      to see the sepulcher." 


  "The OTHER Mary"???  That was his MOTHER. 

  Since when should we refer to our Mother as "the other Mary"???

  And she's referred to SECOND, after Mary Magdalene, instead of first!!

  This is ridiculous.

  The Mother:  Strange text (The other Mary) and in the wrong order (Second). 

         "Mary Magdalene and, You Know:  The OTHER Mary."   


         "His Mom."

         "Oh.....  I see.....  Of course.  The OTHER Mary."

  Give me a break!! 

  The Author of Matthew was SLAMMING Mary for some reason.

  (There's an explanation, but I don't understand it.

   And she didn't deserve it.)  


  But only in PARTS.  Some text is just fine, other text is ridiculous.

  As if TWO different people had written Matthew.

  (The writer of Matthew DOES later confirm that he's speaking of the

  Mother of Jesus.  It's not some third "Mary".

  But we have to GUESS or ASSUME that "the other Mary" is his Mother,

  at first.  It's substandard writing for such an Important Passage!!)

  (A third Mary does appear, somewhere, but not in this passage.)


  The TJ contains a lengthier and slightly different passage (TJ 31:4-7),

  and Mary (his Mother) is mentioned and Identified first, followed by

  Mary Magdalene.


  In the TJ, The SEQUENCE is correct (Mother first), and she is positively

  IDENTIFIED  ("the mother of Jmmanuel").

  We don't get the kind of Vague and Disrespectful Nonsense that Matthew

  serves up ("Mary Magdalena and the other Mary" went to the tomb....).

  And on and on and on. 

  So which one is the Forgery??

  Which one is the Edited Version??

  Which one is Vague, Disrespectful, and Awkward - and missing many

  additional details?? 

  "The Book of Matthew"  or  "The Talmud of Jmmanuel"??

  Answer:  The Weird Book of Matthew is the Edited Version - the Forgery,

  and it was based on the Rational and Coherent and Normal and Clear and

  Knowledgeable and Accurate TJ.


  Biblical Scholars themselves have pointed out MANY problems with Matthew,

  so the existence of an EARLIER and much more RATIONAL Document

  that CORRECTS those problems should not be a Surprise.

  In fact, they've been LOOKING for it!!

  It's now been found.     


  The TJ also includes many details missing from Matthew in those Verses.

  The text was written CORRECTLY and CLEARLY in the TJ, but in Matthew,

  it's Vague, Disrespectful, and Awkward, and many additional details have

  been Deleted.


  Deardorff points out the CONSISTENCY of the changes compared with the TJ.

  They're ALL ALIKE in their points!! 

  And he also points out the CONSISTENCY of all the Additions.

  They're also ALL ALIKE in their points!! 

  The  "Little Mistakes" are mistakes made in OT Refer-backs which were CORRECT

  in the TJ, and not quite right in Matthew, due to the changes in the text.  

  The writer of Matthew has revealed himself to be either a bit careless, or faced

  with the impossible task of making everything SYNCHRONIZED, as it was in

  the TJ.


  And the Awkward or Strange verbiage makes one wonder why he considered

  himself to be a writer.

  There are Awkward or Strange passages all over the place in Matthew!! 

  Matthew is LITTERED with Awkward and Strange verbiage, but the TJ has

  none at all!! 


  Matthew also has many Passages seemingly out of place, with numerous references

  to people, places, and things before they have been defined.

  That could be caused by DELETED passages where the item had been defined,

  but the passage was deleted for some reason.

  The TJ includes the apparently Deleted Passages, and the references now make


  That's another indicator that the TJ is Authentic (people, places, and things are

  defined before being used), but Matthew is the Edited version, with some sentences



  Yet again, we see that the TJ is a much more Rational Document with better Writing.

  NORMAL Writing.  COHERENT Writing.   UNDERSTANDABLE Writing.  

  INFORMED Writing.  LOGICAL Statements. 


  The Book of Matthew is often the Opposite.

  And when we see what was deleted in order to create Matthew, the usual Red

  Flags pop up, with more and more evidence that the TJ was Edited to create



  The TJ is no Hoax!! 

  It makes sense, it's consistent, it shows a good command of the Aramaic Language,

  it shows a Deep knowledge of the Old Testament, of Geography, etc, etc.  

  Deardorff is a brilliant analyst, and one the few people in the World who could

  have performed the analysis - perhaps the ONLY person in the World who could

  have done it.   


  Much of Matthew can be tossed!!  It's a Forgery. 

