45th Year Reunion  -  2006  -  Mendakota Club


Committee Members              Additional Assistance

Local                                          Check-in Table

Stu Marofsky                              Kathy Hamer

Dave Morton                              Barb Swaden

Jack Mueller                               Sandy Johnson

Jan Rinkey                                 Carolyn Larson

Sandy Gotesman                        Sandy Dickson

Barb Bergstedt                           Ardie Goldman

Ted Hagberg                              

Ardis Goldman                           Missing Classmates

Bettye Wetzel                            Judy Hempel (Colin Hempel)

Barb Leaf                                  

Sandy Kahan


Western Region

Val Brussell


Saturday Evening Party

Ron and Phyllis Ettinger

Val Brussell

Jan Rinkey

Stu and Joann Marofsky

Lyba Divine


Online Photographs                  

Hod Miller                                 

Val Brussell

Laurie Schneider

Jack Mueller

Bob Paulsen

Steve Blons

Gregg Redden

Sandy Kahan

Dave Morton



Ramsey School Reunion Organizers

Steve Blons                            

Barb Leaf

Ardis Goldman

Sandy Kahan

Gregg Redden

Mike Finck

Dave Morton


Ramsey In Memoriam

Teacher Mr. Von Arx  (Feb 2013)                     





***OTHER***  CHS Credits - Other Reunions, Pictures, Help, Etc 


Too many to mention or even remember, but here are some.

If I left out your name or contribution,  please contact me, and

I will be pleased to add it.

You probably did  *MORE*  than this, and there were probably quite a few more helpers, but my memory is fading,  Thank you!!



Offsite Backup for Directory and Website

Gary Levin

Ruth Johnson

Dave M's safe deposit box



Other Assistance

Judy Koch - Minutemaid Mannequin and Name Tags    

Steve Frank - Music

Tom Anderson - Treasurer

Sandy Gotesman - Treasurer

Pam Price - Nostalgic Items and Pictures, etc

Jack Mueller - Class Banner, Post Cards, etc

Stuart Marofsky - Master of Ceremonies

Jeff Werner - Master of Ceremonies

Barb Heagle - 20-Year Reunion, Dinner Assistance, etc

Diane Schultz - 20-Year Reunion, etc

Mary Tucker - Cheery Cheerleader

Mary Felhaber - Gracious

Marianne Engelhardt - Red and Black Balloons, Committees 

Suzie Milton - Dinner Assistance

Sally Williamson - Pictures and Wonderful Conversations

Joe and Lonnie - Made me feel so welcome

Barb Bergstedt - I think she also made name tags - right?

Ruth Johnson - Historical Research 

Margie Olson - Historical Research 

Al Ruvelson - T&C Club Usage

Valerie Brussell - Birthday Parties

Janice Rinkey - Birthday Parties

Jack Mueller - Birthday Party

Joe Marver - Party - St. Paul and California

Ken Latzer - Party - St. Paul