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   Nostalgia from the 1950s and early 1960s (text).

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General 1950s,  Radio and TV shows



Radio and TV commercials,  roadsigns (Burma Shave, etc),

bumper stickers



Movies,  cartoons,  comics,  books,  magazines



Popular music titles,  campfire songs and stories



Boy stuff,  girl stuff,  teenage stuff,  special,  science,  technology,

military,  miscellaneous



Time-machine theater,  footnotes,  credits





1950s PHOTOS shown above:


Ice cold Coca-Cola

Blackjack gum, Clove gum

Bazooka gum

Fleer Dubble Bubble gum



Movie ad for "Song of the South"

Treasure Island comics

Western comics


Erector Set instruction book

Lionel electric trains


Archie comics

Superman comics

Movie ad for "The Asphalt Jungle"


Twin Cities streetcars

St. Paul streetcar token



Roller skate key

Brownie camera

Flash camera

Flash bulbs



Old radio

1954 TV set

Reel to reel tape recorders



Steam locomotive

Diesel locomotive



S&H Green Stamps

Speedy Alka-seltzer

Television Test Pattern



Yo yo's

1950s housewife

Saddle shoes

1950s teen party dresses



TV: Crusader Rabbit  (5-minute TV program)

TV: Lassie

TV: Rin Tin Tin

TV: Roy Rogers  and Trigger



TV: Sky King

TV: Captain Video and His Video Rangers

TV: Fury

TV: Jonathan Winters - Comedian



Brylcreem ad

TV: The $64,000 Question   (Hal March)

TV: Walter Cronkite  (Evening News, and "You Are There")

TV: My Little Margie  (Charles Farrell and Gale Storm)



TV: Father Knows Best

TV: Phil Silvers  (Sergeant Bilko)

TV: I Led Three Lives  (Herb Philbrick)

TV: Jack Paar  (The Tonight Show, with Hugh Downs et al)



TV: Dinah Shore  (The Dinah Shore Chevy Show)

TV: Loretta Young

TV: Art Linkletter  (Art Linkletter's House Party)

TV: Jack Benny - Comedian

TV: James Arness  (Gunsmoke)



TV: Jack Webb  (Dragnet)

TV: Ernie Kovacs - Comedian

TV: The Nairobi Trio  (Ernie Kovacs  show)

TV: George Gobel - Comedian

TV: Jackie Gleason  (The Honeymooners)



TV and radio:  Bob and Ray  ("Wally Balloo, here...")

TV and radio:  Eve Arden and Gale Gordon  (Our Miss Brooks)

TV and radio:  Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy

TV: Playhouse 90



TV: What's My Line regulars:  Arlene Francis, Dorothy Kilgallen,

      Bennet Cerf.  Not shown:  Host, John Charles Daly

TV: Charlie Chan - Detective

TV: Alfred Hitchcock silhouette for "Alfred Hitchcock Presents"



President Truman with General MacArthur

President Eisenhower

Marilyn Monroe

President Kennedy


Dick Clark  (American Bandstand)

               "It's got a good beat, and you can dance to it."

Elvis Presley:  45 RPM record jacket from 1956 

            Heartbreak Hotel,  I Was the One 

                Money Honey,  I Forgot to Remember to Forget



Burma Shave highway signs (recreated)