  Much of Mark, Luke, and John can also be tossed, because an analysis of

  Matthew and the TJ show that all 3 were BASED primarily on Matthew,

  plus a rare hint of Truth from the TJ, and possibly from other sources,

  although Mark and Luke, and possibly John, appear to be more accurate than



  At times, Matthew seems to have been written by a Half-Wit Amateur,

  whereas Mark, Luke, and John appear to have been written by authors who

  were, at least, awake, knew how to count, knew the old Scriptures, etc. 

  (Apparently the writers of Luke and John had access to the TJ, and

  tossed in Hints of its existence, here and there, in a rebellion against the

  "Party Line" of the "Edited/Revised Book of Matthew".)


  The TJ is probably the so-called "Q Document" theorized for Centuries

  by Theologians.

  ("Q" stands for "Quelle" - "Source" in German.) 

  (Or possibly some other important Document, missing for Ages.)


  They have known for Hundreds of years that a predecessor book in the

  NT was hinted at, but no one knew what it was or who wrote it.

  The search for the "Q Document" has been ongoing for Hundreds of years.

  But when it was finally found, it was rejected by most (or all) scholars

  because it didn't fit their preconceived notions of who would find it,

  what it would say, etc, etc.

  It threatened the Foundations of their Exalted Positions, their written Papers,

  their Beliefs, etc.

  And it threatened the need for the Church to "Explain" the NT, and collect

  money for their efforts. 

  [I'm in favor of money.  But it should be Earned - not Stolen.] 

  But it's a far more Rational and Intelligent Document than the Weird and

  Irrational Book of Matthew, which is an Edited version of the Original Book. 


  For that matter, as one author stated (and proved) with examples of dozens of

  failed prophecies, dozens of contradictory statements, etc:

  "The Bible, rather than being a work of marvelous unity and harmony, is in fact

  a hodgepodge of hopeless contradictions and inconsistencies."

  At least the TJ seems to make sense.  We can be grateful for that.




  The Ten Commandments are generally Fine, but they're BASIC rules.

  They're a Building Block for more sophisticated advice. 

  Some don't apply in today's modern World.

  Source:  The Egyptian Book of the Dead.

  There are 6 versions of the TEN COMMANDMENTS. 

          Protestant, Catholic, Jewish, times 2

          (listed in 2 Books of the Old Testament).  

  Which version is correct??  Nobody knows.

  Where are those "Stone Tablets"??  Nobody knows.

  Don't plaster the Ten Commandments on Public Buildings!!


  The "FLOOD" is not Religion!!  It's History. 

  The Golden Calf of Exodus was a symbol of the Egyptian Goddess Hathor -

        the Hebrew Miner's Patron Saint.  Hathor was the Sun. 

        The Golden Calf was the Sunrise and the goddess Hathor. 

        Meaning: The Hebrews worshipped Egyptian gods. 

        The Hebrews were also craftsmen in Gold and Silver - not "Slaves".


  Also, note that Jesus and the Egyptian god Horus had histories that were

  nearly Identical!!  Even their Mother's names were the same:

                                         Horus - Jesus:

        Mother:                   Meri - Miriam/Mary. 

        Father:                     Seb/JoSeb/Jo-Seph - Joseph. 

        Annunciation:       An Angel - An Angel. 

        Visitors:                  3 Solar Deities - 3 Wise Men. 

        Death threat:         Herut - Herod.

        Activities:              Walked on water, etc - Walked on water, etc. 

        Died:                       Crucifixion - Crucifixion.

        Accompanied by:  Two Thieves - Two Thieves.  

  The List is Lengthier than shown above!! 

  At least 46 IDENTICAL or nearly Identical attributes.


  Did the writers of the Gospels copy the well-known stories of Horus??

  Who knows?? 

  You can find "The Eye of Horus" at the top of a Pyramid, on the back of a

  Dollar Bill.  It's the Great Seal of the United States. 

  Horus was not "God", but an important figure, and the ancient equivalent

         of Jesus.

         Many modern texts refer to Horus and others as "Myths".

         Sure.  Horus was a real person.

         Egypt was not a "Comic Book" Culture of "Myths". 

         The expertise of some of the "Experts" is a Myth and a Bad Joke.


  The Book of Matthew in the New Testament is a Forgery.

  The Talmud of Jmmanuel (TJ) is the Original Book of Matthew.

  It's drastically different from Matthew.

  The TJ is probably the Q Document - the missing SOURCE Document.

  The critics of the TJ act like Clowns and Half-Wits, and usually haven't

  even Read the TJ.

  Jesus was not CRAZY.  He was Normal, Logical, Smart, and able to Prophecy

  events far into the Future, and perform Miracles.

  He did not tell people to harm themselves physically or psychologically, but

  rather to Learn and Think for themselves. 

  Learn from others, and learn from yourselves.

  But avoid letting someone else do your Thinking for you, if possible. 

  Be HAPPY if you can!!

  (I don't understand why he underwent the Crucifixion, but at least he didn't

  ask anyone else to do it!!) 


  Matthew is the Mangled Hoax!! 

  The TJ (Talmud of Jmmanuel) is the Original Book of Matthew.

  The author of the TJ had a DEEP KNOWLEDGE of Aramaic,

          and the Old Testament, and Medicine, and Geography. 

  The TJ might be the Lost "Q Document".

  The Critics of the TJ act like CLOWNS and HALF-WITS.

  Many of the Critics of the TJ haven't even READ IT.

  To create a "TJ Forgery" would have taken a TEAM of Scholars

        Years to produce, but then they hid it in a Cave under a

        Rock, received NO BENEFIT from it, and saw it ATTACKED

        by Christian and Jewish Biblical Scholars for years,

        most of whom had not even READ IT, and who primarily

        attacked the Finder and his Credentials - a typical approach

        of Clueless Half-wit DEBUNKERS.

        Their brilliant and insightful theorized Forgery thus turned

        into a complete FLOP and a huge waste of time and energy,

        and not a single member of the Team broke his silence about

        this Criminal Undertaking, even on his Deathbed or in his

        Last Will, apparently feeling no Guilt at having tried to mislead

        Scholars and the Public about the text and meaning of the

        New Testament, and the character of Jesus.

        Not likely at all.

        Not likely that they would TRY.

        Not likely that they would be ABLE to do it.

        Not likely that they would allow an Outsider to Find the

        TJ Scrolls. Why let someone else have the Glory?? 

        Not likely that everyone on the Team would keep the Secret

        for DECADES.

        Impossible that they could FAKE the Photos that Billy Meier

        took in Switzerland - the man who ended up heavily

        involved with the TJ and the Space Travelers.     

  NOTHING about the Document says "Forgery".

  Not a thing.






  I've seen a ton of Satellites and other Stuff in the skies.

  I saw some F-89 Interceptors chase something in the

  Fall of 1957.

  A BIG, bright Light, hovering next to the Airport - or

  possibly directly over it.

  Quite high - perhaps over 20,000 feet.

  And that was just a couple of months after they started

  arming some of the F-89's with Nuclear tipped Genie

  Missiles (which started in July of 1957)!!   

  Not our old F-89's, but some newer models armed with the Genie!!

  The F-89J - not our old F-89D Models.

 And I've seen many more things.

  I'm not sure that we can count on "them" to save us. 

  Are "they" behind the plot to kill off the planet Earth??

  Is that why the topic is so Super Secret??

  Did they reach the conclusion that we're too warlike to be

  allowed into the Universe by noticing many of our plants

  producing Nuclear Material?? 


  The Firebombing of WW2 was just as destructive as the

  A-Bombs, but the Bombers were sometimes shot down.

  And the A-Bombs had to be used to FORCE them to

  surrender, and get that War Over With.... 

  We were SICK OF IT!!!  And the POW's were still suffering and dying.

  And in the USA, you had to use Ration Coupons to buy almost EVERYTHING!!

  Gasoline, Oil, Tires, Butter, Meat, Eggs, Milk, Cheese, etc. 

  Still hungry?? Too bad.  

  Vacation by car?? Forget it.  Vacation by plane?? Forget it.


  We threatened to destroy Japan, City by City.

  It was a bluff, but they didn't know it.

  We had only TWO A-Bombs in our "Stockpile".

  Making more A-Bombs would have required about 3 months - even as

  a TOP PRIORITY which the A-Bomb Project was. 


  And they were COMPLICATED!!  Wiring EVERYWHERE!! 

  And HEAVY!!!  The B-29 barely made it off the ground!!

  And BIG!!  The 2nd A-Bomb didn't even FIT in the Bomb Bay.

  They had to fly the plane with the Bomb Bay doors OPEN - all the way!!

  And the bombs had to have a FINAL ASSEMBLY in the AIR!!

  With the Bomb Bay doors OPEN!!


  ("Your Mission, Mr. Phelps, if you choose to accept it, and you WILL,

  is to complete the Final Assembly of Fat Man in the Air with the

  Bomb Bay Doors OPEN, flying at around 300-400 miles per hour,

  at maybe 10,000 Feet or so, with a Howling Wind, probably with

  no Oxygen Mask, and don't make any MISTAKES so that the Bomb

  doesn't work, or it explodes in Mid-Air while you're working on it,

  and hope that no Enemy Fighters attack the plane since the

  Machine Guns and Ammo have been removed to save weight,

  and we can't shoot back, and hope that the plane is able to take off

  and not crash in the Ocean at the end of the Runway, since this

  Bomb is really really HEAVY!!!! 

  And we've got a Full Load of Fuel on board!!

  It's a Long Flight!! 

  And make sure you get it done in the time allotted!!

  And don't forget to remove all the Testing Wires.

  And don't forget to set the Altimeter to the current Air Pressure.

  And don't forget to flip the Switch from "Standby"  to  "Armed". 

  And don't forget to rotate the switch from "Static" to "Semi-Automatic".

  And don't forget to remove the Air Blast Pressure Transducer Guard.

  And keep quiet about your Mission!!

  Thank you for accepting this Mission, Mr. Phelps.

  Hello.....??  Mr. Phelps???  Are you there??")  


  We did what we HAD to do, to end the War.

  If Japan had surrendered, we wouldn't have used the A-Bombs.

  We have nothing to apologize for. 

  Japan is the country that owes the USA an apology.


  The Emperor FINALLY "surrendered" after 2 Cities were Nuked. 

  The A-Bombs saved OUR PILOT'S Lives - B-29 Pilots and others.

  And the Lives of millions more.  

  The planned Invasion (for November 1st) was called off!!


  Oh, and by the way, Japan had the A-Bomb TOO!!!!

  And they planned to USE it on our Invasion Ships!!

  We used it first and ended the War - with some help from the Emperor.





                             Fat Man being Assembled on Tinian.

                             One of the 2 Production Bombs.

                   The A-Bombs were intended for use on Germany,

                   but the war in Europe ended before the bombs

                   were ready.


 And maybe  some of the people in the Flying Objects decided to checkout

 our Nuclear capability to ascertain our ability to destroy Cities and Craft.

 I don't know.  But some of the reports of sightings seem to be linked to that


 They seemed to be very interested in Washington State, Los Alamos,

 Alamogordo, Las Cruces, Santa Fe, Roswell, Corona, etc.

 Do you see the pattern??

 That's one of MANY reasons why we know know that the Roswell event

 of 1947 was very REAL.

 They were checking out Nuclear Facilities, Research Facilities, and Nuclear

 Bomber Bases (Roswell) and nearby areas. 

 It wasn't "Balloons" that the residents starting seeing in 1947, over these

 sites - "Weather Balloons" or "Mogul Balloons" launched over these Sites

 for no Logical reason.


 And Charles Lindbergh didn't show up at the Roswell Air Base to help

 the Air Force try figure out why Citizens in the area were reporting

 "Mogul Balloons" that the Air Force itself had launched - Balloons that

were never a secret, anyway. 


 Did this Scene ever occur??

 "Gee, Mr. Lindbergh:  Why are the Citizens reporting the Big Balloons that

 we launched??".

 "Boy, I don't know!!  It's a Big Fat Mystery to me!! Maybe they SAW them!!"

 "Yeah.... That's probably it!!  They probably SAW them!!  That's BRILLIANT!!

       And they got SCARED!!"

 "Yes!!  Balloons are SCARY!!" 

 "Right!!  Balloons are like CLOWNS!!  SCARY CLOWNS!!"

 "Yes!!  Everybody who sees a Balloon gets scared, so they report them!!"

 "Yes!!  They're reporting SCARY BALLOONS that remind them of SCARY



 "So they reported them!!"

 "Yes. Dozens of reports of SCARY BALLOONS!!"

 "That explains all the Balloon reports:  SCARY BALLOONS!!"

 "And people report BIRTHDAY PARTY Balloons!!  They're SCARY!!"

 "Yes!! They're Scary TOO!!"

 "Everything is SCARY!!"

 "Yes!!  Everything is SCARY!!"


 Please see me afterwards about a Bridge I'd like to sell.

 It's been in the Family for Millions of Years, and we hate to part with it,

 but I'm authorized to sell it for a Reasonable Price.

 It was once owned by the Inventor of the Balloon, Claude Balloon, who

 invented the Hydrogen "Balloon" in 1350 BC, and later owned by

 "Lawnchair Larry" who tied Balloons to his Lawnchair and shot up to

 16,000 Feet while sitting in his Lawnchair - with no Seatbelt .

 "Center, this is PSA 123 again.  We'd like to report a Man in a Lawnchair

 with a Rifle floating at 16,000 Feet in the LAX Approach. Over."

 Larry had used too many Balloons when he tied them to his Lawnchair,

 and he was too afraid to loosen his vice-like grip on the Arms of the

 Lawnchair to take his .22 Rifle and start shooting Balloons so he could

 descend. That actually happened. It's a true story. Very scary!! 





  They're SPRAYING the Atmosphere with Aluminum Dust and Toxic Heavy Metal

  Dust.  They're called Chemtrails.

  This is killing Animals, Birds, Insects, Bees, and Humans, and they know it. 

  When the Bees die, Humans die.

  When the Insects die, Humans die. 

  Birds and Small Animals FEED on Insects.

  They NEED Insects to stay alive.

  When the Insects die, the Humans die.  

  That's us - YOU AND ME.

  When the Insects die, WE die.  



  And humans are coming down with more and more serious Respiratory problems.

  Doctors are reporting bizarre increases of these problems.


  The Bad Guys are trying to hide it in many ways, such as telling the Pilots that

  they're saving the Earth from over-heating. 

  Such as raising the standard for Aluminum to Extremely High Levels in California,

  when the standard should be ZERO in the drinking water. 

  Then they report that California has "normal" levels of Aluminum in its drinking water.

  There is no such thing as a "Normal" level of Aluminum other than ZERO!!  

  Aluminum is a POISON!!!!!!! 

  Worse than Arsenic!! 


  A "Normal" level of Aluminum in drinking water is ZERO!!!!!!

  A "Normal" level of Aluminum in drinking water is ZERO!!!!!!

  A "Normal" level of Aluminum in drinking water is ZERO!!!!!!

  A "Normal" level of Aluminum in drinking water is ZERO!!!!!!


  Aluminum also causes Dementia and Alzheimer's, making it more and more

  difficult to think clearly. 

  Aluminum reduces IQ's.  


  One thing we know for sure: The spraying is not saving Living Things!!

  It's KILLING them.

  It's KILLING All Life on Earth.

  It's KILLING you and making you sick. 


  They're destroying the OZONE Layer.

  If the Ozone Layer is destroyed, we will be inundated with UVA, UVB,

  and UVC Solar Rays.  

  The result will be more Heat, fewer Plants, and more Cancer. 

  It will kill all the Plants and Crops.

  It will kill all the Fish.

  Less Food for us to eat, Less Food for insects and Cattle to eat, etc.


  The sun ALREADY feels hotter in the Summer!!

  If we stay indoors, we will get less Vitamin D, and be less Healthy.

  We will become more susceptible to Diseases such as the Flu, Colds, etc.


  Scientists who investigate this subject and related issues (Arctic Ice, etc) are

  either being FIRED from NOAA and NASA, or MURDERED.  


  The Winter of 2016/2017 saw temps in the 80's in February all month long

  in some normally cold areas of the USA. 

  The Oceans are MUCH warmer.

  All the Scientists in Antarctica are packing up and leaving.


  NOW we will have Global Warming.

  The earlier claims about CO2 Global Warming were just BS.

  BUT:  The REAL warming has now just begun.  


  The Chemtrails are REAL.

  I've seen them since the 1990's or earlier.

  They are trying to kill us all.

  They are trying to kill all Life on Earth.

  And they just might succeed.   


  That might explain why all the Rich people are buying Guns and

  Underground Bunkers.

  The Bunkers won't do much good, but at least the people will live

  a little while longer.

  IE, I don't think people will be willing to live underground for 50 years,

  or be ABLE to to do it, but they'll probably be safe as long as they stay there. 


  It is probably already too late to do anything about it.

  How long will it take the Earth to heal??

  It will probably NEVER heal.

  Plants and Animals (and Humans) don't use Uranium or Plutonium.     

  Plants and Animals (and Humans) don't use Aluminum, either.  




Wake Up!!

And try not to DIE!!



     Wake Up!!

     And try to LIVE!!



         Wake Up!!

         Or DIE!!



           Wake Up!!

           They're killing YOU and your KIDS!!




             Wake Up!!

             They're killing YOU and your FRIENDS!!




                Wake Up!!

                They're killing YOU and ME!!




                   Wake Up!!

                   They're killing ALL of us!!






   Dave Morton